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MRKT20057 Global Marketing Assignment Sample

Assessment Task

Assessment Task 2 is designed to encourage students to engage in independent learning, as well as develop the skills to analyse various environmental issues that influence a company's international marketing decisions. To undertake an in-depth and extensive Environmental Analysis, each student is required to select a real company/brand in the Australian dairy industry. The company chosen already competes in the domestic Australian market, and requires you to investigate the potential opportunities and/or threats that exist in one of the following markets for their products:

- The USA
- South Korea
- China
- The UK

You are required to conduct an environmental analysis on the country selected to evaluate the potential opportunities and/or threats that may influence the chosen company's entry into that country. Environmental factors to be analysed may include economic, financial, political, legal, social, cultural, technological and other contemporary factors. If an environmental factor does not have an impact on companies international marketing decisions, it is irrelevant and, therefore, should not be included in this report.

You must reinforce your discussion with clear evidence by in-text referencing (i.e. books, academic journal articles, industry and government reports, charts, diagrams, websites and newspaper articles, dating no further back than 2015). You are highly discouraged from simply downloading country profile data from CIA fact book, Wikipedia, or generic online sources.

Notes and Important Advice:

- Assessment Task 2 is an individual assessment task.

- Word length: 1600 words (excluding the title page, table of contents, reference list, appendices and charts).

- Two (2) points will be deducted for assessments that are under 1400 or over 1800 words.

- Students should support their discussions with at least 12 academic references.

- The report should be formatted as follows: size 12 times new roman font, 1.5 line spacing.

- There will be a late penalty of 2 marks (5% of 40) for each day late.

Assessment Criteria

This task will be assessed based on the following criteria-

- Executive summary - (10%)
- Introduction: Background research on product and country selected (20%)
- Environmental issues: Explaining issues related to products and country selected - (40%)
- Interpretation: Integrates issues using different perspectives and positions - (10%)
- Strength of arguments - (10%)
- Writing styles - (10%)



The internal and external environment of business organisation carters for the stimulation of macro and micro factors and respective drivers which conducts part in business operation (Perera, 2017). Big M is a brand of flavored flavored milk that was founded in 1978 in Victoria Australia. The organisation serves its customers with flavored flavored milk drinks and products such as original chocolate, bigger chocolate, strawberry, ice coffee, banana, egg flip., cookies and cream, and fruity mix (About Big M, 2022). The size and capacity of organisation is variability very large as it severs 19 million liters per year back in 2000. At the current date, organisation is a big empire in Australia that serves more than 70 plus flavors in Australia. Additionally, flavoured milk market in United Kingdom has been growing 7% with sales of 389 billion.

Big M is an organisation that has invented many new and different types of flavored milk products which have huge popularity among citizens of Australia (Deborah Jackson, 2022). Environmental analysis in terms of business operations means a place and examination of the drivers that might be positive or negative in supporting the business of a particular company new or established markets (Dixon et al., 2013). Big M after huge popularity in Australia, to seek an opportunity to its brand on a global platform for assignment help.

The organisation aims to carter for its entrance with the same business of flavoured milk products in the London, United Kingdom (Shortall, 2019). The environmental analysis towards entrance into the United Kingdom's market in the flavoured milk and with opportunities will be presented in the above report. The first section of the report will analyse the PESTEL factors that have opportunities for Big M in the entrance towards the dairy market of the United Kingdom. Analysis of the similar data on the bases of figures and data of the flavoured milk with Big M's capacity. The Unique selling price of organisation that can govern a place in the million-euro industry of the London, United Kingdom for Big M will be identified in the last section of the report.

Environmental Analysis

PESTEL factors are attributed to the factors like political, social, economic, legal, technological, and environmental factors which are used to understand the macro factors that drive the smoothness and sensitivity of business working in the new marketplace (Perera, 2017).

Political factors: trade restrictions, reforms, and political stability of government affect the business growth, entrance, and position of competition of the organisation. The government stability and GDP of country United Kingdom have been very stable. London itself is very stable yet highly competitive place where in business can be introduced. The country often supports multinational and national businesses as it aids in GDP enhancement and employment strands for people (Romano et al., 2018).

The Big M might get good level of support after Brexit in the United Kingdom as the trade fees and trading pressure of many other competitors has made issues in services and product quality. Contorted to the entrance of a 40-year-old competitor in the market which has less link to the pressure of Brexit might govern good business internally in the United Kingdom (Rocha et al., 2022). Flavoured milk can be sold in the country that has stability and supports business by Big M.


Figure 1 reduced inflation rate of the UK
(sources: thedairysite.com 2022)

Economic factors: Economic factors include growth, interest rates, exchange rates, inflation, wage rates, working hours, and cost of living. The average growth in inflation every year of the United Kingdom is similar to that of Australia and in some years was very less. The financial stability of the country has been very swift after covid 19 pandemic as well. The organisation has any new opportunities to explore the flavoured milk as it is vast, economical, and popular with a high customer base. United Kingdom has the 6th largest GDP in the world as it has 89% of business organisations. Additionally, only London as one city contributes to 530 billion every year, which is covering 13% of total flavoured milk market in the country. This might be an additional factor in support of Big M towards launching its Flavoured milk in the London (Coyle et al. 2019).

Legal factors: Factors include the legal structure of the country which the organisation needs to follow. For Big M the practices of registration, quality certifications, patents, verification marketing structure, employment contracts, and laws all have to be sectioned in the form of all types of United Kingdom legislation and verification (Mahato et al. 2022).

The legal structure of the organisation can be parted into three parts company policies, national policies, and international policies which Big M needs to follow attributing laws of the world trade organisation, Australian laws, company policies, and the United Kingdom laws as well. Often legal factors are termed as threats as any issue in paperwork might create another type of issue in the functioning and marketing of Big M which must be intensely managed by the organisation (Pan et al., 2019).

Technological factors: Innovation, technology, payment systems, data management systems, operational systems, and transportation facilities for each product of the company are conducted in the respective factor. The organisation serves supermarkets and regulates all types of demand and supply chain distribution through cold storage vans which are used in the delivery system. Mostly it serves from online websites as well which have secured payment channels as well (Uberoi, 2020). The organisation has been serving customers for 40 years but the evolution of technology has been seen much in its genres hence, Big M when entering the London, United Kingdom market needs to revamp the idea of technology with the dairy tech of the native place.

Social and cultural factors: Factors include cultural aspects, health and safety consciousness population and growth rate, and various demographics. According to the data, the next decade might see a 40% rise in the flavoured milk due to high demand in London and Manchester (March et al., 2014). The society and culture of the United Kingdom have much relied on flavoured milk as coffee and flavoured milk supplements which can be huge merit for Big M as well (Basu, 2022). The size and capacity of organisation is variability very large as it severs 19 million liters per year back in 2000.

Additionally, the capacity of the organisation in terms of finance and experience is very high, which can tempt new investors in business natively from the London, United Kingdom to support the cultural blend of the organisation. The Unique selling price of an organisation is its flavours and real taste in flavoured milk drinks (Costa Font and Revoredo-Giha, 2018.). Hence, better opportunities for Big M can be seen in the industry. The market covers 13% of total population in flavoured milk products in London.


Figure 3 Flavored milk production in countries of the EU
(sources: thedairysite.com 2022)

Environmental factors: factors include the factors like awareness of climate, effect of business on environment and sustainability. Additionally, the practices were chosen by the organisation in creating a positive and negative impact London, United kingdom’s environment. According to Big M natural and most sustainable practices are chosen so that the quality and type of flavoured milk in drinks are made. Big M, has made another attempt in testing almond and coconut flavoured milk in drinks towards market testing in Australia so that a new product range for a vegan audience can be created as well (Clegg et al. 2021).


Figure 4: each attributing pole for the flavoured milk in the UK
(source: sciencedirect.com 2022)

Interpretation: Integrates issues using different perspectives and positions

In terms of competition many national and multinational organisations have been serving flavoured milk products in the London, United Kingdom for a very long time. But the Unique selling price of the Big M is authentic flavour and taste has been giving its revenues in Australia. Additionally, the opportunity in the 13th largest milk and the demand of flavoured milk products is very high (thedairysite.com 2022). The data interpretation can be governed by the base's highest revenues from Arla Aylesbury (most famous dairy company of London, United Kingdom) in the year 2014 about 10 million only from flavoured milk products ate very popular in the country which has many brands.


Figure 5 Main type of farming in the UK
(source: sciencedirect.com 2022)

11,900 dairy farms in which 67% of farms own milk production are present in the United Kingdom, this can be a major support to Big M towards raw material. Additionally, many business organisations have been making only parts for the transportation of goods which can be another support to Big M. The multinational and native local stores like Tesco, Sainsbury, Planet organics, and Lidl often support international brands so that they can bridge their international positions which can be used as a strategic alliance chain by Big M (darigold.com 2022).

Strength of arguments

Strength in the argument towards the entrance of Big M lies under only two pillars that are Unique selling price of the brand and experience in the Australian market. The organisation has been serving for 40 years in Australia, and the industry in the UK is very big as 150 million euros supporting the pats and business of the organisation and even its vision of quality and price of products. London itself is very stable yet highly competitive place where in business can be introduced which covers 13% of market share of flavoured milk sales. The organisation has mastery in flavours and support for new flavoured milk flavours is governed by innovation. Big M’s entrance as a 40-year-old competitor in the market which has less link to the pressure of Brexit might govern good business internally in the London, United Kingdom (ciencedirect.com 2022). The size and capacity of organisation is variability very large as it severs 19 million litres per year back in 2000.


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