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BSBCMM201 Communicate in The Workplace Assignment Sample

Prepare for role-play

You will prepare for a role-play.You will participate in the role-play, responding to queries from customers and managers in person and by telephone. You will be given time to read over the documents in preparation for the role-play. Your assessor will record your performance in Part C using the observation checklist attached to this task. Familiarise yourself with the checklist prior to assessment so you know what is expected.

1. Prepare for the following scenario:

You work as a receptionist for a business called Delicious Chocolates. Delicious Chocolates makes a range of sugar- free chocolates. The business has several departments and operates on a large site. Today, you will be dealing with verbal requests for information (in person and over the phone) from customers and managers.

2. Read the following documents:

a. Appendix 1.1: Organisational chart and site map
b. Appendix 1.2: Contact list
c. Appendix 1.3: Communication procedures.

3. Your assessor will assume the roles outlined below or arrange for other role-play participants to play them:

a. Manager – The Office Manager needs your assistance in ordering office supplies. You need to find out what supplies are required, the quantity, delivery timeframe, budget and preferred supplier details. Once you have placed this order, you will need to communicate your progress to your manager.

b. Customer – A customer calls the reception desk and requests to speak to the Warehouse Manager. This customer owns a delicatessen that stocks Delicious Chocolates. However, their most recent order has not yet arrived – it has been two weeks. They are calling from their mobile phone and the line sometimes drops out for a couple of seconds, interrupting communication.

c. Delivery driver – A delivery driver walks into the reception office seeking information and directions to the despatch building onsite. English is the driver’s second language. He seems to have a basic understanding of English.


4. Come to the role-play ready for work. For example:

a. dress appropriately
b. come prepared with pens and mobile phone
c. bring any procedures you need to refer to (see the appendices for this task).

5. Engage in discussions that demonstrate your ability to:

a. communicate positively in response to individual differences

b. use effective speaking, active listening and questioning techniques as required

c. provide prompt responses to queries

d. comply with organisational policies, plans and procedures

e. use strategies to overcome language and communication barriers.


6. Write a short reflection about the role-play. In this reflection, include the following:

a. What organisational policies and procedures did you need to follow?

b. Explain at least 1 way you overcame communication barriers.

c. Describe at least 1 active listening skill you demonstrated in this role-play. How did it contribute to your communication?


In order to understand the working cultures followed by Delicious Chocolates, a role play needs to be performed between the receptionist and customers associated with this concern. This would lead to a working of clear understanding of popular concerns that are associated with it. This entire notion could be easily handled by focusing on discussions based on organisational chart and site map which generally contains information on organisational work setup and roles played by employees in this case. There are generally 4 types of organisational charts for assignment help that consist of matrix, top-down, divisional and functional ones. These charts and sites are vital for understanding the work culture as that leads them to develop and understand the relationships that are shared among various employees working under this concern (Yuriev et al., 2018, p 400).

Besides these, making a contact list of all employees from higher to lower hierarchy is vital as this enables better identification of the employees and assigning tasks to them in the right order. This will enable establishment of proper functioning in the overall working environment (Ojo et al., 2018, p 10). Other than this, focusing on developing communication procedures are vital as that would lead to proper understanding of the requirements that are necessary. This process enables establishment of communication with that of quality related issues and overall development that is shown by people in general. This leads to overall working based on the functioning aspects to be identified in an effective manner. Therefore these methods are to be used by organisations to effectively function and understand the working procedures based on these aspects.

Role Play between Customer and Receptionist

Customer: This is quite alarming to inform you that the quality of your products have fradully lacked quality. Why is that so?

Receptionist: Am extremely sorry to hear this issue from you as this has been the first time that we are hearing something like this from customers.

Customer: We are really very fond of your products and this time we had sent it as a souvenir to our dear relatives, but to my utter surprise I was informed about the deterioration of the quality of the chocolates.

Receptionist: Yes, will definitely look into the matter as this will definitely falter the position of the company in the society. I will inform the chief and its associates about the matter

Customer: Yes please do this as this issue has not only affected the reputation of such a renowned chocolate company but has also led to the deterioration of the name of the country.

Receptionist: I can understand your concern and this is vitally true that our Delicious Chocolate has been the brand name for manufacturing of chocolates for the country and have been taken for official tours as well.

Customer: But before all these, I need this company to return back my money which has been wasted as well as send fresh boxes of chocolates for free. This is our demand and faltering from this demand would lead your company to face graver issues related to legal perspectives.

Receptionist: We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience created and would ask for some considerations as this had been the first time that such an issue has arised.

I have immediately informed the hierarchy of the current status of the products and will definitely retain the quality of the products and the position in society.

Customer: No, not at all there have been several reviews posted in your official account by many customers who have gone through the same problem and are asking for aid. Not a single time could be wasted in listening to your pretty shits.

Receptionist: I had a conversation with the hierarchy and have been informed that they are willing to send you a new set of chocolate boxes and are also ready to send the refund. This is the only thing we can do on our part initially.

Customer: Am relieved to hear that such a thing has taken place and am waiting for the things to be received.

Receptionist: Thank you for sharing your concerns and providing feedback. This would enrich our manner of working and bringing things in an effective manner.
Customer: Thank you for understanding and clarifying the issues. I look forward to buying more products from your company in the future.


In order to check the quality of the products, I had to initially inform the hierarchy of the deteriorating quality of the products as well as the issues that are addressed by the customers. Certain other considerations have been dealt with in an effective manner while dealing with the issues as by focusing on quality manuals, checking procedures relating to controlling of documents, and observing the records that are fulfilled by them. Other than just analysing these areas, they have also led to performing audits associated with internal working systems, controlling issues associated with non-conformity, and finally in focusing on understanding the corrective actions that need to be developed (Alam et al., 2019, p 60). This has led the entire process of identification and observation to be dealt with in an effective manner. Other than this, by checking these considerations we could derive the major concerns that had been faced by the customers and accordingly plan actions to rectify the cause.

The method that had been used to rectify the communication barrier with the customer is by refunding them the money that they had spent on the product along with sending them a set of new ones. This has not only led the customers to be happy with the decision but also be excited about buying their products in future. But to establish these effects, I had to go through a verbal communication with the customers as well as enable them to understand the problem that has been associated with these concerns (Alam et al., 2019, p 60). Besides these, we had also sent hampers and other discounts to retain them as a customer in the company. Thus by abiding through these cases, they have been able to understand and maintain a better relationship with us. This has further enabled me to work with precision and avoid any said barriers.

a. The most effective active interaction technique that I had followed in this conversation had been that of limiting any kind of interruptions and remaining silent while the conversation from the other part had been taking place (Yuriev et al., 2018, p 400). This has led to better understanding of the problems and establishing effective solutions associated with this context. This has also led me to retain their position as customers of the organisation.


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