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BEHL2009 Bachelor of Social Science Assignment Sample

Question 1

Provide a brief literature review on the social issue being addressed -

Immigration and mental health is one of the social issues that are being addressed among our society. Immigration is a life-changing that may result in compromised mental health, especially when personal demands exceed resources.

Mental health is accumulated by three components, these include emotional, psychological and social wellbeing. Having poor mental health is a result of people whose wellbeing has been affected by others or uncontrollable events in varies substantially race, ethnicity, national origin, gender and socioeconomic status which they encounter difficulties and obstacles. These hardships may have included:

Finding quality jobs in safe-work environments.

Achieving economic integration.

Overcoming barriers in accessing basic social and health services.

Engaging in a smaller set of social networks that provide instrumental and emotional support.

Coping with systematic discrimination and racism.

Throughout immigration, most immigrants experience in four common pathways of social determinant of health and health inequalities are material deprivation, psychosocial factors, local enforcement, and access to health and social care. Material deprivation is related to disruption of social support, roles and networks which exposure to harsh living conditions (Unemployment or underemployment). Immigrants mental health often add trauma as part of the psychosocial factors which exposure to violence as being treated appropriately through childhood to adulthood. Political movements is also likely to disrupt family and community network by reduce their social interactions and use of essential public services or uncertainty about outcomes of migration as increasing the vulnerability for reunification of their families. Moreover, difficulties in language learning (especially for elderly migrants), acculturation and adaptation.

The most common disorders that immigrants experience refers to depressive disorders, anxiety disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorders and phobias.

The first-generation members of the immigrants have the most significant traumatic experience in a new society where they have no English-speaking background, lack of social support, undergo prolonged separation from their family and socioeconomically disadvantage position; hence, the level of psychological stress and demographic characteristics all contributed to the mental health and well-being of immigrants. Furthermore, the role of family is an important component of most support network where family members or relatives have sponsored an immigrant. Social resilience processes may be important in buffering the stress and disadvantage experienced by this substantial and growing population.

Question 2

Provide an outline of the group (dot points), including topics for 6 -8 weeks/ sessions

(free-flowing or set agenda) - a hybrid model (some set agenda, some free-flowing)


Question 1 - Immigration and mental health

Immigration can be defined as the action of leaving one's home country for relocating to some other country to find employment there and settle there either on a temporary or permanent basis. People who leave their country to settle in other countries are called immigrants (Definition, 2022). Mental health includes three dimensions of the emotional, psychological and social health of a person. It is a determinant of an individual's ability to handle stress, make social relationships, and make life decisions. It plays a crucial role in the overall development of an individual at every stage of his life. It has an impact on the cognitive ability, thought processes, emotions, and behavioral outcomes of an individual (mental health.gov, 2022). There is a significant difference between the terms " mental health " and mental illness. A person with a mental illness may experience some phases of perfect mental health whereas a person may have mental health issues but may not be diagnosed with any mental disease. The mental health of an individual is as important as biological health and long-term poor mental health can result in chronic mental illnesses, pathological symptoms, and various other health issues (cdc.gov, 2022).

Immigrants and refugees are vulnerable to various stressors and mental health issues before they decide to migrate, during the migration process itself, and after the migration process during settlement. A higher rate of mental diseases like anxiety, panic attacks, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is noticed in the immigrants than in the local population of that country. Migration not only reduces the access to mental health care for the immigrants, but it also proves to be a disruption in the continuity of the treatment. Various issues are faced by immigrants at different stages of migration. Before migration, there are faced with challenges like war, conflict, poverty, inadequate employment and livelihood opportunities and lack of educational opportunities. During migration, there are exposed to the threat of detention or violence or unacceptance in the host country or fear or uncertainty. After the migration, during their period of settlement, they are again faced with multiple issues like family separation, and unhealthy living conditions. Cultural or religious challenges, racism and ethnic discrimination, legal and statutory issues, unemployment, and lack of social acceptance (Who. int, 2022).

Shekunov (2022), also explained the process of migration in the three stages of pre-migration, migration, and post-migration and stresses the risk of mental and psychiatric health issues at all three stages of the immigrants. Immigrants are prone to depressive symptoms, and somatic issues, and have almost 10 times higher chances of having post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) than the host population. Cultural gaps and cultural remembrance add to their vulnerability. Issues like language barriers. Changes in social and political systems and lack of societal support contribute to their adverse mental health. Immigrants to Eastern and Western Europe are at a higher risk of developing schizophrenia. Stressors in immigrants for assignment help are caused due to the difficult situations and challenges of the migration process and also inadequate administrative and social support in the host country. Salami, Salma, and Hegadoren (2019), conducted a thematic analysis to understand the various issues that contribute to the adverse mental health of immigrants. Some of the identified issues were language barriers, cultural shock, cultural understanding of the term mental health, the stigma associated with the mental illness, fear of social boycott due to mental illness, and the economic and emotional impact of being diagnosed with mental illness.

Becerra et al (2020), researched to understand the impact of immigration policy and legal compliances on the mental health of Latino immigrants in Arizona. It was concluded that the immigrants who had a higher sense of personal loss and suffering due to immigration were found to have severe symptoms of depression, stress, and anxiety. Immigrants with a higher sense of family loss reported severe symptoms of stress and anxiety only. Wylie et al (2018), explains that the rise in the numbers of immigrants relocating from war-zone or conflict-prone area to various locations across the world has proved to be a huge challenge for mental health care professionals across the globe. These immigrants carry with them a baggage of war episodes, torture, and a difficult migration process. the trauma of war and conflict is difficult to be mitigated within a short period and takes considerable time to overcome them. PTSD is considered to be not adequate to explain the complex traumatic experiences of immigrants that are characterized by somatic issues, depressive symptoms, and anxiety.

Question 2 – Group Outline



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