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2128IBA The Management of Business Processes Assignment Sample


This assessment item focusses our attention on business processes, value chains, strategic alignment and ethics. It covers materials from Week 8 to Week 12. For the successful development of this assignment, you need to combine theoretical concepts about particular topics and, apply them to the specific situation presented. Use your own words to build your explanations and, academic references to strengthen your arguments.


Part 1. In this question, you will draw a Value Chain (VC) of a University focussing on the delivery of Online teaching (students attend lectures, tutorials, labs practice and library services solely Online). Hint, see readings of Topics 9 and 10.


b) Pinpoint two “strategically relevant activities” and explain why they are strategically relevant.

c) Pinpoint two ‘internal linkages’ and explain why they are strategic.

Part 2 (15 marks). This question is about ethics and business processes. Based on the ‘Online Value Chain’ of the University, you developed in Part 1, address the following points:

(i) Point out one activity in the University ‘Online Value Chain’ (see part 1) that is (or that it could be potentially) related to ethical issues. Explain how or why.

(ii) What type(s) of management ethics can be associated to this activity? Elaborate an argument to support your answer.

Use two academic references (minimum) to sustain your arguments.

Part 3 (15 marks). This is a practical case study about offshoring. This question is independent from previous questions.

You are the new Global supply chain manager at Jabil (one of the major electronic contract manufacturers, see jabil.com). Because of high demand for modems in Europe, you need to decide the location of the next 4500 people factory of integrated circuits for drones. The last two short listed locations are Turkey and Mexico. Assuming labour costs (wages) at the exact same level at both countries, define what the best location for the new factory is.

Your Task: Elaborate a short report (800 words aprox.) to analyse the situation, justify your choice (explain why) and, relate your answer to the support of SDG goals. Consider three relevant non-economic factors to base your selection and two SDG goals. To this end, you must base your arguments on (i) the information provided in the World Competitiveness Report 2019 (see link below) and (ii) research three academic articles (minimum)


• Word format (do not use pdf).
• 2000 (+/- 10%) words max. (all included).
• 12pt Times New Roman, Single space.
• Neither executive summary nor table of contents are required but do include a title page indicating title of your report, full name, Snumber, number of words.
• File format: A2_surname_Snumber example: A2_Guzman_s99999



International business development has been significant for the current business organisations as it helps in increasing better brand popularity and organisational reputation. Understanding value chain and supply chain management are important for setting up manufacturing units and business set up in foreign countries. This study focuses on providing a wide understanding of different factors based on which a proper understanding can be developed about the significance of value chain and supply chain methods as well as business ethics. Through understanding about the details of value chain, supply chain as well as the case of Jabil’s international manufacturing setup can be elaborated.

Task 1

Porter's value chain framework for Griffith University

Table1. Mapping a Value Chain
(Source: Self-created by author)

Firm Infrastructure: Griffith University has over the years enhanced its online working systems and in 2019 has been recognised among sixth highest student’s satisfaction institutions. The organisation has increased its teaching strength to provide education to among 50,000 students in different subjects including a full suite from undergraduate to postgraduate (topuniversities.com. 2022).

Human Resource management

As per Collier & Evans, (2012) value chain points out the flow of services, product or information over which financial transactions happen between suppliers and buyers. The University has increased its strength in HRM by acquiring skilled professors and administration staff to manage the rise in the number of students. Online teaching has observed a big leap after the pandemic when most of the private and non private organisations around the world are forced to close their buildings or any gatherings. The online cycle in the higher teaching sector is primarily focussed to impart professional skills among the students through which they can find a placement (Bruin, 2021). However, the whole concept revolves around ways through which the learning process will take place. This means the administration part in which HRM using modern technology will provide students to procure best market options and in return it will help the institutions to restore their academic value and strengthen online business for best assignment help

Technology development by Griffith University

Technology has a crucial part in this segment and the whole concept of learning depends on the way through which it is imparted. Griffith University has high student satisfaction ratings and is gradually working on the technology development and marketing part where the students from all around the globe can enrol for online education. The organisation has strong infrastructure and management resources which enables it to provide enhanced learning experience. However, online teaching is not adopted purposely by many institutions which impacted on the sudden introduction during the pandemic. The institution is working on parallel programs through which students enrolled can input depth knowledge of the subject as well complete University curriculums in time. The university has collaborated with global giants and placement agencies to ensure proper placement for students and which will create value to the institution.


The procurement process both in terms of inbound and outbound activities has increased. The initial task of management to strengthen teaching range has helped to introduce more subjects in the suite of undergraduate and postgraduate. More range in subjects further provided interest among students from different fields to enrol into their relative subject of interest. The management strategy to onboard bigger companies and placement agencies has further strengthened the procurement process (Laryea, 2019).

Strategically relevant activities

Human resource management and procurement process are two strategically relevant activities. Strong HRM policies include procurement of resources and materials in their management activities. For instance the task of management in the Griffith University is not only to align and administer teachers and staff associated, while the management even looks at the marketing & sales, placement positioning, administering the technological enhancements, as well reverting to issues faced by students and teaching staff members. In case with online teaching the value proposition for students is higher. Longevity in the business will sustain only when the institution has the reputation to satisfy students by providing better education as well as imparting abilities to accelerate in the growing market competition. The management in Griffith University has to develop strong procurement strategies, which will fulfil the requirements of technical skilled staff and enable enough to build strong market value by enhancing online learning experience along with better placement opportunities.

Internal Linkages

HRM is internally linked to services and development in the management resources will allow enhancing a better working environment. Skilled and effective management will listen to students' queries and complaints in a shorter time period with impactful action on the problem to resolve it. Strong HRM will work on areas through which better service is gained as the management of Griffith University understands growing market competition in the online teaching industry. Their target is to ensure student satisfaction is met. During the pandemic the management has introduced remote tasks where groups are organised to perform tasks remotely. The management makes sure that students' focus from study does not get diluted.

Technology is internally linked to procurement and services. Use of advanced tools has helped in the marketing where innovative approaches by the marketing teams are used to increase online student’s admission during the pandemic period. The organisation has infused modern tools which allow them to take interactive sessions as well discuss issues in real time with their professors. Use of modern tools has provided virtual imagery of working through which encapsulates belief among students to compete in the new business environment.

Task 2

Ethical issues present and its relation with all parties

Moral use of data and resources has become a bigger challenge especially where the online working system is not the mainframe. Educational Institutions mostly are forced to online during pandemic for which they are not technically able. In a hurry many institutions have used third party applications where the risk of data misuse increases. Data if not properly handled will question the reliability of management practises. Further trust of students will break, bringing the reputation down.

Reducing the accessibility of tools with increase in security patch system

The management can reduce the accessibility to University sites and official websites with increase in security patch by proving security codes to only members. Lack of security patches in the system has further risk for Institution to ensure their secure documents and question papers that they set for students. Apart from various positive impacts that online teaching has created during the pandemic and before that, there are some adversaries present which have put questions on calculating student’s ability to perform in the real platform. As most Universities are forced to take online remote examination systems, the question of data authenticity became a big problem. It is quite obvious that offline education has a serious impact on student development both in terms of behaviour and technical abilities.

Part 3

Justification of choice and its relation with SDG goals

Mexico can be a better place compared to that of Turkey as the SDG index Rank of Mexico is higher than that of Turkey. Based on this factor Jabil can develop its overall business process of setting up a manufacturing unit of 45000 people factory as this has been one of the most effective factors through which a better understanding in business development can be ensured. The SDG index of Mexico is 80 and Turkey is 70 which prove the seriousness and the intention of Mexico to develop its business process and organisational infrastructure in the country (Dashboards.sdgindex.org, 2022). This has been one of the main reasons as it proves the better infrastructure development of the country and marks the seriousness of the government in improving the social development rate of the country by improving its overall SDG goals. In case of both the countries it has been identified that both the countries have the same SDG. However, the rate of fulfilling the SDG is higher in Mexico than that of Turkey. On the other hand, another important factor that sets Mexico at a higher context is based on the global competitive positions that are another important factor providing about the future business development of Jabil in its foreign business market.

The Global Competitive Rank of Mexico is 48 whereas Turkey is in 61st position which decreases the chances of selection of Turkey as it is clear from the rankings about the slow pace development of the country which is one of the pertinent reasons. Based on this perspective Jabil can select Mexico other than Turkey. Lastly, but most importantly the main reason based on which Turkey cannot be selected by Jabil is due to its high rate of labour charge. The minimum rate of labour charge in Turkey is 4250 Turkish Liras ($272) as the Government of Turkey has increased 50% of its minimum labour wage rate (Business-standard.com, 2021). On the contrary, the minimum labour wage in Mexico is about $172.87 MXP ($8.06USD) (Natlawreview.com, 2022). Depending upon the understanding the company needs to spend less wage for the employees if the manufacturing set up is settled in Mexico. This has been a significant reason based on which Mexico can be chosen as the selected country for the setting up of the manufacturing process of Jabil.
Three non-economic factors based on the selection of two SDG goals


Table 2: Comparison of three non-economic factors for selection of Mexico
(Source: Created by Author)

Depending upon the overall analysis of the three non-economic factors it has been identified that Mexico is better compared to the position of Turkey as the Global labour market rate of Mexico is 96 compared to the 109th position of Turkey in the global ranking (Weforum.org, 2021). This factor proves that the labour market is better in Mexico as the rate is less establishing the fact about the strong labour market hold in Mexico based on which increased shortage of labour can be a rare factor promoting better manufacturing and business growth. On the contrary, based on skill set Mexico is again in a better condition as the rate of expenditure of skilled labour wages in Mexico is more than that of Turkey. Mexico’s rate is 17200 MXN per month which is more compared to 2830 TRY per month of Turkey (Tradingeconomics.com, 2021). This proves that the condition of Mexico is better than that of Turkey as more skilled employees are pre44 sent in Mexico compared to that of Turkey.

Lastly, the health rate of health development is also slightly higher in Mexico compared to Turkey as Mexico’s health development rate is 54.7 compared to the low rate of 53.9 of the Turkish people (Ghsindex.org, 2022). Health development rate is an important factor for companies as the aspect of labour health can be considered as an important factor. Based on this condition, international business organisations consider labour health conditions as an important factor prior to setting up a business particular manufacturing set up unit in a particular country. This has been one of the important factors based on which Jabil can engage in choosing Mexico as it will be getting better development in production results in Mexico compared to that of turkey. In every aspect it has been identified that Mexico is far better than Turkey based on both economic as well as non-economic factors. Depending upon all these aspects, it is important for Jabil to choose Mexico for setting up its manufacturing unit of integrated circuits for drones.


Thus, it can be concluded that there are various important factors based on which international business organisations set up their manufacturing units in different locations. It is important for business organisations to understand the significance of supply chain management through value chain analysis to gather a productive idea related to the different organisational aspects important for setting a business process in a foreign market. Proper understanding of different ethical factors also have been identified which increases the core understanding of business internationalisation. The case of Jabil also has been identified which helps in providing a proper understanding about different economic as well as non-economic factors based on which an organisation can set up its business process in a foreign location.

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