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ZARA Case Study Assignment Help

Zara is quite a successful company worldwide. It is a well-known name in the accessories and clothing field. However, only some brands are able to keep up with the changing fashion and trends, and Zara proves to be the best in this. It always stays updated with the latest trends at an affordable rate without even compromising the quality. Hence, it has been declared the most efficient fashion designing and manufacturing company.

Mr Amancio Ortega is the founder of this company. Basically, he is a founder of Inditex, and after ten years of forming this, he opened a small store known as Zorba under its flagship in Spain. The name of the company is being changed later to Zara. Gradually Zara became popular and captured the markets around the globe.

However, the major reasons for Zara's success are that it keeps up with the changing demand. As a result, they are not only making profits but are the most celebrated brand around the world. Above all, even among the Inditex group, it is the most celebrated one and contributes a major part in generating revenue which is estimated to be approx. 80%.

Hence, looking at its popularity and demand. Universities find it fascinating and require students to prepare a case study on it. Especially to management students. So that they can get to know about its journey, strategy, and management, but, for students, it may sound daunting, as it requires them to perform thorough research on the company. Hence, they find it convenient to take Zara Case Study Assignment Help.

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How Does Zara Manage to Be Always in Demand in Comparison to its Competitors?

Zara is a Spanish company which has been in the market for more than a decade. However, when Zara entered the market, they had many competitors around, such as H&M, Benetton, and Gap having their own narrower nature for decision making. Hence, Zara had tough competition around. But they have proven themselves since the time they entered this market. The main reason is that they keep stay on track and meet all their commitments. However, its management team has taken some daring decisions, which works as a strong ladder to their success.

By doing a survey, our Zara case study assignment experts state that Zara continues to beat its competitors. As it keeps revising and introducing new designs and collections in its store within some days. On the other hand, for other brands, it usually takes approx. 6 months to change their collections. Above all, there are some companies also exist that are not able to decide their patterns still. Therefore, this is the most important reason why Zara manages to be on top every time.

The founder of Zara, Mr Amanico Ortega, has become the talk of the town due to the way he thinks and also puts forward his viewpoint that clothes are just a “perishable commodity". He said that no one wants to repeat their clothes. That is to say, they just want to use and throw. Moreover, the clothing range of Zara has often been called freshly baked clothes. In other words, it can also have said that the clothes cannot be used after months or two according to the changing trends in street fashion.

However, our Zara case study assignment help experts find that even if someone goes to Zara just after a week, they can find the changed collection. Hence, due to such innovative, daring, and thoughtful decisions, Zara manages to be in demand in this dynamic and fast-growing industry. Meanwhile, taking these decisions requires extensive research on environmental analysis at both macro and micro levels. Hence there is material to study and research to draft the best case study. That's why students take the best case study writing services.

They perform this research so that they can find accurate data to take a rational decision. Most importantly, they can perform a process which enables them to formulate feasible goals and objectives. However, Zara found its objective a long time ago and has also moved to the next step, i.e., expansion, as Sull and Turconi did in 2008. The specialists of our Zara case study assignment help say that Zara is recognized as one of the eco-friendliest firms. The headquarter of Zara is in Spain, which is mainly known for using wind turbines and solar panels.

Above all, the specialists of the Zara case study assignment help found that Zara is also one of those clothing brands which only mainly create 100% toxic-free clothes.

Therefore, this is how Zara manages to stay in demand and shine among its competition. Due to its rapid decisions and by keeping innovating and introducing new collections. Hence, looking at its rapid growth, students are asked to create a case study on it. But, sometimes, they don't have enough time to research and find accurate data. Hence, they find it convenient to take the Zara case study assignment help.

Zara Case Study Assignment Help Experts Explained Zara’s Mission and Objectives

Well, Zara has always made its mission and vision clear. Even the whole Inditex group has clear and explicit plans and concepts. Under their mission, their priorities and process are clearly mentioned. They have selected a precise and clear set of strategies which ensures a promising, sustainable, and successful career.

However, our Zara case study assignment help says that the mission statement of Zara is - “Through Zara’s business model, we aim to contribute to the sustainable development of society and that of the environment with which we interact”.

Most importantly, the mission statement is specified at all Zara stores. i.e.,

“At the store
• We save energy.
• The eco-friendly shop.
• We produce less waste and recycle.
• Our commitment extends to all our staff.
• An environmentally aware team.”

However, the above statement was according to environmental viewpoints. Whereas for features, product quality, and manufacturing, they have some other missions stated, which are listed below:

• "With the product
• We use ecological fabrics.
• Organic cotton.
• We manufacture PVC – free footwear.”

Moreover, even for the transportation and distribution process, they have a mission which is specified as environmental friendly- “in transportation, we use biodiesel fuel.”

Hence, through mission, it is quite clear why Zara always stays a step forward. Because, according to our specialists in the Zara case study assignment help, they have also created their mission after a lot of thinking and strategy. However, let's move on to the vision, which is- “ZARA is committed to satisfying the desires of our customers. As a result, we pledge to continuously innovate our business to improve your experience. We promise to provide new designs made from quality materials that are affordable.”

According to the research of our Zara Case Study Assignment Help Experts, we have noticed that until now Zara has been successful in achieving their mission and vision. Most importantly, the Inditex group has been recognized as the eco-friendliest firm in comparison to others.

Hence, they are quite successful in building their reputation of being a more responsible and rational firm
when it comes to the community and the environment's welfare.

What Sources Have Provided Competitive Advantage to Zara?

Our experts on the Zara case study assignment help say that one of the important categories of Zara's success is its organization's competition behaviour. Competitive strategy, advantage, and forces are some of the essential concepts of Zara. However, some of the common competitive sources of Zara are given below:

Low Cost:

Our specialists in the Zara case study assignment help say that according to porter's model, the concept of cost and differentiation are some essential sources of competitive advantage's sources. However, this kind of strategy is mainly based on objectives of cost control and efficiency. According to Lamberg and Tikkanen, 2006, certain product distribution, couture designs and manufacturing items are included in this competitive strategy.


Differentiation basically means to provide chances to acquire proper market share for various brands and customer services. Above all, it is found that the firm contains different information and technical strategies as well as logistics systems by using a controlled mechanized system. Hence, most of the operations of Zara are based on opportunities for primary manufacturing. Therefore, most of the items have been manufactured and designed based on different designs and styles.

Manufacturing Small Lot:

The designed supply chain is made to support the capabilities of small production and structured shipments. It helps in waste reduction which is mainly formed by numerous wasted designs.

Supply chain operations:

The higher demand for Zara products is mainly relying on its product development, innovation, and process. In addition, Zara contains flexibilities and extra capabilities to run manufacturing plants worldwide. Meanwhile, they had the advantage of including labourers on a temporary basis in case of any emergency.

Therefore, these are some of the sources which provide some competitive advantages to Zaragrow. However, our online Zara case study assignment help writers contain deep knowledge of Zara as well as stay updated with the latest changes. Hence, if you find yourself incapable to do so and looking for Zara case study assignment help for Zara case study questions and answers.

Some Situational Analysis Done by Our Zara Case Study Assignment Help Specialists

Environmental Analysis:

Zara is a Spain-based firm and hugely working over there. While doing environmental analysis, our Zara case study assignment help experts cover working conditions, competitive pressures, industry surroundings, and many other influencing factors. So let's have a look at it:

Industrial Analysis:

Most importantly, Zara makes sure to conduct an environmental assessment before taking any future decisions, expansion, or setting goals.

Political Factor:

The political parties form the country's political scenario. Hence it is quite clear that government play a huge role in the working of any business. That is to say, it may affect various industries while making policies. At starting Zara was mostly in Spain, and to expand globally, they required political support. Therefore, they keep they do not believe in breaking any rules. On the other hand, due to their evidently good economic conditions, Zara could not be stopped from expanding its business globally.

Economical Factor:

Zara has made it very clear since its inauguration to deal in a single currency. Moreover, even after various fluctuations in the market, Zara successfully manages to get its share. However, the most important reason for this is that Zara is dealing in one of the safest currencies instead of dollars. Most importantly, they also examine and evaluate the economic conditions and currency rate of any country before entering there.

Social Environmental Factor:

As Zara was solely operating in Spain, they have to face its social influence. Although, other brands of Inditex took care of this. However, as evident, Spain is a design heritage and rich artistic place. It also caters for a peaceful social environment and several cultural events which attract tourists the most. Above all, tourism has helped Zara in growing the most. In addition, its price, policy, and quality attract and satisfy customers. On the other hand, what attracts the most to tourists and makes them repeat customers is its strategy of frequently changing collections. Most importantly, Zara had the fortune of being free from its country’s cultural roots.

Legal Factor:

Our Zara case study assignment help specialists find that the Spanish government made some rules to promote and assist the country's industrial development. Therefore, these various rules provide support in safeguarding the logistics transaction of business.

Technological Input:

Some retailers usually keep updating their technologies. As a result, Zara's competitors keep introducing new technology for sales and manufacturing processes in the market. On the other hand, instead of being in a hurry, Zara took a more responsible step in its technology development, for instance, by opening eco-friendly stores. Meanwhile, they simplify their manufacturing process. As they divided those into smaller tasks, which are usually done by machines. At last, the workers assemble the manufactured items.

Environmental Issues:

The business environment is usually constructed by combining internal company factors, customers, and competitors. Hence, our specialists in the Zara case study assignment help say that even though Zara's business growth is stable, it should cross the border and take new initiatives.

SWOT Analysis:

SWOT analysis is basically done to analyze the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of a firm. Moreover, it is done in most case studies, which may include the Apple case study also. Hence, to enlighten you, our Zara case study assignment help has also done a SWOT analysis of Zara, which is given below:

• Pioneer advantages, supply chain, multiple stores, investment in online retails, and designers team are some of the biggest advantages and strengths of Zara.

• However, Zara is not flawless; there is even some weakness of Zara, which includes more dependence on physical stores, instant fashion trends, following predictions done by AI systems, expansion to Asian-pacific and the US.

• Above all, Zara has opened the doors of several opportunities for itself, such as rapid cycle, influential marketing, sustainability, reselling, and customization.

• Threats which Zara had or have to face are competition, war of prices, various restrictions, and regulations.

Our Zara case study assignment help has come to a conclusion after SWOT analysis that due to its strengths Zara has pacified and motivated the staff to work in alignment with the objectives and goals of the organization. On the other hand, the organization makes no effort to promote or advertise its brand, which has been noticed as one of the biggest weaknesses of the firm.

However, you can also take our expert's help for the Amazon case study and various others. As our experts are highly qualified in drafting case studies on any firm.

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