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MGT502 Business Communication 1 B Report Sample


This assessment has been prescribed to appraise your’ ability to think critically and form an argument supported by evidence. It allows you to demonstrate your ability to understand the material you are using and to apply it in ways that go beyond what has been read.

This assessment has been designed to:

• Appraise your ability to critically evaluate academic and other research to form an argument on an organisational topic that is supported by evidence.

• Enhance your writing skills so they are able to form persuasive and convincing arguments and communicate them effectively.

The resources used in Assessment 1 Part A Annotated Bibliography are expected to be utilised in
this assessment to support the argument.


1. Write a critical argument up to a page on the topic selected in Assessment 1 Part A.

2. Use the annotated bibliography resources from Assessment 1 Part A for sourcing evidence and ideas for your argument. Review the resources critically and select at least 5 to be used as references for this assessment.

3. Please consider the following factors, when forming the argument:

• A good argument is convincing whereby the premises are acceptable, the supporting evidence is relevant to the claim and provides sufficient grounds for acceptance of the claim.

• You will be expected to form an academic and financial argument in favour, or against, utilizing the communications solution in the modernworkplace.

• Make a clear point and justify it.

4. Please structure your argument as follows:

• Title page

• Introduction: provide a short introduction with a claim.

• Main body: with a logical structure including supporting evidence from academic sources.

• Conclusion: a concise conclusion which restates your claim and summarises your argument.

• References: please provide the reference list on a separate page.

5. Please use at least 5 in-text citations. Indicate logical connections and use connecting words

6. You are strongly advised to read the rubric, which is an evaluation guide with criteria for grading your assignment—this will give you a clear picture of what a successful forming an argument looks like.


It is essential that you use appropriate APA style for citing and referencing research. Please see more information on referencing in the Academic Skills webpage.



Enterprises have responded to Covid-19 restrictions by limiting physical interactions and thereby adopting intensive technological interventions that not only enables remote working but also enhancing collaboration and communication. For Assignment Help, Microsoft Teams is among the most common solutions for enabling business communication and collaboration, based on the remarks mentioned in the preceding assessment. Over 500,000 companies, comprising 91 of the Top 100, utilized Microsoft teams (Spataro, 2020). This assessment will argue about the use case, the benefits and the financial consequences of using it.


Organizational strategies

According to Anttalainen, T., & Jaaskelainen, V. (2014), modern digital communication strategies have transformed the internal communication strategies of the business by focusing on real-time, segmented and specialised messaging tactics. According to Kologiannidis and Kontsas (2021), the manner of communication utilised in a company has a significant impact on the final product yields since it affects employees' peformance. Harkiolakis et al., (2012) discuss how different means of internal communication might assist organisations in establishing work cooperation and team communication between managers and employees.

Employee Collaboration & Networking

Employees can create a multitude of channels on Teams for specific discussion such as product launches, key events and undertakings, discussion of new ideas. It also enables employees to settle workplace conflict-related team issues and fosters buy-in from a variety of teams. Instant communication, chats, file sharing, SharePoint support and audio telephony enables employees for quick and strategic discussion as well as conduct full-fledged team meetings. This otherwise needs to be conducted in an ad-hoc fashion combining several solutions, disrupting the efficient workflow practises of an otherwise successful cohesive team. Apart from the aforementioned, Microsoft Teams offers a high level of security & compliance in addition to being a comprehensive and extensively customizable productivity suite (Fitzgerald et al., 2012).

Financial Performance & Viability

Microsoft Teams enables organisations to incorporate sale automation capabilities including both their customers and internal teams, resulting in a significant reduction in service and product marketing costs and, as a consequence, an increase in profitability (Vincent & Mukesh Kumar, 2014). Petrescu, (2014) stated that online communication platforms, including such Microsoft Teams, are working to improve digital innovations, digitalisation, and design thinking and organisational market values. This is done by attempting to resolve various types of problems at the workplace shared by marketing personnel, technical staff, as well as R&D personnel. Resilience, performance, productivity, and profitability are all enhanced by frictionless and cohesive organisational departments. By leveraging Microsoft Power Automate Flow, Microsoft teams offers automated attendant bots (Kumar & Nungonda, 2019). As a result, businesses may easily sell various products directly to customers without having to go through a middleman. By increasing employee engagement, improved digital communication via Microsoft Teams could help stimulate employee innovation. Employee creativity is directly linked to increased business viability and revenues.


Advanced communication systems, including such Microsoft Teams, were discovered to provide a variety of financial benefits, including time savings, growth, hyper-connectivity, real-time communication, including cost-cutting measures in lieu of product marketing, hence maximizing business revenue. As a result, an organisation that uses such digital platforms can successfully improve their organisational performance.


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