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 DATA4100 Data Visualisation Software Report 4 Sample

Your Task

This written report with a dashboard is to be created individually.

• Given a business problem and data, finalise visualisations and prepare a report for the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

• On Tuesday of week 13 at or before 23:55 AEST submit your written report as a Microsoft Word file with a snapshot of your dashboard via Turnitin. This assessment covers Learning outcomes: LO2, LO3

Assessment Description

Should Australia enter a free trade agreement with Germany?

Business Background:

Germany, Japan, South Korea, United States, France and China are amongst the main exporters of cars. Suppose that the Australian government is particularly interested in the products exported from Germany, as well as Australian products exported to Germany, in considering the possibility of a free trade agreement.

Suppose that you have been asked, as an analyst for the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, to report on exports from Germany, and in particular, the types of products Germany exports to Australia. Likewise, analyse the products that Australia exports to Germany currently, based on your own research into available data sets.

Your written report (to be prepared in this assessment - in Assessment 4) will ultimately end up in the hands of the minister for trade and investment, so any final decisions made should be supported by data In Assessment 4, you are to finish designing your visualisations, then prepare a report by interpreting the visualisations and integrating with theory from this subject.

Data set

- Use the data given to you in week 11

Assessment Instructions

- As an individual, finish the visualisations for your report.

- Write a structured report with appropriate sections, as follows:

- Introduce the business problem and content of your report. (150 words)

- Interpret your charts, summaries, clustering and any other analyses you have done in the process of creating your visualisations, and link it back to the business problem of whether Australia should enter a free trade agreement with Germany? (800 words)

- Justify the design of your visualisations in terms of what you have learnt about cognitive load and pre-attentive attributes and Tufte’s principles. (250 words)

- On Tuesday of week 13 at or before 23:55 AEST submit your report as a Microsoft Word file, containing your visualisations, via Turnitin.



This report is based on analysis and visualisation for business export between two countries Australia and Germany. The business problem is based on exports from Australia to Germany and exports from Germany to Australia. These exports include animal base products such as animal itself and meats. For Assignment Help, The problem is to analyse and visualise the data provided for business export Australia to Germany and Germany to Australia. The purpose of this report is to provide understanding and knowledge regarding total trade value and product type between these two countries Australian Germany so that Australian government can take decisions based on product exports or import between these two countries. In this report visualisations are represented for both Australia to Germany export and Germany to Australia export along with the prototype. Power bi is a business intelligence tool that is used for which and analysis on provided data. At the end of this report each visualisation are justified along with the attributes and important points are concluded. The data loaded in Power Bi for visualizations. The data cleaned by removing null values from the data. Cluster line chart created for the product export with trade value. Clustering done for product type and trade value by year

Data Gathering and Analysis

The data collected based on the import and export between these two countries Germany and Australia that includes product type product category and the total trade value made by each country on each individual product. The data uploaded in business intelligence tool to check the valuation of the data for the further analysis. It is important to validate the data for desired result and analysis that will further make easy decisions for the business problem. For the analysis and virtualization to different charts are used such as cluster line chart and clustering chart so that each attributes can be analyzed with the help of visualization.

Australia to Germany

This section discuss about analysis and visualisation regarding export from Australia to Germany as export involve multiple products that belongs to the animal product category along with the total trade value made on each product. Analysis made with the help of individual year considering the trade value for each year.

Cluster line and Bar Chart

The above chart showing the cluster line chart created with the help of trade value and the product category along with the year. The way you lieration created for total products exported by each year along with total trade value created on each product from Australia to Germany. As it can be seen in chat mineral products and chemical products are the highest one which made highest trade value while export from Australia to Germany. And further trade value is continuously decreasing along with the product category and the least state value created by the product weapons that source the minimum exports from Australia to Germany is done for weapons. This complete visualisation is based on three consecutive years from 2018 to 2020 only as the data represented is showing visualisation from 2018 to 2020.

Cluster Chart

The above visualisation showing cluster data visualisation for the product type exported between Australia to Germany each individual year. The colourful dots showing product type along with the trade value created by each product type from 2018 to 2020. Each products type is highlighted with a different colour for better identification along with some of the trade value. This graph also shows that mineral products have the highest trade value achieved while exporting from Australia to Germany.

Pie Chart

The above visualisation shoes pie chart for total trade value created by each product type exported from Australia to Germany. Here each product is represented with different colour along with trade value represented at outlyers of the pie chart. This representation can clearly defined the highest and lowest trade value made by the product in each individual year from 2018 to 2020 exports. Each different visualisation defines the product category product type and total trade value generated by each product while exporting from Australia to Germany

Germany to Australia

This section discuss about visualisation and analysis regarding export from Germany to Australia. Based on the provided data set it can be observed that there are multiple category of products which are exported from Germany to Australia from 2018 to 2020. The product category involve animal product vegetable products food stuffs and fruit along with minerals and chemical products. This section also represent three different visualizations that includes cluster line chart, cluster chart and pie chart.

Cluster line and Bar chart

The above graph shows cluster line chart for the export data from Germany to Australia that define products exported by each year with individual trade value generated by each product. As it can be seen in visualisation that transportation created the highest trade value from Germany to Australia. The second highest trade value from Germany to Australia created by machines export. While the least trade value generated by the product called animal and vegetables by products because it includes very less in export business between Australia and Germany. This graph also showing data from 2018 to 2020 for the export from Germany to Australia.

Cluster Chart

The above graph showing cluster chart that defined visualisation for the product type with trade value by each individual year from 2018 to 2020. Here each product type is represented with a different colour and each dot in above scatter plot defines product type along with the total trade value generated by each product from 2018 to 2020. The highest trade value and the least trade value can also be identified with the help of dots showing in above cluster visualisation. With the help of cluster chart each and every product type can be identified individually along with the accurate value.

Pie Chart

This is a pie chart that showing export of each product type along with trade value generated by each product. In this pie chart is product type is highlighted with different colour in order to categories each product trade value as the trade value highlighted at outlliers of the pie chart. Here it can be observed that transportation has the highest state value while export from Germany to Australia. Here transportation means product related to the transportation category such as vehicles so the major export involved from Germany to Australia is for vehicles. The second highest export made by Germany to Australia is for machinery and other mechanical products.


Based on the above visualisation and analysis it is found at Germany is a good exporter for machine related products such as vehicles and other machineries. In the same way it is also found that Australia is good in mineral products that is why Australia has created high trade value while exporting mineral products to Germany. Both countries have different experties regarding products and both are creating high trade value in each individual export is for the product export. The business value between Australia and Germany is identified high due to the heavy products exported and imported between these two countries. The purpose of analysis and visualization on export data between Australia and Germany has successfully completed.


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