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SOC10012 Global Perspective On Modernity Assignment Sample


This assessment has been designed to provide an opportunity for you to develop some fundamental academic skills, including

Details Length: 1500 words

Reference system: Harvard Swinburne

Submission: Assignments must be submitted through the Canvas assessment

Submission system (Turnitin), with a Cover Sheet attached.

Primary Reference: Diamond, J, 2012 The world until yesterday: what can we learn from traditional societies? Viking, New York, pp.1-6 & 452-461 (see links below).

Topic for assignment help

What, according to Jared Diamond, are the key differences between living in modern societies and in traditional societies? What are the gains and losses he suggests modernity brings? What is your view?


This assignment asks you to reflect on two questions - how has modernity changed society? and is society getting better? To make this huge topic manageable. We takes as our guide Jared Diamond comparison of the traditional lifestyle New Guinean highlanders were living in 1931 with contemporary life of los Angeles.



The prevailing study is based on the analysis of article written by Jared Diamond. This study contains the major differences between the individuals living in modern society and traditional society. Further, discussion of key benefits and losses brought by modernity is given. Lastly, my opinion regarding the same is explained.

Main Discussion

The word traditional suggests human communities as they have presented for the millions of years of mortal history up till connectively recently. According to the author, traditional society is more interesting as compared to the modern society; it is because of the mortal interest. In other words, it can be said that, in the modern society, people were very interested in getting to understand individuals who are very identical to them and recognizable in some manner, and so dissimilar with them and typical to recognize in some other manner. On the other side, modern society’s people are not interested in getting to know each other.

Another difference between modern and traditional society is that, in the traditional society, they maintain feature of the manner in which their ancestors lived for thousands of years, until virtually previous day. Living in traditional society is what shaped them and assisted them to be what they are at present. the movement from hunting-collecting to agri-business started only approximately 11000 years before, the initial metal technique were generated only approximately 7000 years before, and the initial state government as well as the initial writing taken place only approximately 5400 years ago (Diamond, 2012). ‘Modern’ situation have conquered only for little part of human history, and therefore all human community have been conventionally very longer as compared to any community has been modern.

Apart from this, traditional community is significantly distinct in numerous of their cultural practices as compared to the modern industrialist community. In the context of cultural diversity, numerous rules and regulations of culture for modern society are distant displaced from conventional rules and regulations and lie in the direction of significant of that traditional extent of diversity. for instance, in comparison to any modern society, traditional community behave with elder individuals in much more cruel manner, while others offers elder individuals are very much fulfilling lives, modern society is proximate to former significantly as compared to the latter. It should be noted that, author has also discussed the instance of tradition embedded with a modern community that is explained in the following paragraph.

Between 150s-1960s, author has lived in the United Kingdom for 4 years and when he went first time in UK in 1950s, he observed that, in the rural areas, major aspect of traditional culture has been existed. Individuals did not shift in major manner, the men may have gone off to the World War and subsequently they came back and spend remaining lives within a mile or two of where they were born as in the traditional community (Diamond, 2012). Therefore, what this suggests is that surrounded within a modern community with its diversity is an extensive that is traditional. Apart from this, it has been noted that, individuals living in traditional society are social and they are living with their family and friends, on the other side, western community’s people normally living afar from their family and they like to live independent manner on becoming financial independent. Therefore, it can be said that, in the traditional community, there is existence of emotional connection, while it is not exists in the western society.

In a summarized manner, it can be said that, traditional communities are nearly chronically at war as there is not any proper mechanism for application of peace. There was not any existence of centralized government, which could limit the hot heads, and therefore it leads towards chronic war. Further, the other differences in the traditional society is that, individuals are fighting are not professional person aged 18-24, but they are all capable bodies male and female are drew in. the extent of death toll of violence in the traditional society is greater as compared to the modern society.

There are numerous benefits offered by modernity. It is not the situation that people of westernized communities are fleeting in droves from steel techniques, material luxury, health, and state-implemented peace, and are putting efforts in the direction to back an idyllic hunter-collected lifestyle. Rather than, the overwhelming guidance of change is that hunter-collected and trivial famers who recognize their conventional life style, but who also evidence a westernized community, are looking for entering into modern society (Comandini & Rinaldi, 2020). It is because of the compelling causes, and consists of such modern facilities as material goods that create relaxed life and more luxurious opportunities for formal education as well as employment, wellbeingof individuals, good hospitals, medical facilities, personal safety, lesser violent activities, less harm from other individuals as well as from environment, security of food, longer life, and significant lesser frequency of deaths of one’s children for example, around 66.66% of conventional Fayu children died in childhood. These are considered as among the numerous obvious and definite benefits of modernity explained by individuals who have grown up among the stress, and danger of the traditional communities.

One of the major losses that have been brought in modernity is the risk of loneliness. It is because, individuals living in the modern society actually living in long distance, their friends and children also shift in long distance in independent manner, and therefore one is probably to end up far from closet relationship or friends of childhood. Usually individuals that one meets are odder and would remain odder. Children leave houses of parents in routine manner and establish their own residence on becoming independent in financial way. Life of western societies are actually materially rick but socially or emotionally poor. Anotherloss of the western society is higher pressure of time, scheduling limits, anxiety level, as well as competitiveness. Apart from this, children of modern societies are less social as compared to traditional society (Ten Bruggencate, Luijkx, & Sturm, 2019). For instance, children of US went into their home, close doors and play indoor games, on the other side, kids of New Guinea, are regularly out of door, and interested in playing with other children. Moreover, children of western society are less creative as compared to traditional society as each aspect is pre-packaged for them. There is also less freedom in the modern society. On the basis of this, it can be said that, major loss brought by modernity is the loneliness, social and emotional vulnerability, less creativity, burden of time, stress, and some others.

By considering the aspects of traditional and modern society, it can be said that, traditional and modern society has significant differences. The individuals of the traditional society have been implementing various experiments with respect to the manner in which human society could operate. They have come up with hundreds of solution to human issues, solution distinct from those applied by our own WIERD modern communities. I observed that, some of such solutions, for example, some of the manner in which children are raised by traditional society, keep healthy, behave with elder people, address disputes, strike me, as superior to usual practice in the first world. Traditional community might not only recommend to us some good living practices, but might also support in appreciating some benefits of our own community that is taken for granted. in my opinion, I think that, modern society has offered numerous benefits to the individuals because there is existence of the peace, government regulations, material luxury, good health, education system, and some other aspects, which are not exists in the traditional society. However, the traditional society is neither romanticizes nor demonize, and it is considered as primary point. there is presence of risk in this aspect of going one of two dangerous, the danger of demonizing them – that is to say with respect to traditional communities as primeval, barbaric, they shall be succeeded, exterminated, pushed off their land, the contrary danger of romanticizing them and stating they are moral brutes who are nonviolence and spending their life in harmony with environment.


On the basis of above explanation, it can be seen that, there is significant differences in the modern society and traditional society. It has been identified that, in the traditional society, individuals are more interactive and they are living nearby with their family and friends, on the other side, in the modern social, such social interaction among individuals are missing. Further, it has been identified that, modernity brings several benefits inclusive of material luxury, freedom, doctors, education, and some others. Though, there was risk of loneliness in the modern society as people are living far from their family members as well as friends. Overall, it can be said that, some of the values of traditional society has been adopted by the modern society and in some rural areas, still rigid features of traditional societies could be observed.


Comandini, O&Rinaldi, A C 2020,‘Ethnomycology in Europe: The past, the present, and the future’,In Mushrooms, humans and nature in a changing world (pp. 341-364). Springer, Cham.

Diamond, J 2012, ‘The world until yesterday: What can we learn from traditional societies?’, Viking, NewYork, pp. 1-6

Diamond, J 2012, ‘The world until yesterday: What can we learn from traditional societies?’, Viking, NewYork, pp. 452-461

Ten Bruggencate, T Luijkx, K G& Sturm, J 2019,‘To meet, to matter, and to have fun: The development, implementation, and evaluation of an intervention to fulfil the social needs of older people’, International journal of environmental research and public health, vol 16, no 13, p.2307.

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