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PUBH6006 Community Health and Disease Prevention Assignment Sample


Learning Outcomes

This assessment addresses the following learning outcomes:

1. Examine health promotion principle and strategies.
2. Apply concepts of community capacity building and empowerment
3. Integrate health promotion theories and public health frameworks into practice
4. Demonstrate clear and assertive communication across a range of settings and situations


Review one existing community-based health promotion program provided by your lecturer. Then use the assessment template to develop a report drawn from your critical analysis and applying theory into practice. The list of health promotion programs and the assessment template will be provided separately.

1. Critically explain the target group of the chosen program in the following topics based on the evidence derived from the chosen program. Use creditable evidence to support you point of view.

• Explain the target population of the chosen program in the context of community health.

• Explain the importance and significance of this prevention among the target population.

2. Use the following topics to critically analyse the appropriateness of the chosen program. Support your point of view with the evidence derived from the chosen program and creditable evidence.

• Aims and level of disease prevention of your chosen program.

• Health promotion strategies (Ottawa Charter strategies) that had been applied to the chosen program.

• Health promotion activities/interventions that had been incorporated into the chosen program such as lifestyle change program, health education session, screening test etc.

• Community capacity building and empowerment strategies (Laverack’s ladder) that had
been applied to chosen program.

• Main communication channels used in the chosen program.




Lung cancer has become a burning health concern in modern times due to the poor lifestyle quality of people and the rapid increase in addiction to cigarettes. Symptoms of lung diseases are difficult to understand, and people often avoid them. Check.protect.connect provides an opportunity for people to assess their lung health condition. This study focuses on analysing the health promotion intervention considered under Check.Protect.Connect program based on the Ottawa charter strategies. It includes a description of the aim of this program as well as the targeted population. Based on a conceptual framework, it evaluated the concept of community empowerment considered under this program.

Target population

Community health issues addressed by Check. Protect. Connect program are lung diseases and lung cancer. This program focuses on increasing awareness among the community regarding the symptoms of lung diseases. The targeted population of this program is not specific to age groups as this program tagged people who are suffering from lung diseases or people who are on the verge of developing acute lung disease or lung cancer (Lung Foundation Australia, 2021). This program targets Australia's population for making them access help for their lung diseases at the right time.

Lung cancer is the leading cause of death worldwide, and in the year 2012, lung cancer became the cause of death for 1.6 million people. As suggested by Parker et al. (2017) Severity of death due to lung cancer increases as per increase in age. The premature death, disability, and loss of productivity due to lung cancer cost $895 million in the year 2017. Thus it becomes necessary to prevent the severity of lung cancer through early diagnosis. As mentioned by Clark et al. (2020), online screening programs allow individuals to access necessary information for understanding symptoms of lung diseases. Lung cancer prevention is necessary for maintaining the wellbeing of individuals as well as increasing awareness regarding the health consequences associated with poor lung health.

Conceptual Framework of a Community-Based Program


Check.protect.connect program is developed by Lung Foundation Australia, and from the year 1990, this organization is promoting awareness regarding lung diseases among people (LungFoundationAustralia, 2021). This program developed by this foundation aims to increase awareness among people regarding lung diseases and their symptoms as well as the providing opportunity for equality in care for treating and diagnosing lung diseases.

Level of prevention and approach applied.

This program focuses on preventing the diversity of lung disease through increased awareness and engaging with people who are suffering from lung diseases. Making people aware of the necessary measures for maintaining good health of lungs is the primary approach for prevention considered under the program. The activities of this program are divided into three sections, including Check, protect and connect. In the check section, a checklist is provided to the user that allows the user to identify lung diseases (LungFoundationAustralia, 2021). On the other hand, in the protection section, this program allows users access to advice regarding immunization and areas about health concerns needed to be communicated with the health professionals. Whereas in the connecting section, this program means regular communication with people suffering from lung diseases to ensure needed care and support. Health literacy is the approach applied in this program. As stated by Nehemiah and Reinke (2020), health literature allows increasing the capacity of individuals to understand basic health information. Based on their approaches, the support services of the program include communication with respiratory care nurses, communication with lung cancer support nurses, and other lung disease support groups. Further support for regular exercises for people having serious lung conditions also falls under the service provided under this program.

Explanation of health promotion strategies through Ottawa charter strategies

Ottawa charter health has been developed for achieving health promotion for the areas mentioned by the World health organization (WHO) for the betterment of community health. As per this charter, essential resources of good health include peace and shelter as well as education. Further stability income, availability of resources, and equity also fall under the essential resources as per the charter (Betterhealth, 2021). Strategies for health promotion mentioned under this charter include advocacy, enabling, and mediating. Advocacy approaches of health promotion focus on favourable conditions in terms of environment, cultural and social equity, and economic stability.

On the other hand, enabling a focus on ensuring equality in health services through a supportive environment. Whereas meditating focuses on prerequisite the prospects of health that cannot be addressed by the health sector alone. This strategy ensures coordination of better health service providers and the government for the delivery of health care aids. Based on these strategies, promotions activities under Check.protect.connect programs can be evaluated. The advocacy focuses on enhancing people regarding the right care, which is done through the check stage of this programmer.

On the other hand, enabling people to avail the right facilities within protecting strategy of this program where people are provided an opportunity to communicate with health service providers to access aid. On the other hand, mediating focuses on maintaining coordination which is included under the connect stage of health promotion under this program. Ottawa charter focuses on priorities of health for delivering successful health promotion (Betterhealth, 2021). These areas include building public health policy, creating a supportive environment, strengthening community-based activities as well as developing personal skills, and on the other hand, reorienting health services and moving into a healthy future fall under prioritisation areas under the charter. These areas are considered under the Check, protect, connect program. This program focuses on enhancing public awareness and allowing people to access the required assistance to cope with lung diseases. Further, to avoid issues due to lack of support services to individuals diagnosed with lung diseases and cancer through the science strategies, this program allows supportive aid to people.

Analysis of health promotion activities

The health promotion activities considered under the Check, protect, connect program are based on increasing health literacy and bringing positive lifestyle changes. Health promotion activities considered under the program falls under the criteria of health education and lifestyle change. As opined by Pizon (2019), health education allows people to identify which habits are good and bad for health. Health education allows improving health awareness among people and reducing risk behaviors. Check, protect, connect programs focus on increasing health awareness among people regarding maintaining a healthy lifestyle for avoiding lung diseases. The services provided under the program include special services for users with lung cancer. The other support service provides an expert opinion regarding health conditions and allows users to identify the symptoms of lung disease. As per the views of Haber (2019), health awareness regarding the activities that lead to health wellbeing provides an opportunity for healthy aging. The severity of lung disease in spread the overall age groups, thus guiding people for bringing healthy changes and identification of symptoms at the right time fall under the primary health promotion activities of this program. Health promotion activities considered under this program for best assignment help, focus on improving lifestyle quality of service users for reducing occurrence of lung diseases.

Concept of community empowerment

The strategies considered under Check, protect, and connect program focus on sustaining individuals' awareness of lung diseases. Based on Lavarack’s ladder, this community empowerment made through the strategies considered under the program can be defined. The primary motive of Lavarack’s ladder is to increase community-based interaction that leads to community empowerment. In the considered health promotion program, lavarack’s ladder is applied for establishing interaction between health professionals and people for making them understand that the symptoms of lung diseases and healthy lifestyle need for prohibiting lung diseases. As mentioned by Starns(2019), equality is care facilities that allow delivery services equally to individuals. This program also focuses on maintaining equality by ensuring accessibility of health assistance services to users.

In community programs, communication channels play a vital role in understanding communication needs. As mentioned by Swanwick & McKimm (2017), communication allows understanding the needs based on the need for health interventions that can be further developed. In the Check.Protect.Connect program the service users are communicated through online platforms as well as media platforms. The media platform is utilized for making users aware of the changes in services, and the online platform for making people access the services. Based on the forms filled up through online platforms, different services are provided to users as per their health needs. Online platforms allow better engagement with service users. Online platform provides opportunity to engaging with large target group.


Thus it can be concluded that the Check, protect, connect program focus on maintaining user interaction through online communication platforms. This program includes advocacy, enabling, and mediation of an approach to understanding the risk behaviours that lead to lung diseases. This program allows people to understand the symptoms, whether they have any lung disease or not. Further, this program ensures advocacy that helps to rescue lung cancer which has been a burning health concern. This program includes advocacy as well as focus on enhancing health care policy as well as assistance by ensuring support for people dealing with lung diseases.


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