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BSBLDR801 Lead Personal and Strategic Transformation Assignment Sample

Case Study:

As part of the latest workplace agreement, an organisation is about to introduce multiskilling for all employees. The goal is to enhance efficiency, flexibility and job satisfaction and help the organisation become an employer of choice.

Tom, the Section Manager is responsible for developing and implementing learning plans for the employees in their sections. These are put in place to ensure that all the employees can benefit from equal opportunity and health, safety and welfare professional development and that a net 3% gain in productivity six months after the training is completed. Measures of each section’s success also include attendance rate, labour retention rates, number of grievances registered and output to costs ratios. Tom can see many apparent benefits for the employees. A great variety of tasks and increased skills will provide better job satisfaction, and flexibility resulting from multiskilling taking place. Employees will have the opportunity to undertake complete projects and take on more responsibility and decision making in their roles. Tom can see plenty of other benefits to the organisation apart from those stated in the workplace agreement: multi-skilled staff, improved occupational health and safety, improved and easier recruitment and retention due to increased level of job satisfaction, more effective use of technology, improved staff morale, it sounds too good to be true.

Read the case study carefully and answer the questions in the spreadsheet below for assignment help -

Q1: Give examples of how Tom can communicate the new organisational direction and values to the staff. (150 – 200 words)

Q2: What impact will Tom’s role as a leader have during this organisational change? What strategies can he use? (100-150 words).

Q3: Explain how Tom should analyse and confirm the capacity and competence of relevant team members to find out how they can contribute to the change process and implementation plans. (100 – 150 words).

Q4: What strategies can Tom use to develop a learning and communication solutions to address any problems and risks arising for individuals during organisational change. (100-150 words)

Q5: If you were Tom, how would you develop, plan and introduce this change? (100-150 words)

Q6: What leadership style and approaches should Tom use to best respond to the impact of change on people and processes (50-100 words)

Q7: How you would deal with the resistance to change? (50-100 words)

Q8: What relevant legislation, information and intelligence sources does Tom need to analyse and keep in mind during the change process? (50 – 100 words)


Ans 1)

? Talk about the core values and their implications: Tom needs to first describe the core values and how they are beneficial for the company. He needs to explain how the following values will help in increasing the flexibility, job satisfaction and efficiency of the organisation (Mitrevski et al.,nd).

? Use eye-catching and attention-grabbing methods of conveying the message: Just showing people a ppt of why one needs to become more efficient and how that will help in a boring presentation, one must make it interesting. If Tom goes up and talks about what he feels and what he wants to convey and then follows to show a video on how the whole thing would work, it will grab the attention of the people listening (Mitrevski et al., nd).

? Tom should make sure he takes everyone’s opinions in a way that they feel included in the meeting and by the end let them know about what the changes are and why they are vital. Without proper reasoning, it could be a very hard value to build but having solid reasoning with proper examples helps build a tight agreement with the staff and the leader

Keeping these basic elements in their mind it would be easy for Tom to get his words through to his staff.

Ans 2)

To bring in changes in this organisation, it is important for Tom to follow the correct strategy as his path of leading would carry a lot of responsibility. If he succeeds in passing down the values to the staff, it will benefit the organisation positively and help it achieve flexibility, efficiency and job satisfaction of the company (Kwiatkowski, 2019). However, if Tom fails, it will not only affect the team members, staff and his job but the organisation as a whole.

Tom can take the help of values-based leadership:

Values-based leadership determines the strategy of the business by establishing clear implications that serve as a guide for employees. This type of leadership provides direction and significance to workers, supervisors, stakeholders, and the organisation as a whole. It helps employees take to evaluate the objective of the organization in every decision they make. Firms established responsive cultures based on appropriate values, which increased the overall ultimate sense of stakeholders of the company. The organizations depend on the cooperation of its consumers and clients to attain its goals. Values-based leading benefits individuals since it engages in the learning and collaboration of all partners (Kwiatkowski, 2019). It also enables staff by developing leaders and inspiring other leaders to do the same.

Ans 3)

As a team leader, it is given that Tom is required to analyse and confirm the team’s competence and capacity.
To get successful results Tom himself has to become a good leader who is able to lead his team to success. If Tom learns the basics of how to make sure you work for and along with the team and not make the teamwork for you, along with other points. Given that Tom is extremely fast-paced and leads the teams efficiently, he also needs to keep a check on whether everyone on his team is working up to their full potential or not (Errida and Lotfi, 2021).

Doing that would require him to keep an eye on every single one of them. If Tom goes up to each member and strikes up a conversation related to work which later moves into something casual, it would form a bond between them which would help them improve their relationship and make them feel closer as a whole team. Once close enough they would all try their level best to work up as a team altogether and work towards success as a team (Errida and Lotfi, 2021).

Ans 4)

Tom should introduce 5 basic strategies of effortless communication in times of problems-

? Verbal Communication: Whenever we converse with people and engage in verbal communication, It could be face-to-face, over the telephone, via Skype or video chat, or indeed any means. Some verbal contacts are informal, also including chatting with a co-worker over espresso or in the office kitchen, and few are more formal, other than a planned meeting. (Nwabueze And Mileski, 2018).

? Non-verbal Communication: Everything Most often, everything we do while communicating conveys over and above what we say. communication involves facial expressions, position, human touch, hand gestures, and sensation.

? Written Communication: Whether it's a contract memo whether it's a Facebook post, research, an email, a Twitter tweet, or just about anything else, every written language seems to have the same purpose which is to communicate a message in a concise and brief manner - a goal that is usually not accomplished. In actuality, poor writing skills usually lead to misinterpretation and embarrassment, but also significant legal consequences. (Nwabueze And Mileski, 2018).

? Listening: Hearing is not commonly considered in many kinds of communication. Listening skills are the most significant characteristics of contact since if we don't attend to the person next to each other, they will not be capable of engaging with them.

? Visual Communication: Our civilization is built around images. Bear this in mind: screens are all on 24 hours per day every day, Fb has visual jokes, videos, images, and so forth, Instagram is a photographic platform, and marketers use imagery to promote ideas and products.

Ans 5) If I was Tom I would introduce this change step by step.

I would begin with getting every team member together. I would then present my ideas and the topic for discussion. After taking everybody’s thoughts on it, I would proceed to give my reasoning and backups for the statements I would make and the changes I would want to implement. By the end of the meeting, I would have given them a brief about how the process of change would take place. I would make sure the process is subtle and not sudden as sudden changes are hard to adapt to. I would also be open to any suggestions related to improving the implications of the said change.

Ans 6)

To bring about major changes in a big organization Tom should take the help of a transformational leader. Given that the change is about implementing new values, it would help to try and create stronger bonds with the teams and work together towards successfully becoming multiskilled, leading o efficiency in the workforce (Oreg and Berson, 2019).

Ans 7)

Given that changes are not easy to adapt to, it could very well be possible that the people towards whom change Is targeted refuses to adapt. In situations like those, I would approach each of them personally and listen to their side of the thoughts. After rationalising them and logically explaining why they are wrong I would persuade them to adapt to change or have to let go of them.

Ans 8)

During the tough change process of the working of the organization, Tom needs to analyse how their teammates and staff are performing. Tom should be carrying out tasks as per the regulations or legislation of Occupational Safety and Health. When an organization is undergoing change it is extremely important to ensure that besides the physical resources the confidential data are also protected. Thus Tom should also comply by the Data Protection Act and ensure there is no breach of organisational data (Abdow, 2019).It would be an intelligent for Tom to consider the Corporate Governance regulations, as the process of change management includes legal as well as security regulations thus to ensure safe practices these should be considered.


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