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BSBINS603 Initiate and Lead Applied Research Assignment Sample

Provide answers to all the questions below:

1. Describe communication processes and the importance of such when conducting applied research.

Communication is important for identifying good qualities and research information. In the communication process, the first stages are conceptualizations, planning’s, designs and methodology. This also has many scoops of their communications like massages analysis, channels analysis and many more (Appelbaum et al. 2018). The messaging settings help to generate good information for the researchers. The conceptualization process deducts more knowledge about their research. The second part of the communication process of the research is planning. It helps to describe aims and their plans and their solutions. The third part of the communication process is channel selections and it makes good communications with their views (Levitt et al. 2018). There are many ways to communicate with people and generate more information from them. The last section of the processing is the feedback the feedback process helps to gain knowledge about their works.

 2. Describe four communication methods that you may consider using in relation to applied research.

Four types of communication methods for assignment help are verbal, non-verbal, written and visual. Communication is some types of language transform that mentions communication. It is most common during research communications. Non-verbal is something that understands someone's body language and attitudes (E.J et al. 2020). It also gives a lot of information through their attitudes and body language. Written communication is something that is done by blogs, books, letters, miles and many more processes. Email chats; online communication is also a type of written communication. It is because different peoples have different types of languages and different types of lifestyles so this communication method helps them develop good communications. The last is that visual communication is something people do from pictures, graphics, charts, tables and many more (Levitt et al. 2018). It also helps to provide more information about their research. There are four types of communication methods in the research.

3. Explain three data collection methods. Include at least one manual method, as well as one method that uses technology and one method that uses technology services.

The three types of data collections methods are quantitative, smart phones and GPS. Quantitative method helps to collect data manually through interview or survey. Smartphone helps to collect data technologically which has provided thoroughly. GPS helps to collect data through technological services. In the quantitative data collections methods, the survey and statistics method is one of the major methods and surveys done by the technological services (Folk et al. 2021). Those two types of data collection methods also take major surveys of the situation, humanities feelings and many more then selects perfect information.

4. Explain three data analysis methods. Include at least one manual method, as well as one method that uses technology and one method that uses technology services.

The first data analysis method which can be done through technology is the analysis using Microsoft excel, which is called theoretical data analysis. The data analysis using technological services is Apache Hive. Manual data analysis follows the handling method. The first one is graph and it shows the research explanations and their impacts, the researchers can use graphs for many residences. It is created by technological services (Chen et al. 2018). The next one is a pie chart and it is also built by the technology and it presents for describing the impacts and statistics documents with their views. The last part of the data analysis is ms excel Shiites and it is mostly used to present mathematical documents (Granato et al. 2018). What documents are revived for the rescuers and it presents more knowledge about their sources and impacts, it is also a technological source and its business by the computers. Most probably every data analysis process is presented by the technologies.

5. Explain legal requirements that apply to the handling and storing of data when conducting research.

Legal liabilities entail adherence to the regulations that control the practising area and responsibilities of care regarding data handling and storing (Koops 2019). It is the responsibility of the researcher to maintain and safeguard the privacy, respect, protection and dignity of participants. At the time of conducting research, to follow the copyright of data management, some principles are abided as set forth by George Duncan and Alan Westin. According to that, secrecy is not maintained in the system of personal data record-keeping. A method must be there to explore by the individual the content of the information recorded and the process of utilisation of it. The participant- dependent research data should be shared in compliance with the requirements of data protection and storing. The attributes of the sharing and management of the DMP template should be monitored to the level as propounded by the data safeguard law of the UK .It is prudent to avoid having any commitment to destruct personal data.

6. Explain legal requirements that apply to privacy of data when conducting research.

The resistance to the unrestricted access of data is generated from the fact any kind of disclosure of data is not only detrimental but it also violates the fundamental and elementary right to data privacy. According to the privacy act 1988, revealing of private information may lead to job loss, lost eligibility for a mortgage, trouble of admission into higher institutions or sometimes lost reputation and embarrassment (Song et al. 2020). In order to show reverence to individual autonomy, privacy maintenance is mandatory. The want of regard for privacy increases the reluctance of individuals to believe others when it comes to personal information. Therefore, access to the data must require the explicit consent of the individual. Also, according to the Australian privacy principles, the research potential of own information databases improved by the private and public entities should be acknowledged (Song et al. 2020). The individual agreement is a key to the intelligent decision that considers the involvement of any risks or alternatives to the available data.

7. Explain legal requirements that apply to freedom of information when conducting research.

Some ethical issues and legal requirements mainly apply to freedom of information when conducting research. The main objectives of a policy of unrestricted areas arise from various types of issues and implications (Maltseva 2020). The disclosure of this kind of information may result in a crime resulting in tax evasion and loss of job and many more. This kind of issue may affect freedom of information. The research process starts from the identification of the restricted areas so a policy is necessary in these cases. Government must play a crucial role in this case and they must collect all the personal information of the individual (Chauvette et al. 2019). The duties of the corporate are also necessary to maintain at the time of conducting research. Confidentiality is also an essential prerequisite in this purpose the data managers are mainly responsible in this regard.

8. Explain the key steps in the applied research process that may be referred to in policies, procedures and guidelines relating to applied research.

In this section, the key steps are explained through which are related to the applied research process. In the case of policies, the first step needed to take is to identify the research topic and gather the information. Then it is needed to formulate the questions and collect the data. The outlining process also creates a framework for the applied research process (Feld & Diekelmann 2020). The basic guidelines are to provide a clear perspective through the research process. The main procedure is to analyze the data and it occurs in various methods. Getting information id the preliminary procedure of applied research method. Gathering materials set the directions of applied research procedures. Defining objectives is another policy through which the applied research process is completed. After gathering the materials it is important to understand the reliability of the resources. After this step, it is necessary to provide information for the further research process.

9. Describe three presentation techniques that could be used for applied research.

Presentation techniques are the tools that deliver the researched information in an efficient way. Model presentations help in analyzing data and also make the research process easier (Fathi et al. 2020). Following are some presentation techniques used in the applied research process.

Poster presentation

The poster presentation technique is the formal technique through which the researched works are presented. In this presentation, the research work results are presented through graphs, charts, and other formats.

Written presentation

Written presentation techniques help to give the answers point wise which helps to meet the objectives of the research process. The written presentation provides information in an organized manner through which getting information becomes easy.

Oral presentation

The oral presentation helps to develop public speaking skills through which the information can be sent in an efficient manner. This process helps to share experience in front of the public through which they are able to get the information of the research process.

10. Describe two ways of reporting on research.

Reporting in the applied research process is important to present the important data in an efficient way (Karadjova et al. 2020). In this section, two ways of report writing are described.

Analytical method

In this method of the report, quality data is used to describe the report information. This method helps an organization by giving them reports which are based on data and also help to make decisions. This method generally includes a graphical or documentary process. It also includes data entry and also includes basic reports. This kind of report writing helps to solve the queries as well.

Written method

This method is generally used to describe the budgets of a particular organizational research process. This kind of report generally exists for a time limit and it also comes in various forms. It gives the information which also helps to make the operations process easier. It is a common process that also comes in a manual.

11. Explain the concept of research ethics.

The main concept of research ethics includes basic principles which help to guide the researchers. It educates the researchers to show respect to the data providers which also helps the society unknowingly. Research ethics helps to regulate the researchers and also gives them different approaches (Racine and Bracken Roche 2019). Research ethics help the researchers to collect data and publish them without harming others. It is the fundamental process of research activity that helps to design the research process as well. It educates the researchers on how to use the available resources in an effective way. It also teaches the scientific approaches of research which help the researchers in their activities. Research ethics helps to promote the research process through which the knowledge is developed among the researchers. It also educates the researchers to collaborate with different groups to develop the research process and also helps to develop knowledge.

12. Review the following Code of Conduct and summarise in your own words the key principles of
responsible research: https://www.nhmrc.gov.au/about-us/publications/australian-code-responsible-conduct-research-2018

This is an Australian research code that manages the guidance and also helps to get the information. It gives guidance to the researchers on how to manage the breaches. It is a joint research code of the medical department and university councils of Australia. Through this code, it is possible to get researched information that is of high quality. Through this code, trust is developed among the community in Australia. This code also gives the idea about how researchers are using their potential to protect millions of people’s lives. It was published in 2018 and gives an idea about the funding of the medical department. This research code gives the idea about the contribution of NHMRC and also gives information about participation. It gives information about creating a framework that helps the researchers and also gives them guidance. This code publishes a statement that clearly defines the funding process of medical sectors.

13. Outline three examples of applied research tools and how they are applied during research.

Quantitative tool

This tool helps to observe the measurements and also helps to define the objectives of the research process. This tool helps to answer the questions in the poll method and also arranges the data in a statistical way. It also gives mathematical data which helps to grow the research process.

Qualitative tool

This tool helps to collect the data in the research process and also gives the arranging data which helps to increase the research process as well. This tool consumes time but explains the research process in a detailed way. The qualitative tool narrates the information which is the outcome of research and also reads out the case studies.

Observation tool

An observation tool helps to observe the questions and also helps to review the question with observation power. Researching tools help to change the future of the research process (Low & Schäfer 2019). It is the most scientific method which defines the process of research and also helps to increase the research method as well.

14. Give three examples of applied research methods and outline how they are applied during research.

Research methods are important because they give insight into the problems and also help to understand the solutions (Germain et al. 2018). In this section, some research methods are discussed below.

Evaluation Method

The evaluation research method helps to evaluate the purpose of the research and also gives the idea in a specific way. It is the conventional process that helps to research society.

Development method

The development research method helps to develop the research process and also focuses on organizing data and information. It gives a cross-sectional view of the research process which also helps to understand the data in an efficient way.

Action method

The action research method changes the action process to develop the research activities. It reflects the evidence of the research process and changes the actions according to need and also implements the actions in the research process. It helps in creative writing and also helps to understand the feedback.

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