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NUR7003 Leadership Changing Healthcare Landscape Assignment Sample


Write a 1000-word reflective assignment help of your approach to leadership,
acknowledging strengths and limitations.
You should acknowledge recent learning and how this may now be
influencing a change in your leadership behaviour

Please refer to the academic guidelines in assessment. You should:

• Attach your work to a completed front cover sheet
• Include an accurate reference list

Leadership skills enhance the communication by delivering the mission and vision of the firm to its employees very effectively. This further helps in identifying the roles which can best fit for the academic skills. Leadership techniques have helped me in understanding the influence of others and the capacity towards determining a particular goal. When the leadership techniques come into play, it can be beneficial both at the workplace for the delegation of work as well as it enhances a personal wellbeing of an individual. In my personal experience, the leadership techniques have helped me to establish effective communication and encourage the team members for the task performance. During my college days, I have observed that when working in teams, the leadership and managerial practices helped in minimising the errors and also gaining constant progress in the work. I tried to help the team members initially by setting up effective communication. In the starting of the project, I mentioned the team members that they can feel free to express their views on how to precede with the work. This gave them the confidence to further understand the work details and set up meetings which can help in the better understanding of the work. 


Leadership has also helped me to improve my communication skills and to enhance my self-confidence. This can be mentioned as the way in which enthusiasm it involved. Often,I used to find it difficult to understand a certain task and would find lack of time in performing it. After I had implemented the leadership techniques, it has helped me to understand the details of the work in a far better manner. I have also been able to focus on the group activities more. Confidence is increased when the targets of the group assignments are met and the team members are satisfied with the leadership technique that had been followed for the completion of the work (John and Bertram, 1959).The main challenge that I observed during the practice of the leadership skills is that it was sort of difficult for me to comprehend my own values and principles. I would always jump to assumptions and conclusions really quick which made me fail a couple of time. Those failures were the times I learned the most. I have also observed that when the most appropriate leadership technique is not followed then the organisational complexities are increased. Similarly, Michael Hartsfield(2010) also stated, “Managers do things right and leaders do the right thing.”

Gibbs Reflective Cycle helps in encouraging people to think and reflect on the experiences they had faced during a certain situation, activity or even event. With the help of a circle, a reflection on those experiences which they went through can be structured in several phases. This I can relate to an incident when I did an internship with an organisation, there the leadership practices were not followed and it became hard for the members to understand as to how they should behave within theworkplace and how to proceed effectively with the tasks. This is the main reason why I failed in submitting most of the projects on time because that had to be done in the group activities and it was hard for the members within the team to understand as to how to discuss and delegate the different responsibilities within the project. This has helped me to become more flexible in understanding the group approaches and further lead myself into the team and help all the members to achieve progress. This incident helped me in reflecting upon the skills that I never thought I inherited. The next course of action would be to enroll in courses related to leadership that could enhance my managerial skills and abilities in order to effectively manage change and nurture the people around me.

Figure 1: Gibbs reflective cycle
(Source: Mindtools, 2022)

The four E’s framework also been a great help to me for identifying the actual context of leadership in the global concern and to differentiate within the national and the global leadership techniques. These includes the energy, energising ways, the edge of the technique which is considered for moving ahead with the leadership practice, the way of execution of the leadership technique which can be beneficial for an individual or the organisation. Passion of the leader is also considered in the global context where the work proceedings of the leader are considered. Here the passion of the leader is noted as to how they try to manage the team and follow the guidelines of the workplace and how far they are successful in making the team understand about the work details (David, 2012). The way they try to manage the working of the team, support them in time of need and further guide them with the necessary training and support as required can help the leaders to maintain the leadership technique which is appreciated by the people.

Figure 2: 4 E’s framework
(Source: Researchgate, 2022)

There are several approaches to leadership as well which also contains the ethical norms. As stated by French & Raven, the power bass procedures are handled when it comes to understanding the stakeholders care and the ethical concerns (Alan & James, 2018).As stated by Yukl and Yukl,ethical leadership technique also played a great role in building my leadership skills. The ethical values consider the practices such as trustworthiness, honesty and responsibility. When I tried reading the leadership approaches, it helped me to understand the benefits of being more honest and trustworthy within the workplace or in any group activity. When such practices are considered, it has not only helped me to increase the transparency in the group activities but has further helped me to understand the ways in which the team can be managed. When I asked the team members to be honest regarding their work, they tried to provide me the details and the areas which they find it hard to understand.

Therefore, it can be stated that following of the leadership techniques can not only help in better performance at workplace but can further help in making the team more authentic. My self-confidence has been boosted after the utilisation of the leadership practices as I got much appreciationregarding the team work. I also got the support of my team members in the work proceedings and they also tried to help me in times of need which further made our team strong. Hence, I would like to conclude that the best leadership technique suitable for the workplace needs to be considered for the development of an individual as well as the team.


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