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MGT601 Dynamic Leadership Assignment Sample

Assessment Task:

Your task in Assessment 1, Part A, is to complete the Gallup Strengths Finder and submit a brief report on the results and their implications for your development as a leader.

Analyzing Results:

When you receive your results, look at your report and read the background document on the Gallup psychometric assessment. You should then prepare a 500-word report which covers the following issues:

1) A brief discussion of the theoretical foundation of the Gallup Strengths Finder (Positive Psychology) and why it is important

2) A brief description of how your results reflect your approach to personal power. Provide a copy of your report as an Appendix. It will not be included in the word count

3) Your initial reactions to your results: where have you seen these strengths being used in your life to date?

4) Your initial thoughts on the fit between your authentic self (as represented by your strengths) and the way you have approached the university degree for which you are currently studying.

Please note that it is quite difficult to cover these four points in 500 words – pre-plan what you intend to say and revise your work repeatedly to increase the impact of your writing. Avoid unnecessary discussion and ensure every sentence contributes something positive to the discussion, and is aligned with the requirements of the assessment brief.


Theoretical Framework of the Gallup Strengths Finder

The Gallup Strengths Finder is a renowned online platform to recognise multi-dimensional skills, abilities, and strengths of an individual based on positive psychology. Positive psychology enables a person to discover talents and strengths that include courage, hope, resilience, confidence, spirituality, and so on (Guay Fre?de?ric, 2017). The Gallup Strengths Finder worked on areas like the development of talents and strengths, engagement of the employees and customers.

Description of the Results on Personal Approaches

This online instrument's assessment helps an individual identify five significant strengths and talents through strength-based development (Salicru, 2017). After using Gallup Strength Finder, I have recognised my five strengths as Ideation, Futuristic, Harmony, Input, and Individualisation. I feel delighted when I discover the complexity of a simple concept that comments me to identify new ideas and thoughts regarding the idea. My passion for ideas will help me to see things from a different angle. Ideas can enable a person to conceptualise a matter from different perspectives (Aneesh, Tony, & Sudhesh, 2018). So, ideas make me creative and conceptual. The futuristic aspect of mine makes me peer over the present scenario of incidents. The outcome shows that the futuristic element of mine allows me to see things in a detailed manner that pulls me to visualise things from a futuristic point of view. Again, in the context of harmony, I prefer common grounds when people around me are holding different opinions and concepts that might lead to conflict. My preference towards harmony will help me to clarify the conflicted grounds of people and thus reach a common goal and objective. Various inputs and information can help a person to remain updated with different topics and areas (Danukarjanto, 2017). As I am a very inquisitive person, I prefer to gather information about different topics to remain updated, which will enable me to someone to give information about any subject. The strengths of individualisation will allow me to look at the persons by finding out their individual qualities and differences. This quality of mine helps me to build efficient and productive teams.

Reactions on the Results

As I get the results from Gallup Strengths Finders, I became very much happy with the outcomes. I had no idea about my strengths and abilities before the assessment from this online instrument. But after I found out that I have some strategic strengths and capabilities, it has formed self-confidence that would help me in my personal and professional life in the future. These identified strengths, I have witnessed when I engaged in handling community event at my locality with some neighbour colleagues. Therefore, I helped in developing ideas and engaging volunteers to successfully conduct the event.

Initial Thoughts

The first initial thought after getting the results was that as I am a student how can I apply those strengths in my student life and projects that I got from the university. So, I found out that I could use those strengths to increase my productivity and creativity to reduce the study pressure from my authentic self. It also gave me chances to get various information about different matters that will help me to achieve my goals through the university degree.  

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