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LAW500 Business Law Assignment Sample

Week 7- 11.55 p.m.
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Answer all the questions for assignment help

Question 1

Dave is a bachelor who lives in Sydney. He was a loner and in ill health. He contacted his sister, Keren, in Oxford, England and asked her to move to Sydney to help look after him. He promised that if she did, that he’d leave all his property to her on his death. Keren agreed.

She resigned from her job, sold her house, and moved away from her friends. She arrived in Sydney and began to care for her brother. A few months later, they had a falling out. Dave sold his property and disinherited his sister. His sister sued for breach of contract.

Question 2

An elderly Lebanese couple, with little understanding of English or formal education, signed a mortgage over their home to Cheatem Bank, as security for payment of the debts of their son’s business. Their son, Ali, led them to believe that his company was sound when in fact it was in serious financial trouble. When Ali’s business went into liquidation, Cheatem Bank tried to exercise its rights under the

Question 3

Brad and Jane operate a pizza business. The wood-fired oven has just blown up and it needs to be replaced. Brad and Jane immediately contact an oven wholesaler, Angie, and tell her that they require a wood-fired oven installed right away because they need it to make pizzas, their core business. Angie tells them it will be delivered and installed within 24 hours, by Friday before a long weekend. Angie then goes to a long lunch with lots of wine and forgets about Brad and Jane’s urgent phone call. When they call again on Tuesday Angie is very apologetic and sends the oven around to be installed. Brad and Jane have had to close their business for 4 days and nights, losing a great deal of money. They want to sue Angie for their loss of profits.

Question 4

Gulliver went on an organised bus tour for his annual holidays. The length of the tour was 23 days. The first 11 days were fantastic and more than exceeded his expectations. However, on the twelfth day the bus crashed, trying to avoid a wombat waddling across the highway, injuring Gulliver so he could not continue his tour on a replacement bus. Gulliver wants to sue the bus tour company for the full amount of his tour cost.

Question 5

Amelia owes Biggles $1,000 plus interest of $120 under a loan contract. The money is due for payment on Friday. On Wednesday Amelia tells Biggles she has lost her job and cannot pay the money. Biggles tells Amelia if she sells her new Apple notebook (laptop) he will take the proceeds of the sale in full satisfaction of the debt – and will not take legal action to recover any shortfall. Amelia was using her notebook to retrain for another job, but reluctantly agrees to sell it. Amelia gives the proceeds of the sale, $900, to Biggles. Biggles then demands the balance of $220. Is Biggles legally entitled to go back on his promise?

a) Explain the common law position.
b) b) Explain any equitable defense Amelia may have to action by Biggles. Cite a relevant
c) case in your answer.


Question 1

The context is very much related to the case study of the property breach for the various aspects as the reason is very much effective in terms of the various aspects. The property breach is very much effective for making a huge impact on the cases. In this context, Keren sold her property in order to serve his brother. Her brother Dave promised her to give his entire property to his sister. Keren sold all the properties and came to Sydney to serve her brother. The contract was made by his brother and the contract cannot be breached. But when the consequences were made for making a huge impact on the prospect of the property, her brother sold the entire property to another person and Keren sued for the breach of contract. A similar case happens in the case of Farley vs Skinner where the travel company breaks the contract and fails to provide the planned holiday to the plaintiff (Parizi and Dehghantanha, 2018). The case is very famous and the concept of the case depends on the breach of contract. Similarly, this case also depends on this factor for providing support for the different revolutionary aspects as well.

The case can be handled with various aspects as there are many projects that the organization has to take on for the various impacts. The anticipation of the one party is the main factor that can help in the evaluation of the breach of contract. According to “section 37 of the contracts act the contract” has to be performed or the breach of the contract can be very much effective in accordance with the law against the various aspects as well (Li, Barenji, and Huang, 2018). According to “section 243 of the contracts act”, the police can arrest or anyone can accuse and raise a case if the law was not properly met in the aspect of the case law of the different factors (Rouhani and Deters, 2019). Besides, there are many steps that Keren can take like the straight refusal that the various aspects can be effective for making a huge impact on the opposite party. Keren can make a huge impact on the contract by making an effective approach in regard to the deviation of the contract or making a hugely effective approach for the brother can be also effective. If the other party grants what he is accused of and the other party cancels the case from the court, which can be also helpful for the brother and sister. So every matter has to be taken into consideration and taking the proper decision rightly is the main factor.

Question 2

The case study is totally based on the harassment of the different case studies that are related to the various aspects. The Lebanese couple is not properly educated and various factors need to be maintained such as the bank loan for making the business of their son Ali more effective. In this aspect, the cases of the law can be helpful for making a huge impact on the situation of parents of Ali. The parents are very much hurt by the behaviour of the son as the business of the son is totally devastated by the case. There is a case for Vijay Maliya whose house is being mortgaged by the UK court as the loan cannot be paid in time. This context is also similar to the aspect of the case study that is being discussed (Watson, 2019). The evaluation of the case study is very much effective for making a huge impact on the parents as the parents now have nowhere to go and their son already cheated on them.

As per the “National Loan Act 1968”, the Cheatem bank is doing the proper thing that they need to do. The loan is not given back to the bank in time and the bank is needed to mortgage the property until the loan is needed to be given back to the bank (Watson, 2019). In this aspect, there are many things that the bank can do but it is needed to be proper in the aspect of the various factors. The parents of Ali have to pay the entire loan to get back the mortgage from the property and they can perform many aspects related to various means. According to the “Mortgage interest regulation act 2017”, they have to pay back a huge amount of money to the bank including interest (Hafiz et al., 2020). They have made her son work properly to make a huge impact on the cases and the loan has to be paid back in time for getting the house back from the bank. They both have to work including their son as the number of loans from the bank has touched a huge figure and there are many aspects that are needed to be maintained for getting the house back from the mortgage.

Question 3

In the case study, Brad and Jane conduct a business of serving pizza to their customers. The wood-fired oven is the main factor for making the pizza as without the oven pizza delivery cannot be possible. They asked for an oven from a wholesaler Angie. But Angie was so careless that he completely forgets about the order. Their pizza service has to be stopped for a huge amount of time, nearly 4 days. They suffered a huge loss in the business and that is affecting the profitability rate of their business. The wholesaler was the main reason that their business is suffering a huge amount of loss. There are many examples that state the business has suffered a huge loss in the business as well. In this context, the main approach is the reason for making huge. The case of Tesco in the disruption in the supply chain is very much related to the effective approaches as the cases are very much related to the impact. The evaluation of the studies and the interruption of the studies is generally supporting the important factors of the laws and the laws are meant to be supported with the proper effective approach as well.

As per the “consumer right act 2015”, Brad and Jane can file a case against Angie for not giving supply in time. The acts are very effective as this is enough for making a huge consolation on the various needs as well (Rutkowska-Tomaszewska, 2020). On the other hand, it can also be said to be the main impact of the various affections as well. The “Consumer Contract Regulation Act 2015” also states that various factors can be effective in making a huge impact on businesses. The act mainly states the supply needed to be supplied on time for any urgent situation. Angie makes a huge impact on the various reasons as there are many aspects that are very much related to the cases (Dowuona-Hammond, 2018). Through the help of these laws, Brad and Jane can be helpful for the different factors and the acts can be helpful for making the aspect more effective. The wholesale business of Angie can be ruined by filing the case as he acts against the regulations. The various factors can be effective in ruining a business Angie and different aspects.

Question 4

The case study is mainly based on the loan approaches for the various factors as the reason for the improvements needed to be guided for the various aspects. Gulliver is mainly based on the various reasons in the different reasons and the tour travels are very much effective as there are many reasons that are realized for the various factors and the different reasons and the various impacts can be made for the reason that needs to be maintained for the various reasons. Gulliver wants to sue the traveling company as the whole travel plan for the rest of the holiday was cancelled. The impact of the tourism company is very much effective in the different aspects and the bus company is generally impassive for making a hugely effective approach for various reasons (Sharpley, 2020). The company is mainly accused of destroying the whole holiday plan of Guliver and the pal for the impressive aspects can be made as well. The cases can be filed for suing the company and getting the total cost of money back. The task is going to be a little bit difficult for the company as there are many factors that can be related to the impacts of the strategies as well.

As per the “development tourism act 1969", the travel company has to return the whole money in case they ruin the whole factor for the improvement of the different aspects (Hussin and Buchmann, 2019). Tourism has harassed the total aspect of the study and this can be made for different reasons as well. In this concept, it can be also informed that the tour company is mainly responsible for making the impact on the various factors. The case for not completing the tour can be filed but it is very difficult to win the case. This is due to the accident or the crash of the bus did not happen intentionally. It was stated as an act of nature and the tourism company is not responsible for making a huge impact on the processes of the legislation. The "Tourism Act of 2009” and “The Tourism Act of 2005" states that there are many factors that the traveler also has to look after for making a huge impact on the different approaches to development (Sharpley, 2020). It can be also stated that the information for the improvement can be used for the various processes and the modification of the actions needed to be applied as well.

Question 5

Yes, Biggles is very much entitled to go back to his promises as his condition of Amelia was not so good. Besides, the law is also stating that he should be making a progress in getting back to the promises that Amelia's sales are only iPhones in which she would have found jobs.

a) The common law position for the improvements of the country is generally situated among the different aspects. According to “National Loan Act 1968”, Amelia has to return her loan within time, or her property of her will be mortgaged by Biggles. He does exactly the same and sells her iPhone to get his money (Gentryand Cook-Davis, 2021). But the demand for the rest of the balance is the proper aspect to do as she has given the main property of her. On the other hand, Biggles demands the rest of the money which is illegal. So the fact is that the common law position for the situation is very much in support of Amelia. There are several aspects that amelai can do0 for self-defence. The impact of the law is so effective that Amelia is scared of the situation.

b) There was a case of Amelia that states that she has to defend against Biggles who have already got the maximum amount by selling the property to Amelia. She was promised that the money will be enough in return for the loan but now Biggles is demanding the aspen for the evaluation of the concept. In this aspect, the main factor that could be helpful in the demand of the process is the evaluation of the cases. According to "Mortgage interest regulation act 2017”, Biggles cannot claim the rest of the money from Amila, and the rest of the money is not needed to pay by Amilia (Bonvoisin et al., 2020). In this aspect, there are many factors that could be helpful in the making of the defence strategy for Amelia. The defence strategy with the act can be useful for Amila as she will be able to take legal steps against Amilia for making this impact on the Biggles and can fight for the money that is demanded illegally.


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