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ISYS1003 Cybersecurity Management Report Sample

Task Description

Since your previous two major milestones were delivered you have grown more confident in the CISO chair, and the Norman Joe organisation has continued to experience great success and extraordinary growth due to an increased demand in e-commerce and online shopping in COVID-19.

The company has now formalised an acquisition of a specialised “research and development” (R&D) group specialising in e-commerce software development. The entity is a small but very successful software start-up. However, it is infamous for its very “flexible” work practices and you have some concerns about its security.

As a result of this development in your company, you decide you will prepare and plan to conduct a penetration test (pentest) of the newly acquired business. As a knowledgeable CISO you wish to initially save costs by conduct the initial pentest yourself. You will need to formulate a plan based on some industry standard steps.

Based on the advice by Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) the Board has concluded that they should ensure that the key services such as the web portal should be able to recover from major incidents in less than 20 minutes while other services can be up and running in less than 1 hour. In case of a disaster, they should be able to have the Web portal and payroll system fully functional in less than 2 days.


1. Carefully read the Case Study scenario document. You may use information provided in the case study but do not simply just copy and paste information.

2. This will result in poor grades. Well researched and high-quality external content will be necessary for you to succeed in this assignment.

3. Align all Assignment 3 items to those in previous assignments as the next stage of a comprehensive Cyber Security Management program.

You need to perform a vulnerability assessment and Business Impact Analysis (BIA) exercise:

1. Perform vulnerability assessment and testing to assess a fictional business Information system.
2. Perform BIA in the given scenario.
3. Communicate the results to the management.



Another name of one test is a penetration test and this type of test is used for checking exploitable vulnerabilities that are used for cyber-attacks [20]. The main reason for using penetration tests is to give security to any organization. For assignment help This test shows the way to examine the policies are secure or not [14]. This type of test is very much effective for any organization and the demand for penetration tests is increasing day by day.

Proposed analytical process

A penetration test is very much effective for securing any type of website [1]. Five steps are connected with pentest. The name steps are planning, scanning, gaining access, maintaining process, and analysis.

Pentest is based on different types of processes. Five steps are involved in pentest [2]. The first step shows the planning of pentest, the second step describes the scanning process, the third step is about gaining access, the fourth step and five steps ate about maintaining and analyzing the process.

There are five types of methods that are used for penetration testing and the name of the methods are NIST, ISSAF, PTES, OWASP, and OSSTMM. In this segment, open web application security project or OWASPO is used [3]. The main reason for selecting this type of method is that it helps recognize vulnerabilities in mobile and web applications and to discover flaws in development practices [15]. This type of test performs as a tester and it rate risks that help save time. Different types of box testing are used in pentest. The black box testing is used when the internal structure of any application is completely unknown [16,17]. White test is used when the internal process of working instruction is known and a gray structure is used when the tester can understand partially the internal working structure [13].

Ethical Considerations

The penetration test is used to find malicious content, risks, flows, and vulnerabilities [4]. It helps to increase the confidence of the company and there are different types of process that helps to increase the productivity and the performance of the company. The data that are used may be restored with the help of a pen test.

Resources Required

The name of hardware components that are used for performing ten tests is a port scanner, password checker, and many more [5]. The names of the software that are used for the penetration test are zmap, hashcat, PowerShell-suite, and many more.
Time frame

This framework has a huge user community and there are no articles, techniques, and technologies are used for this type of testing. The OWASP process is time-saving so it is helpful in every step [19].

Question 3.1

1. Analysis of Norman Joe before the BIA implementation

Business impact analysis is the process of identifying and evaluating different types of potential effects [19]. These potential effects can be in different fields and this is helpful to overcome all of the range requirements for business purposes [6]. The main aspect of pentest to secure all of the web and mobile is to provide and identify the main weakness or the vulnerabilities of the business management system from being the victim of major reputation and financial losses. To ensure the continuity of the business, regular checking and penetration testing is very important for the company [12].BIA is a very important process for Norman Joe, before implementing the BIA Norman Joe has many security issues, and the company is also required to improve the firewall in their network system as well as the IDS [11]. As the firewalls are only developed to prevent attacks from the outside of the network, the attacks from inside the network can easily harm the network and damage the workflow [7]. The company requires to implement internal firewalls to prevent such attacks. Firewalls also can be overloaded by DDos protocol attacks, for this type of attack the company requires to implement scrubbing services [16].


Figure 1: Before implantation of BIA for penetration testing

2. Analysis of Norman Joe after the BIA implementation

The process of business impact analysishas been done on the Norman Joe to secure the Company's system and after implementing the security measures such as the internal firewalls and the scrubbing services, the company’s data has been secure mostly from cyber security threats [8]. After implementing the BIA, the website has been tested by running the website, the website has first started and then intercept of the website has been done [10].

Figure 2: After implantation of BIA for penetration testing

After the intercept process it has been checked if the website is being used or not [11], if the website is not being used it allows the user to remain in the start page of the website and if the website is being used the protocols are being found and checked if it was used or using then the information are gathered and performed the penetration test in the system [9]. Furthermore, the report of the penetration analysis has been displayed after the test as well as the vulnerability level then the analysis has been finished.

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