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An essay is a piece of literature that expresses the writer's viewpoint on a particular topic and includes a thesis statement. The word comes from the Latin word technique required, which means "to offer a case.” Writing in an essay helps in developing a viewpoint to persuade the reader. Writing essays is an important aspect of a student's academic career. Almost every university requires students to submit an essay on a specific topic as part of their exams. The topic is sometimes offered by the lecturer, and other times the students are asked to choose one on their own. An essay does not necessarily have to be about a specific topic. However, drafting an effective essay can be much harder than it sounds. So if you are also one of those who are struggling to prepare an effective essay should opt for our essay help.

The essay is just a piece of writing that follows a set of principles, techniques, and stylistic standards that can all be learned and mastered. Essays are papers on specific themes that contain a combination of facts and opinion and are organized logically and use proper language styles. An essay has both the substances what is said, how it is written, and how it is said. These elements are distinct, but they are not unrelated. Therefore, our essay help writers have knowledge about every minute detail of an essay and can enable them to draft the best possible paper.

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According to the essay help specialists, what is the significance of producing an essay?

Essay writing, according to essay help professionals, aids in the development of several vital abilities and functions. Reading and taking notes, instilling critical thinking, organizing ideas, laying out arguments, and creating communications are all transferable abilities that are learned while writing an essay. It aids in the development of a formal and disciplined writing style that communicates effectively with the reader. It also aids in the exploration and consolidation of what has been taught.

While it may emerge that writing an essay is difficult, the real challenge is assembling and arranging the content to produce a decent essay. According to essay help assignment assistance writers, creating flow is a difficult talent to master. Everyone can write, but the only way to get good scores in academics is to write high-quality work. Students must seek essay help before writing an article. Seeking essay help will not only boost scores but will also assist the students in developing all of the qualities listed above.

Why We Are the Most Preferred Essay Help?

We have closely examined the issue which students face during their academics. Therefore, we found that students struggle a lot to draft an effective essay. Hence, looking at all these issues, we have created some exemplary services, including the common ones. Those exemplary services are listed below:


Team of Qualified Researchers and Experts:

At The Assignment Helpline, we have a team of 550+ qualified experts. These experts are highly qualified and experienced in their own fields. Moreover, they hold immense expertise in drafting top-notch assignments. In addition, we have some experts only dedicated to research essay help. Consequently, they know how to format it effectively. Hence, when you opt for essay help, you can get assured of receiving the best possible paper. As your project is in excellent and intelligent hands.

Dedicated Quality Analyst:

We have a team of dedicated quality analysts who make sure that the submitted assignment is error-free and flawless. As our essay help quality analyst proofreads the completed assignment multiple times. In order to find out the existing error in it. Also, they ensure that the submitted project meets all your expectations and is accurate. Hence, only after getting a green light from QC’s side, we upload it on the student’s portal.


We have an in-built user-friendly 24*7 customer support. Here you can clear all your doubts and queries regarding your assignment. Also, if you have any pending assignment and need it urgently, then also you can connect with our essay help. In addition, our support employees will keep you updated about the ongoing procedure of your essay creation.

Globally Available:

We have created our college essay help with the intention of helping every student who is struggling with their academic essays. Therefore, we spread our services all over the world. Hence, no matter wherever you are. You can always opt for our essay help. However, till now, we have commonly served the UK, USA, UAE, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, China, etc.

An Essay's Structure:

Academic essay writing necessitates a logical flow of reasoning that certainly makes complete sense. There are various forms of essays, each with its framework. An essay must contain a variety of material, such as presenting an argument, examining data, opposing arguments, and providing a conclusion. An essay usually has three parts: an opening, a body, as well as a closing. However, the placement of extra information in the main part of the body is an issue, and this is where application essay help may be useful.

It is necessary to address certain questions that your lecturer may pose while writing an essay. The first question that comes to mind is that what proof do you have to back up your thesis statement? When answering this question, one must review the evidence collected to support the claim. Therefore, after writing the introduction, you can write the solution to the preceding question.

How do you evaluate the evidence that contradicts your main idea is the second inquiry. There would be evidence that contradicts the thesis statement, as well as the material, must be able to counter those criticisms. After you have answered this, what question, move on to this part.

Why would you think your view of the issue will help others is the final question. The relevance of the main idea must be justified here. Although this question should be answered in the opening section, it is justified to provide a full explanation of its significance at the end of the essay.

In a summary, the thesis statement will be stated in one or two phrases, followed by its significance. It is necessary to incorporate the points that will be discussed in the essay. Each point shall be presented in its paragraph, followed by a suitable conclusion. Hence, if you still find yourself incapable of formatting your essay, you should choose our finest custom essay help.

What are The Many Kinds of Essays?

There are various varieties of academic essays depending on the purpose that writers are attempting to achieve, such as sharing an experience, explaining a worry, describing something, or persuading the reader to grab his viewpoints. The various types of essays are described below:

• Argumentative Essay: These writings are beneficial to students of all levels of schooling. The ultimate purpose of an essay is to persuade the viewer to accept and trust the author's viewpoint. It is a difficult task to manipulate the reader's mind via content, and it is a skill that must be displayed in this style of essay.This sort of essay allows the writer to communicate his position based on solid evidence; the more information the writer offers to back his ideas, the greater the effect on the reader's viewpoint. Therefore, if you struggle to make an effective argument, then our Assignment Help Malaysia specialists can help you with that.

• The Relationship Between Cause and Effect Essay: The subject of this style of essay is focused on an event and its outcome. The writer must now establish the reasons that have resulted in such outcomes. If there are multiple causes and outcomes, the writer must address each one separately. Some topics have several causes but only one result, such as the "Involvement of the United States in the First World War," which has numerous factors but only one effect. Although participating in the war had a variety of consequences for the United States, there is only one cause here with various outcomes.

• Descriptive Essay: The descriptive essay is used to offer information about the subject, such as its object and characteristics. Its appearance, scent, and operation will all be described. This essay necessitates a great deal of description so the reader could envision and experience it.

• Essay on Definition: The main aim of this essay type is to explain the topic addressing definite things and origins. The essay of this type attempt to give a description that can be found in more than one dictionary. In this section, you must describe what you take away from it, how people look at it, and how it is linked. Normally, the definitions are small but the writer has to explain one in-depth to explain this type of essay like a Discussion of philosophical, intellectual, or artistic issues.

• Contrast and Compare Essay: This type of essay is used for comparison or similarities between the two topics, subject, items, and events. The writer should give an understandable definition so that viewers can simply understand the distinction between common and uncommon aspects of the subject matter. To justify the difficulty, the writer should be well-versed in the two things being compared. The topics in these writings may appear to be identical, yet they are not. The sample paper for essay help will show you how to write this form of essay.

• Essay on Narrative: A narrative essay is one that seeks to tell a short story or an event involving a certain person or characters. A movie review, a visit to a location, a description of an event, and so on is all possible topics. In this type of essay, the writers have to express his feelings that what he felt and how did this happen and what he liked, etc. Generally, first-person pronouns are used in such essays. The essay will begin with a prologue and then proceed to the events.

• Essay Critique: The main goal of the essay critique is focused on the powerful and weak tip of the topic and subject under reflection. It provides the good or bad things about the topic and subject matters. They generally allocate about how the things have been documented. The essay will be able to assess whether anything is done correctly or not, whether it is appealing or not if the message is given correctly or not, and so on. 

In short, if you need help in drafting the above give types or any other type, then you should get essay help. Because, we have writers who have immense knowledge of all these essay types.

Why Do Students Require Essay Help?

Every person needs help at some time in their lives, and students; in particular, require support to better comprehend the learning outcomes. The Assignment Helpline assists pupils by completing duties in which they are inexperienced or lack knowledge. Many students come to us since they don't have enough time to write an essay. There are numerous reasons why a student could seek academic essay help from us, and we stay committed to providing essay help USA to all the students.

However, let’s look at some of the common reasons:


Time Constraints:

The biggest issue which students face nowadays is time constraints. As they have to manage lots of tasks at the same time. In addition, colleges assign numerous assignments to students. Hence, to get some free time and submit their essay on time. Students mostly need professional essay help.

To Score Good:

Scoring well is quite necessary for students. As their future career depends on it mostly. However, due to many issues and not submitting assignments on time, students end up fetching bad scores. That’s why they look for the best essay help writing.

For Well-Formatted Essay:

Universities are very strict about the format and quality of the assignments. Hence, they demand students submit in a well-structured and formatted way. But, sometimes, students lack enough information about the correct format. Due to this, they look for the finest online assignment help.

Part-Time Job:

At the current age, many students are doing part-time with their academics. In order to manage their extra expenses. But, they are struggling a lot to manage time between their studies and job simultaneously. Hence, assignments are just add-on pressure for them. Therefore, in this situation, students look for reliable homework essay help to ease some of their stress.

The Assignmenthelpline Can Assist You with Your Essay:

Writing an essay for an examination is a difficult undertaking. When a student is assigned to write an essay, he may be thrilled, but the actual work begins when the student sits down to compose the essay. One of the most difficult tasks in preparing an essay assignment is separating relevant content from the research conducted and moulding the content to provide a coherent flow of ideas. If a student feels he needs assistance, The Assignment Helpline is here to assist him. The following aspects of our essay help online free will assist the student in drafting his essay.

Plagiarism-Free Assignment:

At our company, our essay help writers are focused towards creating unique and authentic content. As they are well aware of all the rules and regulations of universities. For instance, submitting plagiarized content can cause some serious consequences. As a result, it can result in failing your assignment.

Free Turnitin Report:

As discussed above, we only deliver a unique essay. Hence, to provide you with proof of that, we also deliver a free Turnitin report attached to it. Turnitin is a university-authorized tool used to find the existing percentage of plagiarized content in the copy.

HD Criteria Followed:

At The Assignment Helpline, our essay help experts are bound to follow the HD criteria while drafting university essays. For instance, we ensure that it follows the instructions and the correct format. Therefore, once you opt for our services, you can relax about receiving well-formatted and quality content.

Meeting The Deadlines:

When you opt for our excellent essay help, we give you a guarantee of submitting your paper on time. Because, we understand the importance of submitting college work on time. Otherwise, it may affect your grades negatively.

Affordable Rate:

We have created our essay help services at the most affordable rate. As we know, students get limited pocket money during their academic days. Hence, keeping this in mind, we have designed our services. But no matter what, we never compromise on its quality.

Unlimited Amendments:

We offer unlimited and free amendments to our delivered work. However, at our end, we make sure that the delivered assignment is error-free and flawless. But if you still find any errors or it fails to meet your expectations, then you can come back to us for edits at any time. As our writers are always ready to do the required edits.

Exciting Discounts:

Our company offers exciting discounts on all our services, including referral and new customer discount. So if you know any of your friends looking for trustable essay help, then you can refer us to them. In this way, you both can earn discounts.