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PROJ6012 Managing Information Systems/Technology Projects Assignment Sample


Consider the organization where you are currently working or an organisation with which you are familiar with and select a project. Alternatively, you may choose a project case study from the existing published literature for your analysis. For the considered case study you will be required to understand the background of the project and the business value that it is providing to the organisation. The project selected should be such that you can do a deep analysis by considering different aspects of project management discipline. A project manager needs to balance the three competing goals of the project, namely, scope, time and cost. These are commonly known as the triple constraints in project management. You will be required to analyse different methods and tools used to manage the scope, time and cost of the project and present the project management artefacts used to balance these constraints.

Please consider some general instructions for preparing your assignments provided in this document.

For completing your Assessment 1 you need to consider the following

1. Analysis of the selected project case and its organisational context (size, budget, problem statement, project objectives)

2. An evaluation of the current state of the organisation’s IS/IT technology and its dependence on it.

3. Evaluate the impact that the selected project has on the society and the organization’s success (may consider SWOT analysis). You may provide some reasoning for selecting the project as a case study.

4. Analyse the process (es) and methods used to select that particular IS/IT project.

5. Provide justification for the methodology (predictive or agile) selected for project execution. Give reasoning, if you think a better methodology could have been used.

6. Enquire and evaluate the tools (i.e., graphical representations) or software applications the organisation utilises in the system development processes. If you cannot find that information, suggest which ones you would utilise.

7. Critically analyse how the selected project is aligned to the strategic goals of the organization. Suggest opportunities for improvement in the management of IS/IT strategies and approaches.

8. Examine the scope of the project, major features, project limitations and issues related to scope changes. You may present the relevant artefacts like scope statement, requirements analysis document or project charter for clarification. If the project is using Agile method, you provide artefacts which define scope like a set of user stories and acceptance tests.

9. Investigate the method used for creating the schedule of the project and the methods used by the project manager (or team) to control the project schedule. You may present the schedule plan like Gantt chart or other relevant document.

10. Analyse the methods used by the project manager to keep the project within the allocated budget. You may present the budget documents, cost estimate, cost baseline for the project.

11. If it is a failed or challenged project you may provide justification for its poor performance. Provide your suggestions which could have prevented project failure.

12. All your claims and recommendations must be supported by relevant literature. Hence, a significant amount of academic references must be included in the report.



As per current market trends ensuring effective document management are crucial for better market competitive advantages; it helps the organizations in providing better services to their customers which is essential to gain better market positioning. Here, in this study better document management process implementation requirements for the Torrens University will be discussed in this study (Field, 2019). In order to do that this study will propose development of their existing record management system which is TRIM along with that it will also discuss implementation of a new system for effective document management purposes. In that consideration as per new market trends cloud computing is very effective and efficient for that purposes which is the reason here implication of cloud computing for the institution for its future scope development will be ensured in this project.

Project Case Analysis and Organizational Context

Based on that given case scenario related to Torrens University, Australia, it has mainly been found that within its key field of Document as well as Record Management System, existing TRIM Context has not delivered adequate opportunities and advantages. As stated by Guggilla et al. (2017), there must also be a need for a better system which supports both records and document management with a diverse range of positive outcomes and benefits altogether.

Now, in the sense of Size, it has been expected that this project must determine a positive scope with a great extent. In detail, this project must help to ensure a positive infrastructure of managing existing systems with the help derived from effective and efficient project management practices with better applications (Brewer, Jeffrey & Kevin 2018). That specifically means, through successful delivery of expert opinions along with Gartner’s Consulting report regarding appropriate suitability and applicability of TU’s document and record management system, all kinds of future and current requirements of this university have been fulfilled as well.
On the other hand, in the case of Budget, there must be a need for adequate monetary resources with extra funding facilities. Additionally, through feasibility, it has been assumed to arrange a funding worth around $1,500 at the start.

Now, in the sense of Problem Statement, it has been identified that TU’s existing TRIM Context system is not suitable for its document management system. However, the existing system has stood at version 3.x, whereas the current system has supported only its upgraded version of 7.x. Moreover, it has also been found that such TRIM infrastructure might be useful for record management but not fully for document management at all (Altinay, 2017).

Henceforth, in the case of Project Objectives, it has aimed ‘to implement a better management system replacing or upgrading existing TRIM Context with Cloud Computing and other requirements likely’.

IT/IS Technology with Dependency

In this modern era of globalization, it has mainly been observed that there are numerous kinds of different IT/IS technology, which are also extensively utilized in various organizations seamlessly. Those technologies have consisted of communication, construction, product, medical, architectural, business, educational, information and many more. As mentioned by Paquette & Frankl (2016), all of these advanced and modern technology and innovation aspects have played pivotal roles towards an organization’s further growth, success and development accordingly.

Now, based on that given case scenario, it has mainly been found that within its existing record and document management infrastructure, there have been utilized TRIM Context management systems for the past several years. In addition to this, such a multi-faceted venture has also tried a lot to ensure a seamless experience in those segments of record and document management with its key version of 3.x, which now can also be upgraded towards 7.x.

From another point of view, in the case of this specific management software’s dependency, it has been stated that various records as well as some sensitive documents of this university have been handled properly (Sva?rd Proscovia, 2017). Additionally, employees’ shared knowledge along with adequate skills have also supported this whole situation with a diverse range of positive results after all.

Project Impact on Success

In this specific segment of study, as per that case study, overall project impact on organizational and societal success has been demonstrated. In this way, here might also be considered to conduct a SWOT analysis as follows:

Table 1: SWOT Analysis of Project
(Source: Created by Author)

Now, as observed from that upper clear depiction, it has mainly been realized that through successful incorporation of this project in TU, it has been able to reform as well as develop its existing record and document management platform with new possibilities. In addition to this, as this new project of implementing Cloud Computing by replacing or upgrading its existing TRIM context, better approaches have been availed thereafter. As reported by Beynon-Davies (2020), as this project has also helped to ensure enhanced data safety and security of some relevant and important data with sensitive documents properly, it must protect societal rights with a reasonable choice as well as proper justification thereafter.

Analysis of Project Methods

In order to ensure effective document management in Torrens University as suggested in this organization, implementation of cloud computing is crucial. That is because with cloud computing a better accessibilities to the document can be ensured as well as it will also help in optimization of the whole process as in the organization as well, that is because then the information will be there for everyone who is related to the system. That will help in understanding their roles in the organizational management process (Altinay, Dagli & Alt?nay 2017). In that aspect as for effective project development better communication within the project team is also crucial as well, that will help them in understanding the project needs and their responsibilities in that regards which will help them in ensuring better effectiveness in the project. As well as during the project development ensuring effective communication and collaborations with different teams is essential because it will help in ensuring efficiency in the project development process. In that aspect ensuring Agile methodologies for the development of the software project can be very effective. That is because Agile is a collaborative and evolving way to self organize a project implication across various teams within the project which ensures effective collaboration among the team as well as helps them in understanding their importance’s in the project at the same time which is essential for more effective project development. Along with that Agile is adaptive to the project development plans, evolutionary, and always open to include changes as per the market trends, for that reason selection of Agile for the document system development project management for Torrens University is very effective. According to Field (2019), other methodologies like Waterfall are not that flexible to ensure changes in an organization with time which can create generation gaps in the organization, for that reason also implementation of agile method for this project is also effective as well.

Justification for Project Methodology

For the project development process in Torrens University agile project development methodology is considered, one of the main reason for that agile methodologies work the best when the project developers does not have an estimating of the needed time for the project as well as does not have an better understanding about the full scope of the project. For the document system development in Torrens it can be seen that requirements needed for the project are not clarified among the project members. For that reason mapping out the business needs is very complicated, and only can be achieved through the process of trial and error, which can be measured through the agile project development methodology (Stark & hoopla digital 2017). For that reason selection of agile is very effective for this project. With agile project methodology the members of the project can eventually map out the requirements of the organization and implement the document management system effectively. Along with that as this is a continuous development process as per the needs and changes of the market, where the project members do not need to deliver a fully functional system at once, rather than they can make changes in the system with time to ensure the scalability of the system. That also ensures better effectiveness and efficiencies for the system which is also one of the main reasons for selecting the project development methodology Agile (Janson, 2019). As the organization does not need to complete the whole system for deployment, the customers can get value sooner with this project methodology. Moreover, with agile resources waste is also fewer as the project members only need to update the tasks, instead of implementing new tasks in the system. Further more agile project methodology also ensures faster fix of any issues as well as it also detects issues fathers as well. Based on these considerations it can be suggested implementation of agile project methodology is very effective for the selected project.

Enquiry and Evaluation of Project Tools/Software Applications in System Development

In order to ensure effective agile project management process for the Torrens university’s document management system implementation there are various tools needed, which will be discussed below:

Tools for enterprise integration: In the issues related to data integration process and supporting integration deployment these tools are very crucial. Along with that these tools also help in paving the way for adhering IT control and governance in an organization like Torrens University. As indicated by Wysocki (2019), these tools are also essential for ensuring analogous situations as well, which helps the system in having a governing body to integrate different parts of location in an area with the system. As the organization has more than one campus it will help them in ensuring effective management of the document in Torrens university’s branches. Some examples of these tools can be Informatica cloud, AtomSphere by Dell, and cloudHub by MuleSoft.


Figure 1: Enterprise integration needs and tools
(Source: Influence by Wysocki 2019)


Enterprise monitoring and management tools: Ensuring scalability of a system and effective management of a system is crucial for assuring its effectiveness. In that consideration, for the project enterprise monitoring and management tools are crucial at the time of ensuring agile methodologies for the development of the document management system in the organization (Harvard Business Review Press, 2020). For that various effective enterprise monitoring systems are Amazon cloudwatch, Nagios and others. In order to ensure effective enterprise management, examples of various tools can be Puppet, Enstratius by Dell and others.


Figure 2: Example of enterprise monitoring and management tools interface
(Source: Influence by Wells, Kathryn & Timothy 2018)


Critical Analysis of Project

In this section of the study, there has been critical analysis of this project aligning with strategic goals of TU in Australia. In this way, here have been presented some strategic goals of TU as follows:

? To engage quality-standard professionals in the fields of strategic thinking, planning as well as action properly

? To improve overall business, organizational along with individual success, growth and development

? To deliver quality strategy-oriented events as well as contents altogether

In this way, it can also be said that through successful implementation of this project regarding Cloud Computing installation replacing TRIM context, a better record and document management platform has been built. Additionally, all kinds of relevant data along with sensitive documents have also been able to be protected with enhanced safety and security measures thereafter. As contrasted by Wells, Kathryn & Timothy (2018), in contrast to this, sometimes, mainly due to high level of change constraints and lack of knowledge and skills might hamper this whole situation apparently.

On the other hand, in the case of opportunities for improvement in IT/IS managerial approaches, it becomes possible to implement some valued and positive aspects altogether. For example, through better time, communication and cooperation management, it has been able to acquire the key opportunity of improving record and document management in a hassle-free manner.

Project Scope, Features, Limitations and Issues

Project scope: The implementation of a new document management system will help the organization in providing a better service to its customers, which is crucial to gain better market share development. It will help the organization in having a better portfolio image in the market as well as will also ensure the scalability of the organization with the changes in the market (Wysocki, 2019). That is also essential for ensuring better market positioning for Torrens University. Main consideration of this project is ensuring generation gaps in the organization as well as improving its services providing process and decision making process for better future development.

Major features: With cloud computing various major features can be ensured in this organization, such as better flexibility in ensuring information across its branches and stakeholders, which also ensures transparency for the organization. Along with that cloud computing also helps the organization in better decision making as well as it also ensures optimization of different processes in the organization (Guggilla, 2017). As in this project agile methodology will be implemented for developing the project, that will help the organization in incorporation with the changes in the market as well. These are crucial features for the company to gain a better future development process.

Project limitation and issues: Some of the main limitation of this project is change resistance among the stakeholders as they were already used to the existing system implementation of new system is a problem for those stakeholders. As well as coping with the new changes in the market also can be problematic if a better tool for analyzing the changes in the market is not there in Torrens University. For that implementation of effective decision making porches is also crucial (Wysocki, 2019). Along with that limited skills of the employees and operational management of the system by those employees also will be crucial problems in this project development process. However with better awareness and training programs that can be managed by the institution. Here project artifacts for using agile methods are provided below:

Figure 4: Agile scrum artifacts
(Source: Influence by Guggilla, 2017)

User story

In the Torrens University as a newcomer John was very confused and worried as he lost his registration details in his first year. In order to gain back detailed information regarding his registration in the organization, there was only one path left which is sorting the registration of that year by section and streams. However, it was informed to him by his friends but he does not think that is possible without making a legal approach to this situation. However, he still thought that it would be better if he considered the suggestion provided to him by his classmates. After asking for that to the administrator of the organization he is able to know that it can be gained from the college authorities if he comes back on another day after lunch period. There, he came to know that as the organization has installed a new relational database system, the organization is able to collect all information provided to him by their students. It helped John in greater manner in his life.

Project Scheduling

Project scheduling is a crucial aspect for effectively developing the project, in order to effectively schedule for the project usages of Gantt chart is very effective. That is because from the Gantt chart project members are able to have a better understanding about the scope of their task as well as time ensured for those tasks can be achieved (Harvard Business Review Press, 2020). Moreover, within project scheduling all activities, deliverables, milestones of project with start and finish date have been highly determined. That helps in ensuring project effectiveness and efficiencies for the project. Here, a depiction of the Gnatt chart and its implication is provided below.


Table 2: Gantt chart
(Source: Created by author)

For effectively managing the developed schedule the project managers need to ensure that they have a better understanding about time management in a project. In that regard, ensuring Eisenhower time management tools is very crucial. That is because with the help of this matrix the project managers will have a better understanding of the importance of different tasks and implementation needs at the same time. It will help in optimization of project schedule in amore collective manner.

Figure 3: Time management matrix of Eisenhower
(Source: Stark & hoopla digital, 2017

Project Budget

In this specific segment of this project, here have been evaluated some important aspects including budgeting process, cost estimation and baseline along with relevant budgeting documents by the project manager. Now, that whole budget process with methods has been depicted below:

? Firstly, the project manager should have to break down project activities into several tasks and milestones. Additionally, it must also help to fulfill project scope further

? As per every project item towards project needs should be needed to include in the task list with enhanced level of optimization

? Finally, all budget estimations should be gathered. In this way, through successful utilization of spreadsheets, in different columns consisting tasks and costs altogether (Janson, 2019).

? Furthermore, there must also be a need for developing a feasible contingency plan with expert opinions along with final approval towards successful conduction of that project.

Now, in the field of Budgeting Documents, following things must be needed to prepare:

? In-detailed Project Charter
? Work Statement
? Contracts and Requirements
? Stakeholder Register
? Change Control Register with Activity Logs
? Quality Metrics
? Risk Register
? Issue Logs and many others.

Here has been depicted an in-detailed Cost Estimation of this project below:

Table 3: Cost Estimation
(Source: Created by author)

Finally, it must also be denoted that in the case of Cost Baseline, approved time-based plan has been highlighted at the most. In this way, after successful development of detailed budget and approval, the project manager should have to publish a specific deadline with actual performance progress (Janson, 2019). Finally, this budgeting tool has also been utilized for measuring project changes that also affects project schedule and overall budget thereafter.

Justification and Suggestions against Project Failure

From the above discussion it can be suggested that the proposed project will help the organization in ensuring a better future scope development process. For that reason it can be suggested that the proposed project for the organization to ensure their document management system, is very effective and not a failure by any means. However, as opined by Wells et al. (2018), various problems in the project development process can be seen throughout the deployment time of this project. One of the main problems can be change resistance, for effectively handling that ensuring awareness programs and training programs can be considered in this organization. Along with that limited skills among the employees to effectively implement the project also can create various problems but training and development can effectively handle those problems in this project as well along with outsourcing of talents can be considered in that regards as well.


In this segment of current study, several recommended ways have been demonstrated against this project as follows:

Assurance for Cloud Users

In this segment, it has been recommended to implement the best security standard practices with the core purpose of mitigating possible risks among customers and providers. In addition to this, possible risks in cloud service provider offerings with enhanced physical security and policy issues.

Legal Aspects

In this segment, it has mainly been recommended to implement traditional internet services as per maintaining standard contract clauses should have been needed to review first (Stark & hoopla digital. 2017). In detail, within the field of legal recommendations under the category of European Commission, certain issues regarding Data Prevention directive, cloud provider’s obligations, liability exemptions with intermediaries as well as minimum data protection levels should be adopted at the very first.

Completion of Relevant Stages

In this specific context, it has mainly been opined to follow all kinds of relevant aspects along with stages of better record and document management seamlessly. In detail, some stages including better planning, directing, organizing, controlling, classification, indexing and other types of managerial activities must be needed to handle properly.

Finally, it has also been suggested to incur the better approaches of reviewing documents with proper retention schedules. Besides, it should be kept in mind that such an accurate retention schedule must help to establish a successful record management infrastructure further (Stark & hoopla digital. 2017). In addition to this, some other activities consisting of disposition of expired files, reduced clutters for regaining spaces must be prioritized to monitor that whole record management program without any trace of further disruptions at all.


From that upper in-detailed discussion, it can be concluded that within a business organization, successful management of information systems or infrastructure has played a pivotal role. Concerning this fact, as that given case study is all about successful implementation of better record and document management systems replacing TRIM context with cloud computing, there must be a need for productive requirements thereafter. In this way, with the help of proper recommendations, feasible cost estimation, better software and hardware requirements, it has been able to establish a safe as well as secured data management system with a diverse range of positive outcomes and benefits.


Altinay, F., Dagli, G., & Altinay, Z. (2017). Role of technology and management in tolerance and reconciliation education. Quality and Quantity, 51(6), 2725–2736. https://doi.org/10.1007/s11135-016-0419-x

Beynon-Davies, P. (2020). Business information systems (Third). Macmillan Education

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