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PBHL20008 Engaging with Cross-Cultural Communities Assignment Sample

The assessment task for this unit is a reflective essay. Each student will write a reflective essay based on his or her experience of engaging with a cross-cultural community. Student can use example from their previous or current experience of working with a community group and reflect on communication and cultural challenges they experience. Students should then discuss learning they achieved from this experience and how they will apply that knowledge to improve their current or future public health practice.

The reflective essay will be assessed on the following criteria.

  • The essay shows evidence of understanding of cross-cultural community engagement: 25%
  • Reflection demonstrates use of appropriate language, personal learning and change in practice: 25%
  • Reflexivity in linking personal experience, practice examples and evidence: 25%
  • All work is the student's own, all information is properly referenced, and essay is written according to academic convention: 25%
  • Students must achieve 50% in this assessment to pass the unit.



The reflective assessment for assignment help will describe the personal up-liftment from the cross-cultural involvement with the indigenous groups. I will mention how the different communication obstacles would explore the opportunities so that the health care values and practices in Australia will be developed professionally.


During the last summer in Adelaide, I participated in the international summer camp. This was the confluence of all the communities across different indigenous cultures in and beyond Australia (Lin et al., 2019). Amidst the sea of human heads, I found the people of Strait Islander interesting. I did works with the aboriginal community to get a taste of indigenous history. I was inspired in setting up cultural links with them getting past all the cultural constraints. The abundance of religious and cultural diversities supports the root of the culture. The intensive engagement with the different perspectives inculcates a renewed sense of cultural consciousness in me. They shared with me how they came into being, how they pass the present moments, and their future agendas. I felt a certain pride connecting to the home culture and knowing the minute details. It can be seen and felt how the communities share a warm bond trying to navigate the tricky corridors of life. They have a deep reverence for traditional values and community standards (Usher et al., 2021). The community prioritises authenticity, sincerity, and passionate deliverance. The rich cultures and beliefs are attuned to sustainable principles and value creation. I learned that the community people

Cultural and communication challenges were there that put me unease to accomplish the cultural mission objectives. I could not communicate properly and always hesitated in letting my thoughts unfold. I apprehended if the missions of the workshop would be successful. Some pervasive risks and challenges predominantly afflicted the emotional and social well-being of the islanders. Ethnocentrism struck me as the key barrier through which we get partial regarding the lens we look at the dimensions of the cultures. When these perspectives turned into prejudices a blind beliefs, the problems got worsened (Tynan et al., 2020). There was also a widened gap between their cultures and mine; anyhow, I tried to be in their shoes and perceived the communicational impediments. Along with that, comes the traditional tag of stereotyping which is also harmful to cultural cohesion and productivity. I was moved by the psychological barriers that amounted to the fact that widespread loss and grief have been part of the culture and I discovered the unresolved trauma therein. The lack of connection to the enlightened world led to their ignorance of health issues and the determinants of redressal (Yashadhana et al., 2020). The community governance is strong yet they have vulnerabilities to the various life-threatening dangers and losses. The indigenous community loves to pass on their cultural heritage and traditions but the sense of rootedness and belonging is overshadowed by the presence of negative factors. At some points, I felt that the practices in the system could have been more flexible to cope with the modern progression. Racial discrimination was something that entrenched its roots in the pristine soil. Moreover, the linguistic barriers were dominant that aggravated the communicational disputes. In addition, the geographical distance was much more than what I had previously idea and thought. The cultural disparateness added to the miscommunication, flawed mindsets, norms, and gestures (Moodie et al., 2021). Studying unfamiliar cultures and languages was the toughest part of working with the community and being exposed to cultural setbacks.

Personal experience is one of the best parts of the human life. I shook hands with some aboriginals and they considered it disrespectful. The respect for the community bonding was something they considered praiseworthy and I had lessons on the community rituals and customs. I had gathered lessons for them about the aboriginal arts and the ornamental designs on the physique are something they carry as a token of cultural heritage. The cultural baggage was abandoned and I took interest in the basketry and their values of social organisation (Russell-Smith et al., 2021). I learned the protocols and customs of the indigenous individuals and the overall well-being of the community people. IKSPS has been absorbed by me in harbouring the genuine feeling for the system and community values. I have understood that culture is the most symbolic asset for the community who are engaged in the making of history and traditions. All aspects of life have been permeated by cultural lineage and local diversity. I have gained another important knowledge regarding the conservation of policies and wealth. Other participants from abroad also came in contact with the different attributes and therefore, the culture was replete with all the resources and native pride. The cross-cultural symbolism made it easier to contact the different cultures and the people.

In the future, I shall apply the learning in public health practice and implement the protocols to remove the risks that can be harmful to the aboriginals. They are believed to have been the sufferers of chronic diseases like pneumonia, heart disease depression, and many more. Therefore, I will be sincere in offering value-based care to the patients. I have decided to apply the value theory proposed by Walras, Jevons, and Menger. The encompassing theory takes into consideration all the moral practices, ethics and responsible duties to safeguard the lives of the people. Many aboriginals are victims of paranoia, stress, and distressing mental condition due to the loss of lands, and separation from family and children. Many of them are suffering from identity issues and cultural estrangement that gave rise to health problems and many more additional health crises. Incarceration, substance misuse, and violence can be seen among the cultures that decreased the values and increased panic. I will teach them about the indication of environmental degradation, industrial activities as well as many more on health and comprehensive development. If the illicit abuses of drugs and alcohol can be stopped, better immunisation practices could be developed (Yashadhana et al., 2020). I feel that the indigenous community must be sincere in protecting their rights, and stopping their involvement in the criminal system, and better health practices can be created.


This is clear from the above discussion that a deeper connection with the culture can empower the historical and culturally conscious self. I have gained deep learning from the involvement at a deeper level and this is beneficial for protecting the health care sector.

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