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PROJ6009 Business Process Management and System Assignment Sample

• Business Process Analytical Plan: “As-Is & To-Be” mapping.

Words limits Part A: 1500 words per report

Learning Outcomes:

1. Critically analyse the role of management information systems in sustaining successful organisations.

2. Critically evaluate approaches to business process management and systems, their associated risks and implementation processes.

3. Establish and justify governance processes for business process management change to ensure that all stakeholders are considered in technology change decisions

Instructions for best online assignment help:

In this assessment, the students will begin with identifying a process case in a professional working environment. The case can be from an organisation or a project the students participated in before.

To prepare for this assessment:

• Review Modules 1, 2 and 3
• Identify a case from any industrial sector (production or service industry) you experienced.

Business Process Analytical Plan

Choose a realistic and detailed organisation or project, and analyse the Business Process Management (BPM) methods and techniques taught in the first three modules.

Students are required to work on a process analytical plan (including As-Is and To-Be process mapping). In your analysis, consider and include the following:

• Critically analyse the role of business process management in your chosen case study

• Critically evaluate approaches to business process management and systems, their associated risked and implementation processes


The Business process analytical plan contains:

• Business or project process briefing
• Case based business or project process mappings (As-Is and To-Be)
• Critical analysis on two mappings where are applicable: Good Bad and Ugly; Costs and

Benefits; Advantages and Disadvantages; Feasibility and Sensitivity etc.



Global digitalization has influenced businesses such as healthcare to develop their system into digital technology. This is based on information system technology and business processing. Different organizations have already developed their own information system, for business management and operation. Royal Perth Hospital or RPH is one of the largest hospitals in Western Australia. They have a huge consumer base in the Australian healthcare system. Approximately 42% of whole healthcare in Australia, is spending for hospitals (Industrial Automation Asia, 2022). The organization is planning to adopt advanced digital technology into their business. In this report, different business processes mapping is discussed with critical analysis. On the other hand, the “as is & to be” model will present a better visual structure of new organizational development plan.

Business or Project Process Briefing

Royal Perth Hospital has developed an efficient system of healthcare in Western Australia. They have implemented four major business processes. These are, customer service, operations processes, management process, and Human resource process. It includes all the essential and secondary stakeholders into the system. They have appointed efficient and experienced engineers to maintain the IT infrastructure. The efficiency and business growth must satisfy that structure through maintenance of infrastructure and IT solutions (Leignel et al., 2016). In Australia, digitalization investments have a grown itself in last few years. The business process with efficient management system will improve overall business growth and sustainability. This has a clear objective of building efficient system with smooth functioning.

Like any business process transformation, Royal Perth Hospital will go through specific risks like poor time and cost efficiency. It can also show further resource requirements as well. In that case the organizational authorities such as project manager must build a proper risk mitigation plan to follow.

Essential most Important Process

Most essential process is operations process. The whole management system in healthcare depends on different operations such as accounting, admitting procedure, etc. It includes different operations to accomplish. By accomplishing those through automation will be effective in further business improvement.

Process Identification

The mentioned process is tasks-based process. It includes different phases like listing all patient details. After that, all the operations and medication procedures are managed accordingly. The major tasks are, listing all operational details, managing operations and organisations, accounting all finances into the system, etc. (Nelson, 2017)

Process Category

This process is basically included in business management process, that is based on different tasks. That will improve the practical application. In that case, project manager, resource manager and finance managers, are the most essential stakeholders to the project. They will also get better results in terms of project and stakeholders’ engagement with task-based management procedure.

The actual issue is system and business operations. It also maintains the management structure. The main objective of choosing this process, is the significance of healthcare management through updated information system. BPM or busines process management will help in developing an automated business system. This will also imprpve the clrarity into the whole system. This will be profitable and sustainable for the organization.

The major KPI or Key Performance Indicators

These are basically some measuring scales or categories that can determine project progress and success. It also helps to determine the places to improve into the project.

• Time and cost efficiency
• Lower man power
• Accuracy
• Better risk management

The IT or technical tea will not only develop the system, but also will help in maintain the whole business system.

Business process Mapping


This section of this report consists the current business idea any procedure of Royal Perth Hospital. The current process involves manual systems and procedures. As the largest and longest-serving hospital in Western Australia, Royal Perth Hospital maintains their healthcare structure for nearly 2 centuries. Primarily, the patient information is listed into existing database. After that, all the reports from the patient are received for further analysis and implementation. This analysis will be evaluated and examined by possessional medical practitioner. Finally, the doctor will prescribe essential medication and further instructions.
The major issue with this procedure is poor management and lack of technology application. In that case, more than required efforts and cost are invested into the project. On the other hand, this process consumes more time. Overall, this procedure is not efficient enough to handle huge management and business system.

Image 1: Current business process
(Source: Developed by Author)


The next phase of digitalization into information management system will go through specific steps and planning call. Primarily, the panel of PCs Will run the Phillips Intellivue XDS application that is totally designed with visual portal. Overall, the visual application in practical cases will be efficient enough (Harmon, 2019). By accessing different records and reports, the application will it organize them for further display via Hospital network. Microsoft Windows 7 OS will be connected to different data networks and system equipment. All IT hardware and software will be integrated to deliver world class healthcare solution to hospital patients. The business automation will help in developing the whole system.

In this new system, the information will go directly to the system database from reception. That will lead to automated doctors’ allotment for the patients. This will not only build and time efficient system, but also will improve the efficiency (Paquette et al., 2016). On the other hand, all the previous reports will automatically be assigned to the specific doctor.

The process is automated and more organized than before. In spite of that, it creates some risks such as cybersecurity. It can affect all the personal and sensitive data of the stakeholders. Proper management and system changes can easily handle or resolve these risks.

Image 2: Proposed business process with Information system
(Source: Developed by author)

Critical Analysis

Advantages and Disadvantages

In early 2016, 27 Advanced POC-W212 systems were installed into the hospital management process. This is also efficient enough to maintain and analyse all the data into the organisation. In modern healthcare, the hospital is going to adopt new system technology to develop their healthcare system. The new software is more efficient in terms of time management, business sustainability, operational management and other primary and secondary activities (Galletta et al., 2014). On the other hand, the system will allow physicians and medical staff to access updated payment information with patient details such as vital reports and results. This will improve the analysis from the certified medical practitioner.

Another severe advantage is accuracy and financial management. When the whole procedure of management is automated through the information management system, the chances of errors decrease its sales. Overall, the billing procedure and accounts management will be operated and maintained by the system.

Every information system has its own advantages and disadvantages. Their efficiency and appropriateness are calculated through the effective advantages against possible risks. In this case, beside all of the advantages, the system provides a food complexity to the business procedure. This makes it difficult to be operated by all the stakeholders such as business staffs, nurses, doctors and management team members (Urquhart et al., 2018).

It also increases the security issue of sensitive and personal information of patients or management stakeholders. All the information is stored into the system database that can face cyber-attacks and sudden data leaks. In that case, the system will be encrypted through popular planning. In spite of that, the security issue will affect the whole business procedure.

Cost and Benefits

The cost depends on maintenance and technical support in case of information management systems. In this technology, Royal Perth Hospital or RPH must develop a technical team of developers to support and maintain the whole system. This will decrease the overall costing of the hospital in manual processing of admission, organizing reports and other similar activities. On the other hand, the automated process will improve the accuracy of the business system. This will eventually improve the cost efficiency and management into the organisation. Another benefit is financial system which also influences the cost efficiency of the organisation. Starting from billing to tax calculation, all the financial activities will be automated through the hospital management system. IT team will be most significant in this case. They are responsible to develop efficient information system, for the organization. Even in this case study, the new proposed system will be implemented by IT team of RPH. Overall, the organisation will experience cost efficient business procedure and effective finance benefits.

Sensitivity and Feasibility

Sensitivity of a Projects or a business model presents the significance of business procedure steps. On the other hand, feasibility presents the organizational implementation or practicality of the project plan. Overall, Royal Perth Hospital or RPH must develop the advanced digitalization planning by following sensitivity and feasibility of the project.

Primarily, the system will organize and manage all the business procedures and spaces such as finance, accounting, management, report analysis, etc. The whole project is effective in practical scenario. This will not only improve the cost efficiency and time efficiency of the organisation, but also will improve the overall growth and sustainability. On the other hand, the system presents different business automation (Berman, 2014). This will improve the overall service quality and effectiveness of Royal Perth Hospital or RPH.


In this whole report, new development plan and present organizational scenario of Royal Perth Hospital or RPH is evaluated and discussed accordingly. It includes an overview of the organisation and the scenario. In the part of critical analysis, the new project plan or business structure is evaluated in terms of practical application. The project manager and other business stakeholders of Royal Perth Hospital will be able to measure the significance and practicality of advanced information system technology


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