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MIS102 Data and Networking Report 3 Sample

Task Summary

Create a network disaster recovery plan (portfolio) (1500 words, 10%-or 10%+) along with a full network topology diagram. This portfolio should highlight the competencies you have gained in data and networking through the completion of Modules 1 – 6.


The aim of this assessment is to demonstrate your proficiency in data and networking. In doing so, you will design a network disaster recovery plan for a company of your choice to demonstrate your proficiency with network design.

Task Instructions

1. Create a network disaster recovery plan (portfolio) along with a full network topology diagram for a company. (the choice of a company can be a local or international company)

2. It is recommended that to investigate the same company that was researched in Assignment 1 as this created a complete portrait of the company and becomes an e-portfolio of the work complete.

Note: The Company has branches worldwide and this should be considered when creating the network disaster recovery plan.

3. Network disaster recovery plan (portfolio)

Write a network disaster recovery plan using of 1500 words, (10%-or 10%+) The Portfolio must include the following:

An introductory section that highlights the importance of having a recovery plan.

• Whatstepsshould the company take if:

o There is a sudden internet outage.

o A malware (e.g. a virus) hasinfected the computers in the company network.

o There is no local area network for the entire company Is there a way to diagnose if this is a hardware failure. What communication protocol stack might be affected.

o Only a part of the company loses internet connection.

o There is a power outage.

o There is a natural disaster such as an earthquake, tsunami, floods or fire.

o There is a password security breach.

• Are there precautions and post-planning to ensure that the company will not repeat the same network disaster?

• Anticipate the likely questions about the network design that will be raised by the client (Please note that this may include both technical and non-technical staff of the organization).

4. Network topology diagram

• Create a full network topology diagram, that could ensure the business continuity of the company.

• The diagrams need to be your own work and need to be developed using Visio or Lucidchart or an approved graphic package. (Please seek the approval of the learning facilitator prior to commencing this activity).

• All diagrams need to be labeled and referenced if they are not your own.

• The full network topology will be part of the network disaster recovery plan and should be used to further enhance the understanding of the recovery plan.



Even a digital firm like Apple may experience network outages and catastrophes in today's rapidly developing technological ecosystem. This research digs into the complex world of network disaster recovery planning, a vital part of modern corporate operations, and adapted to the specific requirements of a multinational corporation of Apple's figure. The capacity to quickly recover from network failures, cyber-attacks, and natural disasters is critical in today's always-connected digital world. For Assignment Help, This analysis highlights the value of preventative disaster recovery procedures by describing Apple's plans to ensure the availability of critical services, the security of sensitive data, and the robustness of the company in the face of adversity. 

Network disaster recovery plan

An organization like Apple would utilize a network disaster recovery strategy to restore its whole network in the event of a catastrophe. Finding the network's weak spots, creating a list of potential risks, developing a strategy to deal with those risks, and outlining a backup plan are all critical parts of a disaster recovery strategy (Meilani, Arief & Habibitullah, 2019).

Recovery plan – It allows Apple to keep operating, providing customers, and making money in the case of a calamity.

Protect Data - It helps to make sure that essential data is kept safe and can be recovered in the case of a disaster or legal complication (Zhang, Wang & Nicholson, 2017).

Reduce Monetary Costs - Significant monetary costs might come from downtime and data loss. These losses can be mitigated with a solid recovery strategy.

Protect Reputation - A speedy recovery shows that Apple values its consumers and will do what it takes to keep them happy.

Aspects of this plan

Precautions and Planning

- Organizations like Apple can reduce the likelihood of future network catastrophes by taking these preventative measures: Maintain a recovery strategy that takes into account developing risks and emerging technology.

- Training Employees - Regularly Have personnel trained on disaster preparedness and security best practices (Butun, Osterberg & Song, 2019).

- Regular testing and exercises should be carried out to ensure the efficacy of the disaster recovery strategy.

- Audits of the security measures in place should be carried out regularly to detect any flaws or weaknesses.

When it comes to addressing network failures and catastrophes, Apple, as a leader in the computer sector, must methodically develop and implement a complete set of safeguards and preventative measures to keep operations running smoothly.

Preventing internet outages is an important consideration. Apple would be wise to employ many independent internet connections through different ISPs (Finucane et al., 2020). To mitigate the effects of an ISP outage, these links must automatically switch to a backup connection in the event of an interruption. In addition, the user experience and availability may be improved by using material Delivery Networks (CDNs) to cache material closer to end-users. To further guarantee that key services are always available, especially during peak use periods, Apple should implement Quality of Service (QoS) policies to prioritize crucial traffic during network congestion.

Apple has to implement sophisticated threat detection systems capable of identifying malware in real-time if it wants to stop infections caused by malicious software. The danger of malware intrusion through phishing efforts and other vectors can be reduced by providing frequent training programs for employees. As important as network-wide defenses are, stopping malware infestations at their source requires effective endpoint protection software. Apple has to have spares of its network gear on hand in case of LAN problems so that it can quickly restore service. Tools for constant network monitoring can spot problems and hardware breakdowns early, allowing for preventative maintenance. It is important to keep accurate and detailed records of network setups to speed up the troubleshooting process in the event of a malfunction (Schultz, 2023).

Apple should implement network segmentation to ensure that mission-critical services continue to be available in the event of a partial loss of internet connectivity. In the case of a partial outage, technologies like Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) can be utilized to redirect traffic and keep services up. To ensure the failover procedures work as intended, they must be tested often. Reducing the likelihood of a power outage happening is crucial. Apple should install UPS systems in its mission-critical data centers and server farms to keep the machines running during power outages. Extending the electrical supply with backup generators is possible. Equipment failures during power outages can be avoided with regular power system maintenance (Rosencrance, 2023).

Apple should spread its data centres out over many locations to lessen the effects of calamities that affect only a small area. If data loss occurs, it may be quickly recovered through the use of real-time data replication to alternative data centres. Having a fully functional, off-site disaster recovery site with all of the data and resources synced across to it is like having an extra firewall up. Apple needs to deploy Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for vital systems and accounts to stop password security breaches. Passwords should be changed often and be of a certain minimum complexity to reduce the possibility of hacking. It is also important to do security audits to find password security flaws.

As part of Apple's continuous dedication to network resilience and disaster recovery readiness, the company should continually reinforce these preventative actions. Apple is better able to protect its worldwide user base from interruptions in service because of the efforts it has taken to implement these measures throughout its network architecture (Peterson & Hilliard, 2022).

Client-Focused Question Anticipation

Questions from the Technical Staff

1. How frequently should we revise our disaster recovery strategy? Plans should be examined and revised at least once a year, or more frequently if necessary.

2. How often is crucial information backed up? Specify how often and what kind of backups will be done.

3. Can you give me a rough estimate of how long each rehabilitation plan will take? - Please include planned recuperation times.

Questions from Non-Technical Employees

1. How Will My Work Be Affected? - Describe the precautions taken to keep normal activities to a minimum.

2. To what extent do workers contribute to catastrophe preparedness? Stress the need of being punctual in reporting problems and sticking to established protocols.

3. In the event of an emergency, how will information be disseminated to staff members? Explain the current methods of interaction.
Network Diagram

Figure 1 Network topology diagram for Apple


This research has shown that even a technological centre like Apple needs a network disaster recovery strategy to keep operations running smoothly. Apple can keep up its rate of innovation and service availability by painstakingly tackling a wide range of potential calamities, from cyberattacks to natural disasters. Redundancy, backup solutions, and personnel training help the organization handle interruptions with resilience and agility, allowing it to maintain its promise to clients all across the world. Apple can keep its operations running smoothly, keep its unrivaled image intact, and weather any storm by adopting these measures and embracing a culture of readiness.


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