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MIS605 Systems Analysis and Design Report Sample

Task Summary

In response to the case study provided, identify the functional and the non-functional requirement for the required information system and then build a Use Case Diagram and document set of use cases.


System analysis methods and skills are of fundamental importance for a Business Analyst. This assessment allows you to enhance your system analysis skills by capturing the business and then functional and non-functional requirement of a system. It helps you in identifying “what” the proposed system will do and “how”?


1. Please read the attached MIS605_ Assessment 1_Case Study. Note that every piece of information provided in the following case serves a purpose.

2. Once you have completed reading the case study. Please answer the following questions:

Question 1

Identify all the human and non-human actors within the system. Provide brief description against every actor.

Question 2

Using the information provided in the case study, build a Use Case Diagram using any diagramming software.

Note: Please make assumptions where needed.

Question 3

Document all use cases (use case methods). All use cases identified in the Use Case Diagram in Question 2 must be elaborated in detail.



Nowadays, almost one out of three individuals have developed a habit of reading books. These days readers are reading books using their laptops, phones, and other technologies. For this, a young technopreneur has developed a website named ‘bookedbook.com’. She has developed a website that provides many interesting features for the users. (Tiwari & Gupta, 2015) Starting with the registration, users can launch their books online. Readers can read books of their choice and get some live sessions or events online. Authors can fill book show request forms for advertising their books online. For Assignment Help, They can go live and advertise up to 5 books in one session. Therefore, this website would prove to be an All-in-one platform for the users that mobile application will also be available for the users.
In this study, it is described by describing Use Case Diagram with all the necessary includes and extends.


Human actors

Non- Human Actors

Hardware Requirements

The laptop or computer with:

• 2 GB preferred RAM

• Internet Access of at least 60 k

• Minimum screen Resolution of 1026Χ74

• The hard disk of 4GB of space.

• Internet Explorer8.0+, Firefox 4.0+, IE 6.0+, Safari 3.0+. The browser must be Java

• Operating System Window 8, or Vista.

The server will be connected directly with the system of the client. Then the client will access the database of the server.


• Front end: User and content manager software is built by using HTML and JSP. The content manager interface is built by using Java. (El-Attar, 2019).

• Server: Apache Tomcat application server (Oracle Corporation).

• Back end: Database such as Oracle 11g


Use case diagram is a diagram that represents graphically all the interactions in the elements of the bookedbook.com website. It represents one of the methods used in system analysis for identifying and organizing all the requirements of the bookedbook.com website. (Zhai & Lu, 2017) The main actors of the bookedbook.com website are system users, book owners, Authors, and Content managers. (Iqbal et al., 2020) They perform several types of use cases such as registration, launch books, create launch reports, management requests, management book, book event management, select ads, book advertisement.

Figure 1 Use Case Diagram

Answer 3. Use Cases

System User Registration

Subscription of readers

Launching of books

Exchange of books

Live Meetup

Advertisements of book


Nowadays, all book readers are adopting the path of reading books online. The system users can get a subscription for the time duration of their choice. They can end the subscription at any time. Using the website users can exchange a book review or comment on the book. The launching of books is another added feature for the users that will attract more and more readers to the website. On the platform, authors can advertise their books. Therefore, it will surely bring a major transformation for all the readers.



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