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Privacy Policy

The confidentiality of the clients is extremely important to us here at ‘The Assignment Helpline’. We value the confidentiality of each and every person that visits our page for a number of reasons, and it is our fundamental responsibility to make sure that they are protected in the most effective manner. We 'The Assignment Helpline' are extremely concerned with the security of your identity and the security of your private details, and we make every effort to ensure that your data is managed safely and properly. We make every effort to adhere to all privacy policies laws and regulations, and we take steps to ensure that the Staff is aware of their responsibilities. In addition to this, the information provided below should provide you with a reasonable idea of how we will be able to gather and use customers’ information going forward.

Hence, We “The Assignment Helpline”

Well aware of the fact that protecting personal information is the primary concern. As part of the ethical responsibility, essentially, confidentiality is a legal document that outlines all or some of the methods in which a party collects, utilizes, discloses, and maintains a client or student's data. In other words, it demonstrates how well the data would've been gathered? And, more importantly, how would that be utilized, reported, and handled? What safeguards would be in place to ensure confidentiality and privacy? We have designed a set of rules that you must adhere to when receiving assignments helpline in order to keep you feel comfy and relieve you of any and all your worries. As stated in this privacy statement, the firm utilizes and protects the information you supply to them in the course of your use of this site. Our assignment experts are extremely concerned with maintaining your privacy and secret. We have established the following rules of behavior foruse in connection with privacy policies:

All the data acquired (email address, contact details, and so forth) is securely held inside the organization and therefore is subject to strong confidentiality requirements.

When operating in a collaboration or cooperation, the information about you at all the experts (writer or instructor) is just not disclosed to any 3rd party until the task is completed.

Assignments solutions provided with the consumer are kept for use for a period of three months and therefore are not discussed with other platforms or with consumers during that time period unless otherwise agreed upon.

In the event of any disputes or claims relating to the order, we will need to communicate the relevant communication data with the financial partners to resolve the situation. It does not constitute a violation of your privacy since it is a legal process that must be followed in the event of a dispute over the service supplied.
'The Assignment Helpline' reserves the right to reveal any personally identifiable if obliged to do so by law, in order to defend our interests and/or to comply with such regulatory proceedings, court order, or legal demand imposed on the Site.

Any info that we collect

The sort of info that we gather about the clients is mostly dictated by the type of product users wish to receive from us in the first place. Whenever we state that we gather data from the clients, we mean that we ask for all of the relevant and necessary information. Names of users, as well as their dates of birth and gender status, may be included in this information. Besides their names and email addresses, we also collect information on client contact information and other contact details, as well as the payment system and procurement details. The customers' preferences and purchasing habits are also tracked by us, allowing us to provide them with products and services that are tailored to their requirements.

Website Privacy

All data received by the clients/students are treated with the utmost confidentiality. Whenever a client or student visits our site, all of the content they supply is protected by 'The Assignment Helpline' solution’s security measures.

'The Assignment Helpline' is committed to protecting clients from all types of scams and unlawful means by clearly outlining the privacy statement, and terms before any commitment on your part.

Viewing this site on a regular basis will allow you to be aware of any changes to our policy that may have occurred.

What do we need?

All contact info as well as the email address.

Information about your demographics, such as your pin code, taste, and preferences

Any additional information pertaining to the customer survey/offers’

What is the purpose of collecting Personal Data?

In order to just provide anyone with access to our Site while you are performing the Activities for us, we collect the following information:

In order to keep a direct connection with us during the course of providing the Services to us. Experts may want further information to fully understand your requirements.

For the purpose of keeping, you updated regarding site upgrades or modifications, as well as the Products we are ready to order from you within a reasonable time after they are made available unless you're already an established Member of the Site;

In order to supply you with market data regarding our goods and services; Because of financial and legal reasons, we must produce a record of the purchase you have made as well as the relationship you have established with all of us.

Keeping track of your private data is relevant

The organization would never disclose its company's or Students’ educational information to third parties until you give us permission to do so or unless the law requires it. Please contact our live support staff if you need any kind of assistance pertaining to our area of expertise. We are always here to assist you in the most efficient and appropriate manner. Alternatively, if you believe that any information you have given us is erroneous or incomplete, please notify us by sending us an email. As a result, use caution when submitting personal details to website speed.