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PBHL20006 Participatory Health Research Assignment Sample

This is an individual task assessment. You will be required to write a reflective essay (1500-2500 words). You will reflect on the application of your learning related to the readings, lectures, tutorials, and prior assessments. You will be tasked to address these two points:

• Your positionality and what you thought to be true in relation to public health research.
• How you would seek to undertake research with Indigenous communities.


Research Positionality

Public Health Research


Figure 1- Positionality
(Source- Author)

Concrete experience:

I had been a part of this research related to the public health for assignment help risk rising in Australia. The issue that I focused on was diabetes. While doing my research on this topic and looking for resources, I came across and learnt that diabetes is one of the major issues rising in Australia. This disease has affected not only adults but also children till 14 years of age. To deal with this issue, the government of Australia has also been working proactively. As much as they can do, they have done and are still trying to do. To help individuals who have diabetes, the government is trying to provide the best medical help and high-quality and affordable medicines. After finding out the number of people affected by this disease, I feel this research is important to be worked on. I feel bad that about 1 million, more than half of the population residing in Australia, have been affected by this growing disease which also leads to deaths. So Australia ranks 10th among all other countries for the deaths that are taking place due to type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

Reflective observation:

As per research on this issue, I have understood that diabetes, more than just being a disease, has turned out to be a silent pandemic rising daily and affecting both adults and children. As per the research, it has also been seen that there are two variants of diabetes type 1 and type 2. Type 1 diabetes is seen to arise in the early stage. It is common to see it arising in childhood but can affect individuals of any age. It arises when the tissues in the human body and the autoimmune in the pancreas are disrupted. Whereas type 2 has been seen spreading recently among both adults and children. The reason behind type 2 diabetes is when the body tissues are unable to respond to the insulin. Thus, as per my finding, I have seen that type 1 diabetes is highly common among children aged 0-14 years and is the 6th highest incidence. Of all, Australia is considered to be 7th highest in the cases related to diabetes.

Abstract conceptualisation:

Per my understanding, diabetes is not just a public health risk arising in Australia. It also affects the psychological health of individuals already affected by it. When they feel unable to cure their problem, they go through stress, depression, anxiety, and feel ‘burnout’. This is the major issue that is also leading to many deaths. If I were allowed to work on resolving this issue, I would have first advised the individuals who were diagnosed with diabetes to go and seek psychological help first. Because seeing the cases and researching them, I understood that any health issue, even if it can be controlled, if the individual is psychologically being affected, would still lead to death. More than just giving a list of medicines which is also a way of de-motivates an individual who is already in trauma, simple ways should be suggested, such as drinking a lot of water, working out more to reduce extra weight and quitting smoking if they do. Many other things are related to daily life. All this would help the individual to feel motivated and work on curing themselves.

Active experimentation:

In my opinion, people facing the issue should not be treated differently and should not be made to feel like a fish out of water. Rather every individual should be provided with a proper understanding of this, and they should be encouraged to fight against it. Campaigns should be set up to provide the people diagnosed with diabetes with a proper understanding of what it is, how it is caused, and how they can fight against it. This is a disease which cannot be completely cured but rather controlled. Rather than just providing them with high-dose medication, they should be advised to follow a normal life routine where they are required to keep themselves fit, consume sugar-free products, follow a strict diet, keep themselves hydrated, etc. To encourage them, they should be named some famous people who face the same issue but still lead a very normal life. While doing my research, I also came through that even the government of Australia has taken the initiative to provide essential required help to the people and children in terms of medical health.

Research with Indigenous Communities


Figure 2- Research with Indigenous Communities
(Source- Author)

Concrete experience:

My finding relayed the spread of diabetes among the people belonging to the Indigenous community. I have understood the risk of diabetes is higher among the people of Indigenous people of Australia than among the people belonging to the non-Indigenous community. In my finding, I came across the reason behind the rising cases of diabetes among them, which are reduced physical activities, increased obesity, changes in diet, and the high risk among the ageing population of the Indigenous community. The cases have also reflected that people are mostly affected by type diabetes, which is caused when the body tissues cannot control the insulin present in the body, leading to type 2 diseases. This has increased the rate of deaths taking place between the years 2015-2019.

The people of the Indigenous community residing in remote areas have a high risk of blood pressure, kidney failure, and diabetes. This research work is important being it is important to figure out the main cause of this issue, and recommendations need to be provided or suggested to control the spread of diabetes in the Indigenous community.

Reflective observation:

It was shocking to see the rising cases of diabetes in the indigenous community in Australia. Australia ranks 7th position, which is the highest in diabetes cases. Some of the other reasons due to increased cases of diabetes among the people of the Indigenous community involve alcohol consumption, mental health issues, and smoking. Most of the deaths are caused in the Indigenous community due to avoidance of health care effectively and timely.

In my opinion, public health issue needs to be educated to the people of the Indigenous community. In my finding, I understood that Indigenous people are spiritual and believe in orthodoxy. For them, good health is more than the absence of illness and diseases. They believe that diseases are caused within an individual when they are cursed. Thus, rather than help fight the disease, they distance the person believing they would cure it naturally or die.

My research is based on first educating the Indigenous individuals about the rising diseases. They need to understand what public health is, what risks it can lead to, and what measures need to be taken to cure it. They also need to understand the reasons behind the increased cases of type 2 diabetes in their community: increased obesity, decreased physical activity, and constant changes in their diet. This highly affects the body's immune system and weakens the body tissues. In my research, I will try to find strategies to help the people of the Indigenous community fight diabetes. To make them understand the importance, I have to plan a strategy to link with their spiritual beliefs and help them understand easily.

Abstract conceptualisation:

To cure the issue of type 2 diabetes, which is seen to be high among people, the major issue is the beliefs that these people have surrounded themselves with. The cases are not to be seen as high among the non-Indigenous people because they try to understand things more practically and immediately take precautions. The only problem with the Indigenous people is that they focus on spiritual understanding, and diabetes is an issue which cannot be linked with spiritual reasoning.
As a researcher, if I want to work on improving this issue, the major thing that I need to focus on is their understanding level, what they believe or understand about diseases, and what measures d they take to cure or fight against them. They need to be provided with natural medications which would help cure them. They need to understand what activities would help them cure this rising issue.

Active experimentation:

In my research work, I have understood that special ways need to be strategised to make the Indigenous people understand the issues related to diabetes, especially the reason behind the rising type 2 diabetes among them. Usually, they should not try to accept it or would look for religious reasons for it.

In my opinion, they should be recommended naturally grown medication which might not help them fully but still have some effect. They need to be introduced to the percentage of deaths that occur in their community due to negligence of medical health for the people affected by type 2, diabetes.


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