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MBA505 Business Psychology, Coaching, and Mentoring Assignment Sample

Assessment Task

The purpose of this assessment is for you to demonstrate and develop your knowledge and skill in Mentoring and coaching as an important people development technique within organizations.

This subject requires you to thoughtfully develop your abilities in coaching and mentoring, and in weeks 8, 9,10 and 12 we will explore styles and techniques in doing this. These skills will serve you well in many facets of your life. To assist with developing your skills, you will be using these skills to interact with your fellow students or others to sharpen your abilities, allow you to observe others and receive assistance so you can learn to work meaningfully with others in the future.

Assessment Description

In writing up your experience of these coaching and mentoring experiences you should reflect on:

• What happened in the interaction, including what aspects went well and what needed improvement,
• How relevant theoretical reading or research you have done applies to the situation,
• What you learned or gained from the experience, and
• Practical actions you could take to improve your approach in the future based on your reading, reflection, experience and observation.

Assessment Instructions

• This is an individual assessment to be submitted via Turnitin.
• You are to write 2000 words, composed of three pieces of 650 words each as follows-

→ One reflection related to your experience of mentoring (covered in week 8),
→ One reflection related to your experience of coaching (covered in weeks 9 and 10),
→ One reflection related to the application of coaching in the workplace (covered in week 12).

• You are expected to include references to strengthen your understanding of the theoretical bases of your work.

• Your writing should be based on very recent experiences only, ie those which have taken place during the in-class sessions or in the workplace during the period of the subject.

• As with all scholarly work, competent and relevant citing and referencing is essential.



The present study is based on reflecting my own experiences regarding mentoring, coaching and the application of the same in the workplace. Along with this, the study aims to put forth the observations, experiences and practical actions I have taken in order to improvise my approach in the future. It also emphasize on how these learning and experience can contribute in my future endeavour as a mentor or coach for management assignment help.

Reflection relating to experience of mentoring

Mentoring involves relationship between a more experienced and less experienced person in terms of knowledge, managing network structure, developing relationship etc where the main goal is personal and professional growth of protégé (Ragins and Kram, 2007). During my learning period I acknowledged that in an organization it is a role or responsibility of mentor to provide strategic approach for development of mentee (employee or group members) by pairing them in more experienced team or making them under more experienced individual. The specified concepts do assist in developing unique culture rather productive organizational culture. The reason behind same is that employees get opportunity to work with someone who is more experienced and enhance their potential as well as improve their performance (Ferayanti, 2020). It would be appropriate to state than mentoring does assist in making significant transitions at workplace. As far as I have witnessed and observed the key variants or characteristic for a successful partnership between groups or two members are confidentiality, understanding, positive expectation and trust. I personally experienced that trust and positive expectation are necessarily required to be in mentee towards mentor so that he or she could learn from mentor and improve their performance.

Mentoring is one of the most effective and powerful development tool applied in organization to that employee could create and promote diverse culture through application of internal resources as experts (Ferayanti, 2020). During my learning period I got opportunity to assess mentoring program of organization and assess reason due to which mentoring program fail in organizations. Through assessing same I analysed that I do have sufficient skill in encouraging different members to work together but I need to improve on provoking them to give best to each other so that mentor is able to acknowledge the area he or she is required to work on. It was a new experience as I got to know about areas on which I have to work such as analysing different relational learning process, learning process, outcome and behaviour. The main reasons which I assessed, due to which mentoring program fails is misbalance between personal development and career development and unavailability of common goals or mutual expectation between mentor and mentee. These learning and acknowledgement would assist me in future in playing role of mentor in organization of which I would be part in efficient way. A successful mentor is the one which does utilizes his or her personal qualities, values and skills and are aware regarding power issues in relationship (Carr, Holmes and Flynn, 2017). Even I got to know about characteristic which are required to be an efficient mentor i.e. having clear purpose of mentoring, supportive, confident, helpful, and able to maintain balance between personal development and career development.

Presently, I do have characteristic such as confident, supporting, helpful but I have to learn keeping balance between personal development and career development as both of them do have major role in overall productivity of an organizations. Thus, I am working on same so that before completion of course I am able to develop skills to required extent so that I could act as efficient mentor. Previously I did not know that mentoring is beneficial for mentor also but during this course I got to know that mentoring is beneficial for mentor, mentee as well as organization. A mentor does benefits in form of self satisfaction and accomplishment through mentoring along with skill development. Even I assessed that not only mentees but mentors also required training for getting better results. The acknowledgments received during my learning period would not only assist me in being proficient mentor but also provided me information about key practices which I could apply in organization of which I would be part in future. Overall, these insights relating to mentoring would not only assist me in developing and promoting diversify culture in organization but also in incorporation of key practices relating to mentoring program for an organization. Lastly for enhancing my skills relating to being proficient mentor ; I would ensure more participation in group activities and work on areas I lack such as deep assessment different relational learning process, acknowledging range of development relationship with assistance of my teacher and senior so that I could excel in same and attain main goal.
Reflection related to the experience of coaching

Leadership coaching is considered as an extremely customized type of learning. It is engaged with individually assisting executives for learning to make out most of that learning for brining successful action, improvisation in performance, effective business results and personal growth (Anthony, 2017). It comes up with several benefits such as proper management of stress and welfare, navigation of culture, leading change, emotional intelligence, effective communication, management of conflict, development of high performing team and strategic thinking (Bernard, 2018) Prior to the module learning, I only though that coaching is all about working as well as interacting with other individuals. However, with the course, I have been familiar with the broader concepts of coaching, its fundamental meaning and principles, its benefits and related models. From the coursework I learned about the significant models of coaching which can be used to offer the base and proper structure for a coaching conversation. I gained insight about one of the most important models i.e. GROW model. It is the tool that unlocks potential and helps in improvising performance by raising self confidence as well as motivation. By this model, it is easy to ask out for efficient questions in a cautiously structured manner that thereof supports in-depth awareness as well as higher responsibility which thereof results into practical steps towards attaining goals and resolve barriers (Panchal and Riddell, 2020).

By considering the above model, for better understanding the coursework provided me with class activities wherein I was asked to form questions for each of the four stages. In addition to this, I gained practical experience on coaching by working with groups, and considering a real time issue that is required to be solved. When there were practical activities, I faced issues in terms of insufficient objectivity and interpersonal skills, for this reason I experienced that feedback play a mandatory role when working with groups, it is important to take notes of everyone involved reaching at a mutual solution. I also realized that in order to make coaching successful, one needs to entail feedbacks at the highest extent. It needs to be collected from team members and managers. For gaining sights we made use of psychometric assessments that can help in determining individual variations. This was really effective in terms of workplace, as it determines the areas for improvement, strengths and provides insights into the personal attributes of leaders in comparison with others. From the coursework, I came across the assessment that can be used at workplace and these comprise of emotional intelligence, cognitive ability, personality, 360 degree psychometrics, on the whole coaching works as well on the whole psychometric assessments work. As a coach, I have gained a good experience as these models helped each one us to determine their personal strengths and weakness, I learned that I have a bit of stage fear and being an introvert I cannot express my opinions and thought, but through this course I have been able to change myself by taking part in group activities and presentations. This has improvised my whole experience as I participated in resolving my team conflict and helped them coping up with their questions and queries.

I have worked my best to stay on top of psychometric assessments by practicing real time online tests, determining and working on my weakest areas, obtaining performance feedbacks and considering whether the technology is working effectively or not. Overall, I can cite that I am needed to improve on my interpersonal skills and improvement areas through taking training, online classes, in-class activities, face to face training, reflective practice, and considering professional development courses.

Reflection related to the application of coaching in the workplace

I realized that presently firm face considerable competitiveness, and innovation as well as change demand for highly motivated as well as top performing people. By considering this aspect, organizations consider ways by which they can allow people to adapt to change, learn new aspects and reflect appropriate behavior in order to be successful. In this way, I got to know about coaching, it is all about changes and for change, constant learning as well as application of new experience, knowledge and skills is paramount. The major objective of coaching is to establish competent, successful, effective and top performing workers (Jackson, 2019). From the coursework, I learned about the realistic application of workplace coaching and how it can garner the positive benefits of cost effectiveness, flexibility, increased productivity, higher self reliance, attainment of performance as well as potential, greater morale and time effectiveness.

By considering this aspect, from the coursework, both theoretical as well as practical knowledge has been gained by me regarding coaching, I can be applied by me in future endeavor as a leader/manager/coach by knowing my employees first, accelerating and supporting development as well as learning environment, mutually working with employees for clarification of values as well as vision, making sure that performance standards are effectively communicated to employees, proper diagnoses of problems, searching out best possible solutions, and developing an action plan. I can state that through this course, I have been capable to develop the necessary qualities of; being enthusiastic, focused, observant, supportive, knowledgeable, and goal-oriented and a good communicator. With the module, I have been able to practice coaching on real time basis, as several activities such as rating myself, developing 2 minute argument, providing group presentation among others has allowed me to build my confidence, carry on responsibilities, consider time management. From the activities I experienced that coaching can be obstructed through organizational culture, insufficient understanding, resistance, lower skill and experience level and insufficient amount of resources as well as time. By keeping this in mind, I acknowledged that everything should be balanced as a coach, and employees must be provided with frequent and positive feedbacks, a culture based on team feedback must be created, allowing employees to think out of box and contribute with new ideas and innovation, employees must also be pushed towards providing opinions and perspectives.

Previously, I did not have such considerable knowledge, but now I can undertake administrative tasks, develop programs, monitor and enhance performance by constructive feedbacks and carry on various significant duties and roles at the workplace. In addition to this, from the course, I also gone through several meaningful videos related to workplace coaching, workplace roles, coaching conversation and coaching cultures. Also, my experience was made even better by further activities such as determining coaching areas, wherein we worked as a group to list the workplace coaching applications. This helped me to determine how I perceive coaching and how it would be beneficial for me when I apply the same in the workplace.

However, I am needed to work on my improvement areas by taking part in skill coaching, training courses that covers ethics and professional development, designing action plans, considering learning training such as personal skills training and agile leadership training.


It can be concluded that I have learned the key concepts, applications, assessments and models of mentoring and coaching in the module. I also improvised my skills and characteristics related with time management, communication, observant, positive, supportive and goal oriented. I was able to determine my personal strengths and weakness, and work on my improvement areas to polish my skills and capabilities. Through the GROW model, I also able to choose from different options, consider goal setting and make decisions as a good coach. In modern business world, it is important for the leader to be open and innovative, for this aspect these experiences have well-prepared me in order to make difficult decisions, manage teams, and be adaptable to changes.


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