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ISYS5003 Principles of UX Design Assignment Sample

Task Description:

Your task is to evaluate an existing augmented reality (AR) application and write a report demonstrating your understanding of UX concepts from the perspective of a developer in relation to your chosen AR application.

In your report, you should pay particular attention to the concepts learned in Modules 1 and 2 and how these might affect design choices. You should be concise in your report as you will be required to write approximately 500 words.



A simple bunch of data that comes to life when is scanned through any of the smart device lenses or cameras gives the human psyche an endless horizon to chase. Many games in the modern world are the primary source from where the augmented reality concept is flourishing. Many technology giants for assignment help are prepping their infrastructure and investing more and more into this promising market also keeping in mind the importance of the data that comes from the user end also known as the user experience feedback which ultimately helps in enhancing the quality of the concept as polished, real and efficient as possible (Xiong et al., 2021).

Analysis and evaluation

Many companies in the gaming arena and the furniture business are turning their focus to the augmented reality technology since this helps in eliminating the need for a middleman. One such example can be taken as “Pokemon go” which is a real time game played by the users with the use of augmented reality. This boosted the implementation of AR idea onto a large scale. The UX i.e. the user experience enables the app developers to efficiently manage and enhance the quality of the product that they have created so as to attract more and more customers.

Principles and implementation

The gaming app Pokemon go used the principles of UX design when the data is being managed and manipulated such as the proper following of the Hicks law which tells that the measure of time that a customer or end user takes to make a decision is proportional to the corresponding level of the number of complexities of the choices they have (Bottani and Vignali, 2019).

The data set obtained through the large number of distinct users help the developers in generalising the process like what areas the so called Pokemon entities will the users find and how to remove errors through statistical analysis on a large scale so that the impact of errors on the individual level can be mitigated to a minimum. If the user is experiencing some kind of a problem in the interface then that data is collected and stored with all the other similar types of data set.

On the managerial level the company resolves the issues with the help and feedback of user experience. The user experience plays a very keen part in the app. When the users scan the geographical area in-front of them through a smartphone camera lens, a 3-D image of an entity called Pokemon appears on the screen which gives the information to the user and then the user has to take a real time decision and so on to continue in the game. An app that has such a high amount of customer query management needs to be updated with the newest data set at a very frequent rate since all the improvements for future references can only be done through the regular updating process (Han et al., 2018).


The customers or the end users are the key source of data which is needed to facilitate the quality of the environment and fulfil the requirements of the end users. The concept of augmented reality is based upon the very fact that the random data that is generated in an interval of seconds can be used for improving the results and experience at a very regular and short span of time so as to minimise the occurrence of errors and improve the accuracy of augmented reality for the customers and end users and make the everyday experience more efficient and at ease. Even technology giants around the world are now focusing on big data analysis which refers to the concept of handling big sets of data for research purposes and for improving the everyday interaction between users and technology efficient and easy. (Nguyen et al., 2021).


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