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HEAPH6007 Public Health Ethics Assignment Sample

Task: Health Promotion Program Plan: In this assignment – as an actual/potential health promotion professional/practitioner - you are going to explore/develop a population health promotion strategy to address an identified health need in your community that reflects the health need and target group that you identified in both Assessments 1 & 2. There are two different scenarios here. These being:

1. It may be an existing/recent comprehensive health promotion programme that you are detailing and critiquing.

2. It may be a purely 'hypothetical' (mock) example of a comprehensive health promotion that you would like to see in practice in your community.

Whichever scenario you choose - it is probably best to highlight (early on) in your assignment which option you are adopting and identifying your role within it.

Plan a program that is based on the principles of comprehensive health promotion process; including community development, community stakeholders and their various roles - and include your own role.

Your Program Plan will include:

• the background to the problem (what do we know about the problem and how to address it)
• the program goal (what you hope to achieve)
• objectives (what factors you need to address to achieve the goal)
• delivery strategies (what you are going to do)
• an evaluation plan (how you are going to know that you have been successful)

Word count - 2000 Words



Research conveys that asthma is an international health issue though it is not much acknowledged internationally. Globally 300 million people are suffering from asthma. Extra mucus in the airways causes coughing, shortness of breath, and wheezing (Kuruvilla et al. 2019). There can be life-threatening asthma attacks for which consultation with the doctor for the person and symptoms is required. The paper thereby will share its concern for health promotion programs for asthma where it will offer a background of the problem to identify goals and objectives so that delivery strategies can be identified accordingly. An evaluation plan even will be justified to understand the success or failure of the health promotion program.

The Background of The Problem

In an emergency, a person with an asthma attack can apply some of the techniques like sitting up straight, avoiding triggers, calling the emergency number, and exercising the Buteyko breathing technique (Abrams, 2020). Due to several factors like weather changes, stress, the side effect of medication, allergies, colds, and flu, asthma can take place. Considering the illiteracy or ignorance regarding asthma and its prevalence internationally, a health promotion program for the same is much required. Understanding the causes and symptoms of asthma and its prevalence in society, it is very important to address the issue properly. As it is stated that prevention is better than cureness thereby avoiding severe asthma attacks, it is better to address the disease from its route. The health promotion program needs to focus on every possible prevention strategy to make society free from this disease as much as possible (Hartley et al. 2020). The main focus of the program needs to be acknowledgment or awareness in society regarding its severity, causes, and symptoms to be well aware of.

Program Goal

The program aims to assist people with asthma in initiating asthma control to reduce asthma rates and deaths. It even objectifies inclusive health promotion programs where communities like military members, children, pregnant women, senior adults, Hispanic individuals, and black individuals get included.


The main objective of this essay assignment help is to have effective strategies to make the health education program successful. The strategies thereby would be-

• Establishing managerial and support systems in the societal structure
• Offering appropriate health and mental health services for people with asthma
• Offering asthma education with a proper awareness program (Backman et al. 2019)
• Providing a healthy environment to make it safe to not to trigger asthma
• Suggestion for physical education and activity to reduce the chances of the attack
• Proper coordination between all the stakeholders of the society to make it acknowledged by everyone

Delivery Strategies

In order to meet the aim and objective of the health promotion program, the program adopts EXHALE strategies for controlling asthma which eventually can Educate for asthma self-management, eXtinguishing secondhand smoke and smoking. It even confirms Home visits to trigger reduction as well as self-management education to Achieve proper asthma guideline-based medical management to confirm proper Linkage to co-ordinate with care across the setting with a special focus on effective Environment policies or practice to reduce at work, outdoors, or indoor asthma triggers (AAFA, 2022).

Initiating community health, the health program would accommodate the promotion of updated guidelines as per caregivers, patients, and clinicians. It is further been objectified that the promotion of guideline-based asthma care for referred communities or groups gets accommodated in the process (Danvers, Lo, & Gaillard, 2020). Communication with community health workers for reducing asthma triggers at home is important to comprehend. Further launching three national awareness campaigns for lung infections like flu to impact on asthma, controlling symptoms, and use of asthma inhalers and allergic asthma for children are important strategies to include. Most importantly the community health program needs to take care of developing education with effective resources to make the community health promotion program successful to protect the community or society free from such types of issues.

For delivering strategies, proper strategy development is an important consideration to make the pre-planning aspect effective. In the referred strategy delivery the program has taken the help of Asthma Prevention Management And Treatment Communities Approaches For New Millennium and Two National Asthma Education And Prevention Programs (CDC, 2022). 8 interactive components are even accommodated to coordinate the health program.

Strategy development is the pre-planning and planning stage where a strategy implementation is most important to make the health promotions program successful while proper execution. In order to serve the referred communities who are directly involved with the entire concern, the health promotion practitioners need to adopt proper implementation strategies which need a team effort to involve parents, students, medical staff and faculty, medical administrators, social administrators, etc can be used for developing the plan to address asthma for a particular society to make the program tailored as per the need. Such narrowing down can be even helpful to make the implementation or execution successful as every strategy might not be feasible or appropriate for every society. Hence it is important for the social administrator as well as promotion practitioners and medical administrators to determine which strategies can have the highest priority as per the need of the particular society and can have the support of available resources (CDC, 2022). The society and the medical administrator wherever possible initially need to focus on asthma programs to be conducted in society as much as possible accommodating all stakeholders to get rid of emergency situations or hospitalization. As research conveys that residents, minority populations, and low-income experiences higher emergency and hospitalization as well as death than the general population thereby promotion practitioners with the help of social administrators need to confirm if such type of scenario is involved for this particular health promotion program in that area.

Specific Strategies

1. Establish management and support system for an asthma-friendly society - for proper implementation of this particular strategy, it is very important for the promotion practitioners to identify existing for that area as well as resources to meet the needs with proper cultivation of potential barriers. The promotion practitioners would be responsible for proper coordination regarding asthma activities in the area. He even needs to share coordination with the local administrator and health administrator to confirm if asthma coordination can better be integrated with other types of activities (CDC, 2022). It would be better for the promotion practitioners to share the strategies with District Health Council to get help as per need. It eventually helps him to better convey asthma management in society with all support of the health department considering it a higher priority. He can even opt for the implementation or development of written policies and procedures regarding asthma education as well as management to promote the program which is language and culturally appropriate. He is responsible to cultivate recent records of that particular area to be well assured about the need of that particular community. Conducting a survey can even help him to be particular about every individual to use that regular data in health promotion programs for further betterment. The use of individualized education plans with physical activity can help him to spread awareness or acknowledgment in society to confirm support as per need (Isik, Fredland, & Freysteinson, 2019). It will be better for him to take the help of administrative support to have better trust or loyalty in the society which eventually can help in promoting communication with the society stakeholders to confirm the better provision of care. Availability of private, state or federal funding needs to collect to initiate the success of the program.

2. Provide effective health Services for the community with asthma - accommodating a written asthma action plan for all people with asthma can help to accelerate the success of the program. The plan however needs to be developed by the primary care provider to provide it to the parents most importantly. It even needs to include emergency contact information, environmental triggers, peak flow, monitoring medication, individualized emergency protocol, etc (Chen et al. 2019). Promotion practitioners, however, are responsible to share the plan with appropriate people and medical staff to abide by the family educational rights and privacy act guidelines to get parental permission. It is important for the promotion practitioners to ensure that everyone can have immediate access to medication as prescribed by the physician with the approval of the parents. It is important to use standard emergency protocol for the endangered community in respiratory distress if they are left from an asthma action plan. The promotion practitioners are liable to ensure case management as per the database to provide a full-time registered nurse for an emergency situation as well as proper access to consulting physicians. Proper coordination among all the stakeholders is most important to make the delivery of the promotion program successful (George, 2018).

3. Provide awareness programs and asthma education for people - it is important to ensure that all people with asthma can have education regarding asthma basics, emergency response, and asthma management for which it is important that parents are encouraged in participation of the program. Integration of awareness as well as health education to endangered as well as other people to make them prepare for emergency situations. Assistance needs to be provided for cessation programs as well as smoking prevention specifically for the students.

4. Provide a healthy and safe environment for reducing asthma triggers - promotion practitioners need to convey to society that tobacco is prohibited in all media for all the time (Cicutto et al. 2020). He is even responsible to make people acknowledge about prevention of indoor air quality problems by eliminating or reducing allergenic including tobacco smoke, debris, and dust from the construction as these trigger asthma. The use of Integrated Past Management Techniques for controlling pests can be effective.

5. Offering safe, enjoyable physical education as well as activity opportunities - promotion practitioners need to encourage full participation in physical activities specifically among children as well as modified activities for other endangered people like pregnant women, etc. Proper access to preventive medications before activity and emergency medication immediately needs to be comprehended.

6. Better managing asthma symptoms - education support with proper involvement of all family members can help the promotion practitioner to convey the main aspect of the entire asthma health education program to everyone to fight with the issue from a better position. Cooperation or partnership with local community programs can help the promotion practitioners to reach the vast range of society to confirm a wide grasp of the health education program. Arranging seminars, and awareness through social media, print media, and every possible way can be adopted to make the program successful as much as possible (McClure et al. 2018).

Evaluation plan

Evaluation of the health promotion program is important to confirm the success or failure of the respective program. In order to confirm the same, the promotion practitioner with his team would access perceived health status for 3 months to get an idea about healthy behaviors and changes the society has accommodated through the health promotion program. Feedback-giving programs even can be arranged to understand if the taken policy or awareness seminars served the purpose of the same. By making a comparison between initial data to collected data by every 3 months the success or failure of the health promotion program can best be evaluated. The evaluation plan would surely accommodate the purpose of the evaluation, evaluation questions, and criteria along with time table and work plan to collect data in an effective manner. Such type of inclusion can be much helpful for the health promotion program to be evaluated in a proper way.


The paper has confirmed that asthma can even be life-threatening though it is either ignored or neglected in the societal structure which eventually increases the number of severity or death of asthma. Thereby the health promotion program is been formulated to prevent asthma for which the discussed 6 main strategies are establishing a management and support system for a friendly environment, offering appropriate health and mental health services for endangered people, offering asthma education and awareness program for everyone, offering a safe and healthy environment to reduce asthma triggers, offering safe, enjoyable, physical education and opportunities for the community, effective communication, coordination, and cooperation among all the stakeholders. Promotion practitioners are seen as the main responsible person to execute all the strategies in a better way where evaluation plan is much helpful to confirm success or failure for him.


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