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MN621 Advanced Network Design Assignment Sample

Students are required to use an industry case study of your PBL exercise to complete the assignment. It is to note that this assignment consists of two parts a) Assignment 1a and b) Assignment 1b. You have to discuss your chosen case study with tutor in week 1 and 2. Make sure to design your own case study if possible to avoid Academic Misconduct.

Assignment 1A

1. Project Scope and Report Requirements

The project scope and requirement should have a detail explanation of the planning and designing of a network. It is recommended that bullet points are included whenever necessary. Use your Problem Based Learning (PBL) tutorial findings.

The Following is The Scope for Assignment 1a.

• Attach your chosen real world business case study with reference as an appendix A.
• Include points that you have gathered from your chosen case study on their existing network.
• Discuss in a tabular form how the information obtained will be useful in designing the network.
• Discuss the approach you will be taking (include bullet points whenever necessary) to redesign the network.

Assignment 1B

The Following is The Scope for Assignment 1b.

2. Response to Assignment 1a

• It is mandatory that students should demonstrate how they have incorporated the feedback given in assignment 1a. You may use a tabular form whenever necessary.

3. Network design and justification

• Draw a network design that you think will be useful in the future for the industry that you have visited. Network should include the following requirements:

o 3 routers
o 4 switches
o 10 PCs
o 4 VLANs.

• Suitable IP addressing scheme in tabular form (assume as many hosts as necessary for each department). Use your MIT student ID to come up with your own IP addressing scheme (to avoid Academic Misconduct). Justify the choice of IP address.

• Indicate where do you use static routing, dynamic routing protocols (name the protocols, RIP, EIGRP, OSPF, etc.), Access Control List (ACL) as per the network preferences. Justify your choices.

4. Network Configuration

Configure your network using Packet Tracer. Write a report on

• Packet Tracer Network diagram- Copy diagram from your simulator
• Switch configuration
• Router configuration
• Host configuration
• Access point and server configuration guidelines.

5. Timeline and Budget Estimation

This section should include the followings:

• Hardware requirements with the specification with costs
• Human resources and logistics
• Tentative timeline specifications. 


1. Project Scope and Reporting Requirements

Crystal Point is a luxury building. It has 69 units, 24-hour security, a concierge, facility of fitness, & a year-round heated pool & all with 360-degree the mountains & city's views. Despite that, HOA (Homeowners Association) of Crystal Point discovered that one crucial amenity, Internet & Wi-Fi services, was falling short of residents' expectations. As a result of such problem, the residents receive an unsettling WIFI service, & the surveillance system is malfunctioning. As a result of these hassles, resident’s complaints are on the rise, as is the risk to security. Crystal Point needed a strong and dependable Internet & Wi-Fi solution since homeowners were complaining on a daily basis. Company wanted a high-end, Internet solution & fully managed Wi-Fi that was perceptibly superior in terms of dependability & quality than service provided by regular service provider.

The requirements of the crystal point are as follows:

• A network that could grow to handle rising demand from an increased number of people & devices
• Ensure secure & high-bandwidth internet connection is provided to the residents.
• Safe & secure connections in any area within the facility's footprint.
• A wireless & wired solution that was convenient to use.

Network configuration & system network up-gradation are critical for fixing the problem. For resolving the inadequate connectivity's issue, the system's each components, such as switches & host routers, must be upgraded. Changing the entire network system is not straightforward for the crystal point[1].To resolve all these issues, the solutions are as follows

• SmartZone controller was utilized for managing the APs & ease network management as well as set-up.

• Installed an R510 indoor AP in each condo unit.

• ICX switches were utilized to create a dependable wired & wireless network.
The benefits of redesign network are as follows:

• During boosting signal strength & wireless reliability, enhanced the several concurrent clients assisted per access points.

• Flexible & quick-to-respond service of customer.

• A complete controlled, actively controlled solution.

• Simplified network set-up and management, boosted security, minimized troubleshooting, & made updates simple Reliable, trouble-free Internet service fit for a high-end, luxury establishment

Useful Information To Redesign The Network


Network services

Current Status

Status of network


Email communication


Up gradation needed (old)

The AP's firmware is outdated.

Voice chat for conference 


Up gradation needed (old)

Old ADSL connection

Video chat for conference


Up gradation needed (old)

Old ADSL connection



Up gradation needed (old)

Old ADSL connection

Working conditions


Up gradation needed (old)

Old ADSL connection

Safety measures


Up gradation needed (old)

Don’t set a security policy.


Approach To Redesign

The above issues in the network of crystal point are solved by Ruckus’ ICX switching & wireless access points (APs) through reconstructing the system network and for good performance:

• Using wireless access points (APs) & ICX switching of Ruckus, It allows giving residents of Crystal Point with consistent Wi-Fi reliability & greatly increased services.

• The Dual Path suggested a Cat6 & fibre infrastructure to provide Crystal Point residents with a much enhanced Internet experience.

• In each condo unit R510 AP & ICX switches installed, & a SmartZone 100 that manages & controls the Wi-Fi network makes up the solution.

• The SmartZone Wireless LAN controller & Ruckus ICX switches work together for making network management & setup easier, improve security, reduce troubleshooting, and make upgrades simple.

• Continuous Wi-Fi coverage is provided by the Ruckus R510. The exceptional RF (Radio Frequency) performance is provided by the APs provide.

• Automatic interference mitigation & a two-stream MIMO 2x2:2 are included in the Ruckus R510 APs, ensuring constant, predictable performance.

• The R510 is ideal for crowded device situations, with data rates up to 1200 Mbps.


[1] "Network Design and Management Overview", Copyright 2000–2014, [online] Available: http://www.bitpipe.com/netmgmt/netmgmt_overview.isn

[2] "Putting Technology to Work Providing Business Solutions", Valley Network Solutions, 2014, [online] Available: http://www.vns.net/services/infrastructure/index.htm.

[3] Cisco design model of a network, [online] Available: http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/solutions/Enterprise/Campus/Hcampus_DG/hacampusdg.html.

[4] J L Marzo, C Vaz de Carvalho, L Schoofs, R Van Steenberghe, S Knockaert, J Salonen, et al., "European Study Programme for Advanced Networking Technologies (ESPANT) EDULEARN" in , Barcelona, July 2009.
[5] CRYSTAL POINT. Luxury Living Condos Receives Top Technology Amenity 2012.

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