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MGT600 Team Performance Evaluation Assignment Sample

Individual/Group - Individual
Length - 1,500 words

Learning Outcomes - The Subject Learning Outcomes demonstrated by successful completion of the task below include:

a) Critically assess the key principles and theories underlying management to achieve high-performing organisations at projects, teams, and individual levels.

b) Critically evaluate and reflect on effective relationships between people and teams in organisations and projects.

c) Demonstrate effective communication and practical problem solving skills to manage people in a range of complex contexts.

d) Critically reflect on the roles and functions that managers perform in the context of the challenges and risks in the changing global environment.

e) Develop and justify contemporary management strategies to address a variety of people management issues to ensure best practice and quality outcomes.

Assessment Task for Online Assignment Help

You are required to critically assess the performance of your team and recommend improvements based on the relevant concepts and frameworks you have learnt in this subject in a 1,500-word team evaluation report. Please refer to the Instructions for details on how to complete this task.


1. Review your team’s performance in completing the first two assessments and make recommendations for improvement.

• In reviewing the team performance, considerations must be given to the following:

How did your team come together and what phases or stages did it go through?

What roles did team members play?

What challenges were presented?

How did individual, team, and contextual dynamics impact performance?

What would you do differently to improve performance?

How would you apply your learnings in your current or future workplace?

• Please note that you are not required to review the quality and content of the assessments you produced as a team. Instead, you are required to review the performance of the team in completing the assessment tasks.

• You are required to specifically apply and discuss concepts from Modules 4, 5, and 6 as well as any relevant processes and concepts from earlier modules.

• The evaluation needs to be supported with evidence from academic research as well as examples from your own experiences and or observations. You will also find the module activities useful in prompting your thinking.

2. Write a team evaluation report of 1500 words using the following structure:

• Cover sheet: Student details (student name, ID number, subject code & name, assessment number and title)

• Executive summary

• Table of contents

• Introduction: Outline the purpose and structure of your report.

• Background: Briefly describe your team’s purpose and relevant contextual issues.

• Main discussion: Review your team’s performance covering key concepts from all modules. Exploring these within an appropriate theoretical framework would be appropriate here.

• Recommendations / action plan: Provide recommended strategies and actions to improve your team’s performance.

• Conclusion

• Reference list

• Appendices

3. You are strongly advised to read the rubric, which is an evaluation guide with criteria for grading your assignment—this will give you a clear picture of what a successful report looks like.



Assessment 3 mainly focuses on the review of team performance as well as the key considerations being identified in order to manage a team. The context aims to elucidate different considerations and strategies that were taken in the previous assignments. This assessment will cover the overall review of the team performance of the age care division. There are several challenges being identified in the project related to team performance and evaluation. From the previous studies, it is evident that the team has faced several issues due to its poor positioning and weak production due to team mismanagement. This assessment will cover all the challenges that the team is currently facing along with the possible ways to extenuate the issues accordingly. Moreover, this assessment will also highlight theoretical discussions related to the topic of interest and how the team can use theories to mitigate the challenges accordingly.

The main discussion

The onset of the Covid-19 pandemic creates several issues for the team and presently the organization process is facing various issues due to the imposition of government rules and policies and employee leaves. Imposing restrictions by the government and leave of employees created disruption in the systematic flow of information in the staff maintenance of the healthcare institute. Disruption in the systemic flow of information further created conflicts and impingement among the team members. Therefore, to extenuate the issue, having a strong leadership as well as a manager is quintessential who will be responsible for proffering clear communication and direction to the team. In this way, it will be possible for the employees and workers in the team to pay close attention to the details of daily tasks and manage to complete every task as per clear communication and advice provided by the team leader.

Reviewing Team Performance

Communication and interaction are the best possible ways to deal with the issues and mismanagement of the team. In this context as per the previous studies, it is evident that communication and conflict management can be very beneficial for the overall growth and development of an organization and its members. In the case of managing every process, it is very important to practice regular communication and interaction within the system in order to influence the entire organization. Through the application of an effective communication medium, it can be possible for the team to review its performance and to develop the relationship between them effectively.

However, it is also very essential to make constant innovation accordingly in order to make the process more influenced (Sanyal and Hisam, 2018). There are certain ways to do so. In this context, the team leader needs to use certain key theories and frameworks to develop the overall management and operations. Communication management leadership, motivational leadership, and transformational leadership styles are the best effective ways to mitigate contemporary management issues and challenges accordingly. Through the application of these leadership approaches, it can be possible for the team to develop its interagency communicational structure, operations, and overall infrastructure (Vamathevan et al. 2019). Moreover, it can also be essential for the team to use constructive interagency communication within the system to link all the processes and tasks under a single thread to achieve a common goal or a vision.

Several Challenges Identified

There are several challenges being faced by the team manager in order to make all the processes as per plan and to motivate all the members accordingly. In this context, it is very essential to identify these challenges and mitigate them accordingly for better business and social care operations. These are:

? Improper staff counting and performance disability are considered as the potential challenges that the team faced accordingly. This challenge is evident as a result of improper staff management, human resource operations, and poor leadership practice in the team (Akande-Sholabi and Adebisi, 2020).

? New government policies and regulations are also considered as one of the major challenges being faced by the team to work accordingly. The increasing taxations and other restrictions due to COVID 19 have made several changes in the planned strategy of the team.

? Limited resources and infrastructure of the team is also a notable challenge in this case. More precisely, increasing employee leave due to COVID 19 and fewer technical considerations to influence the working process are responsible for the increasing interferences in the organizational operations and team management.

? The team has faced several issues due to poor communication and less interest of the supervisor in the business details. In this context, through the application of this issue, it is very difficult for the members to practice regular communication among them for better business application.

? The team has also faced challenges as a result of the limited human resource operations of the team. In this context, due to the poor infrastructure of the human resources, it is very difficult for the team members to manage all the processes accordingly along with increasing their overall concentration accordingly.

Figure 1: Identified challenges
(Source: Created by the learner)

Mitigating the challenges

There are several ways to mitigate the identified challenges. In this context, the team leader needs to incorporate strategies and considerations accordingly to influence the entire system. These are

? Development of infrastructure: It is very important for the team and the team leader to develop the overall infrastructure of the team. This will include the incorporation of a communication medium, practice of theoretical concepts, and innovative marketing strategies (Rani et al. 2020).

? Implementation of the latest technology: Implementation of the latest technology can also be an important consideration to mitigate contemporary challenges. Through the application of the latest technology, it can also be possible to develop the overall processes such as HR management, employee management, and operational measures. Moreover, implementation of technology can also be helpful in the case of making constant innovation in the existing system. An improved human resource system can be very beneficial for the employees, members, and the team leader to pay closer attention to the details of the overall team and organizational processes accordingly.

? Use of effective leadership styles: Using effective leadership approaches and considerations can also be helpful to mitigate the identified challenges. In this context, the team leader needs to use motivational theory along with transformational leadership theory to influence the employees and increase their focus on daily operations (Kumar et al. 2022). The team leader can use these leadership approaches in order to manage the safe flow of the entire business and the members accordingly.

Figure 2: Mitigating strategies
(Source: Created by the learner)

Theoretical Discussion

As per the views of Asbari et al. (2020), transformational leadership is a process that helps a leader to extenuate conflicts among the team and can increase the overall success of a team by encouraging them. Strong transformational leadership helps a leader to establish a strong relationship among the team members which further helps the leader to bring enthusiasm and engagement of the team members with the work. Envisaging the analysis explains that the exigencies of a strong leadership style boost the morale of the team members and implement vision and value for them. Therefore effectuating a transformational leadership approach not only helps the health care institutions to make all the team members united in a common cause but also will stimulate and encourage them for learning and creativity respectively.

Figure 3: Transformational leadership style
(Source: Kotamena et al. 2020)

On the other hand, according to Calvo & Topa (2019), motivational leadership is about creating positivity and vision among the employees and team members. The authors have also elucidated that practising motivational leadership at the workplace helps a manager to see the best among the employees and it can further inspire them to work toward a common goal. It can be seen that when a member of one team tries to communicate with another team it is creating conflicts in the healthcare institution. Therefore, practising a motivational leadership style will help to bring all the teammates closer by providing them with the same vision or goal. Here the goal is to improve the analytical ability, evaluating ability and problem-solving ability of the team to identify “exploit” opportunities in the real-world environment and to exert control over the workplace. Despite this, contemplating motivational leadership by the manager would help the manager to improve the self-confidence and self-esteem of the team members which will further improve employee health, vision and purpose. Therefore, the cultivation of motivational leadership will be susceptible to extenuating disruption of communication, lower level of absenteeism, and poor team member engagement, It will further develop the competencies of the team members by making them creative and setting goals and growing interest in the project work.

Figure 4: Motivational leadership style for the team manager
(Source: Thrassou et al. 2018)

One of the major issues behind the conflicts among the team members is the lack of trust among the team members which further radix or disrupt the constructive integrity of communication, contextual dynamics of team performances. Therefore to knock off the issue authors like Andersson (2019), enunciated communication management theory, which states that communication management increases trust among the members and improves employee engagement with the work which further redounds to provide clarity and direction to the employees about team’s goals and objectives.

Figure 5: Communication management theory
(Source: Zerfass et al. 2020)

Therefore, reversing the situation, the team can come forth with a communication management theory which will allow them to promote team building and trust which can further improve productivity, and team management and the ability of the team to administer and monitor “teamwork”, “communication”, “objective settings” and “performance appraisal”. 

Recommendations and Action Plan

? In order to enhance the communication among the team members, it is recommended that the team should adopt interagency communication. Practising interagency communication will help the team to create a sense of community ownership among them which will further help them to address their needs and demands while working toward a common goal or objectives.

? SMART action plan

Table 1: SMART action plan
(Source: Self-Developed)

Recommendation for the Students Group

? In order to extenuate the conflicts between the team members, the team adopted a transformational leadership style. Despite this, it is recommended that the team can further adopt Laissez Faire's leadership style. It will allow the team members to express their ideas and feelings without any hesitation. In addition to it, Laissez Faire's leadership style brings creativity to the team members which will further help teams to reduce conflicts among team members.

? On the other hand, adopting a transformational leadership style will help the team members to bring enthusiasm and motivation among the team members which will further impel the students for learning by bracing up their creativity.

? In order to increase the engagement of team members, the team can adopt Belbin's team development theory. Adoption of Belbin’s team development theory will help the team members to discover their strengths in the workplace. Despite this, it will further help the students to be multifunctional while working on a project..

? The student team can also adopt Belbin's team development theory; it will further help them work on a project unitedly. Despite this, Belbin’s team development theory will help the team members to gather strength from the students to knock off the weakness of the team.


It can be concluded from the above analysis that communication is one of the significant weapons that motivates the team members to work unitedly toward a common goal. Without proper leadership style and communication strategies create bad interpersonal relations that further create mistrust, abstinence and low morale among the team members. It creates hindrances in knowledge sharing which further the “grapevine effect” among the team members. It can also create aggrieved feelings which can commence unhealthy competition among the students.


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