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DHI401 STAT6001 Digital Health and Informatics Assignment Sample


Task Instructions

You will write a journal based on weekly learning from the subject that records weekly personal and professional reflections on the current status of digital health applications in Australia. This online custom essay help is expected to enhance your knowledge of digital health applications in Australia, as it applies both professionally and personally. You may be a health practitioner or working in the health-related sector. Assessment 2 assignment help seeks to follow your experiential journey through the subject and map your enhanced awareness and knowledge regarding digital health and informatics.

Step 1: Go to this link for Reachout.com: https://au.reachout.com/tools-and-apps

You will find a series of mobile apps and tools for health and well-being in the Australian context.

Step 2: Select TWO of the interventions that are active for your evaluation.

Step 3: Conduct an evaluation for each tool/intervention using these guiding questions:

a. What is the primary objective behind this intervention?

b. How long has it been active, and are there any apparent results (For example, user feedback, public reviews and so on)? What do these say? Review the qualitative feedback.

c. Who is the infrastructure provider/host for the solution? (For example, the solution may be hosted on Microsoft or AWS cloud servers. This would indicate the extent to which the solution is stable and secure.)

d. Demographic – Who seems to be using the solution in the past 12 months? Is the solution catering to the socio-cultural requirements in the Australian context? (For example, are the interfaces applicable to indigenous communities, culturally and linguistically diverse communities and so on?)

e. What are the privacy measures apparent from the solution?

f. Consider the ethical, legal and regulatory principles, best practices and laws related to the solution in the Australian context. From a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being the highest), evaluate the compliance based on the information available.

g. Has the solution been actively taken up by the proposed users? What may be the deterrents?

h. From a wider global research, are there any comparative solutions available that can be better used instead of this solution? Can these be used in the Australian context?

i. From your professional point of view, would the solution help in your work or at a personal level?

i. If yes, explain the applicability of the solution in your professional and personal context (if applicable).

ii. If no, explain the gaps and provide recommendations on improvement.


1. Introduction

Introduce each of the two selected digital tools or interventions and its background information.
What is the primary objective of this tool? What are the secondary objectives?

2. Evaluative Discussion:

Classify the challenges for each tool/intervention according to the following subheadings:
• Infrastructure/environment (200 words per tool – total 400 words)
• Legal/Regulatory (200 words per tool – total 400 words)
• Ethical/Socio-cultural issues (200 words per tool – total 400 words)

3. Conclusion and Recommendations:

Provide actionable and practical recommendations, with guidelines for implementation.
Link your conclusion back to your introduction.

4. Reference List

APA 7th edition referencing must be followed.
Please refer to the rubric at the end of this document for the assessment criteria.



Digitalization has reached a stage that defines that in today's competitive world, technology would solve most of the problems in the easiest form. The fact that can be defined is that most health organizations are implementing technological resources to solve the most critical issues within a short period.

Concerning this, the two tools that can be selected for health are Headspace and Daylio. Both the applications have both the primary and the secondary objectives which further would be productive. Considering the primary objective of daily it can be substantiated that it is used for tracking the moods, activities including the goals and objectives of the individuals (Ughetto et al., 2021). It is so that with keeping information about the daily routine, it easy to keep a possible track of everything in the easiest format. Relating to the secondary objective of the application, the purpose of the device is also to track the mood of the small children, and thereby if any kind of problem arises in the future it can automatically be solved within a period.

In a similar pattern, the goal and objective of headspace are that it collaborates to design and thus deliver innovative ways to work with those young people to strengthen the mental health and wellbeing of the individuals. At this phase of the period, it is substantial that mental check-up is one of the required notions which has to be kept intact and thus to improve the overall health set up, technological boost is very much needed to make the individual feel better in some way or the other. As such that, the selected applications in a way or the other proves to be beneficial or advantageous in the long run respectively. It is that for maintaining a kind of stability in the system it is such that both applications are required to enhance the mental stability of the persons who are suffering from health issues within a period.

As such it can be defined that both the selected applications in some of the other prove to be beneficial at some point of the time. It is so that with the help of the following applications, the health issues at once would be solved within a short period in the long run.

Evaluation Discussion

Infrastructure Environment


The primary objective behind the tool is to help individuals in mental health traumatic situations within a period. As such that the public has a proper review regarding the device. The reason is that most of the patients who have used the application got some helpful results in the long run (Zhang et al., 2018). Statistics have shown that headspace as being used by individuals has provided the most advantageous benefits to persons who are suffering from different types of ailments. The objective of the application is that it is a kind of tool that has the probability to substantiate a different form on an overall process respectively.

With the implementation of the following protocol or the application, one can achieve a beneficial notion respectively. Thus, the assurance that can be generated is that it can very well be helpful to procure a beneficial aspect in the mere future by helping to provide a curative method to the people who require some peace within a period. For the time being, it can be evaluated that the following application proves to be helpful on certain grounds and such that it is helpful in the long run.


In taking into consideration of the following application, it can well be stated that the selected one acts as a kind of tracking device by which the individuals can very well track the daily schedules or the routines and thereby the moods and the activities which are on a going process can relatively be understood.

The feedback that has been received for the following application is that with the help of the following element, the individuals would be able to keep a proper tracking record and thus accordingly work to it (Lee et al., 2015). In due course of time, the device was originated to gain positive insights.

It can thus be evaluated that the daily collection of the moods and the activities in a statistical order or to some extent can probably be beneficial to a certain extent respectively (Chaudhry, 2016). Therefore, it is such that for curing the mental problems which are present within an individual it is that the selected one has proved to be the best in due course of time. So, the fact or the statement that can be enumerated is that with the help of the following object, the health problems which are lurking back would disappear.


The legal principles that can be generated with the following application are that daily has certain of the compliances which are based on procedural notions. In comparison to the headspace which can bring mindfulness into the individuals, on a similar basis, daily in a similar way does so however following certain of the interventions in the long run.

Ranging on a scale it is at a range of 6, which again defines that some improvements are required to be made concerning the following application so that in the future, the device could be able to provide a productive notion (PW & I, 2016). In other words, the fact that can again be foretold is that with the help of the following object, the individuals who are not healthy or are in a traumatic situation would be helpful to a certain limit respectively. As such on an overall process, it can be helpful to state that the following device to a certain limit of the time, would prove advantageous to a certain degree of importance in the long run.

The implication that can henceforth be stated is that with the help of the following device the individuals had been able to make a curable practice in the future.

Privacy policy

The ‘privacy policy’ is the legal document that reveals the ways a user collects, utilizes, reveals and manages the client’s data. This personal information can be used to identify a person. These policies set out how people should collect and manage the personal information and steps people should take to protect these information. These privacy policies do not affect the confidentiality of the clients (Chaudhry, 2016).

HeadSpace: The “headspace National Youth Mental Health Foundation Ltd” (headspace) is responsible for protecting user’s privacy. When a user uses the headspace app it indicates that the user accepts all the privacy policies along with approving the collection and disclosure by the headspace app according to the conditions. The headspace app does not reveal any personal information to a third party without the consent of the user, unless it is required by law.

Headspace operates in metro, rural and regional areas of Australia. Headspace is responsible to eliminate all forms of discrimination and welcome diversity in health services. The app welcomes all persons irrespective of lifestyle, gender identity and choice.

Daylio: The ‘Daylio’ app offers the facility of maintaining a journal without actually writing it. This is a very quick responding app. The activity logs and the mood chart allow a user to link between the activity and mental state, which promotes the overall health of a person (Haradji et al., 2021). The Daylio app does not disclose these information to any other person. The terms and conditions are accepted by the user when he starts using the app.

Rating the applications it can be substantiated that the headspace is within a range of 1 to 6 and daylio is in a margin of 7. This adequately states that both the applications are to some extent helpful to a certain degree of importance in the long run respectively. This is related to the fact that in respect of health perspective, the fact is that both the applications have the capability to induce a differentiated form in the long run.


Codes of ethics

People are getting inspired across the world throughout the pandemic by the leadership of the app. The authenticity and visibility of the headspace app are lifting up the people and organizations during this difficult time. Now the world needs this. The app headspace and Daylio both particularly offer,

• Honest and authentic relationship with the followers.
• Value to the experience of the employees and the users.
• The environment where the employees and the users know that their contribution and opinions matter.
• Illustration the code of ethics in a proper way.

Communication with the users and the employees about the ethical policies of the app is important.

Information About Stakeholders

People join the mental health pledges, by being influenced by the commitment of these apps. But benefits in the business are the matter of concern also. The headspace app obeys that, “happy employee leads the healthy business”. Helping the people in this field requires some intense research on the people. The objectives are tbhe policies taken by them that , are beneficial for the users as well as for the reputation of the business. Their research shows,

• Nearly 40% of the people take a day off due to stress and depression.
• Nearly 30% of the people think that they suffer from depression.

The organization thinks business benefits lie in the employee engagement and sentiment. The level of anxiety and demand define the attitude of work, productivity level, accuracy and efficiency of an employee. It the organization takes care of the wholeness of a person then it contributes in the overall well-being of both the company and the user.

Consistent and Clear Information

Uncertainty leaves room for contradiction and inaccurate information. It is always important to provide with clear, frequent and reliable information. For example, the headspace app and their ‘people operations team’ collects weekly updates and verified information and set a fresh action plan accordingly. The managers should also be empowered by proper training that supports their team and further educate them.

Enforcement of the ethical policies

The implementation of the policies is more important than the making of policies. One headspace research showed that nearly 51% of the worker’s experience stress in their workplace over their personal lives. The another survey showed nearly 90% of the employees think their organization should present the mental health benefits to their dependents (PW & I, S, 2016).

So in this scenario the apps successfully offer the users a better service tio take care of the mental health. This considers the burnout problem, wellness stressors and invest in the mental health of the employees.
Activities according to the pledge

The headspace app hopes to make an impact on the mental health of the employees. The headspace research shows that almost 5 out of 10 employees are not happy about the mental health benefits their company offers them. The objective of the Daylio app is to help them find the proper resources they need (Lee et al., 2015). Some of the procedures the app follow to make them grow are,

  • They publically and visibly announce their pledge to their customers.
  • They share their plans to address the problems related to mental health internally.
  • They highlight the benefits and amplify the voice of their employees in the mental health concerns
  • They are able to set an example through their previous actions to handle mental health problem
  • Their activities encourage the outsiders to join their programs.

Conclusion and recommendations

There are still some questions about whether the users clearly understand the privacy policies and those policies help the users to get informed or not. A report published in 2002 showed that, the visual designs always have more influence than the privacy policies of the apps. Another report stated that when the privacy information are not prominent then the users prefer to use other applications. The privacy policies assure that, when a site or app hold those policies they will not share data with the third party without the consent. Critics also have the questions if the users even read the policies before using the app. A study showed that only 2% of the users carefully read the privacy policies.


In this critical time, when the whole world is suffering from a crisis and the pandemic is contributing positively to that, these two apps are contributing for the wellbeing of the people by helping them staying mentally fit. This is needed more in this time.

These apps should be more user friendly and the privacy policies should be clearer and easy to understand for the user. That would contribute positively in the customer experience and business benefit both.


Chaudhry, B. (2016). Daylio: mood-quantification for a less stressful you. Health, 2, 34-34. https://doi.org/10.21037/mhealth.2016.08.04

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Zhang, X., LIU, W., LU, Y., & LÜ, Y. (2018). Recent advances in the application of headspace gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. Chinese Journal Of Chromatography, 36(10), 962. https://doi.org/10.3724/sp.j.1123.2018.05013

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