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PROJ6000 Principles of Project Management Assignment Sample

Assessment 1 - Project Management Lifecycle (PML) Opinion Post

Context: The project management lifecycle (PML) is an important component of project management methodology. It incorporates several areas of knowledge from the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBoK) and it affects and interacts with the application of PMBoK in a project. Different stages of the PML may require focussing on different areas of the PMBoK, and project managers need to assess the PML for their project to identify possible risks, plan for resourcing and commence communicating with stakeholders.

This Online Assignment Help Requires That You Answer The Following Question: “What areas of the PMBoK are affected by the Project Management Lifecycle the most and how do we ensure alignment between the lifecycle of the project and the implementation of PMBoK in projects?”.

To Answer This Question, You Will Need To: (a) Post a 600 word response to this question, based on your opinion, to the Discussion Forum on the learning portal. (b) Respond to one other student post by critiquing their opinion and comparing it with yours in 200 words. The online custom essay help requires that you critically read and interpret both the Project Management Lifecycle and the PMBoK.

Instructions: 1. Read about the PMBoK and the Project Management Lifecycle to familiarise yourself with their fundamental concepts. Critically reflect on your readings to form an opinion of both. Commence writing your opinion to answer the question and support that opinion by using at least six (6) references from academic or industry literature. Cite these references in your opinion of 600 words both in-text and as a reference list at the end of your opinion piece. The word count does not include the reference list and is +/-10%. 



The outcome of this work is to discuss and analyze the Project Management Lifecycle, project management knowledge areas, and their relationship in terms of project management. The project management includes a code of conduct that helps the team members and project managers to successfully umbilicus the responsibilities and ethics. Furthermore, the works also include the application of the project selection methods through and by the use of real-life project case in point [ Hartley,2018].


Project management is a technique of accomplishing the goal line as per the needs of a business by applying techniques, skills, tools, and methodologies to project activities to achieve the goal.Project management holds project management tools, software, and a body of knowledge.[Wells, 2015]

PMBOK framework consists of 10 knowledge areas, 5 process groups, and 47 PM (project management) processes. Initiating, Planning, Executing, Managing and Controlling, and Closing are the 5 process group. In other words, the project management lifecycle is the cycle of managing a project.While Unification, Time, Quality, Acquisition, Human resources, Communications, the scope of work, Cost, Management of risks, Management of Stakeholders are the 10 knowledge areas of Project Management. The understandings of all these knowledge areas by the project managers crucial role, and thus proper management is required. Also, play will provide him complete familiarity with the project as every single knowledge area dealing with either a part or all of the processes [Marion, 2019].

Knowledge Areas:

? Time: Here, attention to planning the time required to complete the project or a part of the project the overall sequence of work, and the duration of the project.

? Cost: Here, the overall expenditures to complete the project calculate. The estimation of the total project cost calculates to simplify the task.

? Management of Stakeholders: The identification of the stakeholders with their requirements and role in the project performance. The edition of the standard will be ensured.

? Management of Risk: Here, The quantitative or qualitative risk is associated with project management.

? Communication: Here, the project plans by the project manager make followed by the establishment of effective communication of it to the team members perform.

? Scope of Work: Here, the proper outlines about the project with the purpose and what will include in the project. On that basis, only preparation of all the requirements and basic structure of the project [Project Management Institute, 2017].

? Human Resources: Here, to complete the project firstly, gathering of all available resources and group them to perform. For smooth and correct workflows proper management of the additional skills of our team members.

? Quality: Here, using the quality control and management stages of the project quality performs. That will confirm the expectations of the customer.

? Unification: The first step is gathering all information about PMBOK to manage the project.

? Acquisition: Here, for access requirements of all for acquiring the process work, obtaining, and managing perform. That makes it easy to finish the project at the mentioned time.


Project alignment helps us to ensure that all the resources are assigned properly to stakeholders. Few steps are:

1. Evaluating The Project:

An organization needs to understand the overall strategy and goals for the smooth running of a project by understanding the overall strategy of the project by team members.

2. Consulting Stakeholders:

The project is implemented only after considering the ideas and opinions of stakeholders. This will help us in better understanding the project according to the current situation and to make strategies accordingly.

3. Making The Decisions:

Decision-makers should be able to decide in "Yes" or "No" with confidence.

4. Priorities are Given Accordingly.

Part B

The mathematical calculations method was adopted by him. Because in the study he is comparing three comparisons between Canada visa, Australia Visa, and finding jobs in India. As per the output, I would agree on migration to Australia because spouses can go with us, and the payment rate is also higher than Canada, and it is a diverse country. But as many risks are there which cannot be neglected like strict rules are there, chances of successfulness of project is low, getting of Permanent residence nowadays is getting harder. Therefore, I disagree with this methodology used by him. I would like to select PRINCE 2 methodology because of the flexibility of working at any location, size, scale, and sector. It defines the roles and responsibilities of each member of the team clearly which makes it easier to work with. It is available at low prices so that students can easily avail themselves of it. In short, it saves both time and energy [Davidson, J. 2019].

This approach has adaptability, consistency, good communication with stakeholders, and above all, it has a business emphasis approach. Therefore, it is the best methodology to work with by overcoming its demerits easily. It can better manage and easily overcome all the challenges and issues regarding time and money.


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