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BUSI 1591 Leadership, Professional Development, and Career Management Assignment Sample

Assessment Details

You are required to write a 3000-word (+/-10% excluding references) essay based on the concepts and theories of leadership, career management, and professional development covered in this module. Your preparation for and participation in the weekly workshop will help you form a foundation for your assessment with informal feedback from you tutor. You are required to answer the questions below by drawing on conceptual insights and empirical research evidence from 10 academic journal articles in an analytical manner. You can also refer to professional publications for assignment help (i.e. CIPD; CILT) and reputable news outlets listed below to set the contexts for your arguments and discussions.

Essay Content

You essay must focus on leadership and competence in the context of or a sector related to logistics/supply chain management and/or transportation. Please choose a specific context/sector that fits with your career goal in the next three years, which make researching for and writing his essay beneficial to you personally, academically, and professionally. The content of your essay must answer and discuss all of the following questions analytically and critically.

Key Questions:

1. What does leadership entail in in the context of logistics/supply chain management and/or the transportation sector?

2. What key challenges and opportunities does the chosen sector/context currently face?

3. What is the labour market outlook of the chosen sector/context in the next three years?

4. What are the implications of the identified challenges and opportunities for leadership and leadership development in the chosen sector/context?

5. What are the implications of labour market outlook and the identified challenges and opportunities for career management in the chosen sector/context?

6. What professional competences in the chosen sector/context are important in the current labour market outlook and in relation to the identified challenges and opportunities?

Essay Structure

Your learning journal must follow a structure according to the order of the questions above. The word count is an approximate suggestion. You are allowed to adjust it -/+ 10%.

Introduction 250 words

Outline the key objectives of this essay, including the sector/context, sectoral challenges and opportunities, labour market outlook, and relevant concepts of leadership, career management, and professional competence.

• Describe a specific context/sector in relation to logistics/supply chain management and/or transportation by using evidence such as reliable statistics to support the market value (refer to academic journal articles and/or professional publications and/or reputable news outlets).

• Identify the key challenges and opportunities that this specific sector/context currently faces (refer to academic journal articles and/or professional publications and/or reputable news outlets).

• Analyze the labour market outlook of the chosen sector/context in the next three years or further (refer to academic journal articles and/or professional publications and/or reputable news outlets).

Supply chain leadership/leadership in transportation or xxx sector 1000 words

• Define leadership in general (refer to academic journal articles)

• Define the chosen sector/ context (refer to academic journal articles and/or professionalpublications)

• Discuss the implications of the challenges and opportunities identified in the previous section for leadership and leadership development in the chosen sector/context (refer to academic journal articles and/or professional publications).

Career management 1000 words

• Discuss the implications of labour market outlook and the identified challenges and opportunities for career management in the chosen sector/context (refer to academic journal articles and professional publications).

• Identify important professional competences in the chosen sector/context in the current labour market outlook and in relation to the identified challenges and opportunities (refer to academic journal articles and/or professional publications and/or reputable news outlets).

Conclusion 250 words

Summarise the essay succinctly, logically, and clearly with a focus on leadership and professional development (no more new info).


Sector- Automobile Company- Tesla


Leadership is an art based on the motivation of people or a group of people that focuses on the action and activity towards achieving any mission or goal for the enhancement of the business setting. Moreover, the focus on the act of directing people or motivating them to initiate any work is the major principle of leaders. In this section, the role of the leaders in supply chain management is based on integrated management of both the people as well as of the logistics system. Moreover, the growth of the automobile industry is based on the differentiation of clear sales as well as of managing the growth of the company. These structures are essential for the development of appropriate supply systems in the industry. The business leadership skill and knowledge development are an essential area of study where the supply chain management keeps an eye on the development of the industry and its supply. In order to elaborate the study as well as understand the context of the growth of business in the Automobile industry with reference to the leadership in the supply chain management, this essay is based on the identification of the supply chain management in the context of growing business of Tesla Inc. This enhanced structure focuses on two basic points: leadership approach and the context of career management. In addition to this, the labour outlook market, challenges and opportunities of Tesla Inc. is focused. This essay is also based to focus on the insight of focusing on several challenges such as consumer uncertainty and the demand of the diesel, which can affect the supply chain life cycle of the products of Tesla Inc.


Automobile industry is one of the huge sectors of the market and business sectors that is only based on the context of designing, manufacturing, and maintaining the sales of the automobile. For reference to the context of the growing scenario, the development of designs for vehicles such as cars, buses, trains and many more comprises under the huge branch of the automobile industry. In the current scenario, the market value of the Automobile industry is $16.16-16.8 trillion that is estimated to increase thrice by 2026. Moreover, the opportunity in the complete automobile industry is increasing as the scope of both direct as well as indirect employment is increasing with growing innovation. Moreover, the management or repairing or renovation of the vehicles is not a part of the automobile industry. In this section, Tesla Inc. is an American electric vehicle and clean energy-based company that has its headquarters at Palo Alto in California. The innovation of the company is based on displaying the supply of the electric cars, battery energy storage from to grid scale, solar panels, solar roof tiles and many more. The company was founded in July 2003 in the name of the tribute to the electrical engineer Nikola Tesla. The contribution of the early days has developed the business to a new extent. In this portion, the leaders of the company such as Elon Musk, Robyn Denholm, Drew Baglino and Zach Kirkhom are focusing on the enhancement of the company. Moreover, there are various challenges as well as opportunities based on the revenue, operating income and total assets. Thus, the company is based on the production of electric vehicles such as Roadster, Model S and Model X SUV. The structure of these cars was based on sedan and SUV in order to enhance the design of comfortability of the person.

Key Challenges

The major challenges that the automobile industry can be seen with are the emission issues that are a growing headache for the car firms. At this point, Tesla is also facing energy issues where the company focuses on the context of developing energy through batteries and many more. The developing demand of electric cars as well as meeting the demand within the cost range is the greater obstacle for Tesla Inc. In addition to this, 73% of the vehicles transformed to develop 1.3 million units of electric charges. This scale is huge and hence the fraction of cars demand is an obstacle for the business.


Tesla Inc. is developing designs for the future system of the cars where the models of Tesla are termed as S3XY (or SEXY) that infers the model S, 3, X, and y of the company.

Figure 1: Future models of the cars in Tesla
(Source: Ahmad and Khan, 2019)

The above figure shows the ahead step movement of the Tesla gives opportunity for expansion in an untapped market, reduce the cost or make the car more convenient, Battery production can be made in-hand, and many more.

Labour Market Outlook

Labour market outlook are referred to as the trends of the employment rate in the business market. The automobile industry needs are continuously growing as the rate of employment in both direct as well as indirect market is increasing. The changing innovation as well as upbringing of the automation or robotics has affected the employment ratio of companies such as Tesla. The working principle of companies are based on developing the organisation as per the demographic need (Schniederjans, et al., 2020). In this approach, the business growth as well as employment is an issue that requires effective training, skills and development. It is estimated that 80% of the jobs in the automobile industry will be completely based on the review of occupation and skills.

Leadership in context of logistics and supply chain management

Supply chain management is defined as a network of organisations that involves the downstream as well as upstream linkages in several activities and procedures in order to produce the valuation in any form of products and services. In this portion, a typical automobile industry also focuses on the supply chain with effective development on meeting the demand as well as supply ration. It mainly comprises the network or the smaller supply chains that are attached with the possession of their own separate characteristics. It can be easily explained with help of the diagram as given below:

Figure 2: Supply chain management and logistics
(Source: Bilbeisi and Kesse, 2017)

The above figure suggests the complexity of the automotive supply chain that can be largely focused with the fact that a typical vehicle comprises more 20,000 components or parts. In addition to this, about 1000 modules or sub-assemblies are attached to the system so that the vehicle can function properly (Habib et al., 2020). The multitude mainly involves three tiers named as Tier 1, tier 2, and tier 3 of the manufacturers or suppliers that focus on controlling the sales or dealership of the assembly of the operations. The level of demand is huge on the part of customers for several specific features that configuration contributes to the huge level of response that is needed for the automobile industries to meet the supply chains and hence portraying the correlation between the quality of conformance of the design as well of the Supply chain management (SCM).
The SCM is based on the tailoring of the specific requirements of the products being manufactured. In addition to this, specific ownership to the acute complexity within the automobile industry that arises with the need of part of the automaker in order to contend with the management of large networks that comprises the number of supply chains. In addition to this following trend of the automobile industry affects the supply chain as explained in the table below:

Trends in the Demand Trends in the Supply

? Fragmentation
? The growth is uneven
? Importance of the market after demand
? Volatility is accelerated

? The source cost of the country is low
? The outsourcing is differentiated
? Accountability as well as transparency should be maintained.
? The management should be on risk assessment.


Table 1: Trends that affect the supply chain management.
(Source: Kumar, et al., 2019)

As per the above table, it can be seen that the micro-economic cycle of the growth is based on the pattern of recovery as well as on the contradiction. This tends to create a strain upon the effectiveness that is based on the establishment of the supply chain in the complete sector of the automobile industry and that establishes a large network of the supply within every industry. Leaders are an essential part of this logistics and supply chain management where their aim is to keep the sales at high range as well as develop the organisation at better as well as gather strength in the market. The leadership is based to capture an essential portion of being able to remain prepared in order to motivate people so that the company can effectively focus on the development of the sales (Khan and Ahmed, 2019). In addition to this, effective development is based on the context of ideas and innovation that helps the people to engage as well as communicate within each other so that they can act as per the reference of the leaders. The references of the growth is highly based on the effective scale of the leadership skills where the supply chain management in the companies such as Tesla Inc. is dependent on the ratio of effective innovation and sequence of managing the energy conservation as per the idea of Elon Musk. In addition to this, the leadership needs to focus on the reference of growth in the logistics as well as in the SCM so that the operations can be effectively completed. Moreover, each SCM is based on the vendor development as well as concentrates on the ‘job filler’ so that the employment as well as sales can be effectively managed in the long run.

Challenges and opportunities of the Tesla Inc. associated with logistics and supply chain management

Tesla Inc. is the future of cars and motors that is facing several challenges as well as is appearing to get opportunity for development in the future. Moreover, challenges and opportunities are the two sides of the automobile industry as the changes appear in the development of the business. Moreover, the aspect of the business is based on the approach of the leaders of Tesla Inc that focuses on enhancing, motivating, and initiating a path for the development of the business. The major challenges and opportunity of Tesla Inc. can be stated as the following table:

Challenges Opportunities

The liability of the products are low and the people are focusing on the premium quality and assurance that can affect the business The sales in the market is completely untapped as well as growing in the market with low competitors.

Automobile industry is full of competition as well as self-driving competition can affect the business of other automotive businesses such as Mercedes. The company needs to focus on the development of less expensive cars so that the person can easily focus on the reducing the sales cost`

The highly complex innovation requires complex structure of the engineering that leads to the issue in the products. The energy production system must be focused on the development in-house so that the people can effectively charge the vehicles at the house reducing the charging cost.


Table 2: Challenges and opportunities of Tesla Inc.
(Source: Kim, 2020)

The above table hence explains the need of supply chain management and effective leadership so that these challenges can be turned into new opportunities. Moreover, the aspect of development of business is based on the concept of specific or common goal motivation that is followed by the leaders. Focusing on the above scenario, the challenges and opportunity of the automobile industry.

Career Management in Tesla Inc.
Implications of Labour Market Outlook

The labour market outlook is based on the explanation of the trends of the employment that is growing in the coming scenario. In this aspect, the growth of the business of the automobile industry is based on the aspect of innovation and decision making scenario, where the workers need to focus on the utilisation of the motivation, ideas and opportunities so that the demand and supply can be easily managed. In this aspect, Tesla Inc. welcomes all forms of innovation that are based on the aspect of energy conservation. In addition to this, an automobile industry comprises designing, manufacturing and selling the products. These employments are considered under the aspect of direct employment (Banana and Shaik, 2017). However, the repairing, renovation and others management are not considered a part of the industry and this develops an indirect path of the business development. Here, mainly labourers are appointed on the basis of the need of repairing and does not require any sort of innovation to think of new ideas. Every year, the opportunity increases by 1% that affects the labour market trends of the Tesla Inc. in the global market. This structure of the development is concerned with the effectiveness of employing the people to meet the demand of the supply chain management.

Identification of the Challenges and opportunities for the career management in the Automobile Industry

Career management is an essential point that is based on the employment as well as developing the activity of work culture in the automobile industry that can be effectively obtained. Moreover, the analysis of career management explains that the industry sector is highly important, which can effectively help to develop and identify the contact challenges and opportunities of the companies such as Tesla Inc. Career management is based on various aspects, where people especially focus on the business administration career. The courses basically focus on the scenario of logistics and supply management. It is one of the essential parts of business literature. In this aspect, the scenario of the huge demand in the business section is increasing where the automobile industry is more focused towards the development of the company (Mathivathananet al., 2018). In this point, skill based opportunities are emerging more than the course based opportunities since, the organisations are more focused on the Talent and performance skills. Tesla is emerging its wings towards the devel;opment of the future cars. These emerging skills of talent and innovation are essential and this is a great story of both challenge as well as of the scenario of opportunities based on which the demographic demand and supply can be managed.

However, the introduction of artificial intelligence has reduced the demand of labour in the market. This is a serious challenge as the growing section of business impacts on the demand ratio. Moreover, the recruitment is completely the decision of the leaders and thus the scenario of activity based on the supply chain is essential for the people. Thus the career management is based on the huge branch of business administration where adequate knowledge as well as understanding of the automobiles, machineries, innovation and many more. This is a huge field of innovation and decision and hence challenges of demand and supply are attested to it.

Professional Competency

The capability of an individual in order to complete its duty or work is termed as the professional competence. In addition to this, a profession in the automobile industry is based on the performance quality that is provided by the person in any business infrastructure within the automobile industry. This is a serious point, where every capacity of the people and the quality of the work varies that can make a huge difference in the supply chain management at Tesla Inc. Tesla hence believes on quality control and quality comptonization is a serious issue that is not controlled in the company (Bilbeisi and Kesse, 2017). Thus, the impact of any business innovation can be seen in the professional competency. In addition to this, the professional competency is provided within Tesla Inc. in order to produce talent as well as better scholars for the organisation. These skills training is provided so that the skills can be easily developed and grow as per the need of the demographic. This is essential to maintain creativity and demand supply.

Relation of the professional Competency with the challenges and opportunities

Professional competency is based on maintaining the path of development in the organisation. Competency is based on managing the challenges and being ahead of the opportunities. Moreover, the impact of challenges and opportunities can be seen in the professional scope of Tesla Inc. This professional competence is managed with proper training as well as on a scenario of establishing the business for future. Every long-term investment is based on mitigating the challenges as well as on the development of new strength from the challenges.


The above discussion on the leadership and career management in context with the automobile industry as well as explaining the importance of logistics and supply management where the leaders and their performance matters a lot. Moreover, the context of Tesla Inc. confirms all the information where the essential aspect of supply and logistics management is based on the development of innovation so that the business can instantly earn the demographic demand. This sequence is essential where the automobile industry and their leaders focus on the context of managing the demand of the people. This aspect is very huge as the growth of the business is based on the point of providing ethical design and improvement so that the long-term investment can easily arise in the context of leadership development. Moreover, career management is the major point of Tesla as innovation is the mother of invention that is generated by the mind of humans. However, the automobile industry is based on the fact that the direct and indirect employment of the people. In addition to this, the annual turnover of the automobile industry is more than Euro 1.1 billion. Moreover, the changes in the leadership provides the path to the business as well as develops the business so that it can manage the supply chain management effectively.

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