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Terms & Conditions

It really is required that you review the terms carefully while utilizing the facilities. To use 'The Assignment Helpline' services, the user must be of the age of majority to do so. When you make a request following seeing, comprehending, and accepting all of our terms & conditions, it is deemed accepted. Improper use is strictly prohibited. When you make a request and/or payment, you become legally bound to follow all of the conditions.

Terms of Service

Whenever we take an assignment, we make every attempt to give our customers the greatest available support with their written assignments and projects. Nevertheless, we urge that the solutions be used only as a legitimate means of gaining access to these resources to accomplish the assignment. We provide our customers with suggestions and references to assist them in writing the finest possible paper.

When a consumer visits the site, selects one among the solutions, and completes the online purchase form, an accord between us and the customer is formed instantly. It is now our obligation to make immediate arrangements to carry out the order according to the customers' directions.

Clients, on either hand, are required to make full payment for the service where we provide. Again for the convenience of our clients, we have designed a variety of adaptable packages from which they may choose according to their needs.

After we give the final product to the customer, she or he has 72 hours to examine it and seek complementary changes if they identify any differences including grammatical problems, fundamental flaws, a lack of word count, or if the client's original directions were not fulfilled.

The amendment will be carried out based on the original directions provided by the customer in the purchase, and if they provide new instructions in addition to the first ones, they may be charged an additional fee for extra labor.

We, as a service provider, make every effort to give 100 percent satisfying service; nevertheless, if we fail to do so for whatever reason, our customers have the right to seek a refund. As a result, it is very important that you thoroughly read our return policy.

Furthermore, we encourage our customers to provide complete and accurate directions when making a purchase, as this will assist to prevent any misunderstanding later on when we begin working on a project.

We strive to produce work in a timely manner 100 percent of the time; but, if we fail to do so for whatever reason, the customer does have the right to request a refund for substandard or postponed solutions.

If a delay arises as a result of the customer providing an erroneous email address or even other incorrect information, we will not be held liable for the needless delay.

Violations of T&C

Violation of the above-mentioned terms and conditions may result in the order being canceled, something we wouldn't want to happen. As a result, we always urge our customers to adhere to all of the terms and restrictions listed on this site.

If a customer does not follow these terms of service, he or she may lose the right to seek a reimbursement.