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BUS3007 Organisational Development Assignment Sample

This is a Group Assessment. Students are free to select their preferred group. There can be 2-3 students in a Group. Students need to choose two case studies on areas related to organisation development and Improvement to do the comparative analysis.

Students need to work on following criteria: -

1. Students are to analyse the cases by providing an overview of the cases.

2. Discuss the current growth, business performance and profit capacity.

3. Discuss the problems and challenges confronting the organisation.

4. Provide the SWOT analysis.

5. Provide the PESTAL analysis.

6. Provide a comparison analysis with competitors

7. Recommendations proposed are to be supported with justifications on how better this organisation can do.

8. Conclusion and References.

9. Each student must have different organisations based in Australia or around the world.

10. Select Small, Medium or Large Businesses.

Write a 2000 words research report following the suggested structure/criteria provided below and submit the assessment in a single Microsoft Word document via the Assessment 1 Upload link on the Canvas system.

1. Report Structure:

2. It is suggested you use the following sections and headings to structure your research report.

3. Report preliminaries: Title page, executive summary, table of contents.

4. Introduction: Outline the nature of the industry applicable to the case study company. Provide a brief description of the case and
purpose of the report.

5. Body: Present theoretical/conceptual research justifying the need for organisations to consider their external and internal environment.

6. Conclusion: Link the arguments presented in the body to form sound and logical conclusions.

7. Recommendations: In line with conclusions, offer specific recommendations designed to aid in achievement of the selected case initiative.



The following study for assignment help will provide a comparative analysis of two of the most popular and successful retail organisations in the United States. Walmart and Starbucks have been operating in the retail business and food and beverage market for a long time. These two organisations bring in a lot of revolutionary changes and developments which not only provides a competitive advantage for both the organisations, it also helps in making the experience of their customers better. Walmart and Starbucks are high revenue generating organisations in the United States. The innovations and technological developments that they bring in are helping to shape their respective industries better.

Comparative case study of Walmart and Starbucks

Comparative analysis of Walmart: Organisational development and improvement

Technological development: Walmart is known for the technological developments that it brings. The organisation has already automated many of its business operations which makes it easier for employees to conduct various business activities (Tikson, 2018).

Work culture: The organisation has an effective human resource department which is helping to address the issue of high employee turnover rates. The managing executives of Walmart believe that the right behaviour helps in shaping an organisation. Hence, the HRM of the organisation trains its employees and individuals to have the right attitude and behaviour while they conduct their business.

Improvement in supply chain: The main mission of the company is to save money of people so that people can lead a better life (Tikson, 2018). Hence, the organisation's supply chain also resources materials that are of low cost and good quality. This helps Walmart in selling its products at a strategic price point.
Customer service: The organisation understands that in order to gain a competitive advantage it is important to develop the customer service the organisation. Better customer service helps in retaining customers and ginning their trust of customers.

Comparative analysis of Starbucks: Organisational improvement and development

Technological developments: Technological development is the main element that helps in the development of an organisation in today's world. Starbucks has applied new-age technology in their coffee-making machines which helps in making coffee beverage faster. In addition to this, technological developments are also implemented in various other operations of the organisation.

Work Culture: Starbucks is undeniably one of the leading coffeehouses in the world. The organisation's work culture and human resource management policies help in retaining the employees as well as increasing productivity. Starbucks has been quite successful in building and maintaining a diverse work culture which also helps the organisation to gain a competitive advantage (Pandey et al., 2021).

Employee satisfaction: The company is one of the few companies that provide good benefits to its full-time and part-time workers. This factor helps in boosting the motivation of the employees which helps with the productivity of the business. The rewarding system at Starbucks is quite effective as it is helping the organisation to retain its employees.

Business ethics: The organisation also follows essential business ethics so that it can develop its working environment into a more healthy and happy space (Pandey et al., 2021). The human resource department has also framed various effective policies for the health and safety of the workers.

Background information

Background of the Walmart

Walmart is a retail organisation that is based in the United States. The organisation is a multinational retailing company that has various outlets operating in many countries across the globe (Walmart, 2022).Walmart was founded in the year 1962 on July 2nd. It belongs to the retail industry. Sam Walton is the founder of the company. The headquarters of Walmart is located in Bentonville, Arkansas, United States.


Figure 1: Walmart’s sales growth graph
Source: (Statista, 2022)

The organisation has massively grownand currently has over 10,585 stores worldwide (Courtemanche et al., 2019).The business performance of the organisation is also impressive and the organisation has already generated total revenue of US$141.569 (Macrotrends, 2022).The organisation has over 2,300,000 employees as of January 2022.

Background of Starbucks

Starbucks is an American organisation which is a multinational chain of roastery reserves and coffee houses. The headquarters of the company is located in Seattle, Washington. Starbucks is also the world's biggest and most successful coffeehouse chain (Tsai et al., 2020). The organisation belongs to the food and beverage industry.

Figure 2: Starbucks’ revenue growth graph
Source: (Statista, 2022)

Starbuck was founded in the year 1971 on 30th March. The founders of the company are Gordon Bowker, Zev Seigl and Jerry Baldwin. The organisation business has achieved effective growth and has over 33,833 stores (Starbucks Coffee Company, 2022). In the year 2021, Starbucks made a total revenue of US$7.636 billion which represents its effective business performance (Macrotrends, 2022).The company has over 384,000 employees as of 2021.

Current and future development plans of Walmart and Starbucks

Current development of Walmart: The current developments in Walmart includes technological development, Market expansion and development of its supply chain. Walmart has already automated many of its business operations so that each process can be done quickly, easily and effortlessly. The organisation is also expanding to many other foreign countries such as Germany and India and currently has over 5,100 outlets (Caraway, 2018). The company has also developed its supply chain so that it can resource better quality products at a low cost.

Future development of Walmart: Walmart plans to completely automate its business so that it has to depend less on its employees. The organisation also wants to develop a local business that is strong and will be powered by Walmart. The organisation also aims to make its business more sustainable so that it can contribute to the sustainability of the environment. This can be done by reducing carbon footprints in their production units. In addition to this, the organisation also aims to increase its product range so that Walmart can develop into a one-store shopping place where customers will get access to different product varieties (Muda, Indra and Dharsuky, 2021). Health and wellness and financial services are two development factors that Walmart will be focusing on in the upcoming days.


Figure 3: Market share of Walmart and Starbucks
Source: (Netcials, 2022)

Current development of Starbucks: Currently Starbucks is developing its outlet into drive-thru units. The organisation is also developing its traditional outlets into more takeaway units. Starbucks is currently working on developing the functioning of its coffee-making machines so that the process can be sped up and to make the job activities of the employees easier. The organisation has also developed its cash counter with new technologies which will make the payment process easier and faster (Goh et al., 2020). Customers will no longer have to wait in queue as the new cash counter will make the billing process much faster.

Future development of Starbucks: One of the main factors that Starbucks wants to focus on is developing its packaging system. As the world and the customers are becoming more environmentally conscious, the packaging that Starbucks uses to provide its coffee beverages to its customers will not work in favour of the company (Nair et al., 2021). The company should resource biodegradable or reusable cups.

PESTLE and SWOT analysis

SWOT analysis of Walmart

SWOT analysis of Starbucks

PESTLE analysis of Walmart

PESTLE analysis of Starbucks

Recommendation, justification and assumptions

Walmart: Walmart should focus on improving its reward system as the employee turnover rate is an issue that Walmart has been facing for quite a long time. In addition to this, the organisation should also aim to raise the pay of the employees. Walmart should continue to expand its business so that the business can become stronger (Prasetyo, 2022). Walmart should focus on developing employee training programs so that organisational productivity can be boosted.

Starbucks: Starbucks should focus on developing their packages using more environmentally sustainable raw materials. The package needs to be biodegradable and the plastic covering that the company uses should also be discontinued (Azriuddin et al., 2020). The organisation should focus on reducing the price of its beverages so that more people can try out their drinks and to do this the supply chain of the company will have to change its strategy.


It can hence be concluded from the above study that both the organisations are performing well in their respective industries. Starbucks is a worldwide leading coffeehouse, on the other hand, Walmart is a leading retailing organisation. Both the organisations have effectively improved and developed their business which has helped the organisation to achieve their organisational goals and objectives. The recommendations will further help both the organisation to improve and develop their business.

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