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MIS102 Data and Networking Assignment Sample

Assignment Brief

Individual/Group assignment
Length - 1500 words

Task Summary

Create a network disaster recovery plan (portfolio) (1500 words, 10%-or 10%+) along with a full network topology diagram. This portfolio should highlight the competencies you have gained in data and networking.


The aim of this assessment is to demonstrate your proficiency in data and networking. In doing so, you will design a network disaster recovery plan for a company of your choice to demonstrate your proficiency with network design.

Task Instructions

1. Create a network disaster recovery plan (portfolio) along with a full network topology diagram for a company. (the choice of a company can be a local or international company)

2. It is recommended that to investigate the same company that was researched in Assignment 1 as this created a complete portrait of the company and becomes an e- portfolio of the work complete.

3. Network disaster recovery plan (portfolio)

Write a network disaster recovery plan using of 1500 words, (10%-or 10%+) The Portfolio must include the following:

An introductory section that highlights the importance of having a recovery plan.

• What steps should the company take if:

1. There is a sudden internet outage.

2. A malware (e.g. a virus) has infected the computers in the company network.

3. There is no local area network for the entire company Is there a way to diagnose if this is a hardware failure. What communication protocol stack might be affected.

4. Only a part of the company loses internet connection.

5. There is a power outage.

6. There is a natural disaster such as an earthquake, tsunami, floods or fire.

7. There is a password security breach.

• Are there precautions and post-planning to ensure that the company will not repeat the same network disaster?

• Anticipate the likely questions about the network design that will be raised by the client (Please note that this may include both technical and non-technical staff of the organization).

4. Network topology diagram

• Create a full network topology diagram, which could ensure the business continuity of the company.

• The diagrams need to be your own work and need to be developed using Visio or Lucid chart or an approved graphic package. (Please seek the approval of the learning facilitator prior to commencing this activity).

• All diagrams need to be labelled and referenced if they are not your own.

• The full network topology will be part of the network disaster recovery plan and should be used to further enhance the understanding of the recovery plan.


Network Disaster Recovery Plan (Portfolio)


The network infrastructure is a very crucial requirement of every business in the market for IT assignment. Many things need to be done for a successful business-like Walmart and different aspects need to be analyzed because network infrastructure is used for communication purposes daily. This study is about the network disaster recovery plan that explains what needs to be done in case any disaster occurs. This study enables us to analyze and evaluate different factors of development for Walmart and prepare an effective plan for the management of numerous activities. Walmart is an American multinational company that deals with retail operations by creating a chain of supermarkets that provide the user with goods and products at a discounted rate and serve them as department stores and grocery stores all over the world.  

Network disaster recovery plan

The network disaster recovery plan is used in the market for businesses as a backup plan that can be used for any kind of disaster by recovering the entire network of a company like Walmart. The crucial part of a network disaster recovery plan is identifying the weak links and the loopholes of the network ?generating the list of vulnerabilities to risks ?planning to mitigate these risks using suitable measures and specifying the backup (Froehlich, 2019).

• Aspects of this plan

? In case of any power supply, internet failure, or system failure taking place in Walmart, the company needs to analyze what kind of response is required from the staff. The employees can use different measures in addition to handling offline customers and registering their orders. This company right now has a stable market but in case of such a situation, employees and staff need to corporate. In case of any internet outrage or downtime for a small duration, this might affect Walmart but with a low impact.

At this stage, Walmart can use the direct communication method with the employees to provide them the prior information about the opening and closing of the stores and the change in working culture for a limited period (Finucane et al., 2020).

? In case of any malware or virus affecting the devices such as the computers of Walmart, a complete shutdown takes place and the operations must be blocked. For this, Walmart needs to perform a regular scan of the viruses on their computers using the anti-virus software. They should also ensure that the current system has no malware and that updates need to be performed regularly (Pandey et al., 2018).

? In case of the absence of a local area network for the entire Walmart then there is an interruption in the communication between different devices of the Walmart network. These interruptions may take place due to poor wiring that results in weak signal strength.

? If a single part of a company loses the connections to the other network, transmission and receiving of crucial information get blocked. For such a situation companies like Walmart need to prepare by using a backup plan to protect themselves from cyber-attacks.

? Power Failure is another disaster that can take place in Walmart which brings the entire system down. Customers who are shopping offline need to take some restroom. For digital payments, some extra time needs to be provided and the transaction can take place in cash.

? In case of any natural disaster such as an earthquake, flood or fire take place, it is the crucial responsibility of Walmart to ensure the safety of one and all customers by collecting them to a safe place with the help of local bodies and relief organizations. Some food and water must be provided along with the use of anti-measures such as fire extinguishers in case of emergency.

? In case of a password security breach, the issue needs to be reported to the higher authorities as soon as possible. This might lead to the stealing of crucial and sensitive information such as customers' email addresses and payment information of debit cards or credit cards to perform fraud and ransom. This can be eliminated in avoiding by using strong passwords and using software such as firewalls and intrusion detection systems to minimize the impact on the business (Dhirani, Armstrong & Newe, 2021).

• Precautions and preventive measures

The Walmart Company has a very clear vision to provide the department item and grocery items to the customers with an extensive menu of a wide range of goods and product. The key feature of Walmart are quality products, timely delivery, healthy and fresh products, and ease in ordering and delivering items to the doorstep its chain of supermarkets are easily available in every locality. The first parameter required by Walmart firm is the internet connection which has proper bandwidth and low delay time. This is because communication is a very crucial part of any business and it needs to be analyzed carefully in the case of Walmart to record and implement the customer feedback to improve the quality of the service delivered. With the help of an effective communication technique, the negative feedback environment of the customers can be converted to positive critics (Network Disaster Recovery Plan, 2022).

The second is to use the outpouring protectors and the incessant service of power supply along with the availability of power backup to the hardware because this can save the time consumption of Walmart and protect the data by eliminating the vulnerabilities of Cyber thread by safely shutdown the system as well as the server of the Walmart.

The third is the accountability of the staff for the surrounding area and training them with this quality to take care of their task. In case of any employee of Walmart notice anything wrong or suspicious in their surrounding area, they are required to report it to the higher authorities and try to fix it faster. Communication is a critical process that needs to be implemented with the team members to understand the needs of the customers can be enhanced for a better future (Ghasempour, 2019).

The issues in the Wi-Fi internet connectivity is might be a problematic subject but such issues as low speed, poor quality, and frequent disconnections might fail Walmart to serve its customers. This requires a good and stable connection to the internet with the integration of hardware and software devices.
In case of any cyber-attack or risk that is a direct challenge to the sensitive data of the company as well as the customers the precautions required are to identify the hacking activity such as Trojan or Malware, with the need for strong network security levels, and a network monitoring tool. In case of any disaster strikes, the team members of the Walmart and customers need to analyze any evacuation plan with the regular drills required to ensure overall safety (Lin, 2019).

• Questionnaires about the network design

1. What will be the cyber threats and risks that might be faced?
Cyber threats are increasing with technological advancements. The probable cyber Threads are fishing Malware and somewhere, as well injection denial of service, a man-in-the-middle attack, butter flow, and password attack using brute force or dictionary method full stop these are the malicious attacks which are deliberately performed to steal data, breach financially sources and identity (Jaramillo, 2018).

2. What is best for me and how will I decide?

For the best network design with effective communication and high load-bearing capacity, it is understanding to evaluate the building infrastructure that provides an idea about the current networking environment. It allows us to connect with potential customers about their requirements and manage the website hosting operation. Now the business is open to search sections and Walmart might find it interesting.

3. What are your thoughts about the wireless technology of internet connection?

This can be a tricky question because the wireless technology of the internet connection is a fast-working operation facility providing methods with less complexity as no cable or wire is required to connect different devices in the network. But the wide connection provides a reliable and stable connection that is more complex but less costly than wireless. Also, the wireless network allows us to work through the obstacles like the wall with good signal strength and quality internet connection.
Network Topology Diagram


Figure 1 Network topology diagram for Walmart firm


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