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THH2112 Digital Marketing for Tourism and Hospitality Assignment Sample

Assessment Task -

The student is required to use a Hospitality business and develop a Digital marketing plan for the next three years for their chosen Hospitality/Tourism company.

Your Digital Marketing Plan should include:


Digital contribution review using analytics customized to the business – What is digital marketing contributing now?

· Current digital marketing capabilities – How will we improve our governance of digital marketing?

· Digital or Multichannel SWOT – What are the key issues we need to manage?

· Defined SMART Goals, Objectives and KPIs – What will digital marketing contribute in the next planning period.


· Vision for digital channels – What will digital marketing contribute in the long-term.

· Segmentation and Targeting – What existing and new targeting approaches will we use to boost acquisition and retention?

· Value Proposition – How can we improve value delivered by our brand(s)?

· Budget for investment – What budget is needed to implement strategic digital initiatives?


· Digital governance - The Digital Transformation plan to improve People, Process, Tools and Metrics.

· Measurement and testing – What optimizations are planned to improve efficiency and effectiveness?



Digital marketing helps to evaluate the potential of support in one-to-one marketing and social CRM capabilities accordingly. The hospitality industry is able to generate mass customisation for enabling e-CRM activities that generate rapid social marketing responses. Media fragmentation describes the hospitality industry to analyse the increasing consumption of a range of media such as TV media social media web magazines radio stations and others for generating integration with the target audience. In this case, the application of digital marketing is advocacy which is indicated by measures to develop brand affinity and customer attraction through positive influence. Moreover, identification of the macro environment through digital means helps the hospitality industry to modify its planning implementation and performance accordingly for future development.

Agenda/ Contents Overview

The present study aims to evaluate the impact of digital marketing on the hospitality industry for maximizing profit in this competitive market scenario. The study has selected a hospitality enterprise named The Landmark London. This presentation has provided a brief description of this company's background for analysing its revenue model flowingly. Moreover, market development strategy positioning strategy target market strategy social media strategy has also been evaluated before identifying the digital marketing mix. Hence evidence from the authenticated website for assignment help and pure reviewed journal has emphasised the reliability of this study.

Company Background

The Landmark London is a 5-star blissful Hotel situated in London. The report has highlighted that the company has approximately 200 employees. The official website of this organisation has highlighted that they follow equal opportunities for the workforce to maintain continuous improvement. In addition, the teamwork nature of this company has provided the required communication and integrity for strategic decision-making and problem-solving skills (Landmarklondon.co.uk, 2022). Moreover, the report has highlighted that the concerned organisation generated approximately 16.9 million gross profit in the year 2018 and it has obtained 103.2 million in revenue in the same year (Click.co.uk, 2022). According to the opinion of Thahaet al. (2021), the concerned organisation has grabbed the status of the champion due to its people management and collaborative culture within the workplace. Moreover, the Royal Garden Hotel Limited, Cliveden House and others are the main competitors of this concerned organisation. In that competitive scenario, continuous development in features state-of-the-art technical facilities has improved organisation profit maximization and customer engagement strategy at the same time (Landmarklondon.co.uk, 2022). More to a similar context, the company offers professional meeting facilities, Spa, health club, glass roof dining, regular live music and others for effective customer satisfaction.

Revenue model

Application of the revenue model helps organisations to evaluate financial statements and the way for developing revenue growth in this competitive era. The case study has highlighted that the revenue of The Landmark London came from direct traffic. In that case, the brand reputation of this organisation has attracted consumers instead of completing a transaction after comparing it with the consumers via a search engine. This competitive advantage has emphasized visibility in search engines for competitive keywords that have to some extent. Moreover, a 183% increase in organic traffic has helped the concerned company to develop its revenue maximization of approximately 45.2% in recent times (Click.co.uk, 2022). According to the viewpoint of Barber et al. (2021), the direct self-revenue model of this concerned organisation has maintained a relationship sales cycle and the Enterprise sales cycle. As argued by Khosrow-Pour (2018), adequate requirements for the workforce can sometimes impact the scalability of the organisations through the direct sales cycle. In this scenario, situational analysis based on the socio-economic perspective of the business surroundings can help concerned organisations to modify their business model according to the circumstantial requirements.

Market Development Strategy

Increasing the rate of facilities based on the structured plan and will designed strategies as per the situational demand can develop the market position of the organisations in this crucial scenario. It has been reported that the concerned organisation has focused on a Holistic business approach that provides a successful economic development in this market scenario. China-centric 5 years strategy of this organisation with attractive facilities has grabbed a long-term incentive for this organisation (Skift.com, 2022). Moreover, the double happiness camping of this company has depicted a cultural development and high revenue generation in comparison to history. The company has provided services related to payment structure, Wi-Fi services and others that help the organisation to increase price consciousness from reliable clients such as Financial Institutions and others. Hence the evidence depicted that overall traffic for this company has increased up to 33.4% in recent years. The report has showcased that the increasing visitor crowd has provided tremendous success to The Landmark London more than their expectations.

Target Market Strategy

The luxurious outlet and services of this concerned organisation have mainly focused on the higher middle class and higher class audiences as their main client. The 8-storey glass roof atrium of this hotel offers a beautiful dining experience to the top-class consumers with live music. The company also focused on the business class audiences to develop their profit maximization. In recent years, a China-focused strategy of this company has become a significant prison for their profit maximization in this competitive market scenario as well. In addition, the effective meeting facilities of this hospitality company have significantly attracted top-class audiences (Forbes.com, 2022). The Landmark London has focused on demographic market segmentation in this recent era to attract higher-class audiences, business personalities and others. In the case of Geographic market segmentation, the organisation has focused on Chinese audiences by providing them with Quality Services related to food beverages and others which increase up to a 15% success rate (Skift.com, 2022). However, shrinking revenue from the residential conferences has driven the organisation to accelerate its profit by engaging Chinese consumers which have also mitigated risk regarding UK's Geo-political climate.

Position Strategy

The Classic and luxurious hotel The Landmark London has intended to provide world-class services for maximizing their opportunity in profit maximization and customer attraction accordingly through continuous development strategy. Moreover, the company has implemented online product customisation for product performance excellence. Official website of this company highlighted that it provides 300 rooms including 51 suites which have improved its revenue up to 45.2% in recent years (Forbes.com, 2022). More about the main competitor the Royal Garden Hotel has achieved 19 million dollar revenue in recent years whereas the concerned organisation has generated 50 million dollars through their online pricing strategy related to competitiveness and market sensitivity (Lin et al. 2020). The company combines available dynamic information with the pricing strategy to make the transactions more reliable with situation. The consumers also can get personalised features while booking though the official website that improves their CRM strategy for accelerating the market position.

Social Media Strategy

Social media has taken a crucial role in digital marketing that improves collaboration with the target audience base. The report has highlighted that the concerned organisation uses its private social media groups and weekly newsletter to ensure effective communication with the target audience. The report has highlighted that SEO optimised strategy related to organic search has increased the visibility of Landmark’s website. The report has also highlighted that applications based on the free consultant the organisation become able to grab their organic traffic on official websites up to 138% (Click.co.uk, 2022). Along with this one want to optimise keywords has improved their social media acceptance and customer retention at the same time.

Digital marketing mix


It can be concluded by evaluating this aforementioned discussion that emerging markets request modification in business infrastructure including digital marketing. SEO optimised marketing strategy has played a crucial role for attracting the target consumer base. It has been evidence that increasing the rate of organisational brand reputation has helped the organisation to get a significant position in keyword searching. Hence the organisation has grabbed a 50% of ranking in keywords searching that has increased its customer retention strategy accordingly. Moreover their focus on target market based on the geography and demographic segmentation also help them to modify their strategic marketing and development in business infrastructure. In a different context developing a significant HRM strategy by supporting employee’swellbeing has also accelerated the dedication of the work force. As a result, it also provides a sustainable revenue maximization strategy in this competitive market scenario as well.

Reference list

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MKG102 Consumer Behaviour Assignment Sample

Assignment Brief

Individual/Group Individual
Length - 2500 words (+/- 10%)

Assessment Instructions:

Students are required to keep a reflective diary of selected consumer activities ideally from Module 1 of semester. This can take the form of field notes on a word/text document, notes on your mobile phone or even audio recordings. During this time, you are to log and detail the process behind purchasing three (3)medium to high involvement items. These items may be irregular purchases and involve complex buyer behaviour.

Regular purchases of food, drinks, or other habitual low involvement day-to-day consumption products are excluded from the log. These field notes /recordings will then be used as the basis of compiling the report.

Part 1 – Applying the Consumer Decision Making Process Analyse each of your purchases using the consumer decision-making process model presented in Module 1, topic

2. You should use a sequential flow of information for each purchase.

1. Need Recognition

2. Information search

3. Evaluation of alternatives

4. Purchase

5. Post-purchase behaviour

You should in-text reference to key theories and terms associated with the model covered in the essential readings for Module 1, topic 2 as you summarise each stage for each purchase.

Part 2: Reflection and Analysis of internal and external influences
In this section try and provide a rationale to your behaviour and consumption experience using relevant consumer behaviour terminology.

Internal Influences

What were the key internal influences at play in your decision-making process for each product. Apply relevant consumer behaviour theories in topics such as: Motivation, Personality, Learning, Perception, and Attitude topics.

External Influences

What were the relevant external influences that may have affected your decision? Apply relevant consumer behaviour theories in topics such as: Diffusion of innovation, Social and Cultural influences.

It is critical in answering Part 1 and 2 that you apply relevant consumer behaviour theory in your assignment and in-text reference to this. You should be drawing on your essential readings in this subject to write the report. You can either analyse each purchase individually or you could compare or contrast each purchase as you develop the report.

If you need clarification on any of the above please speak to your learning facilitator.



Due to its prominent role in influencing consumers' buying decisions, consumer behavior is fundamental to marketing. As a result of starting the decision-making process, consumers move through various stages before deciding to buy anything. The decision-making process is different for multiple purchases. This research compared three different purchases to get its comparison. The first section of the study details three purchasing experiences, and the second section presents theories that have been applied to these three buying experiences. Theories correctly and effectively describe the decision-making process underlying these purchases, and I have gained a fresh understanding of this process. Theories and actions are related, and the investigation in this work has demonstrated this relationship. The complexity of consumer behavior necessitates a thorough investigation, which is what this research has done in great detail for best assignment help.

Part one- Consumer Decision-Making Process

I'd like to share how I chose three of my most recent purchases in the first section. The first is ordering my favorite Laptop from an international retailer online. The purchase of a manual treadmill is the second purchase (Mishra, Singh and Koles, 2021). The third item is the smartphone I bought for my brother. From the viewpoint of the consumer decision-making process model, which is in the following, I would examine these three purchases.

Need Recognition

Buying the Laptop on an Online Marketplace:

Purchasing laptop from an online marketplace that was shipped from abroad was a pleasant experience. The need recognition process began when I realized that my current laptop was not working as well as it used to. It was taking longer to start up, the battery life was shorter, and it was overall slower. I decided that I needed a new laptop and started doing research on which one to buy.

Buying A Manual Treadmill:

It was a demanding difficult decision to get a treadmill. I want a treadmill that is affordable and simple to use. The solution was the manual treadmill. It was purchased from a local store that sold fitness equipment. Despite the fact Even though time buying it, I am pleased with the purchase and feel successful after making it.

Smartphone Purchasing:

Because I become confused, I might not make the best gifting choices. I was requested to buy a Smartphone for my brother. When I visited the Mobile store, I couldn't help but consider which Smartphone would be best for my brother. I wasn't close to my brother. So, in order to select, I must rely on the shopkeeper's guidance.
Information search

Laptop Purchasing:

To learn more about the products that are offered, I must conduct a pre-purchase search. Despite doing research at nearby shopping centers, I came to the realization that I couldn't buy the items I wanted. I was immediately bombarded with internet store marketing on my social media profiles. I initially disregarded them, but after clicking on one of the adverts, I was presented with a variety of possibilities for the laptop I wanted.

Manual Treadmill Purchasing:

I had always wanted to get an electric treadmill; buying the manual treadmill wasn't on my list of priorities. The local gym has an electric treadmill that I've been utilizing. But I soon discovered how pricey an electric treadmill was. Additionally, I was aware that running, whether it be on a manual or electric treadmill or when stationary, always has a predictable outcome. I am hence drawn to this buy.

Smartphone Purchasing:

Due to my lack of knowledge of the right Smartphone, I had to examine numerous internal and external sources before making the purchase. I was forced to use online resources, consult my acquaintances, listen in on Smartphone being used by neighbors, and go window shopping at other shops. I was able to decide with confidence to buy my brother the desired Smartphone thanks to this pre-purchase investigation.
Evaluation of alternatives

Laptop purchasing:

There were many other options than buying the laptop, so I couldn't claim with certainty that that was my sole choice. I evaluated the alternatives by looking at the specs of the laptops and comparing them to my needs. I also considered the price of the laptops and whether or not I could afford them. I decided on a laptop that had good reviews, was within my budget, and had the specs that I was looking for.

Manual Treadmill Purchasing:

There were many treadmill alternatives because everyone who wanted a treadmill chose an electric one. I made the choice to purchase a cheap item that might offer me the best value. Therefore, I did not take pricey goods and extra features into account when making my purchase. I merely wanted to jog in my room to force myself to pay attention to my physical health. Therefore, the highest evaluating standards for this buy were price and maximum value.

Smartphone Purchasing:

I was intending to fulfill my brother's wish by buying him a Smartphone, which had certain special evaluation requirements. I was misinformed about the kind of Smartphone that would best suit his requirements. I didn't watch any low-quality Smartphone on my own. I decided on Smartphone to compare brands that were well-liked by Smartphone buyers. I came to the conclusion that I needed to buy a high-quality Smartphone as a result. Low quality and cost considerations were excluded from the selection criterion.


The purchasing decision was the most crucial one during the decision-making process. The selection of each product for purchase is covered in the ensuing topics.
Laptop Purchasing:

Finally, I made a purchase of the laptop and received them via cash on delivery. In comparison to the real market, the atmosphere in the internet marketplace was very different. There were several options that suited my tastes, and at first, I struggled to pick the one I wanted. The choice of laptop was also influenced by the social setting. because some of my friends' products also served as inspiration for me. I was not influenced by outside forces when I made the decision to buy the laptop because I found the online market to be rather appealing.

Manual Purchasing:

While making the manual treadmill purchase, I was aware of the influence of my physical and social environment. I assessed the store where I made my purchase. I looked at the things there and realized I had to pick the one that was right for me. External forces were in play at the point of purchase because I visited more than one store to make the transaction.

Smartphone Purchasing:

I was strongly influenced by outside forces when I bought the Smartphone. It was a result of my diminished desire for Smartphone. I sought a product that would be particularly appealing to my brother. I had to exercise caution for this reason. Additionally, because I was having trouble selecting one, I became perplexed by the abundance of Smartphone that were offered in various stores. So, in making this purchase, I was greatly impacted by my immediate physical, social, and temporal environment.

Post-purchase behavior

Laptop Purchasing:

After purchasing the laptop, post-purchase behavior was relaxed and fulfilling. I'm happy to have found my ideal Laptop at a reasonable price. I looked at a lot of choices before deciding on one I did not have post-purchase cognitive dissonance as a result. I'm going to buy something else from the online store's electronic section as a result. I was given the opportunity to voice my opinion about the product by the firm and the internet marketplace when they offered for me to review it. I rated fit five stars and gave the product a great review. It indicates that I am happy with the purchase.

Manual Treadmill Purchasing:

Experience with the manual treadmill is now in the trial phase following purchase. I believe that before I can review the product with assurance, I need to wait a while. Although the manual treadmill accomplishes its goal, I worry it would not have done so in this case. It's because I had no choice but to accept the product if it didn't meet my criteria for quality. I feel a little uneasy about the company's after-sale service is lacking. I don't experience post-purchase cognitive dissonance because the product is wonderful. The product is performing nicely all around.

Smartphone Purchasing:

The purchasing of the Smartphone has shown to be a top-notch item. My brother has been enjoying himself while using his Smartphone for a few days. I could exchange it if it breaks due to a manufacturing defect, the merchant informed me about the warranty. It doesn't seem likely to me that it would. I am committed to the brand as a result.

Part 2: Reflection and Analysis of internal and external influences

Internal Influences

The purchasing of Smartphone, manual treadmills, and Laptop has a particular impact on consumer behaviour theories. Motivational theories aid in comprehending the buying patterns of each of these consumers.

Since Freudian motivation theory addresses unconscious psychological factors, it is useful in this context (Rothstein, 2018). Although conscious wants are obvious and clear, it is not true that consumers are also aware of unconscious needs. I believe that the primary driving force behind the decision to purchase these three things was an unconscious need. Unconscious needs that drove the buying of the Laptop included the need for a product that is extremely well-suited to my work. According to the theory's ego tenet, ideas, memories, and feelings are all a part of the conscious mind (Eagle, 2021). The id is the part of me that has existed since birth. I think the superego's role as a regulating force was quite important in this transaction. Similar to how my unconscious and conscious minds came together to decide to buy a manual treadmill once I fulfilled my ambition to be physically fit. These intentional and unintentional considerations also drove me to buy a Smartphone because I wished to have something appropriate for my brother.

The Freudian motivation theory is difficult since it does not directly relate to theories of consumer behaviour. Instead, it is a hypothesis on how to read both the conscious and the unconscious mind. The idea of reasoned action is another method that can be used to research the perception, education, attitudes, and personality traits of customers. This notion contends that the action of a consumer is particular. Additionally, consumer behaviour also has a specific goal in mind. The consumer has the option to modify his choice after making it.

All three buying decisions fit the idea exactly. My inability to make a rational decision led to my perplexity when I purchased a Smartphone. I wanted d to achieve my goals, and I could only do that if my brother approved of the final product. Second, the notion also holds true when buying. Because I wished to attain the desired and anticipated results, I took reasoned action and chose the internet marketplace. In the adjacent shops, I couldn't find the trousers I was looking for. I switched to online shopping because of this. Third, the notion is applicable to buying a manual treadmill, which is why I went with one since it can help me get fit. The Hawkins-Stern impulse buying theory is valid and applicable, specifically to my decision to buy the Laptop online (Salva, 2022). The idea classifies impulse purchases into four categories: pure impulse purchases, reminded impulse purchases, recommended impulse purchases, and planned impulse decisions. I believe that buying a Laptop falls under the category of planned impulse buying, whereas buying a manual treadmill falls under suggested impulsive buying due to its feature similarity to an electronic treadmill.

External Influences

The outer layer of the force is made up of social and cultural factors. In each of the purchases, they have had a part to play. The purchasing of Laptop did not have a significant social or cultural impact. Although I was inspired to use such light Laptop, most people don't use Laptop in social situations. It was primarily a part of my aim, and I succeeded in achieving my goals in accordance with the principle of planned activities. I may decide on the preferred alternative and buy the desired pair of Laptop. However, society's and culture's effects are not insignificant because they must have molded my intentions.

On the other hand, society and culture have a significant impact on the decision to buy a manual treadmill (Sreen, Purbey, & Sadarangani, 2018). In the past, I would concentrate on jogging and ignore the treadmill. But it was the effect of social and outside circumstances that led me to make this decision and purchase. This purchase has also been explained using the planned action theory. I went to compare several treadmill types after making the decision based on my purpose. I first intended to get an electronic treadmill, but I ultimately decided on a manual treadmill (Garg et al., 2021). It was due to the product's straightforward features and attention to the price. This purchasing of a purchased mill is consistent with the planned behavior. External factors had a big impact on the decision to buy a Smartphone, to be honest. I had to rely on the opinions and experiences of various individuals because I didn't have any clear ambitions toward a Smartphone. Toward offered their ideas, and I took the shopkeeper's counsel as well. I bought it as a result, and I was perplexed until my brother approved of the item.


This report concludes that due to internal and external effects on the decision-making process for purchases, consumer behavior is exceedingly complex. Everyday purchases are made by everyone, and some of them are specific kinds. It is valuable to examine the purchase process from both a theoretical and practical viewpoint. I've discussed my experience buying three purchases ranging in price from moderate to high for this reason. I then applied several theories to these shopping encounters. I've come to understand that internal and external forces commonly play a role in the decision-making process. However, mental or psychological forces play a greater role than any other effect. As a result, the psychological and internal underpinnings of the process are where consumer behavior begins. behavior exterior influences shape internal influences, and internal influences influence external influences. Consumer behavior has been explained by a variety of theories, but in my situation, information collecting played several different roles. This is the main reason why I take my time gathering information on the things I wish to buy.


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BMP4004 Contemporary Issues in Marketing Assignment Sample

Assessment Brief:

Using the case study – Enterprise Cars, you will explain the nature and importance of the marketing mix within the marketing process - https://www.enterprise.co.uk/en/about.html

You will be required to discuss how the marketing mix and other key marketing theory can impact the success of marketing activity with particular reference to customer satisfaction.

You should present your report professionally using Ariel 12 pt font size and include the following sections: -

- Cover page
- Content Page
- Introduction
- Main Body – with headings and sub-headings
- Conclusion/Recommendations



The marketing process is a process that includes the customer's fulfillment of their value-created criteria. The method used by businesses to provide value to clients and create lasting connections with them in order to get value from them in return (Kotler et al., 2015). The current report applies the marketing process in developing new product or service of the organisation. Report also covers the application of marketing mix within the case study of Enterprise Rent-A-Car (ERAC). The company is American car rental agency for the customers that want to have a business trip, leisure trip, travel to local market, etc (About ERAC, 2022). The report will cover the application of marketing process for assignment help in the contemporary business environment.

Figure 1: Logo and location of ERAC
(Source: About ERAC, 2022)


Marketing is the activity done by business for discovering, developing, and providing value to satisfy a target market's demands in terms of products and services. This process may also include choosing a target audience and deciding what perspective actions are required to be taken to attract target market through promotion, advertising, etc (Naseri and Noruzi, 2018). Also marketing is also defined as the process through which businesses interact with consumers, develop trusting relationships with them, and provide value for customers in order to get value from them in exchange (Kotler et al., 2015). For marketing, it is necessary for business to have a marketing strategy that allow business to utilize resources on targeting the greatest opportunity for increasing sales along with customer satisfaction that results in achieving competitive advantage in market (Ferrell et al., 2021).

Marketing process

The marketing process is the five step procedure that helps business to create value for the customers and also help business to achieve profitable results (Naseri and Noruzi, 2018). Organisation follows the process for achieving the success of marketing strategy, targeting the customers and also achieving the end results (Baker, 2016). The steps are followed to create that is valuable for the customers and the last step covers building profits in return of the value offered. The below are steps applied in the case of ERAC considering the conditions of COVID-19 outbreak.

Step 1: Analysis of need, wants and demands of customer

In marketing process it is necessary to identify the needs and wants of the customers so that strategic decisions are taken for being competitive in the market, developing customer relationships and focusing on long term retention of customers.

Needs of customers of ERAC

ERAC tries to meet the need of customers of critical transportation and also mobility needs for the personal use. The services of ERAC during the COVID were also to meet the needs of healthcare workers for provision of basic necessities. The customers also need that rental cars are clean, safe and strictly follow the COVID protocols. Also customer might need a rental car when their own vehicle is on rent. The customer also might need as the replacement for result of an accident, theft, special occasion, etc.

Wants of customers of ERAC

The customers want services of ERAC as flexible in terms of booking, cancellation, ease in location access, safe and must have all legal formalities. Also customers expect to rent a car that is available when it is required so that need could be fulfilled.

Demand of customers of ERAC

There is increasing demand in form of ease availability of travel for different purpose. And for that ERAC has sustained its brand image as transportation solutions. There are customers that demand for airport pickups, car sharing, etc. With this, ERAC is solution for meeting such customer demands. Further, Flex-E-Rent division of ERAC also meets with demands of commercial vehicle requirements. The demand is fulfilled by having support of 7,900 locations and online booking facilities as it makes ease for the customers to hire a car when it is required (About ERAC, 2022).

Step 2: Carrying out situational analysis

In this step, it is necessary to carry out external and internal analysis with the application of SWOT and PESTLE so that strategic decisions would be taken for achieving the success of services of the company.



• ERAC is the brand of Enterprise Holdings that have the support of 100,000 people, operate with more than 10,000 branches and also it is available in more than 90 countries.
• It provides commercial rental services with 2 million vehicles.
• It takes an active role to promote sustainability by focussing on innovation, advance research, market driven solution
(About ERAC, 2022)


• COVID has degraded the demand for rental services due to concerns of hygiene and reduction in tourist travel (Sharma and Nicolau, 2020).
• COVID has lead to suspend some of the fleet operations (Hossain, 2021)
• ERAC plans for short term as no major actions are taken for fleet expansion.


• It can focus on expansion of business to business services such as parcels, food and grocery deliveries along with logistical operations.
• As COVID conditions are improving, tourist can be targeted (Polzin and Choi, 2021.).
• Innovation could be effectively used to improve the fleet size, better utilisation of vehicles and managing cost to reduce margins
• Corporate sector and Universities also could be targeted for employees to replace the public transport.


• Reduction in international tourism due to conditions of COVID, increasing in fuel prices and high labour cost.
• Sudden shift in needs or turnover of the employees can affect on decreasing the productivity.
• Threat of competitors from Hertz, Avis Budget group as the businesses might offer services at low cost (Comparably, 2022).



• The business need to deal with operational rules.
• COVID has lead to travel ban in some of the countries.
• Government initiatives to promote car rentals for growth of tourism in country.


• Economic uncertainty such as increase in fuel prices, tax rates, interest rates, etc can affect on revenue of the firm.
• Change in employment procedures and pressures for retention of employees by increasing wage rates.
• Support of economic conditions of some countries can lead ease in expansion of business


• Decrease in the amount of luxury travel but opportunity to have a trip for vacation.
• COVID conditions are improving and interest of people to travel to different countries is increasing.
• Post COVID will effect on increasing demand for rental cars for special occasion.


• Mobile applications and website is leading to ease in booking (Pazour and Roy, 2012).
• New Flex-E-Rent business can lead to support in growth of ERAC


• Support of policies related to free cancellations and refunds.
• Business need to follow legislations related to health protection and public health.


• ERAC is moving towards sustainability by working on greenhouse gas emission and offering solutions for reducing environmental effects (Enterprise Holdings, 2022).
• The use of electric car could be opportunity in future.

Step 3: Segmentation, targeting, positioning


• Geographic: Local city, airports, Deports, University areas.
• Demographic: Age 18-24, Male and Female, full time students, service professionals, income could be £200.
• Psychographic: Social and middle class, lifestyle: travelling, part time jobs, studies, commercial segments
• Behavioural: To rent a car for airport, trips to reach University, people that prefer comfortable and economic sound cars (Busse et al., 2017)

Targeting: The new target market could be employees of multinationals, airport staff and workers, university students and staff, tourist, frontline workers (Gierczak-Korzeniowska, 2020).

Positioning: To gain the sustainable and competitive edge in car rental industry along with offering best to meet the needs of the customers. Also the business can work on introducing the electric cars on fleet to be sustainable (Roy et al., 2014).

Step 4: Marketing Mix

Concept of marketing mix and its elements

Marketing mix elements cover set of tool that business use to meet marketing objective and to plan for attracting the target market (Jain, 2013). Marketing is the customer centric process that means actions of the business to promote or launch its products and services are done to meet customer’s requirement and it will affect on the profitability of the organisation (Baker, 2016). There are seven components of marketing mix applied to achieve competitive strength in the market (Appendix 4).
Application of 7 Ps of marketing in Enterprise cars

Product: The product is actually what is offered by the business to meet with need of target market (Jain, 2013). ERAC provide service of rental transportation facilities by providing commercial vehicles, airport rentals, van hire, etc. The business provides services that are accessible to customers from different location (About ERAC, 2022). The business offers free pick up and drop provision and cars are kept clean and safe as per government protocols. The business determines success through application of Product lifecycle and takes strategies to offer additional services, more innovation and satisfaction of customers (Tyulin and Chursin, 2020).

Price: The price is defined as the actual money that is charged from customers in exchange of offering services (Jain, 2013). ERAC adopts value based pricing in which the prices are based on negotiation with customers and final distance price is charged. Further, ERAC also adopt competition based pricing by assessment of what competitors are charged in market. Low pricing strategy often attracts customers and with this ERAC offers the best that is low from the competitors to retain customers (Comparably, 2022).

Place: This means locating the product or service at specific location that is provided to the target market (Jain, 2013). ERAC provide intensive distribution by providing services at airports, hotels and also has supported to supply necessities during COVID. ERAC has over 7900 branches in more than 100 countries. Further, the services are available 24 hrs and also have sensitive distribution strategy in which different outlets charge different prices as per fuel rates, luxury cars requirement, behaviour of customers, etc.

Promotion: This element of marketing mix is associated with planning and taking actions for promotion of service in market. Promotion of services of ERAC is done through well updated websites, advertisements and also campaigns “We’ll pick you up” (Campaign UK, 2012). Further, it also targets customers through social media and Linked inn websites. For attracting customers, it has a new service of Car Club in which cars are available for 24/7 at £3.23/hour, along with having memberships that start from £2-£7/month depending on locations (Car Club, 2022).

Physical evidence: This element is based on developing customer loyalty and interaction as it will affect on their purchase decision. ERAC here has support of availability of physical well maintained cars. It works with qualified 100,000 people that give attention to the customers. The business assures to give the best of driving experience at reasonable pricing (About ERAC, 2022).

Process: This is defined as the procedure followed for providing services to the customers. ERAC is having user friendly website for booking a personal or commercial vehicles. Further, it has support of qualified technical team that looks towards hassle free booking procedures of customers.

People: This involves the engagement of workforce for provision of services to the customers. The business maintains connections through live messengers, web chat, mobile application and call centre available for 24/7 to maintain engagement with the customers.

Step 5: Build Profitable Relationships

Currently, ERAC is one the way to work on the sustainability by focussing on the greenhouse gas emission. Thus, with this more profitable options could be achieved. Further, in future the trend of electric cars will increase to greater extent in transportation industry. Thus, business could expand with Tesla to improve its fleet size that will contribute to less pollution also helps in achieving profitable outcomes.

Further, the customer wants convenience in terms gathering information about car rentals. Therefore, social media and website is required to be updated with offering additional discounts as that will lead ERAC to target customers.


Report conclusion that marketing process is very crucial for business to achieve customer driven value that will affect on business goals. The diversification strategy is required to be adopted by ERAC through innovation and technology. For instance, the target market could be corporate and Universities. Also they must have a tie up with travel agencies by offering them special discounts so that better can be served to customers. Further, social media could be used as sustaining advantage to promote its services in the market.


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BUSN20016 Research in Business Assignment Sample

Task Description

Assessment task requires the preparation of a full project report that should not exceed 3000 words excluding the cover page and reference list.

Students need to address the following:

Refined Problem Statement, Aim, Objectives and Scope- students need to provide a detailed statement of the problem you would like to investigate as well as aim and objectives of the project within the scope of the study.

Research Project Justification and Potential Outputs - students need to explain why your chosen project is important both theoretically and practically? What are the potential outputs and outcomes of your research?

The Conceptual Framework - students need to provide a review of literature relevant to the research project that leads to the development of a conceptual framework to investigate the research problem.

Methodology - based on the conceptual framework, research aim and research objectives, students need to provide a detailed description of the data collection methods, tools and data sources that will be used to analyse the data.

Research Project Organisation, Budget and Schedule - students need to present all components of the research report by writing the names of the chapters/sections and briefly discussing what will be written in each of those chapters/sections followed by a brief description of the budget and project schedule.

This is an individual research task. Students are required to demonstrate their understanding of the relevant body of work in a real-life business research context. We expect students to read and reflect on at least twenty recent refereed journal articles on your topic, supported by any other evidence or information that can help refine the problem of your research, formulate a conceptual framework and develop the methods for data collection and analyses.



This report is going to provide a brief elaboration to understand current social media trends and their impact on the fashion industry of Australia. It is business development concern to maintain business relevant and according to the requirements of the target audience and market, so that it can easily establish itself and then maintain the position. With the help of this proposal reader can get better insight of the social media trends and how can affect fashion Market because it not only region specific when it comes to social media. It a global perspective but the business target should be able to please the sample target audience then expended one that is why research proposal is going to focus on Australian audience.

This report will include 4 main sections that are detailed problem statement, aim, objectives, research questions, and scope. The second section will help to find out the significance of this research and potential outcomes. In section three, the focus will be the existing research of the topic, and in the last section methodology to be applied, project timeline and costing, along with organizational study will be addressed. This proposal will provide an idea to understand current situation and build a future oriented strategy for business development in fashion industry of Australia.

Section 1

Problem Statement

The problem to be focused for this research is to understand the impact of social media trends on fashion industry of Australia. The need of this research is to get a brief idea for businesses to cope-up with frequently changing trends of different social media platforms. There are several platforms available for business promotion but it is based on nature of the business that which platform is more useful for the business or to be focused. Social media is a valuable tool to understand current market and work according to present generation and their fashion preferences. The main problem is to catching up with all continuously transforming fashion needs.

This research report is going to make things easier for readers to know social media trends and can be helpful in expanding business, and maintaining the current position in the market. The Australian market has competitive sources of business in fashion industry so it is very important to get social media trends to keep the business up to date. The fashion industry is most influenced and also influential industry by social media. Every trend first gets reflected on social media then gets followed by most of the business. But to be in the market need to become change maker and creative about business strategies so that a business idea suggested can become a trend itself and what exactly the research will focus on (Gazzola et al., 2020).

Research Aim

The aim of this research is, understanding potential impact of social media trends on fashion industry of Australia.

This aim of this research will make easier for a reader to know exactly what trend and social media platform can support a fashion business and how a valuable place can be maintained in industry to get good amount of audience and better business opportunities in Australian market.

Research objectives

The objectives of research are as following-

• To understand social media marketing trends for fashion industry

• To connect with Australian audience with help of social media platforms

• To define better business strategies for fashion businesses in Australia

• To identify better data collection opportunities from suitable social media platforms for fashion industry of Australia

• To define impact of marketing trends on business and understand their benefits to the business (Sharma et al., 2020)

All these objectives are very helpful in reaching out main goal of research so that better business opportunities can be generated for the fashion industry in Australia. These objectives also will help to achieve importance of social media trends and marketing for businesses.

Research Questions

The potential research questions for the research can be-

RQ1: What are the potential social media platforms useful for fashion industry?
RQ2: How social media trends can affect fashion industry of Australia?
RQ3: Why social media trends are important to be considered for successful business in fashion market?
RQ4: What are most important factors of social media marketing can be useful for fashion businesses establishment and maintenance in Australia?

These research questions are helpful to understand each section of the research proposal so that better understanding of research can be established.

Scope of the Study

This research will help organizations to acknowledge the impact and usefulness of social media trends on fashion industry so that better business opportunities can be approached in future. This research has scope for fashion industry and its development in the market so that organizations can achieve better results in terms of business and audience. The main focus of business should become a better fit for future otherwise the continuous change of trends and static business approach will not get along. That is why it is essential to take care of social media trends for business especially in fashion industry and the research will help to identify social media trends and follow them for good business orientations (Thorisdottir, Johannsdottir, 2020).

Section 2

Detailed Justification of Research

The research is important for providing a better understanding to a reader about social media trends and their impact on fashion industry of Australia. Social media is the most important platform where all the influencers can create their content using their talents but the most of all talking about fashion, clothing trends, transition videos have a huge number of crowd to follow. That is why being in fashion industry or business has lot to catch up with because the trends are even for 24 hours and less. The main focus should be the observe and analyze the trends, and social media platforms that can be useful for business and can last as long as possible. This is why the research is purely focused on understanding these trends and applies them for better business strategies and maintains the position in market. Australian market in fashion has a huge audience to look out because they are not only regional but also global. People in Australia have almost the same tendency like other countries, in terms of following fashion trends. The main target audience is obviously youth that cares about each and every trend that goes on social media. This is why all organizations need to take social media trends under consideration before launching their collections (Tien et al., 2020).

This research is extremely useful because researches have been held till now, were based on how market is influenced by social media but not about different social media platforms and trends. This research is particularly focusing on getting the main problem of businesses on board which knowing the actual impact of social media trends both positive and negative. This research proposal is necessary to provide required information to readers about how to analyze social media business trends for progressive approaches for business development. To justify the selected research it can be said that it will not only good for industrial purpose but also can enhance the knowledge about social media trends so that marketing strategies can be improved according to the organizational needs (Kawaf, & Istanbulluoglu, 2019). When come to justify select industry for research then it is simple because fashion industry is one of the most powerful and highlighted businesses and social media plays a vital role in this. Fashion blogs, articles, videos, features, campaigns, etc are the form of social media marketing but trend can be any of them depends on the content, creativity and most important choice of the audience. That is why this research is going to be a powerful tool for getting knowledge and know the Australian market better.

Potential Output

Output of this research can be analyzed after applying the methods of research process but potentially the possible outcomes for the research are-

• Detailed information about social media trends and fashion industry of Australia.
• Better strategic management for understanding trends and application.
• Reliable source of knowledge for understanding research topic.
• Actual impact both positive and negative of social media trends on Australian fashion industry.
• Suitable social media platform for business development (Tudor, 2018).

Above mentioned potential outcomes for research are only possible when the flow and process of research has been followed through out. This research can be milestone for fashion industry to know what exactly social media platforms are trending for and what is going on in the relevant world. The hack of knowing best business strategy is to look up to what’s trending in the market. For example comfort is the new fashion has been trending for a long time so keeping that in mind collection can be introduced. All described outputs are the sign of successful research process and in this proposal these potential outcomes can help in setting mind on them as potential goals so that they can be achieved at the end of research work (Silva et al., 2019).

Section 3

Conceptual Framework

Constantly changing social media

Social media is only one place that is constantly changing because they are different platforms available for almost every kind of business and all of them have different natures to deal with. The main concern of a business should to understand these changes of selected social media platforms and then work accordingly so that business can grow. The major platforms of social media can be viewed in the diagram below-

Figure 1: Social Media Platforms
(Source: Author, 2022)

All these platforms are not only amazing place to catch up but also very effective to business development and targeting clients and consumers. This can be sounded easy to do but chasing every social media trend is next to impossible so in constantly changing social media it is required to understand that which trend to take on and which not. These continuous changes can have both positive and negative impacts on the fashion industry, but the negative impact can be more powerful in case of inadequate handling of business strategies. So adapting changes and implementing them in business is the key (Algahni, & Al-Dabbagh, 2020).

Identification of social media trends

After knowing what the most popular social media platforms are it is important to find out how to track the trends of these platforms so that according to the research topic data can be retrieved. For identifying trend it is important to use some effective tools that can be helpful defining the research topic and also helpful in managing them according to the business. These tools are-

Social Mention
Google Trends
Popular Hashtags
Personalized Facebook Ads
Facebook for Media

All these tools have different area to track a trend and then list out them for users. For example if somebody is using Geofeedia as tool then it can list out different locations on social platforms that are trending. Same as, if a user takes popular hashtags monitors in use then it can list out all the trending hashtags on Facebook or Instagram (Brydges, & Sjöholm, 2019). One of the most used and powerful tool is Google Trends that is being used by most of businesses in fashion industry because it provides the list of trending topics on social media platforms by using search data of users on social media. It is little expansive tool to make searches.

Impact of social media on fashion industry

There was a time, almost 10 year ago when editors of fashion magazines were the gateway to the fashion industry, they still plays an important role in the market, but they are the only source of market information before the Instagram launch. Fashion trends are the mirror of present business strategies because according to them current market can be targeted. According to the best possible scenarios millennial are the key to future fashion preferences because most of the influencers on social media are them. They set the trend to be followed by their followers and it become popular. So the process initiates with trend analysis of social media by fashion organizations and then launch collection for people and goes on till people to follow and buy them. In this process main part is of maintaining analysis of social media trends so that update in business strategies can be possible on time, dynamically. Forecasting trends is necessary because present fashion world in Australia depends upon trends not brands, and user move quicker from one trend to another than before. Now, understanding, and analysing patterns is as required as promoting business online (Wang et al., 2019).

Suitable social media platform for fashion businesses

Almost all types of businesses can be promoted on most of social media platforms but it depends on targeted audience where they spend their most of the time. For fashion industry the milestone platforms must be Instagram, TikTok, Pintrest, Facebook and LinkedIn also. These platforms are very important for fashion bloggers and influencers to get along because they have these patterns attract maximum number of people and number of people is always proportional to number of converted leads. In present generations of millennial and Gen Zs Instragram and TikTok are the most used platforms and also most suitable platforms to promote business with the help of many features and business establishment options provided by these platforms. Instagram is owned by Meta (Facebook) now so it is easier than before to reach out people on both platforms at the same time with the help of posting same content at same time of instance (Arriagada, Ibáñez, 2020). It helps in reaching out potential audience and also a good number of audiences so that lead conversion can be possible for a fashion industry business. Almost all types of organisations small, medium, large, MNCs can promote their business on Instagram and Facebook because it is free for organic results.

Section 4


Data Collection and approach

The data collection approach that should be applied for collecting data from different social media platforms should be survey. A survey is the best method to find out real time usee data and can help business to grow stronger. This is the most impactful way of collecting information and use it through mixed (qualitative and quantitative) approach for developing a meaningful result then develop effective business techniques for establishing in Australian market. Although fashion industry has its own competition to look out but as an organisation the representation should be strong among all industries so, it is important to create a strong and static base with the help of understanding continuous changing market. This research will guide through all these data patterns to generate valuable and potential outcomes expected.

For conducting a survey it is not important to go for a live audience every time. In this process comments and sentiment analysis of social media posts, blogs and trends can be most helpful because they can provide better understanding of mindset of targeted audience. This analysis can be held from the most recent comment to oldest one (Brewer, 2019).

Data Analysis

Data analysis for the process needs to be done by quantitative analysis mostly by generating results of the data collected from the different platform. This is important because collecting data is not enough because it doesn't provide any meaningful result which can be used in business development so data analytics comes into picture. The most common way of analysis is statistics and also most reliable one because percentage of accuracy is higher than any other method. So, quantitative analysis through statistics is selected as data analysis method for the research work. This analysis will lead the research to the potential outputs that have been expected from the research. Ultimately it can be understood then how social media trends impacts fashion businesses in Australia. Apart from this research will also be helpful as a practical output or evidence of survey conducted that can help readers to understand the data dynamics of that particular time (MARTINCEVIC et al., 2020).

Organisation Study

The organisation that has been studied for this research is Aje. Aje is an established Australian brand founded in 2008. It is the fashion organisation founded by two strong female personalities of fashion business Edwina Robinson and Adrian Norris. The brand has approximate 300k followers on Instagram and has a strong impact on audience. Basically the Name “Aje” represents non-compromising feminine aura along with coolness and effortlessness. It is not only a great brand in terms of social media popularity but also famous among the female audience because of its variety, quality and perspective. No doubt on that two women has established this brand to make a equal and empowered space for women of the country in fashion. Aje not only works in clothing but also works in accessories like watches, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, etc. All these items are loved and used by Australian audience and also worldwide.

Project Budget

Table 1: Budget Table

(Source: Author, 2022)

Figure 2: Gantt chart
(Source: Author, 2022)

Table 2: Project Schedule

(Source: Author, 2022)

References -

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MRKT20052 Marketing Management and Digital Communication Assignment Sample

Task description:

Assessment requires students to work in groups of up to five students on the company Ginger & Smart (www.gingerandsmart.com) in order to prepare a comprehensive marketing audit. The aim of this assessment is to conduct a systematic, comprehensive and objective analysis of the marketing activities undertaken by the company. In addition, you are also required to provide at least two recommendations for the company. The marketing audit should be a maximum of 2000 words in length including everything (from title page to references). The written report is worth 30%. Groups are required to present only the comprehensive executive summary during tutorial classes in weeks 10 and 11.

Your submission should show an application of relevant marketing concepts, theories, and analytic tools learnt in the unit. The marks for this assessment will depend primarily on presenting appropriate and supporting evidence and also, on the ability to critically write and present the marketing audit report. You are strongly encouraged to use the Academic Learning Centre (ALC) facilities to assist you in preparing a professional report.



The forthcoming report for assignment help is based on the marketing audit of Ginger and Smart, which is famous for manufacturing clothes and accessories and is an Australian brand. This brand manufactures its products to promote the positivity and strength of women. This brand provides luxury and adopts fast fashion, which attracts the customers because people now a day are focusing on following the trends.
Situation analysis

Company analysis

Ginger and Smart is a clothing brand, and this brand mainly manufactures its products to define the spirit and positivity of women (Zambezee, 2022). This brand has its e-stores and retail stores, and they manufacture their products with minimal waste of natural resources. They have 11 to 50 employees, and they are focusing on increasing their image on social awareness so that it increases their position in the market. An organisation need to focus on the marketing of its products that can help to attract numerous customers to the product (Rangaswamy et al., 2020).

Competitive analysis

Competitive analysis is of utmost crucial in identifying the point of interest of consumers within the industry (Li et al., 2020). Porter’s five forces analysis is very beneficial in understating the market competition of a certain industry (Bruijl, 2018).

Table 1: Porter’s five forces analysis
Source: (Developed by the author)

SWOT analysis

The word SWOT refers to strength, weakness, opportunity and threat. Through SWOT analysis, the position of a company's competitiveness and the strength of a strategic plan come out (Benzaghta et al., 2021).

Table 2: SWOT analysis
Source: (Developed by the author)

PESTEL analysis

PESTEL analysis is a tool that identifies the external factors affecting the business (Alanzi, 2018). The factors are Political, Economic, Technological, Legal and Environmental factors.

Table 3: PESTLE analysis
Source: (Developed by the author)

Segmentation, targeting and positioning

For developing the business, the company used a few segmentation techniques such as Demographic segmentation, Behavioural segmentation, Geographic segmentation, and Psychographic segmentation (Lotame, 2022).

Demographic: Demographic segmentation mainly refers to targeting the audience, and in the case of Ginger and smart, they are focusing on targeting a group of customers from the age of 18 to 40.

Behavioural: The next is behavioural segmentation. The consumers who have a pattern of economical purchasing shall also be the target segment.

Geographic: In geographic segmentation, the company select their target customers based on the location, country, and state, and for this, the urban region or segment can be chosen.

Targeting: The company focuses on targeting the age of 18 to 40, and they are collecting information about their choices which will enhance the ideas of forming the strategies. The urban region consumers shall be targeted as they will be able to afford the products of the firm.

Positioning: Now a day, most customers are focusing on the digital platform. Through the digital platform, a company can get the opportunity of interacting with the customers, and they get to know about their choices which are beneficial for the growth (Hsieh & Wu, 2019). People are getting attracted to the new fashions as they are concerned about the new trends (Gazzola et al., 2020). Therefore, this will be positioned under the premium fashion segment of the market.

Marketing mix Audit

Product: Ginger & Smart is an Australian company that produces clothes and accessories. People are inclined toward changing fashion because companies like Ginger & Smart are taking up fast fashion to attract customers.

Price: The company is focusing on making new designs to increase their customers. Increasing the number of customers and including their preferences places the company in a good position over other companies. As they are not decreasing their prices, they focus on a particular class of society.

Promotion: The branding strategies adopted by the company are - product branding, online branding, and service branding. Product branding is a very popular branding type, and in this branding, the company makes the product different from others to attract customers. They make the branding of the products uniquely to create an impressive impact on the people. Online branding is another branding strategy through which the company can create a long-lasting impact.

Distribution: The visual effect creates a long-lasting impact because the company effectively does their digital marketing. The reason for focusing on online branding is that most people spend a long time on social media nowadays. Attracting customers is beneficial for the development of the company through public relations management.


The two recommendations for developing the clothing business are, focusing on not decreasing the quality of the products and focusing on the competitors.

- With the rise in popularity of digitalisation, Ginger and Smart should focus on the strategies through which it can attract tech-savvy customers to the company's products that can help in increasing its reach in the market. Also, Ginger & Smart need to focus on their social responsibilities simultaneously. Hence, by accumulating both of these strategies and innovating its selling media, the company can achieve tremendous business growth in the Australian market.

- Based on the above analysis, it can be recommended that Ginger and Smart should diversify its product range, which can help to seek a positive response from the young customers.


Thus, it can be concluded by saying that Ginger & Smart adopted many strategies so that they could develop their business, from maintaining their price to not decreasing their products. They know that they are focusing on providing luxury through their products. Because of that, they are not ready to give their products at a low price. Giving their products at a low price will decrease their position in the industry.

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MKTG10001 Principles of Marketing Assignment Sample

The 3 questions -


1. What car manufacturing company are you looking at?


2. Research what kinds of car products that your company sells?
Vehicles, engines, car air-conditioning compressors, car electronics, battery and stamping dies

3. Whatare the target markets that your company targets? (e.g., environmentally conscious drivers who want to reduce their carbon footprint, outdoor lovers who like to go off-roading)

Toyota has a large variety of car types one such is the corolla which targets its customer base by model

Report format:


«Company overview
«Car categories that your company sells
«What type of consumer products does your company sell?
«Purpose of the report

Industry Overview

«Opportunities and threats in the biscuit industry
«Identify a new car product that your company wants to introduce

Market Segmentation

« Market segment that your company will target for your new car product

Marketing Mix

3.1 Product

« Define product and discuss why it is important for marketers to introduce new products
« What stage of the product life cycle is your new car product at?

3.1.1 New Product Development Process
3.1.2 Branding & Packaging

3.2 Price

«Define pricing and discuss why itis important for marketers to understand pricing for their new car product

3.2.1 Pricing Objectives

3.2.2 Pricing Strategies

3.3 Place

« Define place

«Discuss where will the new car product will be sold

3.4 Promotion

Define promotion and discuss the importance of pricing for your car product

3.4.1 Promotional Objectives
3.4.2 Promotional Messaging
3.4.3 Promotional Strategies



Market Segmentation

Toyota uses various methods to analyse customers' needs and preferences. Toyota is a well-known automobile company, and for launching their new car product i.e. Corolla, they will target the market segment that brings value to their new car product. By conducting a market segmentation process, for assignment help Toyota will be able to decide on the market segment with similar attributes, socioeconomic background, buying behaviour etc, for reaching the group of customers efficiently and effectively (Dolnicar et al., 2018).

Toyota uses a mix of geographic, demographic and psychographic segmentation strategies for understanding the needs of different customer groups and customer profiling for launching their new car product.

Geographic- This segmentation divides the overall market based on various geographic units like countries, zip codes, states, cities, trading blocks, etc. Toyota is using this segmentation for the international market to understand the different cultures and preferences of customers.

Demographic- Toyota will mainly target customers of 30-50. It will also focus on targeting middle income customers (Tarun, 2020). Also in the B2B segment it will target companies of tours and travels.

Psychographic- Toyota uses psychographic segmentation and it will target environmental conscious drivers that take care of the environment. Also in terms of lifestyle, it will target people that are in love of off roading (Nkomo et al., 2019).

Marketing mix

4.1 Product

It is seen that when the company cannot accelerate the growth rate through the existing products, they need to develop new products to widen its market, increase sales, and earn profit through its innovative product. Also, a product is considered a centre of all the marketing activities and captures the customers' attention, if it fulfils their needs and preferences (Rodrik, 2018). A good and effective product is considered as a key to the market success. Hence by identifying the needs and demand of the products, a company launch new products to attract customers and generating profit in the targeted market.

At the current time, Toyota is known as one of the largest car manufacturers in the world. Toyota is developing and manufacturing automobiles and its related products such as engines, vehicles, car-conditioning compressors, batteries, car electronics- its components and device and stamping dies. For many years, Toyota has been offering a diverse range of products, and it is essential for them to introduce new car products to fulfil customers' changing needs and preferences (MOHSIN et al., 2021).Toyota needs to introduce new car products to explore emerging opportunities.

Stage of product lifecycle

Toyota has introduced a new car product and currently, the new car product is at the first stage of the product lifecycle. This is known as the introduction stage, one a product gets developed, it is introduced into the targeted market(Nkomo et al., 2019). At this stage, the product is released into the market first time and launched in the marketplace. During the introduction stage, the marketing team of Toyota begins creating awareness about the product and also reaching to potential customers to grab their attention towards the product. In general, when the product gets introduced in the market their sales are low at the beginning and the demand of the product builds slowly.

4.1.1 New Product Development Process

The company's marketing team majorly focuses on promoting the product by creating and running marketing and advertising campaigns. Toyota works on checking their distribution channels and also tries to create awareness among potential customers about its products. At this stage, the product faces no competition or less competition as the demand is slow (Tyulin & Chursin, 2020). The new car product by Toyota is currently at the introduction phase where the marketing team of Toyota is investing more on advertising about the new car product to drive customer engagement. Toyota is evaluating its sales strategy at this stage to check the efficiency and possibility of their product in the future.

4.1.2 Branding

Toyota to achieve a higher level of customer satisfaction, it manufactures and markets its wares in a manner that caters to certain clientele utilising a differentiated targeting strategy. Toyota draws emphasis to the useful benefits that may be gained from using its goods and services via positioning strategies that are value-based and user benefit-oriented. (Jones & Bonevac, 2013).


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MRKT20057 Global Marketing Assignment Sample

Assessment Task

Assessment Task 2 is designed to encourage students to engage in independent learning, as well as develop the skills to analyse various environmental issues that influence a company's international marketing decisions. To undertake an in-depth and extensive Environmental Analysis, each student is required to select a real company/brand in the Australian dairy industry. The company chosen already competes in the domestic Australian market, and requires you to investigate the potential opportunities and/or threats that exist in one of the following markets for their products:

- The USA
- South Korea
- China
- The UK

You are required to conduct an environmental analysis on the country selected to evaluate the potential opportunities and/or threats that may influence the chosen company's entry into that country. Environmental factors to be analysed may include economic, financial, political, legal, social, cultural, technological and other contemporary factors. If an environmental factor does not have an impact on companies international marketing decisions, it is irrelevant and, therefore, should not be included in this report.

You must reinforce your discussion with clear evidence by in-text referencing (i.e. books, academic journal articles, industry and government reports, charts, diagrams, websites and newspaper articles, dating no further back than 2015). You are highly discouraged from simply downloading country profile data from CIA fact book, Wikipedia, or generic online sources.

Notes and Important Advice:

- Assessment Task 2 is an individual assessment task.

- Word length: 1600 words (excluding the title page, table of contents, reference list, appendices and charts).

- Two (2) points will be deducted for assessments that are under 1400 or over 1800 words.

- Students should support their discussions with at least 12 academic references.

- The report should be formatted as follows: size 12 times new roman font, 1.5 line spacing.

- There will be a late penalty of 2 marks (5% of 40) for each day late.

Assessment Criteria

This task will be assessed based on the following criteria-

- Executive summary - (10%)
- Introduction: Background research on product and country selected (20%)
- Environmental issues: Explaining issues related to products and country selected - (40%)
- Interpretation: Integrates issues using different perspectives and positions - (10%)
- Strength of arguments - (10%)
- Writing styles - (10%)



The internal and external environment of business organisation carters for the stimulation of macro and micro factors and respective drivers which conducts part in business operation (Perera, 2017). Big M is a brand of flavored flavored milk that was founded in 1978 in Victoria Australia. The organisation serves its customers with flavored flavored milk drinks and products such as original chocolate, bigger chocolate, strawberry, ice coffee, banana, egg flip., cookies and cream, and fruity mix (About Big M, 2022). The size and capacity of organisation is variability very large as it severs 19 million liters per year back in 2000. At the current date, organisation is a big empire in Australia that serves more than 70 plus flavors in Australia. Additionally, flavoured milk market in United Kingdom has been growing 7% with sales of 389 billion.

Big M is an organisation that has invented many new and different types of flavored milk products which have huge popularity among citizens of Australia (Deborah Jackson, 2022). Environmental analysis in terms of business operations means a place and examination of the drivers that might be positive or negative in supporting the business of a particular company new or established markets (Dixon et al., 2013). Big M after huge popularity in Australia, to seek an opportunity to its brand on a global platform for assignment help.

The organisation aims to carter for its entrance with the same business of flavoured milk products in the London, United Kingdom (Shortall, 2019). The environmental analysis towards entrance into the United Kingdom's market in the flavoured milk and with opportunities will be presented in the above report. The first section of the report will analyse the PESTEL factors that have opportunities for Big M in the entrance towards the dairy market of the United Kingdom. Analysis of the similar data on the bases of figures and data of the flavoured milk with Big M's capacity. The Unique selling price of organisation that can govern a place in the million-euro industry of the London, United Kingdom for Big M will be identified in the last section of the report.

Environmental Analysis

PESTEL factors are attributed to the factors like political, social, economic, legal, technological, and environmental factors which are used to understand the macro factors that drive the smoothness and sensitivity of business working in the new marketplace (Perera, 2017).

Political factors: trade restrictions, reforms, and political stability of government affect the business growth, entrance, and position of competition of the organisation. The government stability and GDP of country United Kingdom have been very stable. London itself is very stable yet highly competitive place where in business can be introduced. The country often supports multinational and national businesses as it aids in GDP enhancement and employment strands for people (Romano et al., 2018).

The Big M might get good level of support after Brexit in the United Kingdom as the trade fees and trading pressure of many other competitors has made issues in services and product quality. Contorted to the entrance of a 40-year-old competitor in the market which has less link to the pressure of Brexit might govern good business internally in the United Kingdom (Rocha et al., 2022). Flavoured milk can be sold in the country that has stability and supports business by Big M.


Figure 1 reduced inflation rate of the UK
(sources: thedairysite.com 2022)

Economic factors: Economic factors include growth, interest rates, exchange rates, inflation, wage rates, working hours, and cost of living. The average growth in inflation every year of the United Kingdom is similar to that of Australia and in some years was very less. The financial stability of the country has been very swift after covid 19 pandemic as well. The organisation has any new opportunities to explore the flavoured milk as it is vast, economical, and popular with a high customer base. United Kingdom has the 6th largest GDP in the world as it has 89% of business organisations. Additionally, only London as one city contributes to 530 billion every year, which is covering 13% of total flavoured milk market in the country. This might be an additional factor in support of Big M towards launching its Flavoured milk in the London (Coyle et al. 2019).

Legal factors: Factors include the legal structure of the country which the organisation needs to follow. For Big M the practices of registration, quality certifications, patents, verification marketing structure, employment contracts, and laws all have to be sectioned in the form of all types of United Kingdom legislation and verification (Mahato et al. 2022).

The legal structure of the organisation can be parted into three parts company policies, national policies, and international policies which Big M needs to follow attributing laws of the world trade organisation, Australian laws, company policies, and the United Kingdom laws as well. Often legal factors are termed as threats as any issue in paperwork might create another type of issue in the functioning and marketing of Big M which must be intensely managed by the organisation (Pan et al., 2019).

Technological factors: Innovation, technology, payment systems, data management systems, operational systems, and transportation facilities for each product of the company are conducted in the respective factor. The organisation serves supermarkets and regulates all types of demand and supply chain distribution through cold storage vans which are used in the delivery system. Mostly it serves from online websites as well which have secured payment channels as well (Uberoi, 2020). The organisation has been serving customers for 40 years but the evolution of technology has been seen much in its genres hence, Big M when entering the London, United Kingdom market needs to revamp the idea of technology with the dairy tech of the native place.

Social and cultural factors: Factors include cultural aspects, health and safety consciousness population and growth rate, and various demographics. According to the data, the next decade might see a 40% rise in the flavoured milk due to high demand in London and Manchester (March et al., 2014). The society and culture of the United Kingdom have much relied on flavoured milk as coffee and flavoured milk supplements which can be huge merit for Big M as well (Basu, 2022). The size and capacity of organisation is variability very large as it severs 19 million liters per year back in 2000.

Additionally, the capacity of the organisation in terms of finance and experience is very high, which can tempt new investors in business natively from the London, United Kingdom to support the cultural blend of the organisation. The Unique selling price of an organisation is its flavours and real taste in flavoured milk drinks (Costa Font and Revoredo-Giha, 2018.). Hence, better opportunities for Big M can be seen in the industry. The market covers 13% of total population in flavoured milk products in London.


Figure 3 Flavored milk production in countries of the EU
(sources: thedairysite.com 2022)

Environmental factors: factors include the factors like awareness of climate, effect of business on environment and sustainability. Additionally, the practices were chosen by the organisation in creating a positive and negative impact London, United kingdom’s environment. According to Big M natural and most sustainable practices are chosen so that the quality and type of flavoured milk in drinks are made. Big M, has made another attempt in testing almond and coconut flavoured milk in drinks towards market testing in Australia so that a new product range for a vegan audience can be created as well (Clegg et al. 2021).


Figure 4: each attributing pole for the flavoured milk in the UK
(source: sciencedirect.com 2022)

Interpretation: Integrates issues using different perspectives and positions

In terms of competition many national and multinational organisations have been serving flavoured milk products in the London, United Kingdom for a very long time. But the Unique selling price of the Big M is authentic flavour and taste has been giving its revenues in Australia. Additionally, the opportunity in the 13th largest milk and the demand of flavoured milk products is very high (thedairysite.com 2022). The data interpretation can be governed by the base's highest revenues from Arla Aylesbury (most famous dairy company of London, United Kingdom) in the year 2014 about 10 million only from flavoured milk products ate very popular in the country which has many brands.


Figure 5 Main type of farming in the UK
(source: sciencedirect.com 2022)

11,900 dairy farms in which 67% of farms own milk production are present in the United Kingdom, this can be a major support to Big M towards raw material. Additionally, many business organisations have been making only parts for the transportation of goods which can be another support to Big M. The multinational and native local stores like Tesco, Sainsbury, Planet organics, and Lidl often support international brands so that they can bridge their international positions which can be used as a strategic alliance chain by Big M (darigold.com 2022).

Strength of arguments

Strength in the argument towards the entrance of Big M lies under only two pillars that are Unique selling price of the brand and experience in the Australian market. The organisation has been serving for 40 years in Australia, and the industry in the UK is very big as 150 million euros supporting the pats and business of the organisation and even its vision of quality and price of products. London itself is very stable yet highly competitive place where in business can be introduced which covers 13% of market share of flavoured milk sales. The organisation has mastery in flavours and support for new flavoured milk flavours is governed by innovation. Big M’s entrance as a 40-year-old competitor in the market which has less link to the pressure of Brexit might govern good business internally in the London, United Kingdom (ciencedirect.com 2022). The size and capacity of organisation is variability very large as it severs 19 million litres per year back in 2000.


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MKG203 Digital Marketing Communication Assignment Sample

In this assessment, you will develop a ‘real life’ digital marketing communications (DMC) plan for an organisation. Imagine you are a DMC consultant for this organisation. You will choose an organisation and develop a plan for it, engaging concepts and strategies explored in the subject. The idea here is to critically analyse the current DMC approach of the organisation in relation to the marketing environment it operates in, and identify DMC strategies you think would improve its performance, supporting this with DMC concepts from the subject and current literature in the field (e.g., could be anything from journal articles, blogs, online guides, YouTube videos, research reports etc.). The key here is to provide justification to strategy development.


Your task for this assessment is to prepare a report providing:

1. Title page, table of contents

2. A report introduction

3. A brief company introduction

4. Situational analysis: Include digital competitive analysis (two direct competitors) and digital SWOT analysis

5. A brief summary of the company’s target marketing, positioning and branding from a digital perspective and any recommendations for these strategies

6. DMC Objectives. These should be clear and specific of what you want to achieve from the strategies (SMART objectives)

7. DMC Mix plan. This is where you present your recommendations substantiated by research/course work engagement and reference to best practice. You should consider recommendations for topics such as: Website design and Conversion optimisation, Search marketing, Email marketing, and Social media and Content marketing, Digital advertising.

8. Evaluation. How will you measure the performance of your strategies? How are you able to measure if the objectives have been reached?

9. Conclusion.

10. Appendix. In the Appendix, you are to select two (2) of the following practical tasks for completion. These should support your ideas presented in the DMC Mix plan. The practical example must be supported with a brief rationale of the strategy.

A website re-design. This could be done using a mock design of the home page or alternatively, you could take a screen shot of the existing web page and annotate your changes on the relevant pages.

Design and present a short monthly company email newsletter.
Design a Google AdWords search advertisement.
Design a Facebook or Instagram advertisement.
Design a social media post example. This should be a combination of text, image and/or video.
Design a social media banner for a specific platform.



Digital marketing communications (DMC) are generally the digital marketing method equivalent to the conventional marketing communication mix (Kim, Kang & Lee, 2021). The significance of the digital marketing communication lies in connecting a business organization with its clients or customers while they are online and this type of marketing communication plays a great role in all the industries around the globe (Bartosik Purgat, 2019). In this context, the aim of this reports for assignment help is to develop a real-life digital marketing communication plan for Dominos. In regards to this, this paper would conduct a situational analysis by including digital SWOT analysis and digital competitive analysis. This study would also demonstrate positioning, target marketing and branding of Dominos from a digital perspective. DMC objectives would be portrayed with the help of the SMART objective framework. A DMC mix plan would be done and afterwards, this report would evaluate the entire DMC plan as well.

Company Introduction

Domino’s Pizza or Domino’s is a multinational pizza restaurant chain based in the United States, which has been continuing its business operations since 1960 (Dominos, 2022). This organization is headquartered at Michigan in the US. Domino’s has stores in more than 85 countries and in 5700 cities all over the world. At today’s date, Domino’s has been turned into the recognized world leader in terms of delivering pizza (Dominos, 2022). This organization has dedicated itself for delivering as well as making delicious food with the high-quality ingredients. Domino’s has always aimed at offering exclusive pizza with the awesome food quality and the clients can also get the value for money simultaneously.
Situational Analysis

Digital Competitive Analysis


Table 1: Competitive Analysis Table
(Source: Dominos, 2022)

The table shown above has ranked Domino’s along with its two major competitors with respect to several marketing factors such as product, quality, pricing, place, promotion, positioning, reputation, people and partnership. As per the table, it can be well-understood that Domino’s has a good position within the marketplace in terms of competition but KFC is the one who has created a constant and a potential influence within the food and beverage industry. However, the positive fact for Domino’s is that this organization has already surpass KFC with respect to the factors of marketing aspect like pricing, partnership and people.

Digital SWOT Analysis

Target Marketing, Positioning and Branding

The major target marketing for Domino’s is associated with the youth and children from the upper and middle classes from the urban areas and cities all over the globe. In other words, the lower middle class, middle class and upper-class income groups are the target markets for this pizza restaurant chain (Bala & Verma, 2018).

Positioning of this particular brand is related to the best pizza home delivery services. Domino’s has mainly positioned itself with the strategy “Delivered in 30 minutes or it’s free”. Such positioning strategy has worked for Domino’s and the brand has gained immediate attention (Dominos, 2022). This organization advertises their quick delivery time as well as the fact that they also have changed recently their recipes for meeting the needs of their customers. This organization also tries to advertise its online accessibility and affordability in order to order the take out.

Domino’s opened in numerous stores at today’s date by enhancing the total number of store locations of this company in more than 85 global marketplaces. Hence, in this context, this global pizza restaurant chain has adopted two strategies of branding such as product or range extension and brand extension (Rozaq, Hastjarjo & Slamet, 2021). Launching new food menu or beverages simply carries the established brand name of domino’s and it also plays in the same broad categories as its stablemates

Recommendations - The brand extension method should also be used because this organization seeks for broadening its reach by launching services or products within a new market under an existing brand name. On the other hand, this organization should start a food section, which would be appropriate for the health-conscious people.

DMC Objectives

The objectives of the Digital Marketing Communication Plan can be deployed on the basis of the SMART framework (Vieira et al., 2019). The SMART framework always helps the business personnel in pushing his or her associated organization further and also provides the organization with a sense of direction as well as helps in reaching and organizing the goals of this company.

DMC Mix Plan

The DMC Mix Plan considers a single idea of promotion and also aims at adapting the similar message to be consistently displayed over various online or digital platforms selected (Kim, Kang, & Lee, 2021). Its online equivalents are known to be the channels of digital media and are also employed in several off-line and online campaigns (Bartosik Purgat, 2019). This particular plan comprises of several platforms or channels, tools and content of digital media, which are created for promoting or marketing a service or a brand. There are several tools of digital communication, which are associated with the DMC plan. In order to develop the DMC mix plan for Domino’s, email marketing, social media and content marketing, search marketing and digital advertising would be taken into consideration.

Email Marketing – With the help of this particular strategy in DMC, emails would be used for promoting the services or products of the business operations of Dominos (Hammou, Aboudou, & Makloul, 2020). It would help this company to make its customers aware of the latest items or offers. It would be a cost-effective method of promoting products of Dominos and communicating with its customers and reaching its business goals (Referred to appendix 1). Personalization of messages, segmenting all the subscribers, sending mobile friendly emails as well as automating email campaigns while possible are the important strategies that can be utilized by Dominos while using the email marketing method (Bala & Verma, 2018).

Search Marketing – It is also known as a growth marketing strategy where a paid advertisement is used by a certain business organization for appearing over top of search engine results pages (Rozaq, Hastjarjo & Slamet, 2021). Within the DMC mix plan, the advertisers associated with Dominos should bid on the keywords and their target customers into the search engines like Bing and Google while looking for particular food manus and beverages (Referred to Appendix 2). Social marketing makes a measurable and controllable form of the digital marketing, which would help businesses to generate sales and leads for Dominos (Vieira et al., 2019). This method would allow advertisers of Dominos for displaying their ads along with the results of organic search by earning them the much-required visibility, which can generate traffic of website.

Social media and Content marketing – Social media marketing can be defined as the use of the websites and platforms of social media for promoting a service or product (López García et al., 2019). On the other hand, the content marketing strategy is defined as a strategic marketing approach aimed at the distribution and creation of the consistent, relevant and valuable content for attracting and retaining a clearly demonstrated audience and ultimately for driving the profitable action of customers (Kim, Kang & Lee, 2021). Dominos can utilize some important social media marketing strategies like creation of an effective content marketing strategy, creation of a personalized experience for the consumers, use of chatbots, creation of a community for the audiences of Dominos, jazzing up the profiles with a diverse content marketing strategy, use of the brand advocates, creation of profiles over the relevant channels, establishment of a social media budget, running cross-channel campaigns and so on (Hammou, Aboudou & Makloul 2020).

Digital Advertising – This particular method in DMC mix plan is defined as the marketing process over the online channels like streaming content, websites and so on. In other words, it is referred to a form of advertising and marketing that utilizes the internet for promoting services and products to the platform users and audiences (Bala & Verma, 2018). With the help of this particular strategy, a plan would be set to establish a strong internet presence for Dominos through several online channels like social media, paid ads, organic search and the other web-based mediums like its websites. It would take into account what the business operations of Dominos are doing well currently and what this organization is missing in relation to the objective that has been set by the company so that it can be capable of easily accomplishing it.


After deploying the Digital Marketing Communication strategies, it is important to properly measure the performance of these strategies. In order to do the performance measurement, some important factors should be taken into consideration such as brand awareness, lead generation, customer acquisition, thought leadership, engagement, website traffic, lead management or nurturing and so on. Hence, in this context, detailed research should be conducted and multiple personas of buyers should also be created. Moreover, precise keywords should be created as well as customer-oriented contents need to be created.

In order to measure the accomplishment of the objectives of DMC mix, it is important to evaluate whether achievable goals have been set. As specified in the earlier section, the objectives for this digital marketing communication have been portrayed with the help of the SMART framework. Thus, it must be a stated that achievable objectives have been set for advertising and investment in growth for making their campaigns more profitable over time.


After conducting the entire study, it can easily be stated that the entire report has successfully developed a Digital Marketing Communication plan that would efficiently help Dominos for better understanding its brand message and audiences as well. In addition to this, deployment of the in-detailed DMC mix plan would help this organization in keeping and creating clear path to easily communicate with the customers who would see the contents of Dominos, notably over the social media posts, reviews, messages and website comments as well. Before deploying the marketing plan, this study has also successfully conducted situational analysis along with identifying the important objectives behind the implementation of this communication plan as well.


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BE955 International Marketing and Entrepreneurship Assignment Sample

Assignment structure


- The title should not be too long
- It should reflect the topic chosen (e.g. three key words in the title)
- The title is posed as a statement, not as a question
- The topic should fit your master’s degree
- The topic should not be too wide/general in scope

1. Introduction (about 150 words)

- You will link your topic briefly to your master’s programme

- The focus of your study and how it is placed in a research context in terms of your discipline.
(E.g. international marketing - customer relationships - branding – India to China - service sector)

2. Rational for the research (about 200 words)

- Justification for the dissertation research: Given what is already known on the specific topic, what is the knowledge gap that deserves a study? For an applied research project that does not address a knowledge gap in the literature, please establish the strategic importance of the concerned practical problem to an organisation or a population.

- Significance of the study: Why do you believe the proposed study is important? (e.g. the research problem is of strategic importance to an organisation, or potential impact on the society)

3. The objectives and scope of the research (about 150 words)

- Research aim: Overarching statement on what the study aims to achieve in one or two sentences

- Research questions: What is the research question or questions? The research question or questions should directly address the identified knowledge gap or practical problem.

- Research objectives: List at least two or three specific objectives. E.g. to find out what enables or hinders a circular economy, etc. If necessary, provide additional information to define the scope. For example, the context of the study is the UK, or this study only considers the perspective of consumers and excludes other stakeholders, etc.

4. Literature review (theories, concepts, definitions, the most relevant studies on your chosen topic and their key findings) (about 800 words)

- In relation to your disciplinary area, in general (e.g. consumer behaviour, supply chain management, etc.)
- In relation to your chosen topic, more specifically (e.g. brand management)
- What others have studied on the most relevant topics in a same context or different contexts, and what are their key findings?

A short paragraph at the end of this section to summarise the knowledge gap on your chosen topic, which will be addressed by your proposed study. For an applied research project, please summarise the potential solutions to your practical problem.

5. Methodology (about 400 words)

Describe your methodology, data collection procedures, data analysis methods, and justify each of them briefly. The justification should be related to the nature of your research and your research questions/objectives.

6. Expected outcomes/contributions (about 150 words)

‘Wrap up’ as to how all aspects above fit together and will be relevant. It should link back to the introduction by saying e.g. ‘this study is innovative; this study will generate new knowledge on...; this study will solve an important practical issue faced by ...’ etc.
Expected outcomes: e.g. empirical data that can help to understand:

- The what (variables; experiences; perceptions, attitudes, behaviours; actions)
- The how (processes, practices, systems, etc.)
- The why (internal and external conditions, causation, correlations, etc.)

These should be in relation to your research questions(s)/objectives: e.g. the link between networking behaviour of Chinese immigrant entrepreneurs and their business chances in the town of Southend; e.g. a robust NHS staff scheduling heuristic to cope with the unpredictable demand in the COVID-19 pandemic.
Potential contributions: e.g. to support policymaking; a model or framework to improve environmental sustainability; to improve operational efficiency of an organisation.

7. Timeline for completion (about 150 words)

Draw a Gannt chart or something similar considering the following:

- Most research works will be done in the Summer

- Ethical approval is required before primary data collection

- Including the deadline for submitting the draft to the supervisor!

- Set a time for your fieldwork (in the UK or abroad of about 2-3 weeks in July, on average)

- Set a time for your analysis and write up after the fieldwork

- Practical issues: assess likely contingencies; calculate the time of any potential holiday breaks or other commitments (this must be subtracted from any activity in the plan to make it viable.

Contingency plan: You should also highlight potential challenges which may prevent you from carrying out the proposed study, and your contingency plan.

References (excluded from the wordcount)

Biography information of the references cited in the main text, presented in the Harvard or APA 7th edition referencing style but not a mixture of both


1. Introduction

Leaders are vital assets of the organisation that aims to bring co-ordination among employees and attains the organisation’s goal. Involvement of effective leadership skills is crucial to bring great confidence among employees and motivate them well in order to satisfy the customer’s need further. They are responsible to create a positive organisation culture and sustain enthusiastic environment around the community for assignment help.

The proposal will try to investigate the essential leadership skills that can exert great impact on organizational performance and promote the overall growth of business. Role of a manager is only restricted to achieving the short-term business goals but leaders are responsible for creating long term vision and influence others to achieve the vision. Therefore, the research will assess the impact of leaders that can make significant changes on organizational performance.

2. Rationale of research

The research will shed light on the differences between management practices and leadership practices as often both the concepts overlap and create confusion (Guhret al. 2019). In this research, the researcher will try evaluate the impact of leadership on organisational performance and prepare objectives based on the research phenomena. Collecting evidence based on phenomena on the participant for a specific period of time will allow the researcher to point out the present issues in leadership. As poor leadership style concerns a negative performance in the organisation, it is intricately important to study the effectiveness of leadership practices. Improper communication issues of leaders can also imply a challenge in the surrounding environment of employees that also need to be resolved to create a sustainable organisation culture.

Significance of the research

Role of leaders not only impact on the performance of organisation but also impact on the development of community. The research will try to generate the importance for leaders that can motivate their employees to reform their practice and contribute in larger context.

3. Objective and scope of the research

Research aim

The aim of the research is to explore the impact of leadership on organizational performance and evaluate the benefit of effective leadership style application on an organization.

Research question

- How can poor leadership imply a negative performance in the organisation?

- What are the potential challenges confronted by the leaders in the organisation?

- How communication issue creates a gap between leaders and employees in the performance of the organisation?

- How have the leaders challenged themselves in the ongoing Covid-19 crisis?

Research objective

- To identify the factors that affect the leadership styles

- To determine the impact of effective leadership in organizational performance.

- To evaluate the common leadership challenges.

- To suggest plausible recommendation to overcome the current issues in leadership

Research scope

Scope of the research is to determine the contemporary issues in the modern-day leadership and use relevant real life examples of leadership so that impact of the leadership on organizational performance can be elaborately depicted. In order to evaluate the impact of effective leadership on organization, the research will consider the perspective of both internal and external stakeholders that will help in understanding the overall influence of leaders on organizational performance.

4. Literature review

Factors affecting leadership style


Technology can influence the business environment dramatically overnight. The leaders try to adopt different leadership styles and adjust according to it to accomplish the technological needs of the organisation. Research and development practices also trigger the leader’s minds to deploy innovative techniques in the firm to make the operations easier.

Organisational culture

Culture varies widely depending on the history and crisis of the existing and potential leaders in an organisation. Based on the views of Al Khajeh(2018), culture is difficult to change as it is highly dependent on the customs, formal systems, traditions and long-held information of the company. To suit the needs of the firm, leaders undergo transparent leadership style to respond appropriately for different circumstances.

Organisational environment

As organisations have their own specified working environment, the values of the company are recognised to be the legacy of the past and current leaders. The leaders often care for the shareholders, employees, customers and working community through a defined leadership style to make up the personality of the firm.
Impact of leadership in organisational performance

The leadership style encountered by the leaders of the organisation significantly impacts the level of engagement and dedication of employees. They are able to inspire, motivate and nourish the potential employees by building loyalty and trust to influence the team’s actions. Positive leaders alert the mind of the workers where the employees greatly respond to the leaders to seek their interests with a positive outlook (Mui, Basit & Hassan, 2018). Involvement of effective leadership strategy in the organisation increases the customer satisfaction rate as employees tend to be happier and cohesive to provide better service to the consumers. Good leadership raises the sales and revenue of the organisation as it is a crucial part of the leaders to be committed and have guts to imply higher growth expectation for the firm. Increased productivity is another positive impact of leaders towards organisational performance as they concentrate on engagement and motivation instead of authority style.

Challenges of leadership

Communication issues

Poor communication between the leaders and employees indulges a frequent leadership challenge. The most common and authentic problem disassociates with the business leaders as their communication sometimes lacks authenticity. It is either due to failing in understanding the employee perspective or due to external environmental implication that has led to a barrier between the employer and employee (Razzaq, Sami & Hammad, 2020).

Inadequate leadership

Inappropriate leadership can discern poor management with the employees due to which they remain unclear about their roles and responsibilities in the organisation. It tends to create disengagement and lack of motivation among the employees as they are unable to focus on their duties with too many distractions.

Lack of problem-solving and negotiation skills

Failing to acquire proper problem-solving skills incurs the absence of a methodological approach of the leaders to solve the problem. It occurs due to the lack of commitment to address the problem or misinterpret it on the cause of having no knowledge on the problem solving and negotiation tools or techniques.

Overcome the issues of leadership

Open communication is the foremost way to address the leadership challenge of communication as it can improve the employee’s confidence level and boost increased growth in the organisation. As per the views of Khan et al. (2018), leaders need to respect and accept feedback based on their engagement level with the employees as it can clarify the roles of the workforce as well as endorse sustainable culture within the firm. Allowing collaborative practices within the company is crucial to split the teams into smaller groups for larger projects to avoid management issues with the employees. On the contrary, reduction of the cultural gaps among the workers by creating more awareness in the company is important to overcome the barriers between the employees and leaders.

Theoretical insights

Implementation of Behavioural leadership theoryis effective to focus on the actions of the leaders as per the demands and requisites of the employees. It promotes the value of leadership style by encouraging the workforce to support the individual needs based on the circumstances (Alhashediet al. 2021).

Figure 1: Behavioural leadership theory
(Source: Alhashediet al. 2021)

Involvement of the Michigan model of Leadership is crucial for the leaders in order to achieve the highest employee productivity and satisfaction rate. The leaders need to change their attitude by positive means by understanding the discrepancies of the workplace and the physical needs of the employees.


Figure 2: Michigan model of Leadership
(Source: Arif&Akram, 2018)

Literature Gap

The study has used qualitative research methodology that is often time-consuming and can imply complex result work due to the subjective responses of the leaders. Another literature gap is the use of a cross-sectional time horizon for the study that is not effective to analyse the behaviour of leaders over time to showcase their impact on the organisation’s performance level. The ongoing crisis of Covid-19 is regarded to be a knowledge gap due to which the researcher has not presented vivid findings of leadership effectiveness in different realistic organisations (Para-González, Jiménez-Jiménez & Martínez-Lorente, 2018). In order to resolve the literature gap, the researcher can use mixed methods of research that could ensure contextualised insights of both qualitative and quantitative data. Involvement of longitudinal time horizon could be advantageous in terms of conducting the research for a longer time by identify the different behavioural characterises of leaders for organisational performance. The researcher needs to identify the potential problems of leaders in the pandemic crisis in order to provide a realistic solution to the problem and increase the visibility of the research scope.

5. Methodology

5.1 Research philosophy, approach and design

1. Research philosophy

The research will apply pragmatic research philosophy as it will allow the researcher to collect both qualitative and quantitative data and build compact ideas about the research phenomena. As the research will try to investigate the influence of leadership on organization, therefore, pragmatism research philosophy will enable the researcher to form both subjective and objective knowledge about the research topic (Snyder, 2019). Pragmatism research philosophy also enables the researcher to select the most effective research approach that can help in addressing the research issues. Involvement of Behavioural theory of leadership was followed to address the leadership challenges in the study through a pragmatic approach.

2. Research Approach

Implementation of a specific research approach will help in developing details and plan and process of data collection so that aim and objective of the research can be attained. The research will include the inductive research approach to include specific information about the research phenomena. Inductive research approaches provide opportunities to develop research objectives and allow the researcher to apply specific theories and models that help in setting the pattern of the research.

3. Methodological Choice

There are three types of research methods such as mono method, mixed method and multi-mixed method that provide guidance to the research to conduct their research in a specific way. Mono method comprises only one type of research methodology such as qualitative or quantitative. On the other hand, the mixed method commonly used the combination of two methods and the multi-mixed method selected a wider range of methods to address the research phenomena (Al Khajeh, 2018). In this research, a mono method will be most appropriate for the research that will allow the researcher to collect qualitative data. Inclusion of non-numerical data will help the researcher to develop authenticated outcomes that develop clear understanding about the impact of leadership on organizational performance.

4. Research Strategy

Research strategy plays a critical role in introducing the main components of the research; therefore, selection of effective research strategy will enable the researcher to attain the research objectives.In this research, application of qualitative interviews will be appropriate as it will allow the researcher to collect concise information from the selected participants. The research will include 5 randomly selected participants and gather their view about effective leadership impact on an organization.

5. Time horizon

The research will include the cross sectionaltime horizon method that allows the researcher to collect data from a singular point of view and it restrain the researcher to practice any type of data manipulation technique. Longitudinal studies are more suitable for acknowledging the impact of changes on population. However, in this case, cross sectional study is more significant as it will provide an opportunity to describe the present situation of an organization and its employees.

5.2 Data collection and analysis technique

Data collection

Primary and secondary data collection processes will be involved within the research to collect information that has already been tested. Due to the nature of the secondary data collection process, risk of failure of data will be minimize and the research will be able to present more accurate and authenticated research outcome (Cr, 2020). On the other hand, primary data collection process will also allow the researcher to conduct interviews with participants and encourage them to share their opinions about the research phenomena so that fresh hand information can be incorporated within the research.

Data analysis

Thematic data analysis method will be incorporated within the research so that appropriate themes can be made based on the collated information (Mohajan, 2018). Involvement of thematic analysis will enable the researcher to evaluate both numeric and non-numeric data and present significant research outcomes.

6. Expected Outcome

It is expected from the study that organisational environment, cultural background of the company and technological alliances are regarded as the most important variables for underlying the leaders on a good note. This study will generate an innovative knowledge on the impact of leadership on the performance ability of the organisation as it is responsible to boost sales revenue, generate increased employee motivation rate and loyal customers. Involvement of qualitative research methodological process is utilised in the study as it will incorporate the human experience of leaders. The researcher can also solve the practical issues of the leaders by fostering open communication channels and maintaining transparency among the employees through increased feedback sessions. In order to make a significant impact for the leaders for organisational performance, they need to reduce cultural gaps and foster open communication in a positive way (Arif&Akram, 2018).

7. Timeline

Gantt chart

Missing the deadlines of each work can incur over budget of the research project and delay the step-by-step acts with a great surge in the management schedules. The researcher needs to take care of the timeline through a time tracker to maintain a healthy workflow in the project.

Reference list

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