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Customer Experience Strategy Assignment Sample

Coursework FORMATIVE Assessment Brief

Submission mode: Turnitin online access

1. General Assessment Guidance

• Please note late submissions will not be marked.

• You are required to submit all elements of your assessment via Turnitin online access. Only submissions made via the specified mode will be accepted and hard copies or any other digital form of submissions (like via email or pen drive etc.) will not be accepted.

• For coursework, the submission word limit is 1,000 words. You must comply with the word count guidelines for assignment help. You may submit LESS than 1,000 words but not more. Word Count guidelines can be found on your programme home page and the coursework submission page.

• Do not put your name or contact details anywhere on your submission. You should only put your student registration number (SRN).

• You are required to use only Harvard Referencing System in your submission. Any content which is already published by other author(s) and is not referenced will be considered as a case of plagiarism. You can find further information on Harvard Referencing in the online library on the VLE. You can use the following link to access this information: http://bpp.libguides.com/Home/StudySupport

• BPP University has a strict policy regarding authenticity of assessments. In proven instances of plagiarism or collusion, severe punishment will be imposed on offenders. You are advised to read the rules and regulations regarding plagiarism and collusion in the GARs and MOPP which are available on VLE in the Academic registry section.

• You should include a completed copy of the Assignment Cover sheet. Any submission without this completed Assignment Cover sheet may be considered invalid and not reviewed.

2. Assessment Brief

You are required to write a 1,000-word report on the customer experience (CX) strategy of Samsung for their mobile phone product lines. You should base your report on the analysis of their CX strategy in one specific country in which they operate, which you must identify in the introduction to your report.

You should write your report for the Board of Directors. Within the business report, reference should be made to relevant CX concepts, literature and application as appropriate. Only use tables to answer the requirements where it is suggested to do so.

In this formative you have to evidence your ability to meet:

• Learning Outcome 1 - Appraise the importance of customer experience for the success of the business.

• Learning Outcome 2 - Design and implement a customer journey mapping process, persona creation and measurement metrics.

You need to address the following tasks:

1. The importance of customer experience (10 marks): you should define and explain what is meant by and included under the term customer experience. Appraise the importance of CX in the case of Samsung mobile phones. (Suggested word count: 330 words.)

2. Customer journey (7 marks): explain what a customer journey is and why it is important to CS strategy, including the purpose of each of the main elements: journey stage, activities, feelings and needs. (Suggested word count: 230 words.)

3. Persona creation (15 marks): explain what a consumer persona is and evaluate its role in developing effective CS strategy. In application to Samsung identify and justify three key, different consumer personas. Select one of the three consumer personas and for this persona provide the following elements in a visual format (table or graphic):

a. Demographics and story
b. Profile
c. Motivations for using a Samsung mobile
d. Goals for using a Samsung
e. Pinpoints a Samsung mobile solves

4. Mapping the customer journey (8 marks) In relation to your most significant consumer persona identified in task 3, using a table, map their customer journey. This should include the following:

a. Stages of journey
b. Activities
c. Feelings and needs
d. Potential opportunities for improvement

5. Presentation (5 marks): present your report in a structured and professional manner using
Harvard referencing guidelines.

Suggested Structure
A 1,000-word business report to the Board of Directors of the company, in the capacity of a CX
strategy consultant suggestion:



Samsung agreed to create a splash for release of a new brand, via an ambitious customer experience template, as the London 2012 Olympics approached. (Jung, 2014) Samsung Mobile had depended largely upon third-party suppliers to get its products to market across the globe, but now it decided to strengthen its position of leadership by creating direct interactions with its customers through a relevant experience. Vivaldi Team served as chief tacticians and arrangers of this initiative to identify a clear vision, approach, and push strategy for the emerging store model, which included various agencies and client stakeholders.
Importance of Customer Experience

Customers' perceptions of their experiences with the organization are defined as customer experience. From the customer's perspective, a good approach should really be effective, functional, and satisfying. Customer experience (CX) of Samsung is highly recommended.

? Samsung looks at corporate clients from outside in, through the perspective of their clients, as customer experience professionals. As a consequence, then learn from consumers in a variety of sectors, including B2C and B2B, sales, finance, innovation, and many others.

? Today, even more than before, customer satisfaction is very important. Surpassing the customers' needs starts with a good consumer experience. Samsung must be specific, reliable, and deliver the quality they promised to its customers. The chance is in the capacity to achieve on certain promises while still surprising the consumer with special help and support (An et al. 2018).

? To meet customers' needs, the key aim is to build a satisfying customer experience amongst all aspects of the company. Samsung ensures that assurance of a good experience is maintained and also that they deliver excellent service by tracking the existing business processes.

? Clients who are fresh to a store are far more prone to become loyal. Samsung develops an experience for the customers which excites them and guarantees that they will do trade with the company anyway. For any form of enterprise, a supreme experience would become a valuable and rare advantage.

? Samsung is making an advocate from every user by concentrating on building outstanding client relationships and embracing the urge for the company to exceed expectations.

Customer Journey

A customer journey diagram is a tool that depicts the customer's experience (also known as the purchaser's or recipient's journey). It enables everyone to paint a picture of the consumers' interactions with the product through all channels. Whether the buyers communicate with you via social networking sites, email, chat service, or several other platforms, visualizing the customer journey ensures that no one falls through the gaps (Hollebeek et al. 2020).

Consumer journey mapping is vital for improving customer experience since it is a systematic approach for better understanding customer requirements. Personalization is among the most critical elements of a consumer experience. (Ruiz et al. 2020) According to recent studies, 84 percent of customers agree that just being viewed as an individual instead of a statistic is essential to winning the customer. Customer journey mapping enables Organizations to create personalized journeys for each consumer throughout all aspects of the company and platforms. The following are some of the advantages of illustrating the consumer journey:

- Providing you with the opportunity to improve the employee ordering phase.

- Optimizing the consumers' ideal customer satisfaction against what individuals currently get.

- Recognizing the variations in target customers as they progress through purchasing process from possibility to transition.

Stages - the three stages of journey are - knowledge, considerations and actions.

Activities - activity is to support the brand in expressing its emerging technologies.

Feelings and needs - Feeling plays an important role in any customer experience, with clients experiencing both subjective emotional responses.

Persona Creation

A consumer persona (often recognized as a customer group) is a semi-fictional stereotype based on information from user analysis including online advertising that reflects the core characteristics of a wide segment of the population. It allows one to see what certain future clients are feeling and will do as they consider different solutions to problems they're attempting to solve. The Buyer Personality Institute's president, Adele Revella, explains it all this way.

Consumer persona in customer strategy-

? Provide as much information as possible - More and more knowledge you have, the much more accurate your image of your target client will become. A far more detailed sketch aids you in defining and solving more issues for this client, as well as refining your presentation to convey how you would assist.

? Consider where the consumer is in the buying process. - One who is still looking for answers, or somebody who is only familiar with business terminology and principles, require a new approach than those who have already transitioned (Verhoef et al. 2009).

Financial institutions are becoming a more fast-paced, consumer-oriented industry as a result of digital technology. For various finance, insurance, and capital structures, global consumers are quickly embracing and implementing use of robo-advisors as well as other digital services.

The three different consumer personas in Samsung are – the value hunter, the brand devotee and the researcher.

A brand aficionado is a devoted supporter of the brand. Individuals are extremely knowledgeable about the brands, to the extent that they will be frequent buyers and personal shoppers.

Brand Devotee persona

Mapping the customer journey


While the performance, layout, and technical requirements of electronic products are important factors in a customer's purchasing decision, advertising strategies and techniques have a significant effect on existing and emerging customers' perceptions. Samsung's desire to be a worldwide leader in the smartphone industry is bolstered by its research & design investments.


An, J., Kwak, H., Jung, S.G., Salminen, J. and Jansen, B.J., 2018. Customer segmentation using online platforms: isolating behavioral and demographic segments for persona creation via aggregated user data. Social Network Analysis and Mining, 8(1), pp.1-19.

Hollebeek, L.D., Clark, M.K., Andreassen, T.W., Sigurdsson, V. and Smith, D., 2020. Virtual reality through the customer journey: Framework and propositions. Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 55, p.102056.

Jung, S.C., 2014. The analysis of strategic management of samsung electronics company through the generic value chain model. International Journal of Software Engineering and Its Applications, 8(12), pp.133-142.

Ruiz, E.H., Restrepo, C.A.P., Lopez, C.A. and Kee, D.M.H., 2020. Samsung: Customer loyalty strategy in Malaysia and Colombia. International Journal of Accounting & Finance in Asia Pasific (IJAFAP), 3(2), pp.57-67.

Verhoef, P.C., Lemon, K.N., Parasuraman, A., Roggeveen, A., Tsiros, M. and Schlesinger, L.A., 2009. Customer experience creation: Determinants, dynamics and management strategies. Journal of retailing, 85(1), pp.31-41.

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