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ITBO201 IT for Business Organisations Assignment Sample


Students are required to write a Reflective Journal in which they reflect on unit content and learning experiences between weeks x and y. In this assignment, you should describe an interesting or important aspect of each week’s content/experiences, analyse this aspect of the week critically by incorporating and discussing academic or professional sources, and then discuss your personal learning outcomes.

The document structure is as follows (2500 words):

1. Title page

2. Introduction (~150 words)
a. Introduce the focus of the unit and the importance of the unit to your chosen professional area. Provide a preview of the main experiences and outcomes you discuss in the body of the assignment.

3. Body: Reflective paragraphs for each week from week x to week y (1 paragraph per week, ~200 words per paragraph). In each reflective paragraph:
a. DESCRIPTION (~50 words): Describe the week

o Generally, what was the focus of this week’s lecture and tutorial?

o What is one specific aspect of the week’s learning content that was interesting for you? (e.g. a theory, a task, a tool, a concept, a principle, a strategy, an experience etc.)? Describe it and explain why you chose to focus on it in this paragraph.

b. ANALYSIS (~75 words): Analyse one experience from the week

o Analyse the one specific aspect of the week you identified above.

o How did you feel or react when you experienced it? Explain.

o What do other academic publications or professional resources that you find in your own research say about this? (Include at least 1 reliable academic or professional source from your own research). Critically analyse your experience in the context of these sources.

c. OUTCOMES (~75 words): Identify your own personal learning outcomes

o What have you learned about this aspect of the unit?

o What have you learned about yourself?

o What do you still need to learn or get better at?

o Do you have any questions that still need to be answered?

o How can you use this experience in the future when you become a professional?

4. Conclusion (~100 words): Summarise the most important learning outcomes you experienced in this unit and how you will apply them professionally or academically in the future.

5. Reference List

Your report must include:

• At least 10 references, 5 of which must be academic resources, 5 of which can be reliable, high-quality professional resources.
• Use Harvard referencing for any sources you use
• Refer to the Academic Learning Support student guide on Reflective Writing and how to structure reflective paragraphs



In this report all the weekly summaries are present. In the different week, we study the different types of technologies, management techniques, and many more which is very helpful in both type of organizations that is big and small. We research with the different types of study material and weekly lectures and find out the best technologies from every week and discussed in the report. In this paper the reflecting summary of every week is discussed. This paper is important in the terms of information security and information technologies. From the development of the computer to the emerging technologies development all the things are described in the report. As we have seen that the rising in technologies also raises some risks, attacks, phishing, and many more. So in this paper different type of risk management techniques is also discussed. The report is consisting of the overall summary of how the computer is developed to how we manage all the information technology and security for assignment help.

Week 1 –

Chapter 1 Information Security

In week 1 we are focused on the learning of Information security. After successfully learning in week 1 the student is familiar with some concepts of information security which are described as below:-

• The information security concept.
• The history of information security
• How information security is important in the system development cycles.

The main thing that is very interesting in week 1 is merging information security with the system development life cycle. In my opinion including the system security in the system, the development life cycle is much beneficial in the terms of security because if our system is secure then we will secure for the cyberattacks and many unwanted things that are occurred in today’s era. As we see that software development life cycle is generally considered with the 6 phases but if we add one more phase which is system security then we protect all the things from attack in development itself. I learned how system security is important in our day-to-day life and how we manage both the system and security at a low cost. I learned the most important thing from this week's lecture is that “As we have seen the technology is increased day by day so we also look into the security and modified ourselves to protect from the data breaches and cyber-attacks.” (Bidgoli, 2019, p. 12)


Chapter 2 Machine Based Computing

In week 2 we are focused on the learning of Machines behind Computing. After the successful learning in week 2 the student is familiar with some concepts of Machine Behind Computing which are described as below:-

• The computer hardware and software
• Understand the computer operations
• Understand the different input, output, and memory devices.

Job management, resource allocation, data management, and communication-related thing are present in the week 2 lecture. In my opinion, the main thing which is very interesting in the overall week 1 lecture is the memory device because in this era the need for memory is a high priority. The thing or the topic which is very much interesting and the helpful is the Operation that is performed by the Computers there are three basic operations of the computer which are arithmetic, logical and storage. I learned that without memory management all the function we have done is waste. Without memory we have not correctly organized things so for this purpose memory management in the computer or the software is a must. I chose memory management because in my opinion if we correctly manage memory then after this management of the entire task is very easy.

Week 3-

Chapter 3 Database System

In week 3 we are focused on the learning of Database systems, Data warehouses, and Data Marts. After successfully learning in week 3 the student is familiar with some concepts of Database System, Data Warehouse, Data Marts which are described as below:-

• Understand the database and the database management system, data warehouse.
• Understand how the logical database and the relational database are designed.
• Understand the full lifecycle of the database management system, data warehouse.
• Understand the database uses and design.
• Understand Big data and their different application

The main thing which is very much interesting in week 3 is the big data and its various business applications. I chose this topic for the discussion because the big data is everywhere for example:-social media, entertainment, financial services, government, manufacturing, healthcare, and many more things are depends on big data. I chose this topic because there is vast scope in the field of big data also it is famous in the today’s era. It is said that people or users depending on the social network or technology for their daily activities and both generate a lot of data in a single day so in the future the world depends on big data. (Bidgoli, 2019, p. 31)

Week 4 –

Chapter 5 -Protecting Information Resources

In week 4 we are focused on protecting information resources. After successful learning in week 4 students are familiar with some concept of how to protect the information system or resource which is mentioned below:-

• Understand the different types of technologies that are used in the computer system/.
• Understand the basic safeguard in the computer and network security
• Understand the major security threats
• The Security and enforcement measure is understood.

In week 4 the very interesting topic is the risk associated with information technologies. In a big organization, risk management is a very interesting topic. How they handle the risk is very important in a large-sized organization. It is seen that in the future as the technologies are increasing so the cyberattack, phishing through email, D-Dos attacks is also increased. So in this way, risk management in every type of organization is a must. By preparing the risk management plan we can protect our organization and ourselves from the various attacks that is held today or in the future. In the future cyberattack which is very common is phishing, email attack, D-Dos Attack and many more. The attacker always catches to the weak point of organization so we need to change our risk management policy and make it strong. (Bidgoli, 2019, p. 21)

Week 5 –

Chapter 14 Emerging Technologies, Trends and Application

In week 5 we are focused on emerging technologies, trends, and their application. After successful learning in the week, the student is familiar with some concepts of an emerging trend, technologies, and application which are described below:-

• Understand the new trends in the software
• Understand the virtual reality components and applications.
• Understand cloud computing, nanotechnologies, blockchain technologies.

In week 5 the most interesting topic according to me is blockchain technology. In simple words block technologies means the decentralized and distributed network. The blockchain is used to record transactions across connected devices as blocks of data that cannot be altered after being recorded. In week 5 we study different case studies of the company for the blockchain technology we understand the Wal-Mart case study. I chose this topic for discussion because due to the high security in blockchain management or development the transaction is proceeding at a faster rate. (Bidgoli, 2019, p. 31) In the future the application which depends on the blockchain are described as below:-

• For the tracking foods and the goods.
• In the security of the software development
• The management of digital content
• To improve the healthcare record
• In the audit Trial

Week 6 –

Chapter 11 Enterprises System

In week 6, we are focused on the learning of the Enterprise Systems. After successful learning in week, 6 students are familiar with some concept of enterprise system which is described as below:-

• Understand supply chain management.
• The customer relationship management and the management systems.
• An understanding of the enterprise resources planning system is gained.

In week 6, we understand different type of application that is used in the management of the technology and the business. In week 6, the topic which is most interesting is the supply chain. In simple word, the Supply chain means the network which is consisting of an organization, supplier, transportation companies, and brokers. Supply chain management is used the delivery goods and services to customers. This topic excites me most because in the era of online supply management is a must. As we have seen that people purchase the goods, product, service, and essential materials of daily lives online. So in this way, the management of the supply chain is a must in the future. A healthy relationship is made between the suppliers, organizations, transportation companies, and brokers. Due to this healthy relationship, the supply chain is managed perfectly. To ensure the business or organization growth we manage supply chain perfectly. (Bidgoli, 2019, p. 52)

Week 7 –

Chapter 8 E-Commerce

In week 7 we are focused on E-commerce. After successfully learning in week 7 the student is familiar with some concepts of E-commerce and the E-commerce platform which is described as below:-

• Understand the concept of e-commerce, its advantages, disadvantage, and also business models.
• The different categories of e-commerce and the lifecycle of the e-commerce cycle.
• Understand the social media, mobile-based, and voice-based e-commerce in the market.

In simple words, e-commerce means all the activities like selling and buying that are performed using computers and communication techniques. In week 7 we focused on the many case studies like star bucks company, coca-cola, and many more by which we can easily be familiar with the e-commerce business models. In my opinion, the thing that is more interesting in week 7 is the online service delivered by e-commerce. The e-commerce service helps the youth and old age to provide them good services. In the future, the e-commerce sector is on the boom. With the increase in technology, people used mobile in many modes like for shopping, for bill payment and many more. So in this way, the e-commerce sector is on boom in the upcoming generation. E-commerce provides many facilities to make it easy for everyone to use mobile services like voice assistance, direct messaging system, and many more. The boom of technology also made payment services very easy in an e-commerce application. (Bidgoli, 2019, p. 67)

Week 8 –

Chapter 10 Building Successful Information System

In week 8 we are focused on building a successful information system. After successfully learning in week 8 the student is familiar with some concepts of how to build the information systems which are described as below:-

• Understand the system development life cycle in the building of successful software.

• The different type of phase that is involved in the software development life cycle that is the planning phase, requirement gathering phase, analysis phase, design phase, implementation phase, and maintenance phase.

• The new trends in the system design are also introduced in this lecture.

The most interesting part of week 8 is the new phase that is involved in the software development life cycle. It seems that the procedure is very much important in software development but choosing the right one is difficult. So in this week all the phases and models are clearly described. The model which I suggest is an agile methodology, in this week I studied different case studies and I recommended that agile methodology is very much beneficial. In the future, the agile methodology is at its peak because it follows the weekly or we can say that time sprint. In a particular time sprint, the task is to be done so in this way project is delivered on the given time. That is the reason big company follows the agile methodology in the software development life cycle. (Bidgoli, 2019, p. 90)

Week 9-

Chapter 12 Management Support System

In week 9 we are focused on the management support systems. After successful learning in week 9, the student is familiar with some concept of management support system which is described as below:-

• Understand how the big organization makes decisions and maintain those decisions.
• Understand how the decision support system works.
• How the geographic information is important.
• Guideline for designing a management support system.

In week 9 we understand the concept of decision making also means how the big organization takes decisions. The Decision is also taken in the three-phase which are structured decision, semi-structured decision, and unstructured decisions. In this week 9, the most interesting topic is decision making in the organization or we can say that in the big organization. In the process of decision making every type of decision like payroll, inventory problem, record keeping, budget preparation, and sales forecasting are involved in it. In the future, this type of decision is taken with the help of artificial intelligence and we know how artificial intelligence is on the peek in the future. It is seen that every industry depends on the decision process. So the process of decision-making in week 11 excites me most. (Bidgoli, 2019, p. 103)

Week 10 –

Chapter 13 Intelligent Information System

In week 10 we are focused on the Intelligent Information System. After successfully learning in week 10 the student is familiar with some concepts of how the intelligent information system which is described as below:-

• Understand artificial intelligence and how AI technologies support decision-making.
• The expert system and the application or the components.
• The case-based reasoning
• Different types of logic like fuzzy, case-based logic, genetic algorithm, natural processing, and many more.

In week 10 the most interesting topic according to me is artificial intelligence. In simple words, artificial intelligence is a technology that is try to simulate and reproduce human behavior. This technology is applicable in different sectors that as perception, reasoning, cognitive abilities, and many more. It is seen that artificial intelligence have a great impact on both industries and human being. In the future, artificial intelligence is everywhere like robot techniques, Internet of things techniques. In every field, artificial intelligence is used. It is seen that in the future artificial intelligence is on the boom because in many fields artificial intelligence works in the field of marketing, in the field of medicine, in the field of management, and the field of safety. Artificial Intelligence also developed the automated car and we see that the car and medical sector is a very large sector so in this way we can say that the artificial intelligence sector is on boom in the future. (Bidgoli, 2019, p. 120)

Week 11 –

Chapter 7 -Internet, intranets and extranets

In week 11 we are focused on the internet, intranets, and extranets. After successful learning in week 11 the student is familiar with some concepts of the internet, intranets, and extranets in the information security system which is described as below:-

• Understand common internet service
• The purpose of intranets, extranets.
• Understand the Internet of everything
• The navigation tools, search engines, and directories.

In this week 11, there are many concepts which I have learned that is a different type of browser for more security like Google, Chrome, brave and Mozilla Firefox. The most interesting thing that is in week 11 is the new concept that is the internet of things which means it is web-based development in which people process the data which is connected with the internet and other various things like OR Codes, barcodes, and many other devices. The future of the IoT is very bright. It is estimated that 30.9 billion IoT projects are developed in the year 2025. In 2025 by the use of the Internet of things, more cities become very smart. To save the most of company and cities are using smart technologies and these smart technologies are generally made with the Internet of things. (Bidgoli, 2019, p. 78)

Conclusion –

In this report, we learned the different technologies that are very emerging and in the future, these technologies are on the boom like nanotechnologies, big data, and artificial intelligence and robot techniques. As a student after researching and learning all the week's concepts, we are familiar with the topic and find out that every technology depends on others so we have to try to use this technology and maintain the risk that is present in the technologies. As we see that different technologies are mentioned in the report so as a student the very interesting technology is risk management because we see that as an increase in the technology the risk is also increased so that risk management is a must.

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