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Computer Network Assignment Help

Are you looking for reliable computer network assignment help? If yes, then you are at the right place.

By seeing the difficulties, scholars face in completing their complex computer network assignments. We have created incredible computer network assignment help. However, when you pursue the computer network course, you will get to know the complexity of its assignment, which can drain you. On the other hand, academics are a very important phase in one’s life, but you should not let it stress you. Instead, you can opt for our impeccable computer network assignment help. By choosing us, you can get the best possible assignment.

What is Computer Network?

Computer networks are a group of computers on the network that is interconnected to interchange the data or information between themselves. Normally, all of these computers are placed at different locations or might be at the same place. Nowadays the internet is growing at a fast pace and for that, the computer network contains millions of computers, smartphones, and servers are joined together. However, it is quite a complicated subject for which scholars look for best computer network assignment help Australia.

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Our experts gave an alternative definition on a computer network assignment help that says “Interaction and communication between interconnected computers is the combination of a Computer network.” Characteristics of computer networks can be explained on the foundation of topology. Some instances of topology are star topology, ring topology, tree topology, and mesh topology.

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The Assignment Helpline is focused on understanding all the requirements and guidelines of the assignment, and our experts are bound to follow the proper format and structure. In addition, our quality analyst is highly talented and experienced and is dedicated to delivering only error-free and flawless, meeting all your expectations. Our computer network assignment help also pass your assignment through different authorized tools to check the inclusion of plagiarism and errors. In short, we examine the completed project multiple times to ensure its authentic and correct.

That’s not all; we have spread our amazing computer network assignment help services worldwide. We intend to help every academic student who is struggling to complete their academic assignments for any reason. Therefore if you are also one who finds it hard to make a project on a computer network, you can opt-out of assignment help India.

Why does a student look for Computer network assignment help?

The Assignment Helpline assigns the computer network assignments topics to one of the best experts computer network assignment help who are from the background of computer network engineering. They assure that students can get good marks in their academics. In the assignment helpline, experts give their top-notch quality knowledge on computer network assignments for the students to solve their problems in assignments and projects. Our experts on computer network assignment help aim that computer network takes help from many devices for setting up and those devices are USB(Universal Serial Bus), routers, cables, network card. If there is any kind of query related to computer network assignment help then feel free to associate with us.

However, there can be many reasons why students may need computer network assignment help. But our computer networking assignment help experts have noticed some of the common reasons why many students come to us. Let’s have a look:

Time Constraints:

One of the biggest problems students face during their academics is a lack of time. As they have to manage several important tasks such as extracurricular activities, part-time jobs, multiple assignments, a huge curriculum, etc. Hence, to ease some of their stress and get some free time, students look for computer network assignment writing help.

Complexity of Subject:

A computer network is a complex subject in itself, and preparing an effective assignment on it is much more complicated. As a result, you are required to have complete knowledge of the topic, but sometimes students lack it and need computer networking homework help.

Error-free and Flawless Work:

As already discussed, students lack complete knowledge. Moreover, it is quite a complex topic. As a result, there is a high chance of committing mistakes or errors. That’s why to submit a flawless paper, scholars take professional help.

On-Time Submission:

It is very important to submit college projects on time. Otherwise, it may affect your overall grades badly. But, due to lack of time, it sometimes becomes impossible for students. In addition, professors assign students many assignments they need to submit in a short time frame. Hence, in this situation, an excellent computer network assignment help can be the wisest decision students can take.

Computer Networks Types:

(LAN) Local Area Network:

(LAN) Local Area Network: The use of the network that provides services in a few ranges like in a building or the same region. Normally, this type of network is used in colleges, schools, universities, and small organizations within an area of 1 km. Nowadays, Wi-Fi or Ethernet is the most familiar form of LAN usage. In LAN Four to Five switches are associated with the modem to access the internet.



(MAN) Metropolitan Area Network:

Metropolitan is the kind of web that connects many computer devices in the entire city similarly to cable TV networks. There are various forms where MAN network is used such as ATM, Token-ring, and Ethernet. It covers more area in comparison to LAN but lesser than WAN. It can cover approx. 40 km without disturbing the speed issue.


(WAN) Wide Area Network:

This type of network covers a huge area in computer networking. It provides high internet speed. Users pay a vast amount of money to obtain this service. The WAN network has improved the quality of speed, in the year 1960 the speed of WAN was approx. 110 bits per/sec and now the speed is approx. 100 G/bits per sec.



Personal Area Network:

PAN network is used within a very small range like a room where the reach of this network is only used to make the interchange of data between one or two devices inside two or three meters. An individual working on a laptop with an attached printer and smartphone by using wireless technology is formed of Personal Area Network. Hence, if you are required to write assignment on any of its type and you find it hard, then you can opt our best computer network assignment help.

However, the university may ask students to draft assignments including these topics, which may sound difficult to them. So if you are also one of those who find it difficult to do, then you should make our computer network assignment help without hesitation. Our writers have a thorough knowledge of all the topics of computer networking.


Network Devices used in Computer Network:

Network devices execute several networking units that transfer data across the computer network. These network devices are often used for the formation of various networks. Consequently, at times you may be asked to write an assignment on it, for which you may need computer network assignment help. Some of the devices are mentioned below:

• Repeater:

The Repeater is used to retransmits the signals of an electronic device to elevated power and level. The most important thing in the repeater is that it never increases the power of the signal rather than regenerates the signal bit at real power when it becomes weak.

• Hub:

Hubs are used to connect the pieces of the network with the help of multiple ports. The process of a hub is like one data packet installs into one of its kind port then it is copied to another port to provide all pieces to perceive the packet. On a single topology, network hub can join as many computers with each and every one.

• Modem:

The process of modulation and demodulation is done by modem devices. All of the data is converted into analogue waves that can be transmitted across cable wires by the modem. After receiving that signal it converts back into the digital signal.

• Router:

For transferring the data on various LAN (Local Area Network) and usually operate the OSI model at the network layer is a functionality of the router. Primarily, connecting with wired or wireless this device is useful for joining many computer networks. The router sends the data packets through the network. The basic difference between hub and router is that a router will analyze the data and then send the data.

• Firewall:

A firewall is used for blocking an unauthorized person on the network during external communication. The device of the firewall can be designed by a mixture of hardware and software or paired. With the help of a firewall, users can save their systems from unauthorized access.

Hence, whenever you are asked to create projects on these topics, and if you find yourself incapable of doing so. Further, you can opt for the best computer network assignment help, as they give a guarantee of delivering the top-notch paper.

Topology and its types:

The connection of devices over the network is known as topology.

There are some topologies mentioned below:

  • Bus Topology:

In a bus topology, the network devices and the computer devices are connected in one single lane or by a single cable so that data will be obtained at the same time. The prime disadvantage of the bus topology is that if suppose one cable breaks then the entire cable will be affected or maybe close to forward the information. The most popular cablings in bus topology are Coaxial (10Base-2, 10Base5).

 Advantage  Disadvantage
 Implementation is easy and very low cost  Network disturbed when new device add or  remove
 Less cable needed  


  • Ring Topology:

Ring Topology is the structure of linking the devices in the pattern of the ring. In-ring topology there is no requirement of the central node.

 Advantage  Disadvantage
 Finding fault in a cable is easier  Extension of the network can affect the network.
 Easy to install  The entire network will disconnect on one single break
  •  Star Topology:

In star topology, the central device is connected with all computers or devices. A single cable is required for every system. The connection between the devices and hub is point-to-point. The implementation is complex in this topology. The single-point failure is known as a hub.

 Advantage  Disadvantage
 If cable break at one point so another will not affect.  Much more requirements for the cables.
 Easy to elaborate without affecting the network.  Implementation is very difficult


Therefore, if in case you are asked to prepare an assignment on topologies, then you need to have proper knowledge of its types. But, in case you lack at it, then you don’t need to get stressed about it. As our computer network assignment help experts have a thorough knowledge of these types and can provide you with a well-formatted assignment.

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