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MCR007 Introduction To Project Management Assignment Sample

Design a project proposal related to either your home or workplace (such as a planned extension, overhaul or refurbishment, IT infrastructure expansion) or a large private function for an extensive audience (for example, a wedding reception or a music festival or a marketing promotional campaign) or the establishment of a hypothetical business. You should look at a problem that needs to be solved or an opportunity that could be exploited through the implementation of a project proposal. Prepare a detailed analysis incorporating all discrete tasks, costs, time frames resources, outcomes, stakeholders and contingencies.

NOTE: This assessment MUST be in an essay format and address the planning of an original proposal, not an evaluation of a project proposal that has already been undertaken.

WORD LENGTH: 1,000 words (approx.).



The recent outbreak of the pandemic has increased the concern of the customer towards the green products. The brand Kiya is an online fashion brand operating in the UK and is willing to launch a “shift for green campaigns" to propose their new green and sustainable fashion product so that the attention of the customer could be derived and the brand could make a profit in the market.


Kiya is a unisex fashion brand that is willing to derive the attention of the customer towards its newly launched sustainable product line. In the process of doing so, the need for a well-organised marketing campaign is a must. Vafaei et al. (2019) opined that green marketing is helpful in promoting sustainable products among customers. It promotes sustainable fashion and thus ensures in developing the brand equity. As the fashion needs of the customer are changing, the use of marketing campaigns has become essential to develop the buying influencers so that success in the complex market can be gained. The focus is this made to launch the shift to a green campaign successfully.


The project will be executed online using social media sites. The entire campaign will be virtual, and thus the estimated cost for it is limited. The customer of Kiya, as well as the other environmentally concerned fashion customers, will be targeted as per the proposed campaigns. A team of expert marketers with good internet connectivity along with gadgets like mobile and laptops are the key requirements for this campaign's launch and decision. The campaigns will focus on the resident of the UK, and this measure focuses on the fashion enthusiast who is willing to contribute tirades the environment with their small change in fashion purchases.


Objective 1


Objective 2


Objective 3

WBS or Phases of Work

Figure 1: WBS
(Source: Self developed)

Bizarrias et al. (2020) opined that the execution of a project needs planned approaches. It is to reduce confusion and execute successful outcomes. The “shift to green” campaign will have five distinct phases such as initiation, planning, execution, control and closure. Each phase is a milestone in the case of meeting the desired objectives.

Metrics for Evaluating and Monitoring

The key Performances Indicator used to evaluate the proposed marketing camping for assignment help are revenue growth, the rise in sales of the green product range, the enhancement of brand equity well, and customer satisfaction enhancement. Lima & Cruz (2019) were of the opinion that the KPI is effective in monitoring the successful nature of the proposed plan. It outlines the degree to which the motive is achieved. In this campaign, the mentioned KPI would act as guidance to derive profitable outcomes for Kiya in launching their green fashion products.


Budget 50

Risk Assessment


The “shift to green” campaign will be helpful in boosting the sakes of “green product rage” of Kiya in the UK market. The campaign on social media will be able to attack the wide customer base and thus encourage them the shift in their buying, which could help contribute towards environmental protecting. The expert involvement and virtual approaches of the prosed campaign are sure to derive productive outcomes for Kiya. The brand will be able to gain customer attention and thus leads to the development of brand equity for future sales as well.

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