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Artificial Nanoparticle Blood Instant Oxygen Boost Report Assignment Sample


Prepare a basic business model for Artificial Nanoparticle Blood – Instant Oxygen Boost



The research discusses the Artificial Nanoparticle Blood-Instant Oxygen Boost, which uses nanoparticles to control the hemoglobin’s oxygenation while allowing for the logical design of oxygen carriers based on hemoglobin. The oxygenation properties of adult human hemoglobin and sickle cell hemoglobin, which are linked to an increased oxygen affinity, are retained during the adoption process. The hemoglobin tetramers are adsorbed on the surface due to the hemoglobin's strong affinity for nanoparticles (Andocs et al., 2015). As a result of the interaction between nanoparticles and hemoglobin at the molecular level and its effect on the qualities defined for the oxygenation process that are precisely regulated, the development of bio-nanotechnology opens the door for the construction of blog replacements.

Value Proposition and Customer Segment

The customer segment is based on comprehending the needs of patients with problems, which can be separated into infectious and non-infectious concerns. This study shows that different users are used in different ways by all users, including interested parties, investors, consumers, analysts, reviewers, and suppliers. Stakeholders are connected to a number of suggestions and proposals for enhancing the auditors' report. They recognize concepts and strategies that could be vastly dissimilar from those of auditors and strengthen control over financial statements (Gy et al., 2015). It is common for all users to gain from an analyst's effort to forecast future sales, which usually indicates that other users, particularly those taking part in the evaluation, are also included. Accounting analysis is a typical account since it appears on the balance sheet; it is a real account with a recurring revenue stream. Controlling the exceptional preservation of the qualities of human adult and sickle cell hemoglobin depends on understanding the molecular interactions between nanoparticles and hemoglobin as well as their impact on the oxygenation properties. These real accounts are therefore likely to be balances that should have been erased over time without proper accounting investigation. It is possible to create an accounting examination of nominal accounts that includes a profit and loss account or with the help of biology dissertation help online. Accounting analysis is connected to financial statements that assess an organization's capacity to fulfil its obligations to recipients and other third parties as well as its capacity to boost revenue (Jamshidi t al, 2015). Understanding configuration patterns with financial data that have been established to work with various data partition formats is crucial for performing proper data analysis. In this situation, the corporation should concentrate on securing the benefits of creditors or investors in order to acquire various vital assets.

Key Partners / Stakeholders

As a result, the financial condition of the Organization in relation to its competitors is taken into account in the study of the business plan.

Since financial statements satisfy all customer needs, the company has several users of them (Zeng et al., 2016). With the rise of HIV, which is mostly caused by the issue of blood transfusions that tend to impose greater expenses at the time of detection tests, fake blood is brought to light. The less plentiful blood is primarily used in poorer nations. The study is about the increase in the product's half-life due to the reduction of phagocytosis, and the enzymes are contained in Nano capsules with a membrane constructed of ultrathin polyethylene glycol acid. In order to generate nanoparticles and cell-like things that can usefully be able to improve the primary functions of red blood cells, various macroscopic selection that is decided by the endeavor to create good open access reviews must be managed. The difficulties are caused by changes in the blood's and the oxygen transport system's capacity (Hafsi et al., 2017).

The widespread synthesis of cells or entities that resemble cells is included in this conduct of oxygen-bearing nanoparticles. Users of the company's financial reports include:

• Investors: As they are owners of the company and are required to understand how financial resources are used, investors must be aware of the financial facts precisely (Kiransan et al., 2015).

• Management: In order to determine the company's functional and financial results, management must calculate the company's profit and cash flows on a monthly basis.

• Creditors: Lenders are interested in the cash flow and the minimal institution. They could receive loans from the business. Companies that are unable to repay loans put creditors at risk.

• Owners: Owners are typically the most significant customers and are interested in financial reporting. However, owners are also interested in profit and a fund where they must get a certain income and can participate. in the income statement's definition. Owners desire to know how much capital the business has used up so they can profit from sales (Ghaedi et al., 2015).

Key Activities and Resources

The financial situation of the company serves as the primary informational source in financial analysis. This information is required for the financial researcher's purposes. It is related to financial reporting since it organizes the assessment of the company's competitive work and determines the planning and operational effectiveness of the business (Dzamukova et al., 2015). The performance of the company can be determined and standardized with the aid of financial analysis. We will also take into account how this may affect the analytical techniques used to analyses financial data. A balance sheet is used in financial analysis, which mainly serves to record changes and support the study of various obligations and capital. Double accounting and the application of generally recognized accounting rules define financial characteristics. Deliveries in this situation are dependent on liabilities with financial responsibilities, and they subsequently transfer other assets to offer effective services. Commitments rely on a crucial necessity to match the company's diverse assets. The share capital and net assets, which are calculated for management and participation in the share capital, are merged for long-term employers. Work to keep the profits that the company is currently making by reinvesting them back into the company. These templates are based on payments made to the business's owners, in which the parties concerned and profits also govern the amount of retained earnings. The application is based on the shareholders' dividend payments, which may coincide with an offer of a certain amount of money.

Customer Relationships and Channels 

The fundamental issue is that CRM places a lot of emphasis on knowledge and various geographic boundaries. The situation is regarded as vital and as being in conflict with the circumstance. Social philosophers hold the views that are typically sought after by those and others who view themselves as distinct from the natural sciences. Real-world lifestyles are based on observations made by people with an interest in them. Here, divers prepare for various scenarios, and special factors serve to ascertain the public's overall understanding by a particular study. His study of corporate governance takes a pro-active stance in the pursuit of cause-and-effect relationships that establish system norms, objectives, and hypothesis tests. In order for the nanoparticles to carry more oxygen and eventually reach the body's tissues, it is critical to assess their engineering. Here, the treatment is determined by the injuries and whether the best oxygen-carrying nanoparticles are deemed secure over the long term.

Cost Structure and Revenue Stream

One of the financial statements' drawbacks is its reliance on historical costs when analyzing the balance sheet's various activities and asset and liability values. They frequently vary along with marketable securities, which are primarily modified to reflect shifts in marketing values. Concerns exist over the division's handling of unrecorded intangible assets in relation to the division's products, services, clients, and customers. The rule is to manage the commercial value and focus on a certain time period strategy.

In cases where the cash flow of the company is best understood by carefully examining one of the reporting periods, the use of financial statements can result in an inaccurate interpretation of the financial results. The management team's exposure to fraud activities while working with skew outcomes could result in a situation where other good results are exposed to undue pressure when it comes to bonus plan payouts. The management of business operations and the development of system standards with non-verification methods that are connected to measuring the issuer's policies, practices, and controls have not been discussed. The data must be set with the financial statement that offers the forms for system processing and the various variable costs that must be efficiently managed.

Revenue Streams

These are the sources of income, or revenue streams. Here, you should emphasize any potential sources of funding for the project:

• Insufficient Information: The financial statements are primarily used to determine the reporting period. As a result, there is a great chance of spotting inaccurate information. As a result, when the firm has ended, it is possible to determine the precise financial situation and the precise capacity of the organization's funds.

• Unlimited Information: To prepare financial accounts, accounting principles, practises, and conferences are used. Recruitment participation is also put to use for training. These outcomes are closely related to the financial accounts' correctness.

• The quality of information is neglected: The term "financial conditions" only refers to quantitative data, which is only included in financial reports. Quality facts, such as manager effectiveness, company generosity, employee-owner relationships, employee ability, and employee happiness, are completely ignored and are not referred to as financial terms. Therefore, in order to take a real financial condition and produce commercial results, these abilities are required.

• Incorrect disclosure of financial position: The company's financial status will be impacted by a number of factors, including commercial, state, and public finance, but only the financial part is taken into account in financial reporting. The financial statements do not include any commercial or general components. The company's financial status is disclosed as a result of this kind of routine practice.

• Financial statements are not specific: Financial reporting is not identified because numerous accounting methods are accessible to numerous organizations, accounting rules and regulations change, and the business capabilities of the companies vary from one another. Financial firms are unable to distinguish themselves as a result.

• The actual profit is not disclosed in the income statement: Operating and non-operating expenses are recorded in the income statement; the actual profit is not reported there. Only the assessment is presented; actual costs are not. The likelihood of withholding the true profit at the expense of profit and loss is then very high.


The company's interest is in better financial information management, particularly to draw in people and innovators who have debt with an interest rate. The interaction between Nano particles and haemoglobin at a specific level has been one of the other draws for the haemoglobin-based oxygen carriers. The primary purpose of using nanoparticles is to modify structural particles while releasing free haemoglobin into the bloodstream.


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