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DATA6000 Industry Research Report 4 Sample

Assessment Description

In order to synthesise what you have learnt in your Analytics degree you need to submit an industry research report. This report needs to:

1. Outline a business industry problem that can be addressed through data analytics

2. Apply descriptive and predictive analytics techniques to the business problem

3. Provide recommendations addressing the business problem with reference to by data visualisations and outputs

4. Communicate these recommendations to a diverse audience made up of both analytics and business professionals within the report

Assessment Instructions

In your report please follow the below structure.

1. Executive Summary (100 words)

• Summary of business problem and data-driven recommendations

2. Industry Problem (500 words)

• Provide industry background

• Outline a contemporary business problem in this industry

• Argue why solving this problem is important to the industry

• Justify how data can be used to provide actionable insights and solutions

• Reflect on how the availability of data affected the business problem you eventually chose to address.

3. Data processing and management (300 words)

• Describe the data source and its relevance

• Outline the applicability of descriptive and predictive analytics techniques to this data in the context of the business problem

• Briefly describe how the data was cleansed, prepared and mined (provide one supporting file to demonstrate this process)

4. Data Analytics Methodology (400 words)

• Describe the data analytics methodology and your rationale for choosing it

• Provide an Appendix with additional detail of the methodology

5. Visualisation and Evaluation of Results (300 words not including visuals)

• Visualise descriptive and predictive analytics insights

• Evaluate the significance of the visuals for addressing the business problem

• Reflect on the efficacy of the techniques/software used

6. Recommendations (800 words)

• Provide recommendations to address the business problem with reference to data visualisations and outputs

• Effectively communicate the data insights to a diverse audience

• Reflect on the limitations of the data and analytics technique

• Evaluate the role of data analytics in addressing this business problem

• Suggest further data analytics techniques, technologies and plans which may address the business problem in the future

7. Data Ethics and Security (400 words)

• Outline the privacy, legal, security and ethical considerations relevant to the data analysis

• Reflect on the accuracy and transparency of your visualisations

• Recommend how data ethics needs to be considered if using further analytics technologies and data to address this business problem


Executive Summary

The business strategy works as a backbone which leads the business achieve desired goals leading towards profit and secures the future decision making in a competitive market. The airline industry serves many purposes and the problem arises in the industry of customer satisfaction affects most of them. For assignment help, The solution for the problem is to analyses the customer satisfaction rate by different services airline is offering to the passengers. The analysis will be conducted for the services offered by the airline business industry for their customers or passengers during travel to analyze the satisfaction rate which can outline the key components which are affecting their business and reason for the customer dissatisfaction rate.

Industry Problem

Airline industry consists of number of services during travel to the passengers where the services for customers are paid with the business partners. The services offered for the passengers as well as the cargo via different modes including jets, helicopters and airlines. The airlines is one of the known businesses in the travel industry which offers services to the passengers to use their spaces by renting out to the travelers.

Contemporary business problems

There are multiple challenges comes in the aviation industry which includes:

• Fuel Efficiency
• Global Economy
• Passenger satisfaction
• Airline infrastructure
• Global congestion
• Technological advancement
• Terrorism
• Climate change

Figure 1 Industry issues

These contemporary problems affect most in the travel industry specially for the airlines. The mostly faced business problem in the airline is the passenger satisfaction which affects the business most as compares to all other problems.

The airline enterprise has been an important piece of the British financial system for many centuries. Through innovation and invention, the British led to the sector in travel aviating in the course of the Industrial Revolution. Inventions which include the spinning jenny, water frame, along with water-powered spinning mill had been described as all British innovations.

The style and airline enterprise in England, Wales, and Scotland employs around 500,000 humans, made from 88,000 hired in the aviating unit, 62,000 in the wholesale unit, and 413,000 in the retail sector. There had been 34, that is 1/2 groups running within the UK style and airline area in the year 2020, throughout the services, transporting, and aviating sectors of the travel industry.

As the airline and transporting in the marketplace in UK keeps act as rebound, each production and intake of customers and passengers are starts thriving, the quantity of undesirable apparel is likewise soaring, and is turning into certainly considered one among the most important demanding situations for the environmental and financial sustainability within the UK.

According to the latest studies performed through UK grocery store chain Sainsbury’s, customers within the UK are anticipated to throw away round 680 million portions of garb this coming spring, because of updating their wardrobes for the brand new season in the aviation sector. Within the heap of undesirable apparel, an amazing inflation of 235 million apparel gadgets are anticipated to become in landfill, inflicting a massive terrible effect for the business environment (Ali et.al., 2020).

The survey additionally suggests that every UK client will eliminate a mean of nineteen apparel objects this year, out of which the seven might be thrown directly into the bin in United Kingdom. Over 49% of the human beings puzzled within the passengers are surveyed and believed tired or grimy apparel gadgets that cannot be donated for services, prompting the travelling and services enterprise to induce the general public to set them apart there from their used products for services offering regardless of the desired quality (Indra et.al., 2022).

Furthermore, one in six respondents that is claimed that they've inadequate time to be had or can not be troubled to the various type and recycle undesirable apparel gadgets, at the same time as 6% raise in the apparel demand in the market that can be recycled for the fresh start up of the lifes of travel industry. The industry is now indulging in the various effective activities in creating the elements through recycling of the cloth for the sustainability of the environment.

Airline services is turning into one in all the largest demanding situations for the environmental and financial sustainability across the world. The UK isn’t the most effective one; different nations also are notably contributing towards the issue – over 15 million tonnes of the passengers travelling is produced each year within the United States, at the same time as an large 9.35 million tonnes of passengers services are being landfilled within the European Union every year for the sustainability.

Data processing and management

Data Source

The data chosen for the exploratory data analysis on the airline industry is from Kaggle which consists of different airline services offered to the passengers including attributes:

Id, Gender, Customer type, age, class of travel, satisfaction and satisfaction rate which are the main attributes on which analyses is performed to analyses the passenger satisfaction rate towards the airline industry. The visualizations on the attributes are performed to describe the services passengers mostly liked during travel and the satisfaction rate they have provided to the services availed by them.

Figure 2 Airline industry dataset

Applicability of descriptive and predictive analytics

The descriptive and predictive analytics is done in order to provide better decisions for future by analyzing the past services. The descriptive analytics is done to describe the company positives and negatives happened in their services by which customer satisfaction rate is increased or decreased where the predictive analytics is totally based upon descriptive analytics to provide the potential future outcomes from the actions analyzed combining all the problems and finding a solution for the future in order to reduce the negatives and provide better future outcomes.

Data cleaning

The data processing was done by removing and dropping of the columns not required for the analysis. Data consists of some not required attributes which has no use in the analysis which are dropped. Further data cleaning was done by checking of the null values and filling of the space so that no noise can be raised during the analysis and visualizing the data attributes (Sezgen et.al., 2019). The data mining is done by extracting out all the necessary information of the services provided to the passengers by comparing them to the satisfaction sentiment provided by the passengers to predict the satisfaction rate on each and every service availed by them which makes it easy for the company to look for each and every service offered by them.

Data Analytics Methodology


Python is used in the analysis of the business industry problem of airline passenger satisfaction. Python is mostly used and known for managing and creating structures of data quickly and efficiently. There are multiple libraries in python which were used for effective, scalable data analytics methodology including


Pandas is used for reading different forms of data which is data manipulating library used for handling data and managing it in different ways. The pandas used in the data analytics to store, manage the airline data and perform data different operations upon it by processing and cleaning of data.


This library of python is used for extracting out all the data information in the form of plots and charts with the help of NumPy which is used to manage all the mathematical operations upon data to describe data in statistical manner and matplotlib presents all the operations using plots and charts.


This python library is also used to describe the data insights into different graphs and charts but in an interactive way using various colors and patterns upon the data which makes a data more attractive and easier to understand. These graphs generated are very attractive and can be used by businesses to describe as their efficiency in the business to the customers to travel with them (Noviantoro, and Huang, 2022).

The methodology details are further attached in the Appendix to describe in brief the methodology used for the data analytics and the predictions and calculations happened upon the data in descriptive and predictive analytics techniques using python programming language.

Visualization and Evaluation of Results

Results of the passenger satisfaction

The results of the analysis and visualization depicts the satisfaction as the binary classification where the dissatisfaction rate cannot be measured by neutral category by airline industry also measuring the aspects of the flight location, ticket price, missing in the data which can be a major aspect in analysis (Tahanisaz, 2020).

The results depict that airline provides increased satisfaction rate to the business travellers and passengers more as compared to the personal passengers. The services which are mostly disliked or the passengers were dissatisfied with were online booking and seat comfort which should be taken as priority by airline industry with the departure on time and the inflight services to tackle such issues as passengers appear to be the sensitive in aspects of such issues (Hayadi et.al., 2021).


Figure 3 Satisfaction results

Figure 4 Satisfaction by gender

Figure 5 Satisfaction by customer type

Figure 6 Satisfaction by services

Figure 7 Satisfaction by total score

Figure 8 Satisfaction by total score for personal travellers

Figure 9 Satisfaction by total score for business travellers

Figure 10 Data correlation heatmap

Significance of the visuals in business

Visuals depicts and communicate in a clear manner and defines the ideas to cost up the business and sort most of the business-related issues by analyzing and visualizing the data insights for future decision makings. Visuals manages the cost, time and customers for the business perspective.

Efficacy of Python Programming

The python programming language used for the visualization and analytics on the airline industry passenger satisfaction with the Jupyter notebook IDE and the Anaconda Framework. The python is very efficient in comparison to other analytics methods because it gives more efficient syntax as it is high level language and provides better methods to analyses and visualize data.


Ideally that is apparel that gains the maximizes high quality and minimises terrible environmental, social and financial affects along with its delivery and price chain. Airlines is sustainable does now no longer adversely affect the nature of purchasing behavior of human beings or the planet in its manufacturing, transport, retail or travel of lifestyles management in today's era.

A variety of realistic examples of the sustainable apparel are at the marketplace. These range within the degree of sustainability development they obtain that specialize in surroundings, honest alternate and hard work problems to various extents (Shah et.al, 2020). Some examples of movements to enhance the sustainability of apparel are: apparel crafted from licensed services food drinks, beverages, the use of organic and healthy food; departures that permit us to apply much less strength whilst services our customer satisfaction and are much less polluting; foods and drinks with the books for the passengers keep the use of much less strength that is garb reused at quit of existence on the second one hand market; cleanliness apparel recovered at give up of existence to be travel again into greater apparel; Fair Trade licensed online bookings allowing greater equitable buying and selling conditions, making sure hard work requirements are adhered to continue the exercise and stopping exploitation. Sustainability is critical due to the fact all of the selections that is pursued and all of the movements that make nowadays will have an effect on the entirety withinside the future or upcoming time. consequently interruption of the make sound selections at today's era so that it will keep away from restricting the selections of generations to come over here for the growth and development in the aviation sector. The motives for the environmental destruction are specifically because of populace ranges, intake, generation and the financial system. The trouble in considering the worldwide surroundings that has much less to do with populace increase in the demand than it does with stages of intake through the ones living in the airline industry (Gorzalczany et.al., 2021).

The courting among the inexperienced advertising and marketing creates the motion and client conduct is a vital subject matter to an extensive variety of the situational areas. Sustainability idea can't be finished with out related to the client. The key position of client behavior (and family client behavior in particular) in riding with the business or external environmental effect has long been recognized. In the end, it's miles the customers who dictate in which the marketplace will go to baggage handling the items. Passenger want and desires create a cycle of client demand and supply of the inflight services, business enterprise catering to that demand, and finally, stays for the client recognition with the acquisition of products within the online boarding services. The assessment of this look at ought to help in advertising and marketing efforts with the aid of using the green style strains and their information of client conduct. It may also help style airline businesses in figuring out whether or not or now no longer to provide an green line. The airline enterprise’s consciousness is one of the reasonably-priced productions and distribution of the services without giving an idea to its effect at the environment (Tsafarakis et.al., 2018).

Data Ethics and Security

Privacy, legal, security, and ethical considerations

The data of any business industry is taken under ethical measuremnts to secure the safety and privacy of the customers personal information. Considering privacy,s ecurity and legal issues data access is the major thing to be consider which provides freedom for the business to use the data for their requirements but the unauthorized access to the data and information may cause harm to business as well as the privacy of the customers and clients in business industry (North et.al., 2019).

Accuracy and transparency of visualizations

The visualization made accurately by applying machine learning models training on the data of the airline inudtry which makes sure to analyse data accurately and efficiently by describing the accurate data insights through visuals.

Ethics in adddressing future business problem

Set of designs and practices upon data regarding solving business issues can be used with the ethical principles to use data with confidentiality which do not harm the privacy of the customers and individuals and results in a way which is communicable by everyone to connect with the data insights and visuals with consistency.


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