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MEM603 Engineering Strategy Assessment Sample


In this assessment, you are required to research, assess and compare the engineering strategies of two major automotive companies. The engineering strategies need to be current and future-oriented. You will be provided with a list of major automotive companies from which you can choose two companies. You should prepare for and approach this task by reviewing the content and readings provided in Module 1 (Strategic Business Planning), Module 2 (Innovation Strategy and Management) and Module 3 (Technology and R&D Strategy and Management) and conducting research of publicly available information. Please note that the focus of the assessment should be on the improvement of engineering operations via R&D, innovation and technology (including intellectual property).

It is suggested that you use the following as a guide to structure your assessment: 1. Introduction • Summarise the background information provided; and • Outline the backgrounds of the two global automotive companies. 2. Literature Review • Conduct a literature review of each selected automotive company and summarise the research. 3. Analysis and Findings • Discuss and compare the strategies of the selected automotive companies based on the information you gathered in your literature review. 4. Conclusions 5. References 6. Appendices 



Summarisation of background information

The automotive industry uses modern technological development and innovation to create an established organisational structure to drive growth in its business (Slansky, 2022). Automotive organisation and their lines of products are using artificial intelligence implementation in multiple manners. Artificial intelligence will include the modern production of human-machine interaction, intelligent robots, and a substantial assurance quality process. Artificial intelligence is used fundamentally in designing cars, and manufacturers use machine learning and artificial intelligence to create their manufacturing processes. In lines of production assembly, robotics is implemented to develop that are used several times.

Background of the companies

The Jaguar Land Rover is a renowned automobile company fostering unique technological development and innovation. The computing stability of the Jaguar land rover is more excellent and more sustainable than Space Shuttle. It can handle twenty-one thousand messages alternatively and at a regular speed of about 100 MB networks of ethernet (Jaguarlandrover, 2022a). The automobile is always remained connected with Wi-Fi, 4G, and cloud computing. The car manufacturers had implemented software over the air technology to regulate updates to get delivered according to services and functions. BMW is another well-known manufacturing company regulating sustainable technologies to control high voltage batteries that are installed in the car company. Another technology implemented at Din golfing is a smartwatch that is changing along with the containers. The augmented reality glasses increased their production by twenty-seven per cent, which reduced their error rate by 34% during packing and scanning (Jones, 2022).
Literature Review


BMW is the leading selling car manufacturing company and has always regarded creativity as an essential element to conduct success in the BMW group (Steelcase, 2022). A tidal regulated change moves between the industry to create rapid innovation within the car company. For example, they innovate autonomous driving, which is expected to develop their business model within the last thirty years. To be a leading car company, BMW has realised the vitalness of developing their innovation process to create a systematic approach.The management also recruits talented car designers that would create sustainable automobile technological development. It can be argued that, diversification can be very helpful in managing and executing innovation within the workplace. According to Markides (1997), diversification is one of the high-stake games as companies need to make a decision regarding thoughtful deliberation.

Along with the advancement of time, BMW's business model is changing along with the automated driving that is reshaping their success in the market. Digital technology has been fundamentally ubiquitous and developed, technological devices have become more interdependent and creative, teamwork and collaboration are developing as a vital aspect. The company has adopted digital location and mapping known as HERE (HERE, 2022). However, the deal was between Jaguar Land Rover and Daimler in 2015. HERE regulated services that are required by both locations and autonomous driving services. Modern technology HERE provided eminent services required for both location-driven services and autonomous driving. The windscreen wipers are integrated into the system and are shared within the management system of the company. Innovation was transforming the production process of BMW to regulate the process of production (Frangoul, 2022). The company uses robots and technology to guide employees and people working in manufacturing companies to sort out heavy lifting and transport elements. Jaguar Land Rover has worked with labs of innovation with sustainable stem to enhance organisations to develop technological developments and vehicle production. The innovation program's common goal aligns with participating industrial products and technologies into the automobile ecosystem. The engineering segment of Jaguar Land Rover has a direct association with the decision-making process. The straight path towards integrating substantial vehicles demonstrates the automated functional concept in the company. Jaguar Land Rover company is formulating digital transformation with international-based brands after their Accenture appointment. Accenture would associate forces with Land Rover's brand-named Spark 44 as an essential client automated venture to develop a modern automated model (Accenture, 2022). The venture will regulate a vital role in developing JLR to shift towards the modern, electric-based business. The company will attain advantages from various models of ownership that are designed to be fit within the individual manner of living. Accenture was selected as the sustainable technological, data generated, and experience generated approach.

Technological Advancement

During 2021 BMW Group has planned ambitious development for profitability and growth that developed immense forerunners for evaluating developed technological offensive in upcoming times. In 2014, the BMW company developed a booking option that can be done through digital services directly from automobiles through the connected drive of BMW store (BMWgroup, 2014). However, during 2018 the manufacturers maintained their vehicles up to date along with modern technological software called software up-gradation, similar to updating the modern software for mobile devices (Automotive World, 2022). The company has chosen significant powertrain from electric power to combustion engines in the second transformation phase. The subsidiaries are the moderate architecture of vehicles that enable an interchangeability network between multiple drivetrains combined closely.The eighth operating system launched in 2021 is a strong in-vehicle that processes important data within its operating system (Automotive World, 2022). The BMW I-drive is the safest and simplest concept of the operating system installed in the vehicle. The vehicles create remote up-gradation to develop sustainable installation and up-gradation.The production lab of Jaguar Land Rover is currently analysing the headset advancement of technology for creating digital applications. The designing engineers and planners can integrate the validation of products in creating process planning and factory restoration. Jaguar Land Rover also proposes technological training techniques that work with the complex technology of batteries. The solution of modular allowed the practical usage of virtual reality and augmented reality training.In the view of Li et al. (2021), virtual reality is a common substantial application to measure the implementation of virtual reality applications.However, the technological simulation adopts complex challenges that are flexible and easy to adapt to. The simulation fundamentally has made the path for an easy decision, guides to ignore waste, and thus contributes towards implementing emerging resources. Jaguar Land Rover announced that the assembly of modular aspects would have a productive increase of about twenty per cent compared with lines of production.

Analysis and Findings

Comparison between two companies’ strategies

• BMW Group has used artificial intelligence as an essential technology is a substantial element to regulate digital development. The organisation has implemented artificial intelligence throughout various aspects of the value chain, generating it as the fundamental value for processes, consumers, employees, and products. In addition, the BMW company has essential competence for encouraging data analytics and machine learning. On the other hand, Jaguar Land Rover's clear sight technologyhas regulated modern automobile generations more advanced and sustainable automobile equipment. The technology includes 5 cameras and fourteen ultrasonic sensors to generate an interactive three-hundred-and-sixty-degree view around the automobile vehicle. The clear sight allows the drivers to shift between high-definition mirrors to interior mirrors to show a good view behind the car.

• According to Kukkamalla, Bikfalvi, &Arbussa (2020), BMW Group is a well-known and leading automobile firm not regulating premium pricing on their products but also generating a good relationship with the consumer with on-demand, telematic and financial services. In 1997 the company had launched digital services. The company also has enhanced its organisational culture to increase its growth and development. On the other hand, JLR has regulated secure blockchain technologies to create proper supply chain management to generate complete transparency within a generated supply chain management. The digital technique enabled by JLR to examine the carbon footprint for its leather supply chain management.

• Qualcomm Technologies has announced its association with BMW Group, and together they will bring collaboration in the latest automobile technologies and automated driving medium. Qualcomm is a wireless technological organisation driving technological advancement by bringing 5G expansion. On the other hand, JLR has developed the application of augmented reality to create designing modern technological applications. An idle motion tracking equipment is implemented to develop the orientation and position of the reviewer's feedback around significant prototype (Mechdyne, 2022).


• Jaguar Land Rover aims to create a sustainable business without minimising carbon emissions. The company focuses on creating zero waste that enables them to develop their zero regulation of manufacturing process. Innovation is an essential medium to create unique products in the automotive industry. For achieving innovation an organisation needs to create an appropriate integration with its R&D process and marketing channels (Cotterman et al., 2009). The company will fundamentally undergo a renaissance to evolve as the unique electric automobile industry with a substantially beautiful modern portfolio to engage modern generation and designing technologies (Jaguarlandrover, 2022b).

• The company has always focused on consumer preferences and choices regarding the specific product. The centralised medium for the company will focus on their engineering, materiality, and manufacturing financial investments. On the other hand, BMW considers itself as the automobile industry player developing modern services and substantial innovator for a successful model for business.


As per the above discussion, it can be concluded that both the companies focus on innovating their product line in order to capture a considerable market share. Also, it can be asserted that both the companies are dominating their markets by providing high-quality and luxurious products to their customer base. Although it can be recommended that both organisations need focus precisely on developing EVs as in the upcoming few years, the market will be captured by EVs. Moreover, BMW always has maintained its consumer-centric approach to calculate dynamic market approach and conditions in the market to develop their marketing innovation. The company also receives a substantial revenue amount from necessary services. The company also depends upon integration, technology, dynamic abilities, and collaborations to create professional activities. The BMW has enhanced the service integration method by creating collaborative programs with multiple stakeholders such as providers in communication and technological companies. Both the companies will enhance their effective standing communication to generate smart, safe, and sensitive driving experiences at BMW companies.


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