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 Apple Case Study Assignment Help : SWOT And PESTLE Analysis

Are you in search of the best apple case study assignment help? Also, are you tired of jumping from one website to another? If yes, then you are at the right place. We have created the best Apple case study assignment help with the intention of helping every scholar who is struggling to draft an accurate case study. Under our excellent Apple case study assignment help, we have experts who have years of expertise in drafting top-quality Apple case studies. However, for more clarity, you should read further.

About Apple

Apple is a well-renowned and most trustable brand in the electronics industry known for its robust design and features. Apple brings distinct and innovative features in different ranges of gadgets for its potential customers. Among the multinational corporations, Apple is famed for being an invincible player in its niche. It has revolutionized every sphere of personal computing and has established itself as the benchmark in the industry since its establishment. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak were two college dropouts who are today known as the co-founder of Apple. Globally today. Apple is one of the established largest IT companies. Whether measured by total assets or sales, it is the world's largest information technology firm. With 115,500 people, it is also the second-largest firm in the Smartphone manufacturing industry, globally. Let's look at some fundamental information about Apple before we go into the Apple case study assignment help:





Consumer electronics, computer hardware, computer software, and online services Apple Campus,
Worldwide $215.6 Billion (2016) Timothy Donald ‘Tim’ Cook Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., Google Inc., Cisco Systems Inc., Hewlett-Packard Company, Lenovo Group Limited, Sony Corporations iPhone, iPod, iPad, Apple TV, software applications system iOS, OS X operating system, portable digital music players, iCloud and its accessories, applications like App store, iTunes stores, iBook store, Mac App Store, and more www.apple.com

 SWOT and PESTLE Analysis of Apple

Our Apple case study assignment help experts have drafted this case study with a goal  to uncover the internal and external elements that influence Apple's ability to achieve high performance. The study concludes that if the firm wishes to continue to flourish in the same manner, macro and micro environmental variables must be considered. Data was gathered from a variety of sources to establish these features from this Apple case study assignment, including published papers, journals, and several case studies done by the firm. For assessing the business operation architecture of Apple, there are two approaches: SWOT analysis for internal variables and PESTLE analysis for external elements that influence the company's success.

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SWOT Analysis

SWOT analysis is the most popular and basic analytical procedure for managing strengths and weaknesses, as well as threats and opportunities for evaluation, allowing managers to accurately scan the environment and organise everything more efficiently. Consequently, to prepare a case study on any topic, you are required to have knowledge. In case you lack the required knowledge, then you should opt for apple case study assignment help.

"Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats" is the acronym for SWOT.

Weaknesses must be addressed, opportunities must be sought, and risks must be recognized in order to enhance an organization's strength.

SWOT Analysis of Apple

We have done extensive research on Apple with the intention of preparing an effective case study. Subsequently, our apple case study assignment help writers do a SWOT analysis on Apple. Let’s have a look:


Leading Pioneer amongst all the electronics brands

Apple has regularly ranked #1 on BDG's list of 50 firms since 2005, owing to its uniqueness in the field of electronics. I Work (presentation software) and iTunes Media Player are two examples of Apple's market-leading products (publishing photos, movies, organising editing, and music). Apple has also become one of the most popular online sellers for music, movies, and software streaming. By reaching out to more individuals, Apple has grown its customer base. Hence to know more, you can connect with our experts in assignment help Malaysia.

Exceptional sales increment per year

Apple's revenues have been increasing steadily throughout 2016, and as a consequence, the company has risen to number one on the Forbes 100 Most Expensive Brands (2016) list, with $416.62 billion in total capitalization. Our apple case study assignment help specialists say that by the end of March 2017, Apple is expected to have grown its revenue by 38 percent in a year.

Annual Financial Report of Apple Inc

Fiscal Year October – September, all values are in USD


Year Sales Revenue Costs of goods sold (COGS) incl. D&A Gross Income Net Income
2011 108.6 B 64.08 B 44.52 B 25.92 B
2012 155.97 B 87.92 B 68.06 B 41.73 B
2013 170.87 B 107.24 B 63.63 B 37.04 B
2014 183.24 B 112.55 B 70.69 B 39.51 B
2015 231.28 B 142.26 B 89.09 B 53.39 B
2016 214.23 B 131.51 B 82.72 B 45.68 B


High brand recognition

According to an Apple case study assignment help, Apple spent $4.5 billion on research & development in 2013, up to $2.4 billion in 2011. With the goal of focusing on direct sales, Apple has strategically placed its stores in heavily populated areas where they may contribute to more income and better outcomes. According to an Apple case study, Apple spent $4.5 billion on research & development in 2013, up to $2.4 billion in 2011. With the goal of focusing on direct sales, today at apple case study, Apple has strategically placed its stores in heavily populated areas where they may contribute to more income and better outcomes.

Strong and effective marketing team:

In the Apple case study, CEB said that instead of using sophisticated and varied websites to approach users, they provided accurate information about what they were looking for. This is exactly what Apple has been doing for a long time while using a basic marketing strategy.

Our apple case study assignment help suggests that we may consider the Mac vs. PC commercial to have a better grasp of the Apple case study. In this advertisement, there are two boys standing in front of a white background, without going into detail about its qualities, there's no mention of pricing, no professional background voice-over to elicit an emotional response, and no instructions on how to get a MAC; there is only one focal point, and that is MAC is superior to PC in every way.

Premium quality of customer experience

In this case study, our apple case study assignment help experts focus to look on how Apple strives to create a magical solution to secure a long-term relationship with consumers and improve product sales. The following are the steps taken by customer care apple to persuade consumers of their unquestionable or unbeatable trust:

1. Customers may be reached by providing a more customized touch.
2. Understand and empathize with the customer's needs.
3. Bring consumers solutions that they find suitable.
4. Always listen to the issues presented by consumers first, and then fix them to the best of your ability.
5. By proposing a return, you may bring the customer's current visit to a close.


High price

If Apple has a flaw, it has to be its exorbitant pricing. Many people criticize the brand because of its high pricing, while its supporters defend the status by referring to it as a "premium" gadget producer. These supporters defend the brand by claiming that it is only for those who can afford to maintain a pony. To put it another way, Apple is branded as BMW, not Ford. However, this has had a detrimental influence on sales, since buyers now have a variety of alternatives in addition to Apple.

Wrong Prediction

Apple's creator, Steve Jobs, predicted that "no one" would use large phones. His forecast was clearly wrong. Apple was unable to anticipate the future of a few brands, such as Phablets. Apple is yet to release a large-screen Smartphone, despite introducing a tablet.

Incompatibility of different OS

For customers who have previously used OS, it is difficult for the operating system to adapt to or feel at ease using iOS or OSX. The reason for this is simple: it is tough to transfer to a completely new operating system after being accustomed to one. For example, someone moving from a PC to a Mac will find it difficult to get used to it for the first time.


Rising demand for Apple products

Products of apple are in high demand, according to recent studies, particularly the current PowerBook and Power Mac models, as well as the new Mac OS X update.

Increasing cloud-based services

The company's earnings are expected to be redefined in the future as a result of the upcoming iCloud innovation. In the case of Apple, it is claimed that the company has the potential to extend its services or to adopt new tactics to engage more users in order to meet the growing demand for iCloud services; Apple has invested in these services.


Ever developing surroundings of electronic communication

In a complicated structure, the electronic communication world and its gadgets is constantly evolving. The firm must keep up with its rivals; else, it will be left behind in no time. According to the Apple case study, it is a possible and significant threat to Apple's market dominance in the future.

PESTLE Analysis – Apple

To perform this on apple, you need to know about Pestle analysis in detail. But, in case you don’t, then you can opt for our excellent assignment help Australia. However, let’s have a look at the gist of the analysis which is done by our apple case study assignment help specialist:

Political Factors

In the case of Apple case study, it's critical to comprehend the magnitude of any political unrest or revolution's detrimental influence on the firm in its operational nations.

Economic Factors

A situation such as a recession or other economic challenges or crises may cause the company's income to decline. Apple is expected to be severely impacted in contrast to other companies due to its high-end goods and high pricing.

Social Factors

Various factors, such as the rapid increase in the popularity and use of the virtual world, modern lifestyle, and so on, have all contributed to and marked a substantial effect on Apple as a result of globalization.

Technological factors

The stakes in information technology are higher than in any other business when it comes to generating revenue. Apple is one of those rapidly growing industries that have developed over time. Every company that wants to prosper has to innovate on a regular basis, according to research.

Environmental factors

Various environmental problems, such as a disposal, might have a detrimental influence on the company's profitability.

Legal factors

Apple is particularly prone to legal challenges since it does business all over the world, which involves a range of legal components and issues.

However, in case you still have any doubts regarding this, you can connect with our apple case study assignment help experts to clear all your doubts by asking apple case study assignment help questions and answers.

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