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MBA6301 Event Management Report 3 Sample

Assessment 3: Individual Project

This is an Individual assessment. Each student is required to write a report on success of the event.


It is important to critically evaluate and recommend improvements to an event management project in order to ensure that the event is successful. There are a number of factors that need to be considered when planning an event, and it is essential to have a clear understanding of all aspects of the event in order to identify potential problems and make recommendations for improvement.

Submission Instructions

Your report must include:

Cover Page:

Executive Summary

Table of Content

Introduction: A statement of the purpose for your report and a brief outline of project (one or two paragraphs).

Body of Report: Describe the tasks you performed as mentioned in the task.
Findings and Recommendations

Conclusion: A summary of the points you have made in the body of the paper. The conclusion should not introduce any ‘new’ material that was not discussed in the body of the paper. (One or two paragraphs)

References: A list of sources used in your text. They should be listed alphabetically by (first) author’s family name. You are required to have at least 15 scholarly references. The footer must include your name, student ID, and page number.



Even management is a type of practice that is use to govern an effective support towards systematic functioning of any event with each function arranged as per the requirements of client (Shone and Parry, 2019). Reb Bull is an energy drink making company which organised event for promotion of brand new courses of energy drinks. The re-evaluation of respective event in context with project management governed for Red Bull in prior project will be examined in the report. For Assignment Help, The effectiveness and manner in which Red Bull event could be more done in order to articulate success of event.

Red Bull protein was new drink which recites in healthy section and was newly to be launched by the brand. In order to govern an effective support of event management the various types of sections that is communication and control, safety and emergency measures, stewarding, security and crowd management, removal of structures and environmental facilities with monitoring. The bifurcated was allotted teams to handle and governance of each work was intensely managed by each team head. The main aim of event was to promote the drink by creation of awareness about its goodness and governing organisation effective customer base through promotional event. In current report, the manner in which communication and control within the entire event was governed will be analysed.

Body of Report

Communication plays a vital role in governing any task in prominent manner. The connecting link between stakeholders is drafted by communication and the voids in communication might revert adverse effects on systematic functioning of event. In the Reb Bull event management, the communication plan was sectioned into two sections that is internal communication and external communication (Bladen, et al., 2022). The internal communication was governed between the stakeholders functioning for the event and the manner in which event was handled. External communication was governed for stakeholders who were not directly linked in event plan working but were major part of the respective. Different types of strategies in communication and controlling section were used in order to govern channelizing function for information transfer.

The major seven elements of Red Bull event were event, infrastructure, audience, attendees, organisers, venue and media (Zhou et al., 2020). Communication plan was managed by event management software initially in which all types of information regarding any type of plan, new changes, orders, requests, time line, today’s goals etc. was communicated in simple language to all stakeholders. It can be analysed that event management is a type of building and going practice so that effectiveness in communication needs to be regularised in effective manner. Aim of communication plan was to inform all stakeholders about any decision, link people with status of work and consolidate a channelizing flow of communication with the organisers (Viola et al., 2021).

Red Bull is a very big company and offering healthy protein based drink in order to target the audience of wider range was the major theme of event (Wang, 2021). Communication plan was sectioned majorly into four parts which was information governance, effective two-way communication, allocation of change and monitoring the working in an effective manner. Use of tech based services were governed in such a manner that all types of data such as reports, brochures, designs, lists etc. were recorded so that access to stakeholders can be provided.

Communication strategy for Red Bull event that was used was centralised system working. The software was used to govern communication between the stakeholders in both official and unofficial manner. Groups of each task and activity was made and whole on official group was made in order to govern effective communication (Lachance and Parent, 2021). Event management the various types of sections that is communication and control, safety and emergency measures, stewarding, security and crowd management, removal of structures and environmental facilities with monitoring had one single group each and whole Red Bull event was governed with one group. Additionally, one team managers of each section was linked with organisers to keep communication clear and clean (Tkaczynski and Rundle-Thiele, 2020).

The software was used so that effective controlling of data and communication can be governed. Using of social media channels like What’s app was avoided as it has forwards option which actually creates confusion within the stakeholders. Communication and monitoring team worked for all types of sections and tried to link any type of query with the other stakeholder. The internal communication plan had steps like posting one day before event related work, time wise scheduling for work, delay time addition and implementation of work. Monitoring of work in a span of 1 hour of gap for each sectional team was governed (Lee et al., 2015).

The surveillance was not based on commanding but supporting attitude which is any issue faced by a department will be solved by communication team (Venkatesan, 2017). Additionally, quality and assurance was always matched by the designs and creative content which was posted in the morning. Red Bull required a theme based even in which many types of theme based functions were governing. End of each day had a meeting session which was held on the video calling through team managers in order to govern effective status wise analysis of each team’s work. It can be understood that team managers were handling the team so can choose any type of leadership or working style they like to. Planning was drafted in bifurcation of segments and task asked functioning which as governed by internal and external communication sectioning.

Later, the organisers were governed with the report, pictures and status of work to keep them well informed. The part that I was allocated was team management for external communication that is for the communication with audience (Heagney, 2016). The communication plan governed for audience engagement was drafted by social media, television and informed sessions in education centres. Thea aim of external communication was to create awareness and sense of attraction within the audience in order to have larger groups and crowds reaching in the events. Innovation was the key in our section and we tried to use innovative marketing strategies in order to promote the event.

We used reverse strategy for social media engagement that is instead of governing information about the event we tried to show activities and fun that event will have through influential reels in Instagram. We choose to show people how the fun and enjoyment is being planned and manner in which event will happen. The Instagram reels were highlighted by sponsored marketing technique in which we intended to involved local social media influencers of Australia. Making attractions like prices and passes reduction cost, we made an image of organisation that was thrived to announce its drinks and intends to govern an event which is like one-day party. The reverse strategy governed attraction of audience and high indulgence due to celebrity based sponsorship was also governed (Lock, 2020).

Passes and assistance centre was made in which link to garb the passes using different types of discounted offers was governed. Communication plan with the external stakeholders was made in very informal language but all ethics were governed in strict manner. Additionally, issues and queries of customers were solved by another panel. I was appointed as social media handler in external communication team and was asked to govern best content possible on social media. Red Bull is a big brand and do not need any type of new brand image. Coordination with the social media handling team of Red Bull was governed and event related data was posted. Working in form of collaborative manner with the Red Bull team was governed (Bahrami and Kiani, 2023).

Ethics and awareness wise data posting was governed which was assisted and approved by the managers of Red Bull first. Engagement of youth was also governed by awareness small boots in educational institution. In this placing of empty newly launched drinks was governed on the canteen tables of mess. Additionally, sugar content wise visual and informative labels about the drink was focused on (Tuten and Solomon, 2017). Students intend to learn through visual effects more so during breaks Red Bull drink wise dance was governed as surprise in canteens. These reels were made and again posted on social media, students were requested to tag so that they can govern more discount on passes. In this manner indulgence of students and signing up was governed in innovative manner.

However, on the spot planning was major concern which in some cases did not governed in an effective manner. Many times permissions took very long, many universities did not allow to govern event promotion, customers online were handled by one person initially which was not sufficient and issues in monitoring of KPI for each day due to lesser time was seen (Hammerl et al., 2019). Technical issues that is hanging, bugs and security issues were seen in one or two cases due to high traffic volume within the media channel and links. Initially the working of plan and customer acquisition was governed in an optimised manner as per the plan, but the communication wise governance of customers and audience with entertaining the social media engagement governed stressed and tedious job for the team.

Feedback many times was not assisted in effective manner and selection of new team member for supportive work required training and information governance for new member. Hence, the only solution that was governed was work distribution and just handling the customers with quick replies using Chat GPT. Tech based services were governed is that effective solution to issues in communication plan could be swiftly managed (Shafeeg et al., 2023).

Findings and Recommendations

Planning for Red Bull event in communication and monitoring was governed in prominent manner which not only linked all stakeholders but customers, audience and organisers within the event function. But communication linking was governed without monitoring. No such big or focused monitoring techniques were used. KPIs were used to understand the customer engagement on social media but it’s utilisation or application was not governed. For any event the highest selling of passes is governed when the event is about to occur and in that section of time stressed situation was rendered. This was due to lack of managerial functions in forecasting of the volume of customers going to get indulged (Vinerean, 2017).

Overall, it can be understood that effective planning and innovation in attracting of customers from all types of sections that is through social media and educational institutions was governed. The event management planning and communication could be improved by understanding about the risk factors and possible outcomes that might cluster and govern quality issues for later stages. The use of software based function was positive decision as it to only controlled the forwards bit also had records that could only be accessed through permissions (Lee et al., 2015). The use of technology reduced the work of team managers in team handling. Additionally, the reverse strategy for social media with pumping function of influencers was aid the managers to have good customer engagement.

Communication with external stakeholders needs to defined, quick, clear and effective with information transfer and good assistance function. In order to have systematic communication the rendering of each attributing function with communication needs to be examined in intense manner.


Red Bull has very high brand name and equity and event by the respective company will govern attention of many people so crowd handling on online channel required consolidated strategy that can function throughout for the event plan. Following recommendations could be used in order to govern effective support to issue procured in current planning of communication and monitoring team.

Monitoring techniques: consistency is key to any type of systematic communication. The monitoring techniques used in current plan could be changed and assistance of a person to govern monitoring the numbers and volume of capture on social media could have been done. In initial days, the number of audience might be less but later the volume will increase and the assistance will be required as well. The monitoring can be governed by understanding social media engagement and KPI reporting. These can be analysed and informed to respective stakeholders that technical team and social media handlers so that channelizing the information transfer can be governed in procured manner.

Technical assistance: FAQs reply, use of Chat GPT that is AI based communication and handling crowd so that secured channel is required to be governed by current team. The use of technology in terms of such big event could be imposed before handed so that event planning in later stages has no issues. Additionally, technology will aid in communication as well as recording and no audience will be left un-heard (Maijanen, 2023).

Data recording: from day one both online and offline data recording of audience engagement must be governed so that capacity of event can be matched up by the volume of facilities. Online recording can be governed by KPI reporting and offline can be managed by employees handling offline modes of passes taking (Hammerl et al., 2019).

Theme regulation: energy drink with protein was lesser known fact within the social media communication channel so the customer’s eccentricity towards the new product by brand needs to be increased in order to have Red Bull promotion event. Same customer base can be attracted by informative videos, Red Bull tags etc. types of simple techniques with current innovative techniques.


Communication and monitoring task for Red Bull’s promotion event has been elaborated in the current report. It can be analysed that effective planning and good analysis was functioned within the plan in order to have good communication. The various types of sectioning, bifurcation, team regulation and assisting types of strategies on real grounds has been explained in the above report. Social media handling was major task assisted and its intensified analysis has been presented in the report. Innovation was the key for successful audience attraction and engagement on social media pallet. However, many types of issues in handling the traffic was seen in the current management which was due to lesser risk based analysis. The larger perspective and frames in selection of mode of communication and number of members to be handling the social media team was required. In procuring the solution the of respective the last section governs recommendations for communication and monitoring strategy.


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