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MGT602 Business Decision Analytics Research Report 3 Sample


Workplaces today are changing rapidly in parallel with rapid advances in technology and means of communication with teams separated by distance and time. We need to take into account not only time and space, but other elements of diversity to collaborate effectively for organisational outcomes. In such complex environments much can be learned by observing and analysing the decision-making process of business managers. This task requires you to select a decision you have observed in the work place and using MGT602 theory gained from Modules 1-6 on Blackboard, undertake a comprehensive critical analysis and evaluation of the decision maker and the decision-making process.

This assessment has been designed to:

Critically reflect on the application of key concepts and theories of MGT602 in the analysis of a decision from your current or previous workplace. In doing so, you MUST consider a meaningful work challenge that you observed another person or persons make. If you do not have previous workplace management experience, then you must analyse the group decision-making processes undertaken by your team in Assessment task 2.

In successfully completing this assessment task you are to:

- Evaluate the sources of data, and the use of data analytics to identify trends/ patterns that form the evidence for the decision-maker.

- Show visualisation of the decision-making process, and analytics to support the decision making;

- Select between three decision-making theories and concepts from within the subject modules and show their application in analyzing the decision. Evaluate how the decision would be the same/ different by using different theories or concepts.

- Present the findings of your results in a business style report that includes clear headings to guide the reader and visualisation of the data sources/trends/ patterns, and is underpinned with evidence from relevant contemporary literature.

- Reference according to the APA reference style guide

PLEASE NOTE: It is highly recommended that you discuss the selected decision with your learning facilitator to ensure efficacy of the assessment task.



Ethics refers to standards of behavior which represents the manner one should act in various situations in which they do have to play role of professional or in person. They are set by social system and do evolve slowly as changes are adapted in society (Jurkiewicz & Giacalone, 2017). For Assignment Help, in absence of ethical standard it is not possible to make appropriate and effective decision in different situations faced as a professionally. A variety of approaches including virtue approach, common good approach, and fairness of justice approach could be applied in order to make effective decision.

Organization / Area of Emphasis

Present report provides assessment of decision relating to adaption of virtual leaning in pandemic scenario which I observed as my personal experience along with analysis of different theories relating to decision making. Even the ethical challenges which I assessed during my learning period have been also included in reflective assessment. The report does represents the manner learning and acknowledgments have changed my perceptions relating to decision making and significance of ethical principals while making decisions whether professionally or personally.

Research Question

“Evaluating significance of ethics in decision making in scenario such as change in management or organization structure”

Analysis and Evaluation

Learning’s and Acknowledgement

In existing high-tech era, major disruptions could be witnessed due to technology, negative impact on work, community and environment. However through incorporating moral values and ethical dimension in decision making procedure, it is possible to reduce same to significant extent (Schaltegger & Burritt, 2018). Moral refers to internal values and judgment which are applied in order to make decision or the manner one should act. Further, ethical values are theoretical construct which represents group behavior and decision i.e. the manner in which an individual should behave (Vinnari, Vinnari & Kupsala, 2017). I acknowledged that it is the reason code of practice in organization is developed along with standards of behavior so that one could comply with operational ethical standards while accomplishing organizational obligations. I also assessed that various aspects of ethical dimension not only assist in making effective decision but do provide support making decision that which decision theory is to be applied.

During my learning period I got opportunity to learn about value of ethics for an organization and its impact on performance. I assessed that through complying with ethical values an organization does follows laws as well as regulations and does not have to deal with issues such as corruptions, conflicts within management etc. As ethical standards of entities does increase scrutiny by emphasizing of triple bottom line measures which include economical performance, environmental and social measures; it eventually leads towards success as it enhances firms performance (Fichter, 2018.). On the contrary in absence of ethical standards not only negatively affect reputation and financial performance but also affects internal management adversely. Further, I also analyzed the manner in which decision differentiate in case different model has been taken as base. For instance in case decision has been made on basis of Utilitarian Approach than emphasis would be made on good or least harm i.e. balance of good over harm; however in case of right approach emphasis is made on moral rights which are being affected in the situation. Previously I was not aware about the manner in which different approaches of decision making same but after being enlightened in same context I assessed their value in context with decision making. These sources are Utilitarian Approach, Rights Approach, Fairness Justice Approach, Common Good Approach and Virtue Approach. From specified approaches, virtue approach has influenced me to significant extent. Even though it is ancient approach but it does have adequate significance in present modern era. As, it emphasizes on being consistent with ideal virtues which leads to development of our humanity. I personally believe that through complying with specified approach it is possible to develop characteristics such as honesty, compassion, generosity, tolerance, friendly, self control, fairness etc which are necessary for making prominent decision being a professional. As far as I have assessed each of ethical approach does assists in ascertaining which standards of behavior can be considered ethical. However, each individual does not agree with similar human and civil rights; thus is possible to ascertain ethical course of action through ascertain the facts of the case, determining ethical principles, exploring the options and acting accordingly (Schiavo, Villafiorita & Zancanaro, 2019). The learning relating to specific approach of ascertaining course of action does changed by my perception relating to making decision. I learned that on the basis of important variant in different situation specific decision approach is being selected for making prominent decision. As previously I do make decision in accordance with emotions or by assessing perception of one side which is available. However, after being aware regarding the appropriate course of making action I assessed that it is necessary that one should assess the whole situation and determine the principles on the basis of which decision could be taken. Even learning’s relating to difference decision styles such as Vroom and Yetton Decision Model does assisted me acknowledging the way through which it is possible to solve decision problem through attainment of available information on time.

Figure 1: Decision Making Styles
(Jurkiewicz & Giacalone, 2017)

In present modern era, escalation in rate of connectivity has eventually increased increasing demand of information processing within organization and entities. In order to attain exponential growth in sped it is necessary for management to make decision which are high quality and does result in positive outcome for enterprise (Vinnari, Vinnari & Kupsala, 2017). I acknowledged during my learning period that one could make appropriate decision through application of rational decision model. The specified model is base of reasoning between observed data but not emphasizing on emotions to significant extent. It is possible to convert same decision into prominent through complying ethical approach. Thus, I learned the significance of ethical approaches in decision making whether relating to organization or in personal life. It is true that decision model which does accomplish need of fast, high quality decision which yield positive outcome could only be applied in 21st century (Kolev et al, 2019) Thus, dual process model can be specified appropriate for same as it does applies two approaches in order to make effective decisions within organization. Lastly, learning’s related to Simon’s bounded rationality model assisted me in gaining knowledge relating to management decision behaviour i.e. making decision in a way which could be good enough through satisfying rather than focusing on maximizing. In specified approach decision in made prior assessing all the alternatives available in order to gain main goal of satisfying the need of organization or project (Rozenwig, 2013).

Personal experience in context with ethical challenges

Good ethical decision could be made only through gaining experience and training in context with ethical issues and practicing ethical aspects (Rendtorff, 2019). Through complying same it is possible to explore different aspects which require significant considerations and does influence choice or course of action. During my learning period I got opportunity to do same while working on assignment where our team has to assess the manner in which concept of online study has affected higher education and ethical challenges assessed with its context. I was learning and challenging experience for me because the idea was to be implemented without making children ready for same.

I assessed that change management process in education is equally important like all other industries. Thus, it is necessary that ethical decision approach such as Common Good Approach and Fairness Approach should be complied while making dynamic changes tend to revolutionize the entire process of education and bring forth the growth of the students (Jurkiewicz & Giacalone, 2017). The fact cannot be denied that educational growth of the students will need to be undertaken so the COVID19 does not entangle the growth. As the challenging effect might diminishing of the capacity of the government and the investment is based on higher education. Thus, the ethical challenge which I assessed during this assignment was acceptance of virtual learning approach for those students who are not comfortable in e-learning as they could understand things only through live education system (Rozenwig, 2013). Thus, I assessed that same has been resolved through application of Dual processing decision making model. The cited model does have significant relevance as its attempts to explain two system applied in order to process information (Marchesseault, 2019). The initial system processes intuitive i.e. on the basis of unconscious and experiences and another system process on the basis of consequences i.e. making decision by being rational. As the pandemic situation has enforced to reframe the structure of the education system has been developed and it clearly states the impact of the reorganization of the workforce and universities.

Figure 2: Procedure of identifying ethical course of action
(Porter, 2017)

As far as I have assessed that the cited model assists in making dual decision within one single framework i.e. fast and automatic thinking as well as slow and deliberate thinking in context with issue or decision making. Another ethical dilemma was to evaluate the adaptability of students and continuance of learning through virtual learning approach. As students are habitual to understand or focus while their mentor or teacher is there and even for teacher it is a tough job to review whole class virtually and to assess the one who is facing issues in understanding. During this learning period I got opportunity to assess ethical challenges relating to educational industry in context with online learning approach. The insights and acknowledgement gained in similar context made in understand the manner in which different approaches of decision making i.e. virtual approach, fairness approach etc could be applied (Morales-Sa´nchez & Cabello-Medina, 2013). I analysed the manner in which one could deal with ethical challenges in order to make adequate decision for making adequate changes in structure or management. It is not an easy job to convince for such a major change but in order to ensure that learning and knowledge of students in not restricted in present pandemic era, education system has to look out for appropriate alternative. Thus, through fairness approach it could be dealt as defensible standard would be applied for resolving same (Fernandes, 2008).
Even I got opportunity to assess difficulties relating to dealing with information which is base of ideological biases and resolving issues relating to organisational subculture. As my main goal is to be manager of big corporate; thus I need to access knowledge in context with different scenario which could be faced in future. Another instance during my project where I have to resolve conflict between team, I applied fairness approach so that the final decision could be accepted by whole team. Thus, through learning and acknowledgement attained during this course I assessed the manner in which one could use relevant data which is complex to access in competitive environment of organization. It is possible that I do have to experience transformational change or strong competition in future being a manager. Thus, I have gained knowledge in similar context through which I can access information resources in order to collaborate between functional areas of entity. On the basis of learning and experience I gained during my learning period, it would be appropriate to state the manager does play vital role in supporting and developing collaborative environments. It is possible only through complying which ethical decision making approaches so that one could align team and organizational members for not only to share information but also to collaborate in order to make positive decision making (Eisenbess, Knippenberg & Fahrbach, 2015). Thus, through complying with same it is possible to gain overall growth and sustainability.


In nut shell it can be concluded that ethical principals does play vital role in making prominent decision by a manager. Further, the learning and acknowledgement gained from this course would not only assist me in taking appropriate decision but would also assist me in dealing with different ethical dilemmas in future while playing role of manager or executive of an organization. It can be analyzed that one could make good ethical decision only through gaining experience and training in context with ethical issues and practicing ethical aspects. As through assessing appropriate knowledge of ethical models and approaches one gets aware regarding the principles which are required to be complied while making decision whether professionally or personally. In context with dual process model it would be appropriate that is effective model which does assists in making effective decision as it considers both the perspective i.e. rational and intuitive. Further, as the model assess two perspectives in order to make final decision it is more appropriate comparatively. Lastly, as far as learning and experience of my journey is concerned; I would state that it was like a roller coaster ride as I got opportunity to analyze variety of new aspects including decision making approaches as well as models within it. Thus, in future when I will be part of a corporate or organization; I would be able to make appropriate decision even in case when adequate changes are to be made within management or to deal with relevant ethical dilemmas effectively.


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