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BSBRES801 Initiate and Lead Applied Research Assignment Sample

Provide answers to all the questions below:-

1. Explain the following types of communication processes:

  • Circular Process
  • Two-way Process

2. Explain three (3) different types of communication methods commonly used in the workplace.

3. How do you choose the right method of communication for your organisation? Write your answer in 50-100 words.

4. Explain, in 200 words, the following types of data collection methods for assignment help -

i. Primary Data Collection Methods
ii. Secondary Data Collection Methods

5. Explain the difference between qualitative data analysis and quantitative data analysis. Write your answer in 50-100 words.

6. Identify and document any four (4) different types of technology that can be used to collect data.

7. Explain the Privacy Act and the Australian Privacy Principles guidelines (APP guidelines) applicable to secure personal information. Write your answer in 200-250 words.

8. Explain the purpose of a privacy policy in 30 words.

9. Create a list of questions that can be used in the workplace as a compliance check for privacy, storage and retrieval of data and freedom of information.

10. Explain, in 250 words, ten (10) effective presentation techniques that you can implement when presenting your research findings.

11. Explain, in 100 words, three (3) methods that can be used for reporting in a formal business environment. Give examples of some different formats that can be used to support each method.

12. What is research ethics? What are the three (3) objectives of research ethics? Write your answer in 50–100 words.

13. What are the eight (8) principles of responsible research conduct?

14. Explain the difference between Applied Research and Fundamental (Basic) Research. Write your answer in 150-200 words.

15. Give three (3) examples of quantitative tools and methods and three (3) for qualitative tools and methods. Explain their application. Write your answer in 300-350 words.


1 Answer:

Among different types of communication processes, the circular process of, communication can be termed as a complete communication that can be made in the form of a repeating cycle. Thus, it can be said that when communication is completed in the form of making a circle, it is termed the Circular communication process (Web.njit.edu 2022). This process is also termed the ongoing process. In this process, the model can be seen to be breaking the sender and receiver model where the communication is done practically. Here, each person can act as both sender and receiver and can be used as interpretation as well. In Two-way based communication, the feedback from the receiver can be seen to be sent to the sender. This helps in allowing the sender to know that the message was received accurately by the receiver. Hence, the communication is also negotiated which tends to state that the sender and receiver are listening to each other (Web.njit.edu 2022). As a result, the messages are then used to gather the information for responding further. Here, this communication process requires proper Feedback; here the process is made in the form of a reciprocal process.

Answer 2:

The most commonly used communication processes in a workplace can be differentiated into 3 main processes named, Horizontal Process, Circular Process, and Two-way Process. In the Horizontal process, the communication is seen to flow in the form of a straight line from sender to the receiver of a message (Drexel.edu 2022). Hence, it mostly lies in the shape of a horizontal line, called the Horizontal process. As a result, it is also stated as a One-way Process. The Circular process of communication is seen to be in the form of a repeating circle. Here, the messages are seen to initiate from the sender and eventually return to the sender in the form of a circle. Thus, it is also stated as the ongoing process as the message is getting repeated in form of a circle. The Two-way process contains the sender sending a message using some channels named Intermediary where the receivers of the messages are seen to make the response to the sender in the form of Feedback (Drexel.edu 2022). Thus, this communication process requires the use of proper Feedback. As a result, the process is termed to be a very effective communication process and is also called the reciprocal process.

Answer 3:

The Two-way Process can be termed as the most effective and appropriate way of the communication process as this communication process requires proper feedback, which makes it an effective communication process. Here, the process is seen to be dependent on a proper understanding of the message by both the sender and the receiver. Thus, both parties can effectively evaluate their opinions which results in increasing the overall success and effectiveness of the communication (Drexel.edu 2022).

Answer 4:

Primary data is the data that can be seen to be collected directly from the data source where any kind of existing sources is not required. Here, the data is collected first- hand for the project specifically where the data can also be used for other research. It is considered very much reliable, credible and authentic for addressing the research problem (Jotform 2022). However, primary tends to require a high cost for it to be implemented. Moreover, in many cases, it may not be feasible for collecting primary data due to its high complexity and required amount of commitment. On the other hand, Secondary data is the type of data that has been collected in the past by any other researcher or author but made accessible to others as well. These are initially primary data but tend to be expressed as secondary when used by any third party. These are very easily accessible to the researchers where these resources are shared publicly. Based on that, it can be said that the data are not tailored for meeting the concerned researcher who is researching for his/her study (Jotform 2022).

Answer 5:

There are various data analysis methods for quantitative data analysis, where raw and first-hand data is analysed into readable form. Here, Descriptive Statistics can be used for analyzing the data and patterns using Mean, Median, Mode, etc. Another effective analytical method can be Inferential Analysis (Madisha, 2022). Here, this analysis is responsible for showing the relationship among the different amounts of variables for generalizing the results and making predictions as well. On the other hand, the qualitative methods can contain the methods like Content analysis, Narrative analysis, and Discourse analysis. Here, the Content Analysis is used to analyze documented data that is present in the form of texts. Narrative analysis is used to analyse the content from a variety of sources, like interviews, surveys, etc (Madisha 2022). Lastly, the Discourse analysis is used for analyzing the live interactions that are done with the participants.

Answer 6:

The four technologies are

1. Internet Surveys are very much used technological methods for data collection due to their ability to become efficient and flexible which tends to be extremely beneficial to transportation planners.

2. Mobile phones are also a great way to record surveys as they are very much portable unlike traditional pen and paper forms of physical sources (Steergroup.com 2022).

3. CAPI or Computerised Assisted Personal Interviewing

4. CATI or Computer Assisted Telephonic Interviewing.

Answer 7:

The Australian Privacy Principles, APP and the Privacy Act 1988, Privacy Act are mainly based on factors like ethical data collection, usage and disclosure of personal information of the participants. The principles also revolve around companies or agencies' governance and their accountability (Oaic.gov.au 2022). Moreover, the integrity and correction of the personal information and the individual rights of the participants can be used for accessing their personal information. The APPs are termed to be principles-based law, where the organizations or agencies are seen to be provided with enough flexibility for tailoring their personal information regarding handling the practices for their effective business models and their respective models for diversifying the needs. These laws are mainly void of technology, which can help them adapt to changing technologies as well. However, it is important to state that interference with the privacy of the participants in the research can lead to penalties and major regulatory actions. Moreover, the APPs and their respective guidelines are seen to outline the compulsory requirements of those APPs (Oaic.gov.au 2022). The exercising functions and the powers under the Privacy Act 1988, where the APPs and their guidelines tend to apply to any agency where the Privacy Act can also be seen to cover the Australian Government agencies and companies. It can be completely deduced that an APP entity should manage personal information openly and transparently.

Answer 8:

The main purpose of the privacy policy is to further protect individuals and their organizations from data protection and their respective privacy violations (WhatIs.com 2022).

Answer 9:

Q1: Is there any way where privacy by design can be incorporated into the IT systems which are to be used for storing the data?
Q2: Is there any preparations that are to be needed in case of any data breach?
Q3: Is the PIA of Privacy Impact Assessment included and conducted as well?
Q4: Are the data assets and the processes which are to be used in the process of storing personal data identified and inventoried effectively? (Jotform 2022)
Q5: Is the collected data classified among the risks, based on High, Medium, and Low?

Answer 10:

1. Firstly, using the strategy of knowing the audience and defining the goal beforehand can be beneficial to be implemented while presenting the research findings.

2. Collaborating with others through live interacting among people with different skillsets can be used for generating innovative ways for presenting the research findings (Dandipatch.com2022).

3. Transforming the research papers into a more readable and presentable format, especially if the data collected is primary and qualitative data.

4. Embracing the findings in plain language writing can be used in avoiding ambiguity, where keeping the sentences short. Online readability tools are considered very beneficial for preparing the research findings.

5. Using the technique of Layering and Linking can be beneficial as well, where tailoring the research findings for the audience so that they can link to the findings (Dandipatch.com2022).

6. Evaluating the work before presenting can help in measuring the impact of the Knowledge Translation. Here, depending on the format that can be used for disseminating the work and the goal it is being targetted into.

7. Engaging the audience with a real-world example before presenting the findings can help the audiences to relate to the gist of the research which may make them more interactive and interested in the research findings.

8. Presenting the research findings with a pre-contextual story can make the audience glued to the presentation. As a result, incorporating this technique can lead to
a more interactive audience.

9. Incorporating various forms of presenting the research findings like using Oral Presentation, Poster Presentation, and Written Paper. This can create variety in the research findings.

10. Including recommendations with the research findings can be beneficial for making the findings more presentable and credible.

Answer 11:

1. Written Reporting: This can be considered to be the most common mode of reporting where written reporting can be kept in the form of legal records. The formats used in this reporting can be Financial statements, Tabulated Information, Accounting Ratios (Courses.lumenlearning.com 2022).

2. Graphic Reporting: Here, the reporting is done in the form of graphical presentations like Bars, Charts, and Diagrams. The graphical presentation can be the most effective medium reporting which can be used for removing dullness and confusion. The formats used in this reporting are Bar Charts, Pie Charts, Break-even charts.

3. Oral Reporting: However, this type of reporting is known to be helpful only to some extent, where this cannot be used in managerial decision-making. Here, the formats used in this reporting are Group Meetings, conversations among individuals (Courses.lumenlearning.com 2022).

Answer 12:

Research Ethics are the ethical regulations that are to be followed in research to maintain the legal aspects of the research while minimizing the harms and maximizing the benefits as well. The three main objectives of the Research Ethics are the Protection of the participants in the data collection. Research is done ethically and legally, serving the interests of the people. Consent and privacy of the participants are secured while conducting the research (Research.uq.edu.au 2022).

Answer 13:

The eight principles which are responsible to be included in the research conduct are,

  • Maintaining honesty in development, as well as reporting of the research
  • Incorporating Rigour in development, as well as reporting of the research (Research.uq.edu.au 2022)
  • Maintaining Transparency in the declaration of the interests and reporting the research methodology
  • Implementing fairness in the treatment of others involved in the study
  • Respecting the research participants, and the community involved, along with animals as well (Research.uq.edu.au 2022)
  • Recognising the value and respecting the diversity, cultural and social factors that are connecting with the study
  • Having the accountability of the development and reporting of the research
  • Promoting the research practices which are used in the research

Answer 14:

Applied Research is used to be answering specific research questions which are mainly targeted to be aimed at solving practical problems. As a result, the respective knowledge which is acquired from the applied research contains proper commercial objectives in the form of products, or services (Utep.edu, 2022). The new knowledge which is acquired tends to create new products and processes, which often lead to new fundamental questions.

Fundamental Research is used for answering the initial question and the way those things are seen to work. As a result, the fundamental knowledge is used by credible and applied scientists where significant improvements are made on the existing products and processes. Here, the basic researchers tend to take advantage of the technologies which are improved for answering the new raised fundamental question (Utep.edu, 2022). These are seen to be an important cycle for advancement.

Answer 15:

Methods in using quantitative methods can contain methods based on primary and secondary research. Among the primary tools, Survey Research can be used for asking multiple survey questions, where collecting data from a variety of participants can be used for producing numerical results. The application of this method can contain the use of particular target audience groups where a sample of respondents should have selected members randomly. Another method can be Comparative Research in the form of Questionnaires that can be used by the researchers for concluding the cause-effect equation among two or more variables. The application of the research is to be conducted irrespective of the type of relationship that can be seen to exist among the variables derived in the research study (Skillsyouneed.com 2022). The third method can be Close EndedInterviews, where the comparison among two factors in the study is considered to be derived through opinions generated from participants. Based on this, it can be conducted for establishing the relationship among the entities. The application of this method can be carried out for giving value to the opinions of the participants maintained in the research. On the other hand, the qualitative methods can also contain some methods, that involves words or language, where Focus Groups can include multiple participants discussing an issue. Focus Groups can be best defined in the form of a small group of selected participants who contribute to the opening discussion for research. As a result, hosting organizations can be used for selecting the participants for representing the larger amount of population. Open-Ended Interviews can be a way of gathering information from the people (Skillsyouneed.com 2022). Here, the interview is considered open-ended as the questions can be scripted. The interviews can be used for gathering factual data on such participants. Case Studies can be used in the form of a research approach that can be used for generating an in-depth understanding regarding a complex issue using the form of real-life context.

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