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PBHL20004 Public Health Action and Evaluation Assignment Sample

This is an INDIVIDUAL assessment. Based on your informal reflections throughout the term, you will explore your ability to develop effective partnerships with others, including establishing relationships and collaborative learning. In a 1500-word essay, reflect on your group partnership throughout the term. In your essay, you will need to focus on following points for assignment help:

• The group process in establishing and maintaining relationships throughout the term
• The effectiveness and experience of collaborative learning within the group
• The relevance of this experience in undertaking community-based public health actions and evaluations.

A minimum of two appropriately cited references is required.



The reflective assessment will shed light on the team dynamic and how my personal growth is determined by collaborative learning within the team. It will also be demonstrated how the relevant experience will be conducive to the effectiveness of healthcare practices that are based on values and ethics.


The group process is one of the relevant activities to maintaining relationships. I think maintaining bonds with members of the team is key to professional efficiency. Productivity is guaranteed only when there is no miscommunication in the team. Group partnerships uplift confidence, and make morale strong. I always look forward to fruitful learning that becomes easier to communicate with the team members in a friendly spirit. The group process instils the spirit of togetherness that sharpens the intellect and cognitive powers to flourish to the fullest (Van Leeuwen and Janssen, 2019). Unity in the entire team is very much required that keeps the team going toward the desired destination. At the same time, it channels the energy in a positive direction. I have learned how to stay connected with other people at a critical juncture. Personal connectivity enriches the professional outlook that makes the output attuned to the purpose. The more connections that can be developed within a team, the more growth one can achieve through the discussion. Many people being assembled in one place contribute to the knowledge by sharing valuable opinions on a particular topic. The various perspectives generate strong individual insights and paradigms (Qureshi et al., 2021). The exchange of cultural values and the discussions pave the way for the comprehension of the multiple topics and the various usages of these into the perfect application.

I have enhanced my decision-making process having been involved with team collaboration and dynamics. My leadership qualities have been made to tackle a situation with dexterity. Professional growth has been fuelled by personal determiners. I have comprehended one process that socialisation is being made easier by maintaining relationships with the team in a friendly manner. A positive outlook has grown that removes all complications and odds. Simple manners and outlooks have grown to be developed while discussing with peers. I have highly benefited from the multiple views of different people or cross-cultural ethos, differences and symptoms. The team undertaking the task to finish, it is not difficult to finish the task with alacrity and promptness (Ansari and Khan, 2020). Group thinking has enhanced my analytical skills and this is necessary for the increase of patience, determination, and composure. Without chaos, the decision-making process gets more stable and appropriate to the condition. Contextualisation makes learning fast and effective. Different needs of the individual get fulfilled and when the opinion is asserted, it keeps all the inhibitions at bay. All the insecurities can be dissolved and this is the cornerstone of overcoming challenges with a smile (Van Leeuwen and Janssen, 2019). I have incorporated a lot from the group process and maintained a good connection with the others. I have developed the strongest attitude having been involved in the intensive discussion. I have been insured to take more dangerous risks in my stride and that is effective for the process to be risk-free and devoid of uncertainties and indifferences. I become innovative in solving critical problems with calmness and creativity. Learning from past experiences, I have been able to head-on with the present collisions with steadfastness.

The effectiveness and experience of collaborative learning within group can improve self knowledge’s. The efficiency of collaborative learning helps me focus on my strengths and lets me categorise my weaknesses. After the weakness has been identified, I have been enabled to set up the thinking of the highest capability with strong intuition. My organisational skills have been sharpened which leads to better and proactive management of self and dexterous control over the difficulties in life. Communicational goals have been set and I have strived to the setting of the goal with purpose. The interaction will be developed to widen the scope of understanding and the knowledge objectives. I have increased my self-esteem and encouraged the other members to follow the creative pattern of thinking to shine in life. The development of interpersonal and social skills maximise the educational missions that would demonstrate the goals to the team (Florence, 2020). The chance of miscommunications, risks, and hazards will be less which promotes combative decision and continuous learning. I have been inspired to follow social interaction and dimensions that project the groups in the development of interactional skills. The creation of a diverse atmosphere helps the professionals delve into the depth of concepts and skills. The critical concepts and ideas are related to the emergence of analytical powers. I am now good at offering valid judgments. The power of constructive criticism has been developed by the capacity to influence people with courage, confidence and a people-solving mentality.

Members of the team will work for the same goals and develop the power of empathy and respect for others' feelings. Active listening makes the social skills strongest which helps the future orientation solid and fundamental. I have learned to respond to the various applications and opinions and angles. Open-mindedness has been developed that makes the connections between personal and professional skills. Through collaborative learning, I have gained the trust and learned to place credibility on the onions made by the team. The supportive ambiance will raise the optimism and the growth that are accountable for the future productivity in the group (Ansari and Khan, 2020). The learning experience has been fruitful in making the content fun-filled and true to the experience. I have felt comfortable discussing with the team members and this is effective in the origination of the inspiring content and the evaluation of the ideas in the future. The ideas of different people influence my thinking in making positive contributions.

The experience of learning collaboratively has majorly helped me in undertaking community-based public health actions. The experiences gathered by collaborative learning have helped me to understand what I can do to undertake public health actions better. The experience has given me the ability to judge the strengths and weaknesses of other members in the group. The experience can be used to assign particular sectors to a particular person who is good at it (Omae, 2021). Through using the experience of collaborative learning I and other members can learn faster about what can be done to undertake a community-based public health action. The experience also helped me to communicate my thoughts to the other members of the group which made it even easier for everyone to work towards a single goal. Utilising the experience I learned qualities of leadership which also helped me to lead a group of members in undertaking a community-based public health action. Having the experience of collaborative learning also helps everyone to be more solution-oriented rather than focusing on the problem (Florence, 2020). Through learning new things from each other I managed to be more capable to undertake community-based public health actions, the experience also helped me understand other members better.

Collaborative learning has germinated a sense of values, morality and ethics and I think this will be helpful when I will extend the hand of support to the community people. The relevance of the moments and the experience will let me know each other. It is very important to consider and treat human beings with blue and compassion. Health care demands value-given care where the patients no longer feel stressed and depressed. Community-based actions stimulate hearty efforts and these will regulate the higher concentration and morale in the work people are going to undertake. The more I will utilise the accumulated learning in the professional field, the stronger I will be. Value-based care requires the efficacy of the individual to be a good caregiver (Qureshi et al., 2021). I will be empathetic to assess the real needs of the people and offer the right kind of attention they are craving. Many patients feel estranged from the mainstream of life and they cannot reconcile with their previous experiences. The constant desire to be a part of society makes them more vulnerable and the caregivers must be affectionate enough to make them forget the loss of family and friends.

I will be at my best to question the value of being given care and learn from the entire journey. I will try to create the situation so that they again gain a renewed sense of hope and certainty in life. I will exercise the practices of ethics and morality in each complicated scenario. I will be able to manage the needs of the afflicted people and give them the promises of hope and resilience. The patients will benefit from value-based learning. The sociocultural ambiance will be justified and this will make my purpose strong.


This is identified from the above discussion that group-based learning adds to the dynamic benefits and positive outlooks for the participants in the tear. The reflective account has demonstrated how the gathered learning will come to help in the future period.

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