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MBA632 Knowledge Management Assignment Report

Your Task

There are two core components to this activity based on the Case Study that your lecturer will give you by Week 3 to develop a draft report framework as a group In-Class activity. Using that framework, create an individual report for a Knowledge Management Plan using the areas already covered in the subject.

Assessment Description

PART B. (Individual)

Based on the Case Study, you will be required to discuss and analyse the core components of

Knowledge Management and the impact on Organisation Practices to address the following:

1. Identify and critically analyse the core components of the Knowledge Management Lifecycle identified in the Case Study

2. Develop a Knowledge Management Plan that includes technological solutions

Research in addition to the Case Study is required. You should refer to at least three (3) relevant theories that you have covered during the subject to support your responses.

Please refer to the Assessment Marking Guide to assist you in completing all the assessment criteria.



The paper will share its concern for knowledge management in the case of Athena. By providing a background of Athena and what type of process, issues it is having, it will identify core components of the knowledge management cycle with the help of a case study. For Assignment Help, Having enough justification for each and every component, it will further offer technological solutions to have a better knowledge management life cycle. In its discussion, it will try to identify what type of technological solution would be placed and it would even offer an implementation plan of each technological solution for Athena. Theoretical analysis even would be there in the paper.


Athena is a consulting business that helps clients to develop business strategies.It has several employees having different types of technical experience which used to be coded before they can have a conversation with experienced former industry leaders. It helps the system to be used as per need. The recent merger is there with another consulting business and the employees are threatened with layoff which is not the actual scenario, still, C.E.O does not want to inform employees to initiate productivity.

Core components of the Knowledge Management Lifecycle

The knowledge management life cycle has six core components (Davenport, 2011). The core components of the knowledge management life cycle help the organization to be more effective to address its goal. It has the components like identifying and creating, storing, sharing, using, learning, and improving. The life cycle starts with identifying and creating. By the core component, Athena can identify the gaps in the process. So that it can create the strategy or process accordingly to generate the method. Effective identification and creating the method can help an organization to confirm the best direction for decision making. The second component of it is storing. It can be said that after identifying and creating the method, it needs to stored to avoid future complications and to implement it in the process. It would help the process of the organization to be efficient, leading to better ability of decision making. Storing even is important for the knowledge management cycle for Athena to have a track record of its organizational culture which can be influential in the future to understand the entire process for the organization for further improvement. The third component of the knowledge management life cycle is sharing (Riege, 2005). The main objective of the knowledge management life cycle is to achieve organizational objectives through the best use of knowledge. Employees are the key driving force for any organization and it is not an exception in this regard as the technical experience and efficiency helps Athena to develop. In such context, identifying the created and stored concepts regarding knowledge management needs to be shared with the employees of Athena so that they can act accordingly. It is much helpful for employees to have access to the expertise, excellent culture of the organization to be updated as a smart workforce who can be quick enough to take the effective decision for making the organization beneficial (Dalkir, 2011). After being informed about the created knowledge, the employees can use it accordingly, so that the main purpose can be served. The main purpose of knowledge management is to make the organization efficient and effective enough to address the objectives. Accomplishing the objectives is the goal of employees of Athena. By proper sharing of the knowledge, they can use it as per need. It even can help them to be updated about the recent procedure. While using the newly created knowledge, most importantly, the employees of Athena can learn several things. In the present context, up-gradation is most important for any organization, and as per the case study Athena at the verge of merging where the employees need to be more efficient in the technical field to accomplish their job roles. Hence, while using the newly created knowledge employees can learn several new things which eventually can help them to improve. It is a basic thing that operation also demands improvement and without learning, improvement cannot be achieved. The core components of the knowledge management lifecycle, hence, helps the process to be updated and employees to be improved for future challenges. The life cycle can be better if it would use SOAR analysis Matrix in it. By the matrix while identifying and creating the knowledge, the strength and opportunity can better be evaluated to confirm that the identified or created knowledge is effective to address the objectives (Atlassian et al. 2020). During the employee acknowledgment, specifically during sharing and using, aspiration can confirm better results during learning and improvement to make the process entirely effective and efficient to address objective.

Suggestion for a Technological Solution

As per the case study as Athena is going to merge with another consulting agency, hence, cloud-based technical solution for better storage, collaborative document creation solution for sharing the knowledge, messaging solution through video meeting calls, messages, and text for effective communication, and business social network application for better exposure is really important. The CEO of Athena is more interested in technical excellence considering the digitized age and the technological solutions in the referred aspects are really important for it.

Cloud-based storage solution - Dropbox replacement can offer better functionalities for Linux users which would be similar for Own-cloud. It is the self-hosted file sync and share driver (Fichtner, Anyacho, 2018). The use of the cloud-based storage solution can help Athena to have an access of the unlimited amount of storage space which is very important due to the new merger. The new merger would definitely ask for better storage and an own cloud for the Linux users would be the best one to have the opportunity. Most importantly, it is even available for Android, ios, desktop, windows to confirm better accessibility. In order to implement a cloud-based solution own cloud in Athena, it is important to have own-cloud software in the computer by configuring and adding the URL in own-cloud server with login credentials.Further files and folders need to be selected for sync (Durst, and Edvardsson, 2012). Thus, the implementation of a cloud-based solution would be implemented in the system and to have the best use of it, employees need to have that knowledge which would be done by knowledge management life cycle.

Collaborative document creation solution - For a collaborative document creation solution, Nextcloud can be the best solution for Athena, as it offers an industry-leading collaboration platform for on-premises content (Uçar, 2020). The technology can combine ease of use and convenience of the solution with security and privacy to control the business needs. The platform would be much helpful for Athena, as the employees can have a collaboration platform without any difficulty.

Messaging solution including text, messages, calls and video meeting - Messaging solution video making calls and messages can have opted for Wire software as it is an encrypted collaboration and communication app. It is even accessible through Android, ios, windows,Linux which would be added advantage for Athena (Carpentier, Van Hoye, and Weng, 2019). The app offers collaboration suit by external collaboration, file sharing, conference call, video call, voice call to confirm effective communication as well as knowledge sharing to the organization which is the main requirement of Athena at present.

Business social network application - For business social networks, the application of social media would be the best way out to have the wide-open opportunity of communication, collaboration, cooperation without any sort of issue or challenge regarding geographical location or time (Kolluru, and Reddy, 2021).

Knowledge Implementation Plan

Having the idea about the software apps or applications cannot really serve the purpose for Athena as the most important aspect is proper implementation of the suggested technological solution. The most important thing for implementation is to build a process that can accommodate such type of implementation for which designing and planning is really important to implement the solution with the help of employees. Acknowledgment of employees is very important to manage the change as well as for alignment of user experience with the strategy. Implementing so many technological solutions in its procedure would be difficult for Athena. Implementation can better be done by system theory, as it would help to have interdisciplinary study regarding systems relating it to each other, making the process easier. Further, Maslow's hierarchy of needs even can help to confirm excellence in organizational culture by satisfying the needs of employees. While systems theory would help to implement different technological solutions easily, similarly, Hierarchy of needs would confirm employee satisfaction to secure best contribution from them to make the merging successful.


A paper has shared its concern for knowledge management life cycle for Athena, as it is going to have a merger and life cycle is really important for betterment. The background has clarified the scenario effectively. The discussion further confirms that the knowledge management cycle has 6 core components to confirm effective addressing to the objectives of the organization. The discussion further has pointed out several technological solutions for Athena considering that technological excellence is really important for Athena. The implementation process even has been described with the help of system theory and hierarchy of needs to confirm effective implementation and smooth processing of each technological solution by the help of employees active participation.


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