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SITXFSA002 Participate in Safe Food Handling Practice Instruction Assignment Sample

1. Name the Acts that control the sale of food both Federally and in your state, and the name of the standards that apply to food safety in Australia.

The Sale of Goods Act 1923 is authorized to control sale of food both federally and at state level. Australian Safety Standard is responsible towards food safety in Australia.

2. List 6 aspects that relate to your personal hygiene requirements as set out in the Food Safety Standard 3.2.2, Division 4.18?

The different kinds of aspects that includes in personal hygiene along with grooming includes-

There has to be high standard of personal cleanliness that needs is to be maintained by staff.

There has to be specific industry cap or disposable cap that is to be used worn over hair while preparing, reheating, cooking and serving of food.

No hair clips or hair pin is to be worn by workers

Beards and moustaches are to be kept clean and trimmed.

Necklaces are to be worn underneath the uniform and not to be visible.

Long hair is to be tied up along with worn up under the cap.

3. List 3 control measures that should be in place when using egg products.

Control measures when using egg products includes they are always to be stored in refrigerators, they are to be in original packaging, they are to be treated as raw food and therefore is to be stored below cooked foods.

4. What is the main biological hazard involved with egg products?

There has to be daily check of perishable goods that is to be maintained. Spoiled, contaminated along with out of date items are to be discarded. Prepared or perishable items are to be discarded after each meal.

5. According to the Food Safety Standards, what must a food business do when transport food?

In order to protect in food from transport we are to observe in certain protocols in the manner of delivering food to the consumers as quickly as possible after serving, all food items are to be covered, there has to be high level of personal hygiene that has to be maintained, food delivery staff are required to wear in uniform and clean protective clothing.

6. What do the food safety standards for assignment help say in relation to cooling potentially hazardous food?

There can be presence and growth of biological contaminants that could be due to incorrect storage temperature. Biological, physical along with chemical contaminants from staff, equipments along with chemicals and pests between raw along with ready to eat food. There has to be maintenance of temperature control so that products are at or below 5 degree celcius, stock is to be maintained following the first in first principles, sate and label stored products, products to stored as per manufacturer instructions. Stock is to be rotated regularly following the first in first out principle, separate different food types including in raw, ready to eat along with cooked food, cover and contain product to maintain contamination, fridges are to be well maintained, kept in clean and sanitary conditions. Product is to be stored according to manufacturer instructions. There has to be check of temperature of fridges three times daily. Monitor use by dates when stocking when storing stock, arrange equipment repairs as required.

7. What does HACCP stand for? What does it mean?

The different principles of HACCP includes in conduct a hazard analysis, identify the critical control points, establish critical limits, monitor CCP, establish in corrective action, verification, record keeping.

8. List 3 the objectives of the Food Standards Australia New Zealand Act 1991

The objectives of Food Standard Australia New Zealand includes in protecting of public health along with safety, provision of adequate information that relates to food to enable in consumers to make informed choice along with prevention of misleading behaviour.

9. How should meats be thawed? Explain why they must be thawed this way.

Meats can be safely thawed in not hot water or cold water. They are to be thawed in leak proof package along with bag. It is necessary to submerge the bag in cold water changing water after 30 minutes that stays cold. It is necessary that food temperature is to be kept of meat in food spoilage temperature that range around 70-100 degree. It could be said to be perfectly safe to cook in meat directly out of freezer that why it is preferred to cook meat, faster cooking time along with ability towards seasonings or application of marinades.

10. What temperatures should hot and cold food be stored at when on display?

Hot food is to be stored at 60 degree celcius along with cold foods is to be stored at below 6 degree celcius.

11. What does the term ‘high risk’ customer group mean?

These can be said to be those customers who are said to be engaged in certain professions and can avail in certain professions along with susceptible to food poisoning. They are more likely to be towards contracting in food poisoning along with suffering in more serious symptoms.

12. Why are some customer groups more susceptible to food poisoning than others? Provide a reason and examples of five high-risk customer groups.

It depends on various age groups who could be said to be susceptible towards food poisoning. The likely age group of old age or people having low immune system are likely to have been affected in by food poisoning. The different types of groups includes in older adults, children along with age group of children accustomed towards school age group.

13 . According to the ANZFS, what do the following words mean

Contaminant - It could be said to be any substance in the form of physical, biological along with radiological substances or any matter whatsoever. Drinking water may reasonably be expected to have at least small amounts of contaminants.

Contamination - It could be said to be something that could be said to be making something impure or unsuitable by contacting to be something unclean in nature.
Potentially hazardous foods - It could mean in any kind of food that consists in whole or in part of milk products, meat, fish or poultry products.

14 . Give a detailed description of the 2hr/4hr rule (include the temperature range)

The 2 hr and 4 hr rule could be said to be tells us related to the fact as to how long hazardous foods that includes in cooked meat along with dairy products, prepared fruits along with vegetable, cooked pasta along with rice , containing eggs can be safely held at temperature in the respective zone. The total time includes in all the time that has been at room temperature for example during delivery along with preparation and transportation. The total time included can take into account room temperature along with keeping the same during delivery along with preparation along with transportation.

15. Does freezing meat / fish / poultry products kill the bacteria? Explain your answer

Freezing does not really kills in bacteria but puts food into hibernation. They are said to be inactive and wakes up as food thaws. The bacterial will have the moisture that needs to be survived.

16. Consider the following situation:Your restaurant has a hot food self-service display that you use for wet dishes (casseroles and similar foods), hot lunches and evening meals. When food is placed in the self-service display unit, it is hot (above 60 Degrees C). However, the unit is set to hold the food at a temperature of 45 Degrees C to prevent the food from drying out Discuss what procedures you could implement that would ensure the safety of the food.

In case of keeping the food in proper condition it is necessary to keep in the food for ;later use until steam stops cover in food and put in fridge. It helps in keeping in food out of temperature danger zone as fast as possible. Large portions of food should be cooled faster and put them in stray or divide them into smaller portions.

17. What financial consequences may a business face for failing to observe food safety policies and procedures? Mention at least one direct and one indirect cost to the business.

There can be penalty or fine that could be imposed in the case of any form of failure to comply according to the procedures as has been prescribed and act accordingly. There can be penalty and cancellation of license in this perspective.

18. What is a food safety plan? What information must be included in a food safety plan?

There has to be maintenance of high safety standards and skills that needs to be maintained with respect to food and related products. It is important that proper food is to be maintained along with keeping them along with maintenance at the same time. It is important that proper hygiene is to be maintained effectively. It is important on the part of the person concerned to have in put all the details related to number of food that had been ordered along with keeping them effectively. It is to be maintained effectively.

19. Describe how to use a temperature probe.

It is important to stem in probe of thermometer into the thickest part of the food, it could be said to be in centre of the food even if thickness persists. In case food is liquid stir it up to make sure that food had been evenly distributed before inserting in thermometer. There has to be calibrating that needs to be maintained in the process. It means adjusting in thermometer. There has to be proper calibration that needs to be maintained in the process.

20. Describe how to clean a temperature probe.

It is necessary to clean in water in warm water. There has to be washing up of water and remove in residue that may be present in probe it will start in sanitizing process. There has to be sanitizing of thermometer along with alcohol. Rinse in thermometer along with air dry in thermometer.

21. What is your local government’s food inspection regime?

The local government regime includes in developing ideas related to the different perspectives that needs to be maintained effectively. There has to be proper and effective management that needs to be maintained in the process.

22. What is meant by the Temperature Danger Zone?

There has to be proper temperature that needs to be maintained and capitalised effectively. In case temperature is above the normal zone it needs to be taken in to account.


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