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BSBMGT515A Manage Operational Plan Assignment Sample

Working within the parameters of a business plan provided by your assessor (Fosse Commercial Contractors), you are to develop an operational plan that ensures the objectives and strategies outlined are met by work teams.

It is important that you also include details on how the plan will be implemented and monitored!

This plan will:

• Detail specific resource requirements

• Include a detailed consultation process

• Include KPI’s to measure organisational performance

• Include contingency plans at appropriate stages

• Include strategies for the recruitment / or induction or employees

• Ensure all that physical resources and services are acquired in accordance with the organisation's policies, practices and procedures

• Detail each strategy with an assigned priority, a timeframe, responsible parties and measurable performance indicators

• Students with special needs can seek assistance from Assessors depending upon the nature of the need.

• Submit this document along with your Assessment work.

Referring to an operational plan developed by another student, you are to evaluate this plan and provide a report for the board on its suitability and reliability in regards to implementation

As a minimum, your report should

• Provide an executive summary
• Identify what will work
• Identify any areas where the process will not be effective
• Offer improvement suggestions
• Offer cost-cutting opportunities that don’t affect quality or customer service
• Consider associated risks and offer mitigation solutions
• Provide final recommendations for the board



In this research work the assessment of different business scenarios for the commercial project as the company's existing business in residential projects show the company you need to discuss and show and focus their future transaction and business forecast. The business focus helps the company in various ways by understanding the business measurements and setting of budgets for the future. Before starting or entering into a new project the company has to plan the operational plan in order to cover up the inclusive manner of budgetary system setting by the management body of the company. In order to develop an operational plan for assignment help the company must consider some exceptions made for budget overrun and measurement for cover of the cost which are over run for the commercial projects. For this the company has to take a step for the time-consuming task and many other tasks and major steps in order to cover the cost and turn into a beneficiary for the company. After search assessment 1 the assessment 2 in the study includes a cost cutting method which is necessary for the company before entering into a new project with high competition in the UK segment. For this the company has to achieve the analytic data provided by the historical data of October to December 2012 for the understanding of financial position and average growth of sales, purchase, and expenses for the company. Sales forecasts help the business organization to set the budgets for new commercial projects before entering into a competitive market because the UK has the largest competition in the commercial projects in terms of population of the three different areas.

As the company wants to move into the commercial project plans, whether the company is now dealing with the residential projects for this the company has to decide the projection of future transactions and expected return of the investment.

Developing the operational plan:

In order to choose three different areas in the UK for the beneficiary of the company in terms of entering into a new project plan which stands for commercial project plans requires three different areas for the achieving of the operational goal. Due to this reason the collection of data related to the targeted 3 locations in the United States for the entering the comparative market as well as with the development of operational planning system while budgets are over run in the company has to take a step-in term of over the cost (Goworek et al. 2020). Before that, the necessary importance of choosing three different areas which have a potential population because it helps to achieve a salute target in terms of company’s operational goals setting up related to the commercial project. For this the three different areas of the UK with population such as Manchester (580000), London (9 million), and Leeds (790000) respectively.

Additionally, the company is also looking to cover the costs which are overlapping the budget for these few steps that are to be followed by the company itself:

? Time consuming task.
? Looking to outsource more efficiency.
? Find a productive freelancer for data collection and other resources.
? Must be touched with different vendors for the supply materials.
? Have the potential to ditch office buildings or compete with the other competitors.
? Pay the operational bills in advance.
? Avoid wastage of resources.
? Avoid employment time taking process and rest segmentary manner of working.

Under the time-consuming task which is also known as the detail transaction reporting system of invoicing, shipping details, material planning, production workflow, production planning, detail checking of status and costing, and real time notification factors of production (Heyes et al. 2018). It is directly related to the effective management system and managerial body which are helpful to produce time consuming tasks and bill productivity to achieve will and measurable goals by the correction of the default system or default data collection process.

A strategy of outsourcing jobs or projects or some of projects are sourcing factors help to build productivity in multiple ways. Many significant ways are open in a long run of business as well as it is also a cost consuming factor of production which is also beneficial for the company (Sweeting, 2022). Strategy of outsourcing helps to build efficiency level in daily tasks of business routine or routine tasks, as well as advertising and enrollment, recruiting, regulatory administration, and data entry also done by the outsourcing job system.

The freelancer for data entry process for the company is always helpful and beneficial in terms of recruiting in-house freelancer or full-time accounting sequence might be not concerning methods that are cost effective to production. The company has to find the best freelancer for their data entry process (Akpan et al. 2022). The company has to find freelancers from various websites that might be turned into beneficiaries for the company. The benefits of freelancer for the company helps in several ways such as the working measurement is more freedom work, it has self-management system of working, it also has location flexibility which is also helpful for data collection and avoid other managerial working system, and the financer also have the improvement of their working skills for time to time.

By building connection of different vendors have the company in supply material as well as it is also understandable various supply quality of material, pricing factors which is demanding in the current market or not, it is also help to find best deals in the competitive market and help to proper identification of demanding factor of their supply materials (Newman et al. 2020). If the company has in touch with it is beneficiary in more such as each vendor always has the internal collection to each other, due to the reason it helps the company by building network in the located areas where the commercial projects are going to be constructive and those vendors are near to their location to supply material must be collect from them. So, it is a procedure to step of them in order to reduce the commercial project building cost effective system of working.

Before involving into a new commercial project, the company has to proper identification of the competitors in the market necessary important for the data collection process of their competitors and their commercial projects as well as your budgetary system of working and other factors of production (Woodhead et al. 2018). Proper Identification of competitors help the company in order to be there target it areas target budget of which they are going to be discussing with the clients and productive visualizer the companies motive and jobs as compared to others.

In order to pay operational bills in advance directly avoid the extra interest which are calculative indirect expenses for the company. The indirect expenses are to be part of avoiding factors of production because the company has to deal with their advance bill system and adding the advance billing system into their managerial body.
The resources are crucial for the company due to the reason that these resources are collected from various sources which might be not possible second time or the cost of collecting data resources is much higher than any other supply material so that question used and maintained productive use of the resources important for the company while entering a new competitive market with new commercial projects (Tezel et al. 2018). For this the company has to avoid wastage of the resources for the benefit of the company in the long run of business.

The rest of the employees or holidays of employees in this field of commercial projects must be avoided at a higher time because the budgets set by the client and must be completed within the time taken period of time as discussed earlier.

The improvement of cost cutting methods help the business organization in several ways of achieving organizational goals and build huge revenue from the organizational business module. For this the company has to follow some organizational steps for the betterment of the cost cutting method which is also directly leading to the achieving huge profit in indirect business which might be avoidable from the organizational management system. Big Ed’s Building Ltd is entering into a new segment which are does not related to their early business segment of project residential properties on the other hand commercial properties much related to the presidential projects but dealing with this segment the client always ask for reduce the budget or achieve the construction within the budget which are already setting up from the client site as discussed with the business organization or constructive business organization (Bertram et al. 2019). In terms of overlapping the budget might cause loss for the construction site of a business organization so that they have to achieve or build commercial projects within the budget setting by the advisory level of both the client side and organization side before starting the project. For this there are some steps which are always included by the management of the organization for a saving their organizational goal which are outsourcing job system, recruiting potential employees, reducing wages always help directly or hugely add the revenue building. Hire remote workers are potential workers as well as feel answers also stand for building higher revenue for the company.

Figure 1: Forecast of sales budget indicating the cost cutting method
(Source: Self-developed)

Cost cutting method is necessary for the commercial business or building commercial projects in a competitive field of work. The first time must be from the company's managerial body to establish realistic goals for achieving manners of working. Establishing realistic goals directly leads to the reduction of expenses which is the first step towards the success of achieving goals in detail, proceeding and measuring the progress report to the managerial body (Wang et al. 2020). After that evaluation of business expenses is the identical process of business span amounts by pulling the data from different expenses during the project and analyzing factors of production. This fully directly helps the company to underline where the money is invested which also identifies the wastage of investing money or whether it comes profitable or not for the company's commercial projects. After that the next step is to get stuff to buy in which is also a reduction of cost and an essential key towards success. It helps to share expenses as benefits or reduce the wastage of resources and other materials into various terms with the organization. It importantly helps to reduce business costs for a longer period of time. The managerial body of the company must ask the employees, which is also analyzing the method of the workforce, whether each and every employee is perfectly fit and enjoying their duties or not (Georgiadou, 2019). There might be unstable factors of production that if the employees are not satisfied with their working measurement the commercial projects might be laid down by a quality working system. After identification of wasting time or resources by habituated employees must be very crucial for the organization. The renewal or renew system of working for the beneficiary of the potential employees of the company helps to increase the quality of the system within the organization. The cost cutting method also hires remote workers or freelancers for the benefit of the company as well as cost effective solutions in several ways.

Figure 2: Flowchart of cost cutting method
(Source: Georgiadou, 2019)

The remote focus must be honest and productive with their working measurement and their investment amount must be within the organizational working system because they have more hourly rate of return which is compared to full time accounting body takes higher charges from them as your working in a full-time bases but freelancer working for project costing manner or different entries of data collection or given by the management body. Adding an outsource job system helps the company in order to reduce despite or avoiding reputation or the company also has to outsource their project some of their work for quality product working or products or materials and services by serving goods and services in order to reduce the marginal cost (Babatunde et al. 2020). Wages reduction or employees often prefer wages reduction but still it is careful for the managerial body before reducing the wages or some changes in order to lower the rate of their wages firstly identification must be done by the manager body. The preference always be reducing wages but the plenty or the reducing the wages doesn't influence the cost cutting measures it is a wholesale identification and research for done by the managerial body before lower down the wages rate for the potential employees. The bundle of purchase also helps to reduce the cost cutting measurements and benefits by combining purchasing services from several factors of supply material suppliers (Hamza et al. 2022). Sometimes the commercial projects are once different suppliers and single suppliers for single projects or items but on the other hand bundle purchase helps to reduce the factor as well as reduce documentation process and getting bulb discount from the supplier.

Evaluation of new products and services cost before functionality with their additional for existing product and services as well as expanding factors of service line help to building new product or adding new service cost for the same project. In simple words the company must have an identical process to other commercial projects. If there is any kind of supply material to help the new projects, the company must go with the existing supply material which also helps in productive ways (Hwang et al. 2018). Combine staff events also have the company in various ways of factors of production which means team building activities and training programs help to improve productivity which help to avoid wastage of resources sources additionally it is also have full for the organization or beneficiary for the organization by maintaining their positive workplace and other culture activities by shifting the times of working and managerial workforce. 

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